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Anna Łuczak

Entering view of Imagine Preference, installation, various materials, 2013, TENT, Rotterdam 2
Imagine Preference, detail, porcelain, cotton, wood, plaster, 2013, TENT, Rotterdam 3
Imagine Preference, detail, video, dur: 15’48, 2013, TENT, Rotterdam 4
still from Imagine Preference, video, dur:15’48, 2013, TENT, Rotterdam 5
Entering view of Trust Speakers, installation, various materials, 2015, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. 6
Trust Speakers, 2015, video still, 08’56, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 7
Trust Speakers, installation, various materials, 2015, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. 8
Trust Speakers, installation, various materials, 2015, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. (Next page: Trust Speakers, video, still) 9
Trust Speakers, installation, various materials, 2015, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. 10
Trust Speakers, installation, various materials, 2015, Tent Rotterdam. 11
Creative Zen, installation, various materials, 2016, BWA Tarnów, PL (Next page: Creative Zen, video, stills) 12
Magic Mud Mask, installation, various materials, 2016, Lokal_30, Warsaw, PL 14
Magic Mud Mask, installation, various materials, 2016, Lokal_30, Warsaw, PL 15
Magic Mud Mask, installation, detail, fired clay tablets, 30 x 42 cm, 2016, Lokal_30, Warsaw, PL 16
Magic Mud Mask, video, stilll, 2016, Lokal_30, Warsaw, PL (Next page: “One morning in July(...)” detail, various materials, image from tomekpaw’s Instagram) 17
Emotional Channel, collaboration with Angelica Falkeling, exhibition view, 2018, Rib, Rotterdam, NL, various materials 18
Emotional Channel, exhibition view, 2018, Rib, Rotterdam, NL, various materials 19
Emotional Channel, exhibition view, 2018, Rib, Rotterdam, NL, various materials 20
Stories from the workplace, video with sound, 07:41 min, 2018, Rib, Rotterdam, NL, video avalable here: 21
Stories from the workplace, performance, 16 min, 2018, Rib, Rotterdam, NL 22

1) Imagine Preference, 2013, mixed media installation, video with sound, loop, dur:15’48, 2) Trust Speakers, 2015, mixed media installation, video with sound, loop, dur:19’53,
porcelain, wood, plaster, canvas, lemons, plastic toys in various colors and sizes, screen video with sound, loop, dur:08’56, video with sound, loop, dur: 07’43, wood, digital
shot from “Tess” by Roman Polański, 1979, inkjet print 160x90cm, reproduction of print on textile, digital print on carpet, metal plate, building foam, wax casts of hands,
painting by Gorge Wright “Fox Hunting”, 1889 inkjet print, framed, 30x21cm, silver frame, flowers, adidas blouse, adidas shoes, 2 folding travel beds, live plants, grow lights,
glass, framed etching of Andrzej Bobola by unknown author, lemon, dimensions: vari- plastic tomatoes, plastic paprikas, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL (page 9-15)
able.TENT, Rotterdam, PL (page 5-8)
2A) Trust Speakers, 2016, Tent, Rotterdam, NL (page 16)
In this work, I investigated the way in which the process of translation is performed,
not only linguistically but also materially. I have gathered a collection of interviews trailer of the exhibition under a link:
with philosophers, theoreticians and intellectuals of differed branches, sharing their
views on language and its possibilities to convey message, as well as created sculptures exhibition catalog with text by Jan Verwoert can be viewed here:
which were an exact translation from one material to the other. A textile dipped in a
porcelain clay after firing process becomes a hyper realistic solid copy of what previ-
ously was textile piece. Multimedia installation based on the material rejected by the directors of the docu-
“When things are lost in translation, new things are created. The human mind recog- mentary film Pools voor Beginners, (Omroep Brabant, 2015) where I was hired to work
nizes patterns from fragments of language. Language is a part of us and also outside of us – it as a translator and interviewer of Polish workers living in the workers hotel in North
structures our existence and folds through things and through people. Sometimes the continu- Brabant.
ity between things is invisible to us and we only see fragments of the larger fabric. There have It’s a multilayered mash-up of times past and times present. In one sense, it all chimes
been periods in history when our tendency to fragment, to make discreet blocks of being, has and evokes many things you could say about the way speculative capitalism has been pulling
broken down.” 1 bodies, nature, desires and ambitions into its orbit, ever since tulips were all the rage. At the
same time, however, the different elements receive their power to speak about realities frag-
mented by capital’s forces by virtue of the very fact that Łuczak dares to affirm them as they
are: distinct fragments, bodies, pictures, words and things that end up at different places.”2

1 Rushton, Steve. “The Fabric and Folding Memory: On the work of Anna Maria Łuczak, “ Nothing 2 Verwoert, Jan, Dreams in Pieces, on the work of Anna Maria Łuczak, Trust Speakers, CCA
could be slow enough, Nothing last too long, 2013 Ujazdowski Castle, 2015

3) Creative Zen, 2016, installation, print on carpet, meditation cushion, curtain, tv, 4). Magic Mud Mask, 2016, installation, clay tablets;, Magic Mud Mask, video,
video, loop, dur: 06’00, BWA Tarnów, PL, curated by Romuald Demidenko. 6’, loop; “One morning in July(...)”, embroidery on towels, towel hangers, metal.
(page: 17-18) Lokal_30, Warsaw, PL (page: 19-26)

Creative Zen refers to various practices derived from Eastern philosophy such as mind- In my recent installation I have borrowed from the aesthetics of YouTube cosmetic
fulness and meditation – according to the idea of work-life balance, that are more and tutorials, willing to show an individual against a wider context of current events and
more often implemented in the form of simple excercises. As the produces of tutorials a certain melancholic absence of power during the time of online activism.
and manuals claim, they can be excecuted in leasure time, as well as during the working
day behind the desk. ”You just need to take a couple of deep breaths. Think of something video avalable under link:
pleasant.” The work Creative Zen comments on the issues of work in the late capitalism, password: Magic Mud Mask
focusing on the issue of corporate employees, freelance workers and other representa-
tives of “creative” jobs or artists who spend their day accompanied by mobile devices
compulsively checking commission offers, scholarship and residency opportunities.

4) Emotional Channel, together with Angelica Falkeling, exhibition view,
Rib, Rotterdam, NL

Emotional Channel is a project through which we explore the subjects of

lifestyle and precariousness while dealing with contemporary images of
labor, speaking, talking and making with and through the female body.
Taking on a role of social media influencers, within the vlog format, we
produced video, performance and sculptural works that question these
issues. (page 18-23)

Stories from the workspace, video:

Interview on Emotional Channel:

extenden documentation avalable on art viewer:


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