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Senior Living Issue

Pg. 10 PoemCity Celebrates
10 Years A
Pothole Season
Scourge for Drivers and City Staff
By Phil Dodd
Pg. 11 New Novel Features

as this the worst winter ever for potholes in which does not last long—to fill potholes, and patching
Girl King Arthur Montpelier? Retired attorney Jim Clemons, can’t be done when the potholes are filled with snow, ice,
who was born in 1951, raised in Montpelier, or water, McCardle said. Of course, city workers have
Pg. 14 Barre Company
and now lives in East Montpelier, thinks so. “I’ve never also been busy with other pressing matters this winter,
seen the potholes in Montpelier so pervasive,” he said. such as plowing a lot of snow and repairing water main
Grows Greens Year Round His opinion is likely shared by a lot of drivers who have breaks.
been dodging innumerable potholes (and frost heaves) A more long-lasting solution will come when the local
this winter, both in the city and asphalt plant opens up in mid-
U.S. Postage PAID

around the state

Permit NO. 123
Montpelier, VT

April, McArdle said. The hot


Tom McArdle, head of mix used to fill potholes later in

Montpelier’s Public Works the spring holds up better than
Department, was a bit more cold patch. “When the plant
cautious when asked the same opens, we are usually up there
question. McArdle’s response: “I on the first day or right after
think the potholes this year are that,” he noted.
a little worse than usual, though Because the Bailey Street bridge
last season was pretty brutal as is in such bad shape, the city is
well.” Climate extremes, such as considering trucking in some hot
repeated freeze-thaw cycles and mix from Massachusetts soon to
frequent snow and rain episodes, make repairs there, he said. Hot
have taken a toll on the city’s mix was already brought in this
roads, he said. Water gets into Photo by Phil Dodd. winter to patch steep sections of
cracks in the pavement and, Nelson and Ridge streets where
when it freezes, can cause potholes to form, sometimes a water main broke. But bringing in hot mix from out of
Montpelier, VT 05601

literally overnight. state is “tremendously expensive,” McArdle noted.

McArdle noted that potholes started appearing early The Bailey Street bridge is probably one of the more
P.O. Box 1143

in the winter and “we haven’t had good conditions to hazardous roads in the city right now although Stone
The Bridge

patch.” At this time of year, the city uses cold patch—

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Energy Entrepreneurs Sought for Summer Program This year, Mayo Healthcare celebrates 80 years of providing award-winning senior care.
A Burlington business accelerator is seeking innovative, early stage energy companies The main celebration will be at the Taste of Maple, Mayo’s annual fundraiser, which
focused on reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the heating takes place March 29 from 5:30 to 8 pm in the Milano ballroom at Norwich University.
and transportation sectors to participate in its 2019 climate economy entrepreneur It is a maple tasting extravaganza with a culinary competition, silent auction, and
program in Burlington. Applications are being accepted through April 28. bucket raffle. Participating are local chefs from Birchgrove Baking in Montpelier;
Mayo Healthcare, The Woods Lodge, Two Wooden Spoons, and Carrier Roasting in
Eight to 10 companies will be competitively selected from Vermont and throughout the Northfield; Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen and Morse Block Deli in Barre; and Black
U.S. to work with climate economy leaders, industry experts, potential partners, and Krim Tavern in Randolph. For more information, visit
investment professionals during three four-day onsite workshops over three months,
in addition to webinars and mentoring sessions between the workshops. Selected Parties in Garage Appeal to Hold Second Negotiation Session
participants will also be competing for a $25,000 non-equity prize, which will be City officials said representatives of both parties in an appeal of a permit issued by
awarded to each of the top two companies through a peer-ranking system, as well as up the city Development Review Board for a proposed downtown parking garage will
to two $10,000 prizes from Accel-VT Energy sponsor Burlington Electric Department hold a second negotiating session this week. Mayor Anne Watson said she hopes that
(BED). See for more information. a settlement could be reached outside of the courtroom. The city said last week that
Montpelier Acupuncture Office Expanding To Williston it had spent about $40,000 on legal fees on two separate challenges filed against the
project, which would build a city-owned parking structure next to a proposed Hampton
Integrative Acupuncture, at 156 Main Street in Montpelier, is expanding to a second Inn and Suites hotel behind Capitol Plaza. A status conference is scheduled April 8 in
location at 373 Blair Park Road in Williston this month. The company has offered Vermont Environmental Court.
acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, and Chinese herbal medicine for the past ten
Owner Kerry Boyle was one of the first acupuncturists to work on board cruise ships
worldwide, exposing guests to acupuncture care for back pain, motion sickness, anxiety,
and sleeplessness while on their vacations. Other acupuncturists at the firm are Jonathan
Fleming, Zizi Zolten-Chandler, Maria Leon, and Jennifer Etheridge, all nationally
board certified and licensed acupuncturists.
It will continue to provide acupuncture six days a week at its current location in
downtown Montpelier. For more information, visit
Mayo Healthcare Celebrates 80 Years of Award-Winning Care
In the 1800s and early 1900s, a country doctor was an integral and invaluable part of

Fundraising Campaign
the community. William Barnabas Mayo was one such doctor, who, at the age of 23,
opened his office doors in Northfield on April 16, 1877. Dr. Mayo dreamed of building
a facility that would provide “care and treatment to the sick and injured.” Unfortunately
he died before it could become a reality, but in 1939, his long-time nurse, Cordelia
Delary, opened the doors of the Mayo Memorial Hospital on Vine Street in Northfield.

Nature Watch
Five months into our $50,000 Bridge to the Future campaign, we are
almost 2/3 of the way to our goal. Thanks to all those who have already
by Nona Estrin
Please send your potentially tax-deductible donation to:
Friends of The Bridge, P.O. Box 1641, Montpelier, VT 05601.

You can also donate online at

Bridge Community Media, Inc.

P.O. Box 1143, Montpelier, VT 05601 • Ph: 802-223-5112
Editor in Chief: Mike Dunphy
Managing Editor: Tom Brown
Artwork by Nona Estrin Publisher Emeritus: Nat Frothingham

Copy Editor: Larry Floersch
nvironment— a word that had limited meaning when I was born— Calendar Editor: Marichel Vaught
Layout: Sarah Davin, Marichel Vaught
is now in everyone’s thoughts. Young adults are demonstrating to Sales Representatives: Rick McMahan
halt climate change now, H.205, a VT bill to protect bees and Distribution: Sarah Davin, Amy Lester, Carl Etnier
Board Members: Phil Dodd, Donny Osman, Jake Brown, Josh Fitzhugh, Larry Floersch, Greg Gerdel, Irene
other polinators by limiting highly toxic pesticides called “neonics,” passed Racz, Ivan Shadis, Ashley Witzenberger
committee with an unanimous 8-0 vote. Now, to the House Floor. Single Editorial: 223-5112, ext. 14 •
Location: The Bridge office is located at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Stone Science Hall.
use plastics are next. Good thing. Have you seen an ocean beach recently? Subscriptions: You can receive The Bridge by mail for $50 a year. Make out your check to The Bridge, and
mail to The Bridge, PO Box 1143, Montpelier VT 05601. •
Twitter: @montpbridge • Instagram: @montpelierbridge
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Pothole Season Public Works

A Scourge for Drivers and City Staff Continued from page 1

Cutters Way, Granite Street, and water and wastewater) by about $1

the eastern end of Barre Street have million, with the increases spread
offered up plenty of gaping holes this over five years. Today, the city spends
year. However, Steve Sease, a resident about $600,000 of its own money on
of North Street, thinks his street repaving each year, McArdle said.
could be the worst. Should the city’s repaving budget
On March 11, Sease said: “You can be increased further? “The paving
dodge most of the potholes and budget has been increased to a ‘steady
bumps on lower North Street, but for state’ level to achieve the established
about 200 yards between Mechanic pavement condition index goals,”
and Hillhead you have to just plow McArdle said. “We support this
through the minefield, at about funding plan.”
one mile per hour, listening to your Of course, if the city had a million
front end disintegrate. And when dollars on hand, “I could spend
you clear that mess, there is another it right now,” he said. “But with
street-wide trap just past Hillhead everything paid for by the property
where experienced drivers are now tax, we have to be careful.”
pulling so far to the right to avoid Potholes on Stone Cutters Way. Photo by Phil Dodd.
the bump that their right-side tires
are off the pavement and onto dirt—a saying such a step is “going backward Chittenden County, which has many Montpelier Roads Scheduled
far smoother ride than the so-called and not keeping up with inf lation or Class 2 roads. For Repaving This Summer
pavement.” demand.” The city receives money for Montpelier could use more state • Stone Cutters Way.
McArdle said he would like to repave care and maintenance and repaving funding to help with bridge repairs,
North Street sooner, but it is not on and rehabilitation projects for certain • Barre Street, from Charles Street
too, he said. The Bailey Street bridge
the list for work this summer. He also heavily traveled roads. to Pioneer Street bridge.
will be patched as soon as possible, but
said he wishes the city could get to For example, for this summer’s a new deck membrane and wearing • Clarendon Avenue (to include
other streets such as Hubbard Street repaving of the eastern end of Barre surface replacement will probably not water, sewer and utility work and
at the Barre Street end, Spring Street Street, a Class 2 road, Montpelier happen until the next time Route 2 to also include some paving on
between Elm and Summer, and East will receive $175,000 from the is paved by the state, in two to three nearby Dewey, Jordan, Redstone,
State Street, but those projects will state—the maximum Class 2 grant— years, McArdle said. In addition, and Dwinell streets).
have to wait for future funding, too. and will spend about $120,000 of the School Street bridge needs to be • Greenfield Terrace.
For a list of the roads in Montpelier its own money, he said. Obtaining painted, he said, and the Granite
that will be repaved this summer, see • Deerfield Drive.
funds from the state for Class 2 road Street bridge needs a new deck.
sidebar. repairs is very competitive, McCardle • Gallison Hill Road (Rt. 2 to
The city’s own funding for
McArdle is disappointed that Gov. added, especially since a few years stream crossing at base of hill).
infrastructure and roads had fallen
Phil Scott’s administration has talked ago when Montpelier was lumped behind when the city council decided • Taylor Street (to include storm
about scaling back state road funding, into a transportation district with some years ago to boost spending drains, sidewalk improvements,
on facilities, equipment, and and lighting).
infrastructure projects (other than
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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Senior Living

Beneficiary Designations
By Claudia I. Pringles

ou are a planner. You’ve met with your to determine who will receive them.
estate planning attorney to make New Family Members: If your family has
sure your wishes are documented grown since the last time you’ve updated
and to minimize the headaches associated your beneficiary designations, don’t forget
with probate for your survivors. You’ve also to take them into consideration.
met with your financial advisor to make
sure your financial goals are on track. Minors: A minor who is named as a
beneficiary will have their assets managed
Everything looks great, but then you get by their guardian until the minor turns
divorced. As you pick up the pieces and 18. The guardian will typically be the
move forward with your life, you forget all surviving parent, or it may be someone you
about those pesky beneficiary designations named in your will as appointed by a judge.
you so carefully took care of once before. What if the surviving parent is someone
Now your life insurance policy still has whom your child hasn’t seen for five years
your ex-husband’s name as beneficiary. or someone who is financially reckless? To
Should something happen to you before have someone besides the guardian manage
you get a chance to update that beneficiary the assets, consider creating a trust and
designation, your ex-husband (and his new designating the trust as the beneficiary. For Ambiguous Charities: When you selected In summary, by ensuring your beneficiary
wife and her kids) will be most appreciative. example, the trust instructions may include “People’s Front” as a charitable recipient, did designations are in good order, you can
It is of vital importance to any estate plan that the trustee can use the funds to provide you mean “The People’s Front of Judea” or avoid potentially complex situations and,
to stay up-to-date with your beneficiary for your child’s maintenance, support, and “The Judean People’s Front”? First, before therefore, truly honor your wishes.
designations and properly name them in the education, then the trustee can distribute naming a charity as a beneficiary, it is Claudia I. Pringles is a lawyer in Montpelier.
first place. This can avoid headaches and the remaining funds when the child is of a important to get information directly from To contact her office call (802) 778-0306
hardships for your intended beneficiaries, certain age, such as 25 years old. the charity on how the designation should or visit Claudia is also a
reduce costs by avoiding probate, and, most read. (The second thing you should do is board member of the Friends of The Bridge,
Spendthrifts: For adults who can’t manage
of all, honor your true wishes. watch the film Life of Brian.) which raises money for this newspaper.
their own finances, naming them as a
Montpelier resident Gabriel Lajeunesse, a beneficiary is probably not a good idea, Automated systems: You should avoid Edward Jones is a regular advertiser.
financial advisor with Edward Jones, also because the funds won’t last or may be do-it-yourself programs where beneficiary
described situations where people may have given away to their closest 100 friends. designations are pre-filled out for you
opened accounts a long time ago and may Instead, a trust can be used to manage because it can be easy to forget to check
not even remember who was designated assets for such a person for a longer time this information yourself.
as a beneficiary. He advises that, in order period or for the rest of his or her life.
to efficiently and effectively control and Disabled Family Member: A disabled
locate your accounts, you may consider family member who is a recipient of
consolidating them into one convenient Medicaid or SSI (or who may become a
place. You should discuss this with your recipient as an adult) can suffer unintended
financial advisor. consequences if they are named as a
Other real-life scenarios where issues with beneficiary. This is due to strict limits that
beneficiary designations can arise: Medicaid and SSI allow an individual to
Deceased Beneficiary: If you named a have in their name and still receive these
beneficiary who is now deceased, be sure key government benefits. To avoid a loss of
to update that beneficiary designation. benefits, create a special needs trust for the
Otherwise, if the person named was the person’s benefit and have all the beneficiary
sole beneficiary listed, the proceeds of that designations point to his or her trust, the
asset will need to go through probate court assets of which won’t count against the
person as a resource for Medicaid and SSI.
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A Message From City Hall

This page was paid for by the City of Montpelier.

What’s Happening at City Hall?

by William Fraser, City Manager

ith gray weather and regular snowfall, it sure The first step in a charter change is voter approval, which Upcoming
hasn’t felt like spring is on the way. Granted just occurred. The legislature must then review and approve Items
Vermont is not known for its lush, colorful the charter language. The city can’t take any action until it Before the new
spring season, but for some reason this winter feels like it has passed the legislature and been signed by the governor. strategic plan
has hung around way too long. Passage (and that’s not always automatic with charter is adopted, we
Annual Meeting wrap up: changes) could happen either in this current session or not are finishing up
until the 2020 session. items from the 2018 plan. The next few Council agendas
We congratulate Council members Ashley Hill and Jack
McCullough on re-election to their Council seats. We also Once the charter language is final, the City Council will include the following:
congratulate and welcome new Council member Lauren can then consider ordinances concerning the issue. These • Adoption of zoning “fixes”
Hierl. She brings her new perspectives to city government. would be adopted following the normal public process • Overall review and updating of all ordinances
(two public hearings) as with all other ordinances. • Audit presentation
We thank outgoing Council member Rosie Krueger for
her dedicated service to the community. These essentially During the time that the charter change is being considered • Discussion of scooters
volunteer positions can be stressful, controversial, and tiring. at the State House, the City Council is planning to hold • Tax stabilization policy
Those who serve deserve credit for their contributions of special forums on this topic to hear from interested people • Rental property inspection
time, effort, and ideas. about how best to proceed and what might make sense for • Review of the winter parking ban
Council action. • Report on Americans with Disability Act progress
In addition to Council members, Steve Hingtgen and
Andrew Stein were elected to the new Montpelier-Roxbury March is Women’s History Month The new Strategic Plan, of course, will set the Council
District School Board; Shelby Perry and Kassia Randzio Let’s look at the numbers of women in Montpelier City agenda for the next 12 months.
were elected to the Parks Commission; Kimberly Cheney Council history. This year marks the fourth consecutive Information
was elected to the Central Vermont Regional Public Safety year, and sixth of the last nine years, that a majority For those of you who want to stay abreast of information
Authority; Tammy Legacy of Roxbury was elected as of Council seats have been held by women. This first about city government, there are several ways to do so:
School District Clerk, and Shelley Quinn was elected as occurred in 2011. In 2017, in fact, five of the seven seats
School District Treasurer. Thanks to all of these people for were held by women. There has been no all-male City •All meetings of City Boards, Commissions, Committees,
taking on these roles. Council since 1990. and the like are open to the public.
I, again, thank the voters of Montpelier for their strong The first woman elected to the City Council was Janice •This article in The Bridge is written by the mayor or me
support of the City and School budgets. The 82.6 percent Abair in 1976, quickly followed by Sally Rice that same and is published monthly.
municipal budget approval this year is the fifth straight year. From 1976 to 2000, six women served as council •The City’s website, includes news,
year of 80 percent or better approval. Each year the council members, mayors, or both. From 2001 to this year, 13 updates, notices, and information about projects as well
and staff struggle with finding the balance between women have held seats. as agendas, minutes, and other meeting documents. All
delivering service and presenting reasonable budgets for Four women—Sally Rice ’87–’88, Ann Cummings documents that go to the City Council for meetings are
consideration. We are grateful for your support and will ’91–’96, Mary Hooper ’05–’12, and Anne Watson ’18– posted publicly.
continue to strive to provide the best possible services for present—have served as mayor. Mayor Hooper is tied with •The City Manager and department heads write a
you. Mayor Chuck Karparis as the longest-serving mayor in the weekly memo to the City Council providing updates and
Public support was not limited to city proposals. The city’s history. Both Mayor Cummings and Mayor Hooper information about city activity. This memo is posted for
School budget received a 74 percent approval, marking have gone on to serve long tenures in the Legislature, all to see on the City’s website.
their fourth year in a row with 70 percent or better representing Montpelier and Washington County. Perhaps •All (or most) Council meetings and meetings of major
approval. the most remarkable thing about the female-majority boards and committees are broadcast—and often
This chart shows city and school budget vote results since council is that no one remarks on it anymore. rebroadcast—on local cable TV.
1985. Here’s the full list: •All (or most) of the above meetings are both streamed and
Mayors: Sally Rice, Ann Cummings, Mary Hooper, archived for viewing on the city’s website.
Anne Watson. •The City has a Facebook page “City of Montpelier, VT—
Council Members: Janice Abair, Sally Rice, Harriet official” that posts updates and also links some updates
Slaybaugh, Ann Cummings, Marjorie Power, Nicole from the website.
Dewing, Nancy Sherman, Cheryl Fischer, Nancy •The City has a Twitter account “@VTMontpelier” that
Wasserman, Sarah Jarvis, Angela Timpone, Anne also posts updates and links from the website.
Watson, Jessica Edgerly-Walsh, Dona Bate, Jean
Olson, Ashley Hill, Rosie Krueger and, now, Lauren •The City regularly posts items of interest, including
Hierl. council agendas, on Front Porch Forum.
Goals and Strategic Planning •The Annual Report, distributed in February, provides an
overview of the city government’s year. It is available on
On April 15 and 16, your City Council will establish line or in print at City Hall.
its goals, priorities, and strategic plan for the upcoming
year. This new Council will have the opportunity to •All emergency notifications, including winter parking
use the strategic planning process to articulate their ban notices, are issued using VT-Alert. People can receive
collective vision for the city and identify policy goals phone calls, text messages, e-mail, or all three. Register
and key implementation strategies. This effort will for VT-Alert through or by calling (802) 347-
include a professional municipal strategic planning 0488.
consultant, direct interaction with the staff leadership Finally, of course, please feel free to contact me or your
team, and involvement of key boards, commissions, elected officials with questions or comments about the city
Article 14 and committees. government. I can be reached at
A proposed charter change authorizing the City Council to The 2018 Strategic Plan can be seen at montpelier-vt. or (802) 223-9502. Other city officials’ email addresses
regulate energy efficiency in buildings was hotly debated org /DocumentCenter/ View/5378/Cit y- Council- and phone numbers are available on the web.
and passed by a small 32-vote margin. Many people have Goals-2018-2019. People can view our public dashboard, Thank you for reading this article and for your interest in
inquired about what happens next. which regularly updates progress on the strategic plan, at Montpelier city government.
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Senior Living
From Egypt to Vermont
Wanda Johnson’s Transoceanic Love Story
By Tom Brown

independent Wanda, her second proposal worked for Warner Brothers Studios in dren still lived. Wanda couldn’t completely
of the trip. She turned down both suitors Cairo, where her knowledge of French, divest, however, and kept 3,000 of her
but agreed to correspond with Bob in the English, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew was beloved French language books, eventually
proper courting style of the day. invaluable. donating 1,000 to Keene State.
“We wrote letters to each other on a daily After leaving Egypt in 1941, the couple “I like the French books,” she said with a
basis, long letters telling all these thoughts owned farms in West Townsend and Graf- twinkle in her eye. “And I like to have a
and feelings,” she recalled in a firm, ac- ton before settling on a 550-acre farm in library of French literature. It was a very
cented voice. “After two years of writing West Brattleboro, where they raised 10,000 strong part of my life.”
each other, the Americans were going to chickens, 350 sheep, and three children: Fortunately for the couple, their son-in-
enter the war, and young men were asked Colman “Cordy” Johnson, Robert L. law, Fred Collins, is a master woodworker
to go back to United States and, of course, “Bobby” Johnson Jr., and Carol “Curley” who designed, and with the family, built a
by that time, I believed he was the kind of Johnson Collins. beautiful round house for them across the
person I would want to marry.” Wanda is quick to admit that farming road from Fred and Carol’s place in South
Wanda and her not-yet husband Bob The couple eloped, marrying at the U.S. was not her thing, and two brain hemor- Duxbury, where they could enjoy their six
Johnson on the trip from New York Embassy in Cairo, and after returning to rhages suffered by young Cordy kept her grandchildren and four great-grandchil-
to Alexandria, Egypt, on which they New York, the newlyweds settled on a farm occupied. But as soon as the kids were dren. Bob passed away in 1995 at age 82.
met. Courtesy of Wanda Johnson. in southern Vermont. old enough, she went back to her love At 104, Wanda still lives in the house and is

he story of 104-year-old Wanda From Heliopolis to Duxbury of French. While teaching in Brattleboro helped daily by Carol, Fred, Cordy, Carol’s
Fortunée Meriems Johnson, who she earned an undergraduate degree from son Seth, and other caregivers. She is grate-
The journey of a Jewish girl from Egypt to Keene State College in New Hampshire
lives in Duxbury, reads like a Hol- Duxbury, Vermont, serves as a reminder of ful for Meals on Wheels, although the
lywood love story—think Titanic without and a master’s from Smith College in Mas- food doesn’t always suit her, she says. Three
the evils of racist pogroms from the 19th sachusetts.
the iceberg. century to Hitler’s rise, and at the same local folks—Pam Perry, Sharon Turner,
It began 80 years ago in Heliopolis, Egypt, time, highlights the opportunities and free- Un Amour des Livres and Suzy Markowitt—are a big help to
when Wanda decided to join a group of dom represented by migration to America. With the children heading off to college, Carol with her daily care.
young people bound for the 1939 New Wanda’s parents, an Italian-speaking Aus- farming became unsustainable for Bob, Wanda isn’t sure about the secret to her
York World’s Fair. Her parents, Jews whose trian mother and Russian-Romanian fa- who relied on their labor. He recognized longevity. She said she used to smoke but
family fled persecution in Europe, were ther, left Austria around 1895 when anti- the rise of industrial chicken farms in the stopped when the dangers became more
reluctant to let her go, especially with Hit- Jewish sentiment started to rise. They Midwest, and knew he couldn’t compete. well-known, “thanks to my daughter.”
ler’s storm clouds closing over Europe. She settled in Russia, but once again hatred Seeking to combine their mutual interests “Maybe this is why I have lived so long,”
convinced them, however, and the fair was made life untenable. They emigrated to the couple found an ad for a bookstore in she said while holding her mezuzah. “I held
spectacular, including the debut of a new- Turkey before settling in Heliopolis, now a the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge, this, every night before I went to sleep, and
fangled device called “television,” which part of sprawling Cairo. Massachusetts, and in 1965 Bob launched I thanked God!” The mezuzah is often
enthralled the fair’s 44 million visitors. But The BookCase—a 28-year fixture selling found in the doorways of Jewish homes
it was the return voyage that changed her Wanda was educated in Egypt’s French used books to future lawyers, doctors, and
schools, where her love affair for that lan- and contains bits of parchment with verses
life forever and led her to Vermont. dreamers, while Wanda taught French in from the Torah.
guage led to an 18-year career teaching Boston regional high schools.
Four days before the ship docked in Alex- French in Vermont and Massachusetts. But Whatever the reason, Wanda Fortunée
andria, Egypt, Wanda met Robert Lincoln knowing English was the key to finding In 1993, Harvard University refused to Meriems Johnson has lived a long and
Johnson, an intellectual New Englander work in 1930s Egypt, so she attended the renew the lease for The BookCase store, meaningful love story worthy of Titanic’s
who was headed to Beirut to teach phi- American University in Cairo. “I had to which was already costing $7,000 a month. Jack and Rose.
losophy, psychology, and sociology in the learn English to be a typist,” she said. Then 80, and having suffered a recent fall,
American University there. Before they “I worked for an English company as a Bob needed to retire and return to the
disembarked Bob proposed to the rather secretary for a cigarette factory.” She later rural sanctity of Vermont, where their chil-
PAGE 8 • M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 T HE BRID GE

New Spring Classes at MSAC Senior Living

bandon your notions about what “senior center” Photo Courtesy of MSAC. the gelli plate (such as image transfers, botanicals and
means. Spring is on the way, and the Montpelier fabric, and stenciling). The possibilities are almost
Senior Activity Center has prepared over 75 endless.
weekly spring class offerings. More than 10 new class Financial Foundations with Gabe Lajeunesse
series are being offered that span a variety of topics from
yoga to financial foundations. Many are open to adults Come learn financial foundations with a qualified
of all ages, and some are even open to youths. financial advisor—this will not be a sales presentation.
Eight class sessions will cover a variety of topics, from
Among the new classes this spring: preparation for the unexpected to tax-free investing.
Yoga Foundation for a Healthy Back with Bill Yoga for Stroke Survivors with Patty Crawford
Discussion is focused on the mind-body disconnect
A class ideal for both beginner and seasoned yogis. Each that often occurs after stroke. We will address how
class will provide instruction on proper alignment of bodies and create choreography together using music as to improve balance, strength, and range of motion.
each pose, with a particular focus on the lower back, inspiration. Meditation and breathing techniques are practiced to
a necessity for a healthy foundation of any pose. Slow- Tile Making with Janice Walrafen help overcome the stress and emotional impact of
paced and deliberate, this class will help students build stroke.
their knowledge of yoga poses. Learn how to strengthen Have you ever wanted to make a ceramic tile, or perhaps
your lower back and develop an understanding of you’re just curious about how it is done? Working from a Classes are held at 58 Barre Street, run 10‒12 weeks,
proper posture for standing and sitting. flat slab of clay, tiles can be carved, sculpted, drawn, and and start the week of April 8, unless otherwise noted.
painted. Create ornate signs for your home welcoming For a full detailed description of each, as well as
Creative Community Dance with Alana Rancourt visitors with your name and address, decorative tile for cost, age restrictions, and dates and times, and to
Phinney the kitchen or bathroom, or simply enjoy working with register online, please visit Any
No experience required and all are welcome to this clay. questions, please call 223-2518.
community dance series. Come and become familiar Intuitive Gelli Printing, Adventure and Playful This text was provided by the Montpelier Senior Activity
with your dancing selves as individuals, within a group, Collage with Suki Ciappara Center
and in a broader context as an art-maker of the world.
Through guided improvisation, our bodies will lead This class will be an exploration of gelli printing
us on a journey. We’ll become comfortable in our techniques where we will learn new ways to print using
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COVE Puts Faces to Elder Issues Senior Living

ommunity of Vermont Elders else might have a different bill they
(COVE) has launched a new want to pay attention to. It’s about Hope Lindsey Grows Bold
campaign—grow bOLD— reminding our legislators in the rush Hope Lindsay, an older Vermonter from food, health care, and housing.
to encourage civic engagement in of the session that we are relying on South Burlington, shares her perspective On quality of life (access to cultural
the legislative process in order to them to do everything in their power on aging in the state. activities and jobs, volunteer activities,
positively change the conversation to make our lives and our state the On basic services (food, shelter and and meeting others with similar
on aging in Vermont. grow bOLD best it can be.” health care, including dental and interests.)
was introduced during the Older Volunteers can be easily identified by vision)
Vermonters Caucus at the State This is the area that most affects my
bright lime-green T-shirts with the I think Vermont does a good job—better outlook and sense of identity. There are
House on February 7 and will remain grow bOLD logo emblazoned on the
a constant and weekly presence each than most—but food costs have increased limits to wheelchair accessibility and
front and the sponsoring organizations beyond Social Security cost-of-living people to meet. I was a volunteer for
week of the session. on the back. The unified image increases, and there is a growing need for Vermont Respite House for five years.
“We learned that when someone who and voice supports all sponsoring affordable housing for seniors. I am an When it moved to Colchester, wheelchair
is affected by the issues is present organizations and volunteers. Each advocate for “Medicare for all,” including transportation was no longer available.
when legislators talk about those volunteer will also wear a button dental and vision. Similarly, I could no longer go to services
issues, the conversation changes. The encouraging representatives to ask at Vermont Zen Center in Shelburne,
issues become humanized,” said Ruby them about their personal story or On financial security (especially Social
Security) nor to Essex Junction for a workshop for
Baker, executive director of COVE. struggle as an aging Vermonter. children’s book writers. All three are my
Volunteers will meet each Thursday Current sponsors are AARP of Financial security is, well, insecure. I don’t most important activities. Without them
for the Older Vermonters Caucus Vermont, the Vermont Department of know if you are aware of this, but our I feel stalemated and sometimes, hopeless.
at 8 am in Room 10 of the State Disabilities, Aging and Independent two so-called cost-of-living increases in (Despite my name!)
House before dispersing to listen in Living (DAIL), The Bridge newspaper, the past half-dozen years were channeled
directly to increases in premiums for As my retirement income gets gobbled
on various committees and meet with The National MS Society, Support up, and I rely on aid, I thought to look
anyone who is interested in hearing and Services at Home (SASH), and Medicare. In other words, we didn’t see
a cent of increase. I don’t begrudge the for employment. I have been honest in my
about grow bOLD or their personal Cathedral Square Corp. letters of application; that I am a retiree,
stories. funding for Medicare, but in truth, Social
“The coalition is always growing, and Security recipients have not had a true use SSTA for transportation, and use a
COVE staffer Marichel Vaught that’s the beauty of it. Everyone is increase in years, although there was once wheelchair almost always. Of the four
said “policy affects each person getting older! This affects us all,” says a stipulation that increases could not be jobs I applied for this year, not one called
differently, and it is important for volunteer Jim Holway. channeled elsewhere. Regardless, the cost for an interview, and only one responded
our representatives to understand To volunteer or to become a of living continues to climb. One reason that I would be contacted if there was an
just how the decisions they make at sponsor, contact Marichel Vaught at is attaching cost of living to gasoline and interest.
the State House affect real people in heating oil prices when a much more This text was provided by the Community of
very tangible ways. I am following sensible measurement would be cost of Vermont Elders
issues that affect me, but someone
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PoemCity Celebrates 10 Years of Verse Arts

By Michelle A.L. Singer

ou could reasonably argue that as a Photo by Kerrin McCadden. poetry comes from a place she didn’t know
skill, poetry isn’t as useful as CPR. existed when she was in politics. She will
In other words, poetry doesn’t be joined by Alana Rancourt Phinney, a
save lives. And yet, consider Tom Martin local dance artist, who is working closely
from Franklin, Vermont, who comes to with Kunin to design a performance
Montpelier every April to experience that responds to and accents her poetry.
PoemCity, Kellog-Hubbard Library’s PoemCity will wrap up on April 30 with
celebration of National Poetry Month. a 10th anniversary celebration at Down
In 2006, Martin was in two serious car Home Kitchen.
accidents. Medical care restored his body, In between the kick off and cake,
but it was poetry that saved his soul. PoemCity will feature LGBTQ poets;
In his poem, “Dear Rachel,” which will be a Native Abenaki musician and a poet;
displayed in the window of Kinney Drugs poets reading in benefit of migrant justice,
on Main Street this year, he describes his in memory of Cora Brooks and Mary
body as limbs & head/Velcro fixed. He Oliver; and one reading that will take
goes on to write: Lastly came a rope, its/ on the entirety of Whitman’s “Song of
fibers held lost poems/wrote on pulp. It’s Book Spine Poem. Myself.” Workshops will be offered on
dedicated to Rachel Senechal, Program form, point of view, how to write a slam
and Development Coordinator at is a major undertaking for the library,” understood from the beginning. She poem, and how to mix origami with
Kellogg-Hubbard Library, who launched says George Longenecker, president of the reached out that first year to Montpelier haiku. There will be readings about sexual
PoetryALIVE, the precursor to PoemCity, Poetry Society of Vermont, “and Rachel Alive to make the important connections assault, kindness, connection, racial
10 years ago. The last lines of Martin’s works tirelessly on PoemCity...It is one to downtown businesses and worked injustice, inspiration, nature, saving the
poem give thanks to Senechal and her of the most extensive National Poetry closely with Phayvanh Luekhamhan, a world, and politics.
team: For it has truly helped/to heal me. Month events in the nation, all the more poet with connections to local poetry Group readings will include the Vermont
At the heart of Senechal’s vision for amazing coming from a small city and a networks. Luekhamhan was instrumental Studio Center, the Community College of
PoemCity is that everyone can be a poet. library with a staff of 15.” in designing the inner workings of the Vermont, the Montpelier Senior Activity
“People have told me that PoemCity “This vital literary program is like no program, such as having poets submit Center and Westview Meadows, Beth
inspired them to write poetry for the first other I have experienced or witnessed as poems through the online portal Jacob Synagogue, Washington County
time,” she says, “and that includes me.” At a poet or reader and teacher of poetry Submittable. Poems are reviewed, Mental Health, and the Vermont College
first intimidated about sharing her poems, in my career,” says Poet Laureate of accepted, and made into broadside of Fine Arts. They join featured poets on
she grew in confidence over the years to Vermont Chard deNiord. “The broadsides posters that are delivered to businesses by the calendar such as Kerrin McCadden,
begin using her own name. Nor is she that hang in business windows serve as volunteers. Major Jackson, and Elizabeth Powell.
alone. “Last year,” says Senechal, “We windows on windows into the memorable PoemCity’s poems become a walkable Rick Agran, who will record poets during
had 66 poets who were new to PoemCity.” news of townspeople’s lives, memorable anthology, hanging in the windows of 100 PoemCity for his radio show, Bot Mot, on
What began with 70 poems 10 years local experiences, and creative expressions Montpelier businesses such as AroMed Goddard’s WGDR says, “Nowhere else in
ago has blossomed into 500, representing that cross over from the citizen-poets to on State Street, which will also host Vermont can you read your way, literally
poets from 88 Vermont cities and towns, strangers and friends alike.” a workshop on poetry and scent, and and literarily, from place to place.”
and over 50 programs, including poetry PoemCity relies on community Bear Pond Books, a longtime partner of Looking ahead, Senechal is already excited
readings, workshops, and exhibits. “This collaboration, something Senechal PoemCity. “PoemCity provides a great about next year’s PoemCity programming.
opportunity to showcase a wide range of She plans to bring in poets from widely
poets at our independent bookstore,” says diverse backgrounds and places. “It’s
Samantha Kolber, Bear Pond’s marketing not about outdoing ourselves,” she says.
and event coordinator. “We really beef up “Artists create, and that’s what we do,
our poetry programming, and we stock create new experiences.”
up on books of many of the presenters
because we know the added visibility from For more information about PoemCity go
PoemCity will bring more poetry readers to or stop
to the store.” by the Kellogg-Hubbard Library to pick
up a PoemCity program with a full listing
PoemCity 2019 will kick off on April 1 of events and poems.
with a new collaboration of poetry and
dance, hosted by Lost Nation Theater. Michelle A.L. Singer is a journalist and
Former three-term governor of Vermont, poet who lives in East Montpelier. She is
Madeleine Kunin, will read poems from the Program Assistant for PoemCity. She
her memoir Coming of Age: My Journey to has been working with Rachel Senechal for
the Eighties as well as new poems slated five years.
for publication next year. Kunin says her
T HE BRID GE M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 • PAGE 11

New Novel Features Girl King Arthur Arts

By Sarah Davin

he new novel, Once & Future, book out there or if there is something
by Montpelier-based authors a little bit like your book out there. We
Amy Rose Capetta and need so many more stories about queer
Cori McCarthy, takes the legend of people of all kinds, of all stripes of the
King Arthur and launches it into rainbow.” Capetta also stressed that it’s
an adventure that embraces science important for writers who don’t identify
fiction. This crossover novel, meant for as LGBTQ+ to consider including
both a teen and adult audience, centers LGBTQ+ characters, suggesting that
on the character of Ari Helix, an illegal they may not be the main characters,
immigrant from an Arab planet who but it’s great to have queer characters
finds the sword, Excalibur, and begins exist in your world.
her destiny to become the next King
Arthur. While Once & Future may be a light-
hearted fantasy story, it also reflects
One aspect of this book that real LGBTQ+ experiences that the
distinguishes it is its multiple authors. mainstream book market has largely
In addition to both being graduates of overlooked. “I think a lot of people will
Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA), Amy Rose Capetta (left) and Cori McCarthy say there are so many queer characters
McCarthy and Capetta are partners Photo by Nicholas Bromm. [in the novel]. We’re just writing our
in life and in writing. McCarthy has everyday. Our lives are built around
actually do whole rounds of revision first non-binary trans character I
written four young adult novels and really awesome queer people, so it
where one of us is reading the whole got to write, and I am a non-binary
teaches classes at VCFA in writing for doesn’t feel like a stretch at all to write
thing. We have a very strict policy transperson, so it was really exciting.
children and young adults. Capetta has that into a book,” Capetta expressed.
of not using ‘Track Changes.’ So, we We were putting our toes in the water
also written four young adult novels. The authors mentioned that some of the
change each other’s work. We add with using a character who uses they/
Together, they co-founded the Rainbow characters in the book are influenced
things. We cut things out. There’s a them pronouns and seeing what the
Writers Workshop and Rainbow Boxes, by real friends and LGBTQ+ people
lot of trust.” reactions would be to that. So far,
a charitable initiative that has sent in their lives. Most importantly, their
they’ve been overwhelmingly positive.”
LGBTQ+ fiction to libraries across the Science fiction and superhero movies book is meant for readers of all stripes.
country. are having their time in the spotlight—a Capetta and McCarthy support future
Capetta affirmed, “Queer books are
trend that has not escaped the notice authors who want to include LGBTQ+
The initial concept for the book came for everyone. A book with a straight or
of the two self-proclaimed nerds. characters and offered some advice
from McCarthy, who dreamed of cis character is for everyone. It should
While some writers would choose to to fellow LGBTQ+ writers. Capetta
reading a version of the legend with be the same. An adventure story is an
avoid the high levels of action, magic, encouraged, “If you’re a queer writer,
a girl lead. “I can’t remember a time adventure story.”
and explosions, Once & Future is hoping to write queer characters, I say
before I wanted to read about a girl
overflowing with spaceships and sword just go for it. Don’t hold yourself back.
King Arthur. I kind of always thought
fights. Don’t be afraid about the market. Don’t
it would just happen and waited for
be afraid that there’s nothing like your
someone to write it. Maybe there are “I’m really proud of this book,” said
some out there, but I’ve never heard of McCarthy. “We set out to write what
them,” they continued. “Amy Rose was we were calling a blockbuster. We set
always telling me, ‘You should write it,’ out to write something commercial
and eventually I said ‘I will if you will on purpose. That’s not what a lot of
write it with me.’” Capetta added, “I authors want to say. We set out to
always say that I was a fan of this book write something big and shiny and ‘J. J.
before I got to be involved in writing it. Abrams’ for our teenage readers to get
That was really fun because I wanted excited about.”
Cori to turn this project into a reality.”
Within the structure of an action
Initially, the writing centered on the and adventure story, McCarthy and
two main characters of Ari and Merlin, Capetta introduce their readers to
with McCarthy focusing on the point characters with identities not frequently
of view of Ari and Capetta focusing represented in mainstream fiction.
on Merlin for the first draft. As the A few examples include Ari and her
writing process progressed, those lines adoptive brother Kay’s two space
blurred with McCarthy and Capetta captain moms; Lamarack, a black,
trusting each other with changes and gender-fluid character; and Guinevere,
edits. McCarthy explained, “After the Ari’s love interest. McCarthy remarked,
first draft, it becomes less clear cut. We “On a personal note, this was the
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Craftsbury Filmmakers Produce a Gem Film

Farmer of the Year Sets Stage for Future Projects
By Irene Racz

and assist each other as only two people By this time, they were already
on parallel tracks can. One of the film’s establishing permanent roots in
taglines, “Life Is One Long Growing Craftsbury, having bought a ramshackle
Season,” says it all. farmhouse in sight of the ski trails
The film played in January at where they had met. They spent years
Montpelier’s Capitol Showplace, where renovating the house that also serves
it beat several Hollywood movies as as headquarters for their production
the second-highest-grossing film of the company, YellowHouse Films.
week. It has also been screened at a Swanson already had degrees from the
number of film festivals throughout Minnesota State University at Mankato
the country, racking up nominations and Syracuse University. O’Connell,
for best feature film, best actor, and who had attended the University of
best supporting actress, and winning Massachusetts without graduating,
in the audience choice, best actor, and finished his degree at Johnson State
Kathy Swanson and Vince O’Connell. Photo courtesy of John Lazenby. emerging director categories. College in 2011. Armed with those
credentials and their Selkirk experience,

Swanson and O’Connell took an
he late writer and director Nora Exposure fame) as he is about to retire unlikely and long route to filmmaking, they enrolled in the film school at Ohio
Ephron famously said that and turn his spread over to his son and and are gratified by how it’s worked University in Athens, Ohio. With a
“everything is copy.” Kathy daughter-in-law. At a loss for what to out. After childhoods that couldn’t number of short films under their belts,
Swanson, a Craftsbury resident who do with himself, Hap initially tries to have been more different (Swanson they spent four years bringing Farmer of
hails from Minnesota, appears to have corral his brother Virgil (Terry Kiser was a cheerleader, a dairy princess, the Year to fruition.
come by that notion intuitively. For of the Weekend at Bernie’s films) into and a college wrestling statistician in During their film’s run at the Capitol,
as long as she can remember, she has taking a road trip west with him. Minnesota, while O’Connell was born Swanson and O’Connell were on hand
written down anything that tickled her When that doesn’t work out, Hap’s in Brazil and lived all over the world two nights for an audience Q&A. As
fancy, including many of her father’s granddaughter Ashley (Mackinlee with his peripatetic parents), the two the pair exited the theater the final
priceless expressions and one-liners. Waddell of ABC’s Good Christian Belles) met in the early 1980s while working night, manager Teddy Cheney said to
That inclination came in handy when steps in. Adrift after returning from for the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. be sure to let him know when their
Swanson and her husband, Vince college and having trouble finding a Given the seasonal nature of the work, next film is ready, because he’d like to
O’Connell, decided to produce and job, and in perpetual conflict with her Swanson also worked for the U.S. feature their work again.
direct a feature film called Farmer of parents as they take over the farm, Forest Service in Washington state. They are, indeed, thinking ahead to
the Year. Swanson drew on her treasure Ashley sets off with Hap in a Winnebago Meanwhile, O’Connell, a cyclist and two projects. O’Connell is working on a
trove of observational material to write a that looks like it could disintegrate at Nordic ski enthusiast, founded the “gritty, dystopian sci-fi” story that would
touching and very witty screenplay that, any minute. endurance sports apparel company be manageable to produce. Swanson has
though fictional, relies heavily on her As they head west, Hap and Ashley VOmax in western Massachusetts. an idea that would be more complicated
dad’s life as a small-town farmer. The encounter a variety of recognizably to produce, but which they believe has a
film was shot in her hometown of Tyler, After selling the highly successful
absurd and comic situations involving business in 2005, the pair spent time lot of promise. It’s based on a true story
Minnesota, with some scenes filmed satellite navigation, online dating, involving a small-town sports team and
on the family farm and in her retired in Washington, where they enrolled in
currency (remember traveler’s checks?), a one-year film production program at school consolidation—issues that are
father’s house. and people who aren’t what they seem. near and dear to Vermonters’ hearts,
Selkirk College, across the border in
The story follows a widowed farmer Despite their generational differences, Nelson, British Columbia. O’Connell especially these days.
named Hap (Barry Corbin of Northern Hap and Ashley come to understand notes with amusement that they were For more information, go to
the oldest students in the program “by
35 years.”
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Town Meeting Day Roundup Politics

Energy Efficiency Charter Change Narrowly Passes
By Tom Brown

ayor Anne Watson said voters increase energy efficiency in Montpelier
got their message across with buildings and help the city achieve
the narrow victory on Town its net-zero energy goals. In part,
Meeting Day of a city charter change the aim was to provide incentive for
proposal. some landlords to increase the energy
efficiency of rental units and make
Residents were almost equally divided on
them more affordable to tenants who
granting the City Council the authority
pay their own heating bills.
to set and enforce energy efficiency
standards in homes and businesses, However, chatter on public forums,
approving the charter change proposal such as Front Porch Forum, indicated
by a margin of 32 votes, 928-896. No that some tenants were concerned that
recount has been requested, according such a mandate would cause landlords
to Sheila Healy, assistant city clerk. to simply increase rents to compensate
for their investment in efficiency.
Watson told city councilors at their
first session after the vote that residents “It was a tighter margin than I would
made it clear that they had many have hoped,” Watson said right after the
questions about the plan, and she vote. “But I think that this gives us a
pretty clear message to be cautious and New City Council member Lauren Hierl (right) is sworn in after winning a seat in
pledged to have “lots of discussion”
that is, I think, entirely appropriate. I District 1 on Town Meeting Day. Also returning to the council were Ashley Hill
before any ordinance is crafted. That
welcome that message that we should (left) and Jack McCullough. Photo by Tom Brown.
discussion will commence even before
the charter change is considered by the go slowly here and be very careful and
state legislature. Approval of the charter have a lot of public dialogue, and I new face on the City Council as she School Board and Andrew Stein won
change will likely have to wait until the am really excited to have that public won the District 1 seat vacated by Rosie after being appointed to replace Peter
second half of the current biennium, dialogue.” Krueger. Ashley Hill was re-elected in Sterling. Tammy Legacy was elected
which begins next January. District 3, and Jack McCullough won in School Clerk, and Shelley Quinn was
The charter change, which was Article
District 2 after having been appointed elected as treasurer. Kim Cheney was
“We are looking to have some public 14 on the ballot, was the only close
to replace Mayor Anne Watson a year elected to the Central Vermont Public
forums dedicated to just that issue,” decision. All of the city and school
ago. Kassia Randzio won a five-year Service Authority board.
Watson said. “We have a goal of spending measures were strongly
seat on the Parks commission, and The absence of contested races perhaps
both energy efficiency and keeping approved, as was a $350,471 item to
Shelby Perry won a two-year seat on led to the low voter turnout, which
Montpelier affordable, and we need to support the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.
that board. City Clerk John Odum put at about 24
address both of those things.” There were no contested races for any
On the school side, Steve Hingtgen was percent.
The council wanted the charter change elected office. Lauren Hierl will be the
reelected to the Montpelier-Roxbury
to begin a discussion on ways to
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Fresh Greens Grow in Barre Warehouse Farming

By Carl Etnier

t a time when most Vermont issues for the world over the next 50 to crops of greens a year. “It’s all about hung vertically from near the ceiling.
gardeners are perusing catalogs, 100 years...Take overpopulation, take space-use efficiency... By going indoors, They thought the vertical arrangement
or maybe planting some rapid urbanization and reduction in you also control the environment a lot would give the most efficient use of
starts, Jake Isham and Greg Kelly are agricultural capacity—we have some more, and by using hydroponics, you’re space. However, “as we looked at what
harvesting and selling basil, romaine potentially seriously issues. So using directly giving nutrients to the plants... it would look like in the complete build-
lettuce, and a salad mix. And they’ve innovation and technology to increase Indoors we’re able to get between 14 out of the space, it wasn’t going to be
been doing it all winter, inside a former our food production is something that and 26 (annual harvests), depending on productive and profitable for us. We
granite shed in Barre. is really important to me.” the crop.” tested it against a couple other models
The goal for their company, Ceres of growing, and we decided that the
Greens, is to grow and market greens current system [with flat trays of plants]
year-round in Vermont, using renewable is going to be the most productive and
electricity for the LED lights that efficient on the labor side as well as the
substitute for the sun. After using the consistency of the crop.”
better part of the year to experiment with Isham said they didn’t want to fill the
different arrangements, the company is warehouse with production until they
working to fill its 10,000-square-foot had done enough work to be sure they’d
facility to the rafters (20 feet above the developed a system that they were “100
floor) with shelves of greens. percent sure that was...going to be the
For now, local foodies can find the one we move forward.”
greens in menu items at the Morse Isham says they now plant a new crop
Block Deli or Maria’s Bagels in Barre, on Mondays and Thursdays. With full
both less than a 10th of a mile from Lettuce growing under white LEDs. production, he expects to plant every
the warehouse. Three Brothers in Photo by Carl Etnier. day—and to harvest greens every day.
Colchester also uses Ceres Greens’ With the expansion comes a need for
products, according to Isham. He says more hands and more expertise. Ceres
they have 27 companies in line to Isham said they can afford to use The Barre location was chosen partly
small-town warehouse space for food because of Isham’s connection to expects in the next several months
buy their greens, as local production to hire someone with agronomic or
expands. production because, most of the year, Central Vermont through his college
their main competition is trucked in years in Northfield. It was also an horticultural training. The local greens
Isham and Kelly started growing under from across the country. Yes, the rent economic calculus. “We wanted to be industry has non-food competition for
lights for different reasons. Isham’s were on a warehouse is more than it would centrally located in the state, close to that type of worker, however. Isham
more ideological. A Norwich University be on an equivalent-sized plot of land the highway, and also have affordability said, “The cannabis space has been
graduate who left the military after in the country, but Isham claims they on the real estate,” Isham said. He also taking up a lot of people with experience
an accident in Army Ranger school, can produce 180 times more per square pointed to Barre’s cultural potential, in hydroponics.”
Isham said that he looked at the “big foot than in a local field growing three which he likened to his hometown, While the cannabis industry is the
Winooski. “It was an old mill town... hot topic of agriculture today, indoor
but it’s really seen a renaissance, and farming operations like Isham’s keep
Barre is in a similar position right now.” under the radar. “Vertical farming in
Ceres Greens moved into the location general is pretty quiet right now. There’s
in early 2018. The two partners a lot of companies out there that are
needed to learn how to grow greens doing this, but nobody’s really talking
indoors commercially, so they set to each other.” While Isham said he
about experimenting. On a visit to the hopes this changes, he’s keeping quiet
warehouse last August, plants were on some of the results of his in-house
growing sideways out from troughs research for now.
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Smart Plastic Strategies in Farming Farming

By Patrick Sullivan

lastic use on most farms and gardens It would be prohibitively expensive to of The Bridge]—two years ago. We tried to incorporate crop residues without
across Vermont is ubiquitous. cover our large commercial greenhouses them enthusiastically, and you may have disturbing the soil. Keeping the bare earth
Because caring for the environment with glass, so we have moved to plastic. even gotten some salad from us in the covered as much as possible is critical to
is one of our core principles at Ananda However, this is not a roll of plastic you unmistakable green bags. Although we farming. Greenhouse gas emissions from
Gardens in Montpelier, it is a complex get from the hardware store. It has been were optimistic, our trials ended early modern farming have been devastating
and contradictory issue. We have been treated so it will not shatter into tiny both seasons. BioBags breathe too much, to our climate. Roughly two-thirds of
exploring caring for the environment pieces, as would happen with a tarp left letting air escape from the climate inside soil carbon has already been lost from
since we started growing food more than outside under the sun for too long. When the bag. Our greens lasted only a few our planet’s cultivated soils, according to
a decade ago, particularly regarding the it is no longer useful as a greenhouse days, while in other bags they can last up Dr. Rattan Lal, professor of soil science
use of plastics. cover, we plan to reuse this plastic to cover to ten days. at the Ohio State University. As the soil
From our small home gardens to our soil. Although windows and doors are We returned to our trusted half-gallon is excessively tilled, carbon is released.
apartments overflowing with plants, a great choice for cold frames, if you do zipper lock bags as the best alternative. On the other hand, soil covered by living
plastics have followed us and filled critical use clear plastic for your next homemade While much more expensive than the plants, a silage tarp, or a thick layer of
roles. Our philosophy is not to use plastic greenhouse, make sure you get plastic polypropylene bags greens are generally mulch locks in greenhouse gases.
when possible, use it minimally, or reuse it specifically made for greenhouses. sold in, they can be reused, and this was This is called climate-friendly farming,
at least three times. This generally means Another area of farming in which there key for our philosophy. In our house, we and as a bonus produces healthier crops
using more expensive plastics, whether it is a tremendous amount of plastic use may wash, dry, and reuse a zipper lock and more drought-resistant soils. Like
is a garden hose, seedling tray, or plastic is packaging. We are attempting to bag many times before it goes to the greenhouse plastics, these tarps are heavy
tote. Cheap plastic breaks down many eliminate altogether single-use plastics on waste basket. duty and can be reused for many years.
times faster, and you end up spending the farm. To do this, we only package This year we are excited to try a If you want to take part in the no-till
more and using more plastic as a result. what we absolutely have to. Carrots in NatureFlex cellophane bag made from gardening revolution this summer, on a
Plastics are very widespread in plastic, not a chance! But greens without wood pulp. It doesn’t breathe as much small scale we recommend straw, leaf,
greenhouses. Starting the season early is plastic wilt within hours. We view as the green BioBag, you can see what is and compost mulch, but whatever you
crucial for a farm’s profitability in our “bioplastics” as part of the solution to inside, and it breaks down in any home do, don’t leave a regular tarp out all
semi-arctic spring, and greenhouses help the problem, but you must look closely: compost. summer to shatter into tiny pieces. Put
us accomplish this. In our home gardens, Many “biodegradable” plastics are plastics the Rototiller away and cover your soil.
that have been treated with a chemical Last, on our farm we use silage tarps
we made “mini-greenhouses” using to cover part of the garden each year. Patrick Sullivan is the owner of Ananda
windows and storm doors. We would so they will break into tiny fragments Gardens.
very quickly, like mini sun-battered tarps. This allows us to protect an area that
build a simple wooden frame and place will be planted later in the season, or
the repurposed glass on top to create a These “biodegradable” plastics may make
warmer microclimate inside. Commonly consumers feel good, but they are no
these are called cold frames, and they are improvement for our environment.
a great way to start plants in the spring in We found BioBags—a corn-based
your gardens without using plastics. produce bag [featured in the Feb. 6 issue
PAGE 16 • M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 T HE BRID GE
T HE BRID GE M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 • PAGE 17

U-32 Claims Two State Crowns Sports

Boys and Girls Nordic Teams Dominate
By J. Gregory Gerdel

hen Dan Voisin volunteered to step Jed Kurtz, a sophomore, won the freestyle
Photo by Tim Flynn.
in as a one-season coach for the event overall, with a time that beat all
U-32 Raiders’ Nordic ski team, he of the Division I skiers, but the team’s
was aware of the team’s talent and appreciative strength is in consistency: in boys Division
of the coaches who have nurtured that talent II, the Raiders placed seven of the first nine
through several years and multiple sports at finishers. In the classical event, they won
the school. That development was realized this seven of the first 12 places, edging out a
year when both the boys and girls teams won very competitive team from Middlebury.
Division II state championships. Likewise, the girls team has dominated
Voisin is quick to give credit to Mark Chaplin, Division II skiing and competed strongly
the head coach, and Andrew Tripp, who is in with the top Division I teams, Champlain
Greece with his family for the first half of 2019 Valley Union and Mount Mansfield. “With
working with refugee children from the Middle the return of May Lamb (who spent the first
East. semester in Wyoming while her mom was
“The boys team has one of the strongest work on a sabbatical from Norwich University),
ethics of any team that I have been involved the lady Raiders gained additional depth
with—college or high school,” Voisin said. and a strong, out-front skier,” he said.
“This is the result of the culture that has been The consistency principle also worked
developed by Andrew Tripp and Mark Chaplin for the girls, who won both the freestyle
over the past several years. The boys work hard, and classical relays, finishing more than
support each other, and have a lot of fun. They a minute ahead of Middlebury in both
train together through cross-country running, events.
nordic skiing, and track, and with clubs (Onion Next year, the Raiders will return seven out
River Nordic or Craftsbury Nordic) during the of eight state meet starters for both boys (All left to right) Front Row: Mia Smith, Trevor Patterson, Ginger Knight, Jesse
summer; it’s a year-round sport. The U-32 boys and girls. Colnes, Shams Ferver, Charlotte Harris, Lucy Wood, Claudia Salat Serrabasa;
team, especially at the U16 level, may be the Back Row: Esther Macke, Ayla Bodach-Turner, Tzevi Schwartz, Greyson Davis,
strongest public school team in the Northeast.” Lucy Krokenberger, May Lamb, Anna Knauss;
Far Back: Waylon Kurts, Sam Clark, Cameron Thompson, Hans Krokenberger.
PAGE 18 • M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 T HE BRID GE

The Golden or Gilded Years Senior Living

By Larry Floersch

I want to do: fishing, boating, travel, Type II diabetes, low back pain, bipolar situation by making you feel really
cruises, books, parties, naps! Right?” disorder, erectile dysfunction, and… ignorant.
First, your time is not your own. If that other thing, …what is it? Uhh …oh You will discover that people younger
you have a significant other and that yeah, Oldtimer’s Disease or something than you, such as your children and
significant other is still employed, like that. grandchildren, use text messages instead
after you sleep in that first day of your And you will have to sit through 287 of email or actually talking into a phone
retirement, you will awaken to find commercials per day of the “My Pillow (which apparently is considered too 20th
conveniently stapled to your chest, so Guy” talking to a sleepless couple through century). You will try to compensate for
you will not lose it, what is called a a medicine cabinet. Two hundred of this by getting a smart phone so you
“honey do” list. This list will “suggest” those “My Pillow Guy” commercials will can keep in touch, but you will discover

hen my mother in law retired tasks around the house that urgently air during the local evening news hour. your thumbs are too large, and you will
in her mid 60s, she sent my need to be accomplished now that you And in the middle of the night you will not be able to operate the keypad. This
wife a letter (yes, she was that are no longer employed. These tasks will awaken, regardless of what pillow you will unleash the “autocomplete” feature
old-fashioned) in which she proclaimed be more involved than just, “Take out the use, and wonder why it doesn’t seem on your smartphone, which will be a
it was the best time of her life. About 10 garbage,” which will not be on the list, to bother the sleepless couple that their source of mirth for those with whom
years later she sent my wife another letter but you had better do it anyway if you medicine cabinet has no back. you communicate. I once texted some
that began, “Remember when I sent you know what’s good for you. In my own If you were computer literate while you friends, “Stopping at Walmart to pick up
that letter about the retirement years experience, I was actually expected to were still employed, changes in software a couple of things.” I did not notice my
being a golden time? Well, let me revise complete projects I had successfully put and technology will begin to accelerate phone replaced the “i” in “things” with
that statement.” off since the Eisenhower administration. the day you walk away from your job, an “o” before I hit the “send” button.
Now that I, too, am retired, I feel it is Next you will learn that technology is and within a few weeks you will be And if all this evidence isn’t enough,
my duty as a journalist to back up my not your friend. Television, for example, completely at a loss to understand what consider this chilling government
mother-in-law’s observations and warn is not a solace in retirement. Watching is going on. Even the most simple of statistic. Of all the people who retire
you about some myths surrounding TV for any length of time will convince websites will confound you. You will between the ages of 62 and 70, very
retirement. Now, I know what you’re you that you have symptoms of psoriasis, have difficulty locating “OK,” “Next,” few live more than 30 years after their
thinking: “But Lare, retirement sounds shingles, atrial fibrillation, hepatitis and “Log Off” buttons. You will forget retirement date.
so attractive. Endless hours to do what B, acid reflux disease, constipation, passwords. A subscription to WIRED Why risk it? Keep working.
overactive bladder, clinical depression, magazine will only compound the
T HE BRID GE M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 • PAGE 19

Calendar of Events
Community Performing
resilience in the face of adversity and multiple
setbacks. A nearly debilitating stroke forced THEATER, DANCE,
Brown to teach himself to paint left-handed.

Events Discussion to follow with artist Ray Brown

and Filmmaker Nat Winthrop. 7 pm. T.W.
Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St., Montpelier. $10
March 21: Jessica Care Moore. A spoken
word performance by poet, performance artist,
and producer. 7 pm. Stearns Student Center
suggested donation. Performance Space at Northern Vermont
Events happening Yestermorrow’s Spring Speaker Series: Art University-Johnson. Free.
March 20–April 2 of Stone with Thea Alvin. Explore the art March 22–23: TRIP Dance Troupe. Annual fundraiser for the competitive group of 35 young
of assembling the chaos of individual stones dancers associated with the Stowe Dance Academy. March 22 at 7 pm; March 23 at 3 pm. Spruce
into sculptures, uniting their unique voices Peak Performing Arts Center, 122 Hourglass Dr., Stowe.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 into an integrated conversation. Experience March 22: Laugh Local VT Open Mic Comedy Night. See aspiring local comics or try it out
stone arches, walls, labyrinths, gateways, and yourself. Signups at 7 pm; show starts 7:30 pm. 7 pm. The Dog River Brewery, 1400 Rt. 302, Berlin.
The Christ Church Community Lunch. circles through images and stories. 7 pm. Free/donations welcome. 793-3884. May contain some adult themed material and is recommended
11 am–12:30 pm. 64 Main St., Montpelier. Yestermorrow Design/Build School, 7865 for mature audiences.
Main St., Waitsfield. Free. March 22: Kathleen Kanz Comedy Hour. A wide range of talented standup comics from here and
Salvation Army Community Lunch. away working longer sets. 8:30 pm. Espresso Bueno, 248 N. Main St., Barre. Free/by donation.
Noon–1 pm. 25 Keith Ave., Barre.
FRIDAY, MARCH 22 479-0896.
Refugee Resettlement: Globally and March 28: Spoken-Word Performance. I.N.K, made up of Jonathan “Courageous” Clark and Lane
Locally. Refugee Counselor Anna Wageling Naturalist Journeys Presentation Series:
Shuler, performs a fast-paced mix of poetry, comedy, and hip-hop on themes that include diversity,
will talk about how the VT Committee for The Flipside of Falconry. Falconer acceptance, social justice, body image, depression, and suicide prevention. 8 pm. Alexander Twilight
Refugees and Immigrants has served over Cynthia Shelton harnesses the predator-prey Theatre at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon. Free.
8,000 refugees and those granted asylum relationship between raptors and “pest”
birds such as seagulls, pigeons, and starlings. April 4: Extempo. Locals tell short-format, first-person, true stories live on stage without any notes or
who have established new homes in VT since reading. 8–10 pm. Bridgeside Books, 29 Stowe St., Waterbury. $5.
1980. An Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 7–8:30 pm. North Branch Nature Center,
713 Elm St., Montpelier. April 5–6: Mary Poppins Jr. See Rumney Memorial School theatre’s performance filled with
program. 1:30 pm. Montpelier Senior Activity beloved, familiar songs and dance, and lively youth performers. April 5 at 7 pm. April 6 at 2 pm and
Senior Center, 58 Barre St., Montpelier. Free Celebrating Victor Jara Film. The 7 pm. Rumney School, 433 Shady Rill Rd., Middlesex.
for OLLI members; $5 suggested donation for Resurrection of Victor Jara producer Q&A
others. session; live music by Los Pimiento. 7 pm.
Pizza and Party for Purim! Pizza, Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite St., Barre. $15;
hamantaschen to bake and to eat, mask $12 seniors/students/members.
and grogger making and games followed
by the reading of the megillah. Costumes SATURDAY, MARCH 23
encouraged, great for all ages! 5:30–7:30 pm. Hike Mt. Elmore with Green Mountain
Beth Jacob Synagogue, 10 Harrison Ave., Club. Moderate. 5 miles. Hike or snowshoe
Montpelier. up Mt. Elmore, ascending by the most direct
Mid-Week Movie: At Eternity’s Gate. route and descending via Balanced Rock.
6–8 pm. Highland Center for the Arts, 2875 Contact Steve or Heather Bailey, 622-4516 or
Hardwick St., Greensboro. $5 suggested for meeting time and
donation. place.
Full Moon Snowshoe Hikes (for families). Barre Congregational Church Community
Under a full moon and surrounded by Meal. 7:30–9 am. 35 Church St., Barre.
sparkling snow, let’s snowshoe by lunar light! Sing Into Spring Open House. Join Miss
Programs led by NBNC’s teacher/naturalist Andrea of Musical Munchkins for songs,
staff. Snowshoes and hot chocolate provided. puppets, instruments, and musical activities
7–8:30 pm. North Branch Nature Center, revolving around spring, the farm, the park,
713 Elm St., Montpelier. RSVP required. the zoo, and the ocean. 9:30 am: 1–2 year olds; 10:30 am 2–4year olds;
THURSDAY, MARCH 21 11:30 am: 4–5 year olds; 12:30 pm: babies
and early 1’s. Green Mountain Performing
Older Vermonters Caucus. Hear about the Arts, 37 Commercial Dr., Waterbury.
legislative issues affecting older Vermonters.
Topic: Nursing Homes. 8–9 am. Vermont
State House, Room 11, Montpelier. Lenten Seminar at St. Jacob Eastern
Orthodox Church. “How should we deal
Trinity United Methodist Church with our shortcomings in a healthy way?”
Community Lunch. 11:30 am–1 pm. A discussion with Dr Peter Bouteneff of St.
137 Main St., Montpelier. Vladimir’s Seminary, NY. 11 am–4:30 pm
4th Annual Spring Indoor Egg Hunt. Optional vesper service at 5 pm. 376 Rt. 12
Lost Nation Theater’s Lobby is specially North, Northfield Falls. Lunch will be served.
decorated for a great Egg Hunt! Kids, age 11 673-4042
& under (accompanied by adult) scavenge
for eggs full of chocolate, and maybe find SUNDAY, MARCH 24
the golden eggs stuffed with special prizes. Silent Film Series: Harold Lloyd in Safety
5:30 pm. Montpelier City Hall, 39 Main St., Last. Featuring live accompaniment with
Montpelier. Free; donations accepted. Space maestro Bob Merrill. 2–3 pm. Highland
is limited— first-come, first served, up to 40 Center for the Arts, 2875 Hardwick St.,
participants. Greensboro. $10; students/seniors $8.
The Providers, Film & Discussion. Set
against the backdrop of the physician shortage Yiddish Learning Class Begins. Six-week
and opioid epidemic in rural America, The course. Learn Yiddish with teacher Randi
Providers follows three healthcare providers in Hacker. All levels welcome but we will
northern New Mexico. With intimate access, be starting with the basics and each class
the documentary shows the transformative will build upon the one before it. 3–4 pm.
power of providers’ relationships with Beth Jacob Synagogue, 10 Harrison Ave.,
marginalized patients. 6:30 pm. Kellogg- Montpelier. Sliding scale donation.
Hubbard Library, 135 Main St., Montpelier. Tiny Twilight Café. Every fourth Sunday of
223-3338. the month, families gather at Downstreet’s
Premiere Film showing: Ray Brown: community space for a light supper and a
Portrait of an Artist. Documentary film by chance to connect with other parents.
Nat Winthrop chronicling artist Ray Brown’s
PAGE 20 • M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 T HE BRID GE

Calendar of Events
knotweed, soundscapes, and interactive Gallery at Central Vermont Medical Center, Through April 28: The Front presents

Visual Arts contemporary dance by NVU-Johnson

associate professor of digital art Sean Clute.
130 Fisher Rd., Berlin.
Through April 26: Ray Brown and Toby
SHOW 31. Recent works by the membership of
Montpelier’s sole collective art gallery. 6 Barre St.,
Dance performance by Pauline Jennings: Bartles, Steps on a Journey—An Exhibit Montpelier.
March 28, 7 pm. Julian Scott Memorial of Two Vermont Painters. Both artists share Through April 30: Out, Around, and Back
Through March 27: 9th annual Mt Abraham Gallery at Northern Vermont University- much in common with the second generation Again. Paintings from Sally Giddings Smith
Emerging Artists Show. Mt Abraham High Johnson. abstract expressionists, as they both draw since leaving Vermont 30 years ago. The
School students in grades 9–12 were invited to Through April 7: Precarious Magic: The influence for painterly choices from immediate Old Meeting House, 1620 Center Rd., East
submit their work on the basis of their artistic Paintings of Kate Emlen. Painted scenes of the surroundings such as landscape or architecture Montpelier.
talent and dedication to creating art as well as fields and forests of Vermont and the coast of to create inner meaning. The T. W. Wood
their potential as future artists. The mediums Through April 30: Promises of Spring.
Maine. Highland Center for the Arts, Gallery, 46 Barre St., Montpelier. 262-6035. Watercolors by Marcia Hammond of
represented will include painting, photography, 2875 Hardwick St., Greensboro.
jewelry, ceramics, and others. Art on Main, Brookfield. Chelsea Public Library, 296 Rt. 110, Through April 26: Central/Northeast Chelsea. 685-2188.
25 Main St., Bristol.
Through April 9: A People’s History. A Kingdom Vermont Watercolor Society. Through May 2: Ruth Pope. Landscape
Through March 28: Axel Stohlberg and solo collage exhibition by Vanessa Compton Works by works of Janice Avery, Lisa Beach,
Frankie Gardiner, On Paper. City Center, paintings. Jaquith Public Library, Old
featuring 23 collages on the birth, development, Joann DiNicola, Gary Eckhart, Terry Schoolhouse Common, 122 School St.,
89 Main Street, Montpelier. and destiny of our nation. Barre Opera House, Hodgdon, Susan Bull Riley, Michael Ridge, Marshfield. 426-3581
Through March 28: Ryan Geary, Ascent 6 N. Main St., Barre. and more. Opening reception: April 4,
(Part One: Eulogy). A collection of 2D and 3D 5–7 pm. The T.W. Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St., Through June 1: Thomas Waterman Wood:
Through April 19: Thom Egan, On Making The Master Copies. A selection of Wood’s
collages. River Arts Center, Copley Common Pictures. Wood block prints, lithographs, Montpelier.
Room, 74 Pleasant St., Morrisville. master copies from the T.W. Wood Art Gallery
and colored low reliefs. River Arts Center, Through April 26: Looking North— collection. While Wood was in Europe he fell
Through March 29: Close to the Cloth. 74 Pleasant St., Morrisville. Catamount Artists Connect. Nineteen visual in love with the paintings of the European
Textile exhibit featuring the work of Barbara March 27–April 24: Linda Bryan, Deeper artists from Catamount Arts in the Northeast Masters, including Rembrandt and Turner.
Bendix, Karen Henderson, Stephanie Krauss, than Blue: Cyanotypes and Printmaking. Kingdom show their work in the Spotlight Following current fashion, Wood copied
Skye Livingston, Kate Ruddle, and Neysa Opening reception: March 26, 6 pm. Gallery’s latest exhibition at the Vermont Arts paintings to learn techniques from the masters.
Russo. Demo Day: March 23, 1–3 pm. The Quimby Gallery in Harvey Academic Center at Council. Vermont Arts Council, 136 State St., T.W. Wood Gallery, Montpelier. 262-6035.
T.W. Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St., Montpelier. Northern Vermont University-Lyndon. Montpelier. Through April 27: Mad River Rug Hookers.
Through April 26: Susan Bull Riley, Through Dec. 21: 200 Years—200 Objects.
Through March 31: Coastal Paintings by Illuminating Wonder. Bull Riley challenged Considered both a craft and an art form, rug An exhibition celebrating Norwich University’s
Mary and Alden Bryan. A 35th Anniversary herself to push past the watercolor’s traditional hooking with its variety of colors and textures bicentennial. Curated to include objects from the
Exhibition. Paintings by Bryan Memorial boundaries of pure transparency, and her appeals to both young and old alike. Numerous museum collection, as well as documents and
Gallery founder and spouse. 180 Main St., background in botanical watercolors, to create styles and techniques will be on display at this images from Archives and Special Collections,
Jeffersonville. large landscapes with heightened surface exhibition by the Mad River Hookers. Demos that reflect and retell the university’s 200-year
complexity more typical of oil painting. The on Saturdays through April 27, 1 –4 pm. history. Norwich University Sullivan Museum
Through April 5: Notweed. A multimedia 5031 Main Street, Waitsfield.
exhibit featuring 500 hanging stalks of Japanese and History Center, Northfield.

4:30–6:30 pm. 22 Keith Ave., Barre. Free TUESDAY, MARCH 26 and how it has been a motivator for world legislative issues affecting older Vermonters.
for parents and caregivers with children exploration and commerce. An Osher Topic: Home Delivered Meals/Congregate
3 and under. Older siblings welcome. Barre Congregational Church Community Lifelong Learning Institute program.1:30 pm. Meals/Nutrition. 8–9 am. Vermont State
RSVP encouraged: Meal. 7:30–9 am. 35 Church St., Barre. Montpelier Senior Activity Senior Center, House, Room 10, Montpelier.
events/271509383716396/ WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 58 Barre St., Montpelier. Free for OLLI Trinity United Methodist Church
members; $5 suggested donation for others.
MONDAY, MARCH 25 The Christ Church Community Lunch. Community Lunch. 11:30 am–1 pm.
11 am–12:30 pm. 64 Main St., Montpelier. Mid-Week Movie: The Hate U Give. 137 Main St., Montpelier.
Community Lunch at Unitarian Church 6–8 pm. Highland Center for the Arts, 2875
Montpelier. 11 am–12:30 pm. 130 Main St., Salvation Army Community Lunch. Hardwick St., Greensboro. $5 suggested SATURDAY, MARCH 30
Montpelier. Noon–1 pm. 25 Keith Ave., Barre. donation. Barre Congregational Church Community
Salvation Army Community Lunch. The Estey Organ Company: An Showing Up For Racial Justice: Living Meal. 7:30–9 am. 35 Church St., Barre.
Noon–1 pm. 25 Keith Ave., Barre. Ethnomusicologist’s View. Dennis Waring, Room Conversations About Racism. Topic: Caring for Your Woods Pancake
Author Reading: Ring of Fire by Yenna Yi. an ethnomusicologist, instrument maker, Free Speech in the Time of Charlottesville. Breakfast. Free breakfast followed by
A story of time and places, war and poverty, music educator, performer, six-time author, Offering information, reflection, and hands on workshops for woodland owners.
and sailing the big waters of the globe on a and two-time Connecticut Troubadour, will conversation as we learn together how we can 9 am–1 pm. Twinfield Union School,
home-built catamaran. Books will be available present a historical examination of the reed all show up for racial justice. 6:30–8:30 pm. Marshfield.
for sale and signing. 6:30 pm. Kellogg- organ that reveals fascinating information Jaquith Public Library, School St., Marshfield
about the beginnings of American popular Paint and Nosh! Join artist/instructor
Hubbard Library, 135 Main St., Montpelier. LUNAFEST. A traveling film festival of Joyce Kahn and make your own painting
223-3338. culture, Victorianism, and the Industrial
Revolution. Noon. Norwich University award-winning short films by, for and about masterpiece to bring home! Enjoy a dessert bar
Monthly Book Group for Adults. New Sullivan Museum, Northfield. women. 7–9 pm. Savoy Theater, Main St., and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages while
members are always welcome. March’s book Montpelier. $20; $25 at door/students $15. you paint. 6:30 pm. Beth Jacob Synagogue,
is Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday. 7 pm. Jaquith The History of Spices. Spice expert Hank Proceeds will benefit Vermont Works for 10 Harrison Ave., Montpelier. $20. Pre-
Public Library, School St., Marshfield Kaestner will discuss the search for spices Women. register:
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Film & Contra Dance with Maivish. Music by
Discussion. Film takes an intimate look at Maivish and Dave Eisenstadter calling. No
America’s favorite neighbor: Fred Rogers. The experience and no partner needed. All dances
documentary tells the story of a soft-spoken are taught plus an introductory session at
minister, puppeteer, writer, and producer 7:45 pm. 8–11 pm. Capital City Grange Hall,
whose show was beamed daily into homes 6612 Rt. 12, Berlin. Adults $10; kids $5;
across America for more than 30 years. dance supporters $15. Please bring clean, soft-
7 pm. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 135 Main soled shoes. 225-8921.
St., Montpelier. 223-3338.
Rescue Training. Join NBNC biologists for MONDAY, APRIL 1
an evening program featuring local amphibian Community Lunch at Unitarian Church
ecology. Then learn how you, your family, Montpelier. 11 am–12:30 pm. 130 Main St.,
or your students can participate in our Montpelier.
Amphibian Road Crossing citizen science Salvation Army Community Lunch.
project this spring. 7–8:30 pm. North Branch Noon–1 pm. 25 Keith Ave., Barre.
Nature Center, 713 Elm St., Montpelier.
229-6206 PoemCity Kick-Off with Poetry & Dance
featuring Madeleine Kunin & Alana
THURSDAY, MARCH 28 Rancourt Phinney. Kunin will read poems
Older Vermonters Caucus. Hear about the from her memoir as well as new work slated
for publication next year. Rancourt Phinney,
T HE BRID GE M A RCH 20 —A PRIL 2, 2019 • PAGE 21

Calendar of Events
March 23: The Secret Sisters. Nominees Reservations recommended. allisonjoymann@

Live Music
March 29: Eric Lindberg, 5 pm; Imagine for the Best Folk Grammy in 2018. Blending
That! 9 pm, 21+, $5. Southern gospel, bluegrass, barbershop, and March 31: Fatoumata Diawara. Multi-
March 30: DJ KAOS, 9:30 pm, 21+ swing influences. 7:30 pm. Barre Opera talented Malian singer. A self-taught guitarist
VENUES Whammy Bar. 31 W. County Rd., Calais. House, 6 N. Main St., Barre. $22–29.50. and performer, Diawara has performed with legendary musicians. 3 pm. Highland Center
Bagitos. 28 Main St., Montpelier. 229-9212. Every Thurs.: Open Mic, 7 pm March 26: Mal Maiz. Latin dance band based for the Arts, 2975 Hardwick St., Greensboro.
March 21: Italian Session, 6 pm March 22: Kelly Ravin and Halle Jade, 7:30 pm in Burlington influenced by modern jazz, funk $23–38.
March 22: Yuriy Kolosovskiu, 11:30 am March 23: Flamboyant Flannel and The and Afro-Caribbean music. 7 pm. Stearns March 31: Musique de Paris. Scrag Mountain
March 23: Irish Session, 2 pm; Barry Bender, Grackles, 7:30 pm Performance Space at Northern Vermont Music co-directors Mary Bonhag and Evan
6 pm University-Johnson. Free. 635-1408 Premo will join forces with Annemieke Poelstra
March 24: Southern Old Time Music Jam, March 21: The Toasters. 6–8 pm. Live at March 29: RUNA – Celtic Roots Music. McLane and Jeremiah McLane to present an
10 am the Café at Highland Center for the Arts, RUNA pushes the boundaries of Irish folk eclectic concert of music inspired by Parisian
March 28: Italian Session, 6 pm 2975 Hardwick St., Greensboro. No cover. music, interweaving the melodies and tunes of salons and cafés. With music by music by
March 29: Latin Dance Party, 7 pm Ireland and Scotland with the harmonies and Fauré, Debussy, Couperin, Balch, Proto, and
March 30: Irish Session, 2 pm; Small Axe rhythms of jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, and blues. others. 4 pm. Plainfield Opera House, Rt.
Benefit for Migrant Justice, 6 pm March 23: New Music at the Movies. 7 pm. Highland Center for the Arts, 2975 2, Plainfield. $15; seniors $10; students $5.
April 4: Colin McCaffrey and Friends, 6 pm Montpelier Chamber Orchestra premieres Hardwick St., Greensboro. Tickets start at $15
new live music with film projections. Program for adults, $10 for students, 20% discount for
Charlie O’s World Famous. 70 Main St. includes Erik Nielsen, Music-COMP students April 4: Christ Church Concerts at
Montpelier. Free. 223-6820. seniors. Noon. Pastime with Good Company: Early
and Copland. 7–9 pm. Chapel at Vermont
Every Tues.: Karaoke, 7:30 pm College of Fine Arts, College St., Montpelier. March 29: Chamber Music Soirées. Music with the Champlain Consort. Part
Espresso Bueno. 248 N. Main St., Barre. 479- Adults $15; ages 12 and under free. Featuring local and international musicians of the spring series of lunchtime concerts.
0896. and established ensembles by composers Noon–12:45 pm. Christ Church sanctuary,
March 23: The Black Feathers. Experience spanning several different genres. 7 pm. 64 State St., Montpelier. Bring a bag lunch.
March 22: Thomas Gunn, 7:30 pm the magic between Ray Hughes and Sian Monteverdi Music School, Room 200, Barre April 4: House Concert. With Greg Rekus
Gusto’s. 28 Prospect St., Barre. Chandler through their unique musical style St., Montpelier. Name your own ticket price. that weaves traditional and modern influences (punkoustic), Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic
March 21: Cooie DeFrancesco, 5 pm; DJ Bay so thoroughly. Americana, folk, and acoustic March 30: Studio C JAZZ. Allison Mann on (punkoustic), Magic User (synth), and Putsch
6, 8 pm, 21+ indie rock sensibilities coexist comfortably in vocals, Colin McCaffrey on guitar and vocals, (jazz noise). 7 pm. 1248 Rt. 2 East, Montpelier
March 22: Chris Powers, 5 pm; Exit 23, 9 their musical world. 7 pm. Highland Center John LaRouche on chromatic harmonica, and (driveway on the right, just before Vermont
pm, 21+, $5 for the Arts, 2975 Hardwick St., Greensboro. George Voland on valve trombone. 7–8:30 pm. Country Campers if headed out of Montpelier
March 23: DJ LaFountaine, 9:30 pm, 21+ Tickets start at $20 for adults, $10 for students, 18 Langdon St., 2nd fl, Montpelier. $15. toward Plainfield.)
March 28: Jason Baker, 5 pm; DJ Bay 6, 8 pm, 21+ 20% discount for seniors.

a local dance artist will accent the evening Arts, 2875 Hardwick St., Greensboro. PoemCity: CCV Poetry Reading. Faculty, narratives of racial injustice, social inequality
with movement. Together they will present a $5 suggested donation. staff and students of CCV read their original and equity, poets Rosa Castellano and George
unique duet of poetry and dance. 7 pm. Lost PoemCity: Emily Dickinson: Poet of New poetry. Featured poets include Carol Longenecker and dancers Mireya Guerra
Nation Theater, 39 Main St., Montpelier England. One of the greatest American poets, Henrikson, Peter Money, Nicola Morris, Carol and Alana Rancourt Phinney hope that the
Potter, and Monica Stillman. 6:30–8 pm. heart-opening nature of poetry and dance
TUESDAY, APRIL 2 and probably the most important woman poet
Community College of Vermont, 660 Elm St., will provide a bridge to compassion so that we
of all time. UVM professor emeritus Huck
Barre Congregational Church Community Gutman explores what Dickinson can teach Montpelier can glimpse ourselves in the stories of others.
Meal. 7:30–9 am. 35 Church St., Barre. us. 7 pm. Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 135 Main Yestermorrow Speaker Series: Talking with 7 pm. T. W. Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St.,
St., Montpelier Trees. Learn about cultivating a respectful Montpelier.
Bike Washington with Green Mountain
Club. Easy, about 20 miles. Washington Who’s Your Person? What’s Your Plan? approach to forests from logger, miller, and

To see a listing
Heights to Chelsea. Meet at the pull off on Advance Care Planning Presentation. Join teacher Nick Zandstra. 7 pm. 7865 Main
the left just below Washington Heights on St., Waitsfield. Donations accepted. info@
of Weekly Events
us for a short TedMed video and discussion
Rt. 110 at 11 am. Bike to Chelsea or maybe a followed by an overview of advance care

and more detailed

little further. Bring lunch or there is a Quick
Stop in Chelsea to buy food. George Plumb:
planning (ACP). ACP is a process to help a FRIDAY, APRIL 5
person in advance of injury, serious illness, or

event listings, visit

883-2313 or catastrophic event to think about and plan for VCFA Friday Night Reading Series. With
Speechcraft Workshop: ER...AH...UM... future medical decisions should they become Bianca Stone and Xu Xi. Café Anna in
YOU KNOW... Prepare and present short unable to speak for themselves. 7–8:30 pm. College Hall, Vermont College of Fine Arts,
talks and practice impromptu speaking Jaquith Public Library, School St., Marshfield. Montpelier.
in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. jaquithpubliclibrary PoemCity: Hearing through the Heart:
These workshops will help you be able to
An Evening of Poetry & Dance. Through
communicate with confidence and poise at
work and at home. 6–7:30 pm. Capstone, 20 Older Vermonters Caucus. Hear about the
Gable Pl., Barre. Free. RSVP: 477-5214 or legislative issues affecting older Vermonters. Topic: Tax issues and Social Security
PoemCity: Love Poems for Married People. expedition. 8–9 am. Vermont State House,
New Yorker contributor John Kenney reads Room 10, Montpelier.
from “Love Poems for Married People,” which Trinity United Methodist Church
NPR called “a hilarious collection of love Community Lunch. 11:30 am–1 pm. 137
poems for, well, married people.” 7 pm. Bear Main St., Montpelier.
Pond Books, 77 Main St., Montpelier Trinity Community Thrift Store Spring Design & Build
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 Sale. April 4–6. 10 am–4 pm. 137 Main St.,
Custom Energy-Efficient Homes
Montpelier. 229-9155.
Orchard Valley Walk-Through Wednesday.
Join us for this monthly open house event VCFA MFA in Writing & Publishing Additions • Timber Frames
during the school day, and observe main lesson Community Classes: Wild Minds: Read
in grades 1-8. Campus tour and Q&A time, Like a Writer Book Group. Dig deeply Weatherization • Remodeling
too. 8:30–9:30 am. Grace Farm Campus, into texts and find the craft tools writers use
2290 Rt. 14 N., East Montpelier. Pre- to construct their stories. We’ll focus on a Kitchens • Bathrooms • Flooring
registration required: 456-7400. different novel or memoir each month, with
discussion questions designed to help you Tiling • Cabinetry • Fine Woodwork
The Christ Church Community Lunch. identify craft techniques that will strengthen
11 am–12:30 pm. 64 Main St., Montpelier. your own writing while developing the
Salvation Army Community Lunch. skills to “read like a writer” on your own.
Noon–1 pm. 25 Keith Ave., Barre. 6:30–8 pm. Vermont College of Fine Arts,
Noble Annex 1 and Conference Room,
Mid-Week Movie: If Beale Street Could College St., Montpelier.
Talk. 6–8 pm. Highland Center for the
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To the Editor,
As a girl in the ’80s and ’90s, I grew up with a strong politicians. I want that sense of corporal freedom for my during their most vulnerable life passage, becoming
sense that my body was my own and that I could make own daughter, her peers, and all of us. If abortion goes a mother. One in five of us suffer from mental illness
decisions and choices about when and how my life as a underground again, women and girls would still have and many go undiagnosed and untreated, suffering in
mother would begin. This right to freedom and control “choice,” but it would be an unsafe and criminal one on silence. It’s my opinion that many suffer because of a lack
over my body and life have been an essential part of top of being emotionally fraught. of support at home and in their communities. At a time
my identity and pride in being American, but now The Trump Administration has taken direct aim at birth when our society ought to be wrapping more support
those rights are at risk. The Supreme Court could soon control access and abortion rights. The constitutional and resources around women of reproductive age, our
overturn Roe v. Wade, which would block millions of amendment and H.57 ensure that every woman can federal government, and many state governments are
people from the health care they need. make their own medical decisions with their health waging war on our reproductive rights. It’s critical that
Elected officials in Vermont have the opportunity to care providers, without politicians interfering. This the Vermont state legislature protect the rights of our
send a clear message that they stand for the protection amendment upholds the right of all people to health, present and future female population by passing the
and preservation of reproductive rights by supporting dignity, independence and freedom to determine their constitutional amendment and the abortion rights bill,
the constitutional rights amendment and the abortion own life’s course. H.57 now.
rights bill. The decision about if and when to become As a professional doula, it strikes me how little support Lauriana Capone, Middlesex
a parent should be up to a woman and her doctor—not the majority of American women have around them

The Bridge Seeks Revenue Developer

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The Bridge is seeking help with developing and
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the ad team. Renovated throughout. First floor handicap accessible, one rest room, and
storage. Includes private off street parking, weekly office cleaning, heat,
hot water, electricity, snow removal, landscaping and full maintenance.
A generous commission is offered. Flexible schedule Single or multiple offices starting @ $300.00 per month.
but minimum 15 hours a week required. Phone: 508-259-7941
Contact Mike Dunphy at
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