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To all student-teacher whose passion for teaching has

made teaching their missions.

Every year is celebrate the Nutrition Month at the University of

Manila-Elementary and High School Department. It has conducted
inside the institution last July 30, 2017.

Nutrition month to help to sustain the health and mental aspect

in our students. It aims to provide the healthy foods and exercises
provided by our students-teacher and Ms. Noces.

During the program, it has been very beneficial to the students

in terms of providing foods in various proper food etiquette to
supplement their learning in the four corners of the room. In addition,
the students-teacher and Ms. Noces found the program helpful to the
students paving the opportunity for them to proper way of balance
meals every day.

The University of Manila-Elementary and High School

department has conduct the “Buwan ng Wika” entitled, “Sayawit
2017 (Final Round)” was held on August 11, 2017. Elaborate with
Students-teacher and students. Also, the students-teacher and Mr.
Albao organized the event in Elementary and High School canteen
and welcomed 4 teams or participants from different grade level
namely: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9 and Grade 10.

In final culminating activity, has

conduct the balagtasan,
sabayang pagbigkas at
interpretation 2017. To showcase
the academic competency of
elementary and high school
students from across the
country. Also, to emphasize the
importance of Filipino Language
in the field of communication
and let students experience the
intricacy of the contest.

Every year, family day has already part of culture in University

of Manila – Elementary and High School department.

A one day activities focusing on honing the family bonding and teamwork
between the students, parents, teachers and students-teacher.

The UM-Elementary and High School Department held its

Family day last October 4, 2017 at UM-Quadrangle. The program
started with an activity that tested their budgeting skills.

The University of Manila-Elementary and High School held their

United Nation 2017 last October 27, 2017 at the UM-Auditorium with
students-teacher, students, principal, teachers and parents.
My Demo Teaching is nervous because I don’t know how to
elaborate or to give the justice regarding in subject matter.

Teaching has a many strategy and techniques how to

integrate the experential learning to our lesson. So, I using the
invisible quiz for drill and also, to give the motivation our students
which is take it action between the mind and skills.
Before I’ll discuss the lesson, I have
question about the symbolizes to
showing in the front. The student
are also listening and taking into
account what is taught in the
lesson I teach. We individua
differences but I using the
learning of styles to convert the
During my demo, I realized to take this time and we feel you
as a teacher because students are to get attention in all aspect like
Instructional Materials. Demonstration has foundation of learning