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Classification of Administrative Bodies Cases:

AGENCY - any of the various units of the Government, including a department, bureau, office,
instrumentality, GOCC or LGU

Level 1: Department - one of the major administrative divisions of the executive branch which is usually
headed by an officer of cabinet rank

Level 2: Bureau - a principal subdivision or unit of any department. It is also known as a specialized
administrative unit

Level 3: Office - any major functional unit of a department. May also refer to any position held or
occupied by an individual

Government Any agency of the National Government not integrated within the
Instrumentality departmental framework. Usually vested with special functions or
jurisdiction by law
Regulatory Agency Any agency expressly vested with jurisdiction to regulate, administer or
adjudicate substantial rights or interests of private persons

ex. Energy Regulatory Commission, National Food Authority, NTC, DOTC,


Chartered Institution An agency operating under a special charter

ex. State universities and colleges

GOCC An agency orgnanized as a stock or non stock corporation with functions

related to public needs whether governmental or proprietary in nature

ex. Philhealth, PEZA, DBP, LDB