Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Cheatmode: ---------Update by:kareem nabil Update by: Nirav Update by: mohammad assaad Update

by: Davy Stolk E-mail: Submitted by: BXR na wp Start the game and type any one of those cheats when playing the game. CHEAT EFFECT ----------------------------------General Cheats ============== THUGS TOOLS - All Level1 Weapons PROFESSIONAL TOOLS - All Level2 Weapons NUTTER TOOLS - All Level3 Weapons ASPIRINE - Full Health PRECIOUS PROTECTION - Full Armor FANNY MAGNET - Ladies Magnet (women follow you) YOU WONT TAKE ME ALIVE - Higher Wanted Level LEAVE ME ALONE - No Wanted Level I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE - Commit Suicide you cant leave me alone - can't die full city people mines - buy full city free way for angel joy - Get 100 bikes america helicopter - get a hunter helicopter flying ways - get a aeroplane dodo or kimo Character Skin Cheats ===================== DEEP FRIED MARS BARS - Fat Body PROGRAMMER - Skinny arms and legs STILL LIKE DRESSING UP - Random Change of Clothes CERTAIN DEATH - Smoke a cigarette CHEAT SHAVE BEEN CRACKED - Play as Ricardo Diaz LOOK LIKE LANCE - Play as Lance Vance MY SON IS A LAWYER - Play as Ken Rosenberg LOOK LIKE HILARY - Play as Hilary King ROCK AND ROLL MAN - Play as Love Fist character Jezz Torent WE LOVE OUR DICK - Play as Love Fist character Dick ONE ARMED BANDIT - Play as Phil Cassidy. I DONT HAVE THE MONEY SONNY - Play as Sonny Forelli. FOXY LITTLE THING - Play as Mercedes Vehicle Spawn Cheats ==================== PANZER TRAVEL IN STYLE GET THERE QUICKLY GET THERE FAST GET THERE VERY FAST INDEED GET THERE AMAZINGLY FAST THE LAST RIDE ROCK AND ROLL CAR

- Spawns a Rhino - Spawns a Bloodring Banger - Spawns Bloodring Banger#2 - Spawns a Sabre Turbo - Spawns a Hotring Racer - Spawns Hotring Racer#2 - Spawns a Romero's Hearse - Spawns Love Fist's Limo

Stormy Weather Miscellaneous Cheats ==================== LIFE IS PASSING ME BY .Speeds up Game Clock ON SPEED .Lightly Clouded .Ships have flying ability BIGBANG . Happy Carpet Wrecking! How not to let your vehicles explode: ------------------------------------Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat b.Aggressive Traffic A HAIR DRESSERS CAR .Aggressive Pedestrians NOBODY LIKES ME .It may look wrecked but it wont explode.All Traffic Lights are green SEA WAYS .Vehicles drive on water WHEELS ARE ALL I NEED .Pedestrians carry weapons CHICKS WITH GUNS .Foggy Weather .Makes everything slower FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT .Better Vehicle Handling GREEN LIGHT .Sportscars have bigger wheels Weather Cheats ============== A LOVELY DAY A PLEASANT DAY A BIT DRIEG CANT SEE A THING CATS AND DOGS .RUBBISH CAR BETTER THAN WALKING Vehicle Cheats ============== Update by: CyberWolf .Vehicles have flying ability GRIP IS EVERYTHING .Spawns a Trashmaster .Everybody wants to kill you OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO BE ARARMS .Dense Clouds .Blows up all nearby vehicles MIAMI TRAFFIC .Clear Weather . then bail out at the last minute and the car will go flying in. Rohimi When you see you vehicles ( and etc) pause the game and type aspirine.All Black Vehicles COME FLY WITH ME . go inside and it will be waiting for u to drive. Mission: Keep your friends close: --------------------------------Submitted by: Kala As soon as you get control of your character stay in your office and protect the safe with a colt python (handgun that kills people in one shot) then when it tells you to kill lance just sprint up to him and chase while ignoring .Shows Media Level Drive Car In Mansion: --------------------Submitted by: Calum Starkey Get A fast Car and drive towards the entrance of the mansion.Spawns a Caddie AIRSHIP .All Pink Vehicles I WANT IT PAINTED BLACK .Makes only vehicle wheels visible LOADS OF LITTLE THINGS .Only Female Peds carry weapons CHASE STAT .Makes everything faster BOOOOOORING .

and FIRE! 2 Bazzoka will be enough for your rivals BBQ. When you kill lance run back down the stairs and get the large wide stairs in the huge hall. go to the marina hotel near by. for this. the best gun to use (in my opinion) is the Minigun. Also buy extra ammo. Then approach the from the large stairs( you should be outside now). If you want to fight ruthlessly against the police. .. then go to the dock areas and get on to the first ship and try shooting the police and the pedestrians from there.. The police wont be able to shoot you from there. in the right room there is a map of vice city and a list of illegal street race. Hints: -----Submitted by: zishan akhtar 1]. Keep Your Friends Close (how to beat it without cheating): ---------------------------------------------------------Although using cheats. use it.everyone else. With your rocket launcher stand on the edge of the rooftop on the tiles until you can see the ! three limosines that spawn enemies then blow those three up to make life easier. Then fire at Sonny like there's now tommorrow with rockets it took me five rockets for me to kill him. any vehicle. 2]. The racing missions will be in the backward garages. first you at least have 40 grands to buy the showroom near the airport. put your bet on 40k winning race. go around them from the grass field. watch for cops. go to the basement. get to your vehicle and enjoy a very peacefull joyride over the Vice city and win the 40K! in the end of the trips. you know what to do next. and remember to refresh your health and armor). get a vehicle. dont park near them yet. go back to the cross road. You can start a race in this game too.000 (but by this point you should have enough money for this to be no problem). then get out your rocket launcher (use cheat if necessar y. Then a cutscene with sonny forelli will appear and as soon as that is over run away from him and run back upto the rooftop where you killed lance. When you get to the roof run towards the helicopter pad and pick off everyone slowly while hiding behind the wall near the helicopter pad. it's relatively easy to beat any mission. continue chasing lance up the stairs and kill everyone in your way(Just before you go on the roof you may want to use cheats like restore health and restore armor). keep straight until you reach the cross road. aim. When you hit the ground remember to kill anyone attacking you (refresh your health and armor with cheats if necessary). you have to purchase sunshine motors in the dockareas. which you can buy from Phil's place for the giveaway price of $10. out from your vehicle. in the middle of the hotel there are bazzoka launcher ready to be picked. take a few steps. EASY MONEY? PLAY DIRTY! -------Submitted by: Harvey Its not really a cheat. it's a fun challenge to go through the game without cheating (or at least not saving when you do) For the final mission. go out the show room and 3 rival cars already park waiting for you.but its a trick. you can get 40grand per round with this. Then jump all the way down to driveway but make sure you re well away from the front stairs when you make your jump. even if you only find a golf cart.

On a North and South running street in Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo). To gain control again. I don't think that this willful destruction of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just able to get decent cash with minimal effort. Uzi. because more men will come from the sides. just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray and it will spray it for free.. They will simply make you lose control of the Coach but you will not get arrested. just shoot at him (and hit) for like a second. Hints: -----Submitted by: Varun Pandey Quick Cash: ----------To get some quick cash. I beat the mission like that only losing about 70 armour. Then. there is a street covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street. run to The Gash and change costumes..When the mission starts. The only problem is if you hit them too fast. rob it. Again u can type panzer to get a tank and you can do as many level as possibel. just save your game. Now. Explosions are usually imminent. Ingram Mac 10. and he'll die. go get a gun with auto targeting. As it turns out. No More Wanted Level: --------------------To automatically have no more wanted level. you dont need to chase Lance at all. or MP5 for this part since you can run with those weapons. you might have to move back into the office. Same for when Sonny comes in.. you knock about $2-400 out of them. Now that you have it. you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. Coppers Can't Get Me Now: ------------------------If you are in a Coach.. After pressing the capsLock the mission starts by showing yellow dots the outlaws to be eliminated at this point get down from the tank and get to a distance from the tank and type big bang the level will be completed. just get out of the Coach and get back in. I am not sure).000. Once there. While doing vigilance mission: ----------------------------Submitted by:MadMahi(Mahesh) Type the cheat panzer and get into a tank. go to North Point Mall. Now. Free Pay N Spray: ----------------To do this. When Lance comes in. With the minigun. Make Decent Money Fast: ----------------------This is a really good way to make a quick $1. Then when you have your wanted level. parking is ridiculously expensive in Vice City. the cops cannot arrest you. you shouldn't even get shot once. load it . stand at the top of the stais and shoot people before they even get in the front door. rob The Gash and run to the tool shop and change clothes. If you run into them (or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat). just repeat the process and the money will rise. When you get there. I suggest getting a Tec9. It was easy. go to the Tool Shop.

The parking garage is also located near the Pay N Spray. Now. This works best when you have infinite ammo from either a cheating device or getting 100 percent. Higher Accuracy: ---------------To higher your accuracy. Back up until you have crossed the street and have went in the alley with the gray pavement. turtles. Go to the top floor and there will be some ramps. There is also one across from the Links View Apartment. Now. There should be a Sparrow in the first one on your right. Across the street from it is a building with an arched entrance that you can go in. go to the Collars And Cuffs in Ocean Beach. Guy In Freezer: . You need to clear the first building and land on the second one. More Shotgun Ammo: -----------------To get a Chrome Shotgun and ammo. look around and find the Sparrow and then jump to it. just enter an Ambulance and you will get more. use your sniper rifle and zoom in and you can see all kinds of animals like sharks. punch the gas and go fast and hit the stairs. you have a lot better accuracy. you will get Body Armor. Sparrow: -------Go to the roof of the building where you first started G Spotlight and there will be a Sparrow parked there. go down that alley where Collars And Cuffs is and there will be a parking garage on your right. It's as easy as that. If you want to do this without actually having to play. When you wake up. you can crouch down in it and not drown. and regular fish. Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Any Car: --------------------------------------------------To do this. jellyfish. For the easiest way. To get to it. Now.again and no more wanted level. Try to do this with the M4 and in 3rd person view and not first. just put in the Cars Float On Water cheat and drive there. More Armor: ----------If you enter a Enforcer. just enter a police car. go to that place right by it with the parked PCJ-600 and Banshee (or sometimes Cheetah's or Infernus's). just get to the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. More Health: -----------To get more health. get the PCJ-600 and back up all the way from the white stairs. The Sparrow will be up there.There is also one on the roof of a house near the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. It is pink. Go inside the arch. I'm not sure if you can reach it in one jump or not so you might half to jump more than 1 roof. there will be some backyards. Then. Look At All The Sea Animals: ---------------------------I forgot who first made this strategy. just tape down the shoot button and go to sleep. To use this. It is white and has around 5 stories. but if you go waist high in the water along the coasts of the islands. Keep going back until you reach the shrubs. get a machine gun with lots and lots of ammo. You can either get a tank and keep shooting it and it will higher your accuracy over time or you can shoot a blown up car carcass. Before jumping.

There is also a trophy for doing the the Downtown Ammunation Guy With Cement Shoes In The Middle Of The Ocean: ------------------------------------------------Submitted by:Varun Pandey Get a boat and from the Leaf Links Golf Course. Then she will get into the car park the car near any corner place.--------------In the opening sequence where Sonny Forelli is talking to all of his men. If you still can't find him. If you look inside it. They appear on top of your Estate. Note: If you are inside any vehicle. You should see a guy with cement shoes just in the bottom of the ocean. If you look in the window. How to increase your health to 125: ----------------------------------Submitted by: MadMahi(Mahesh) In the night Get a nice car and get near any prostitute (probably wearing black dress . Someone Give Him A Hand: -----------------------Submitted by:Varun Pandey First.Mahesh) when on a mission. head towards the second island. After some times your money will be reducing and your health will increase upto 125 get her back to the road. the mission is completed. If you want the money back you can kill her and take it back. turn right and keep going straight and you should see him. there is a man being hung by big slabs of meat in the freezer. I guess he got on their bad side. Now facing the mansion (you should be facing North according to the radar). Constellation Rockstar: ----------------------Submitted by:Varun Pandey At night.2 piece) and press horn she will come and talk to you. you will get race you completed. get a boat and then head to Diaz's mansion. you can see a severed arm. Ouch. eventually a freezer will be shown in one of the scenes. get down from the vehicle and move . Trophies: --------Submitted by:Varun Pandey If you complete any of the a trophy according to what television at the Vercetti shooting range missions at races at the Hyman Memorial Stadium. if you want to kill the enemy driving in any vehicle (indicated with a marker in the map) just type bigbang. there is a constellation of stars that makes up the Rockstar games symbol. Hint: ----Submitted by: MadMahi(S. go to the butcher shop in Little Havana. It is the R with the star/* at the end. Now you should see a couple of big rocks under the water. She will get down. boom.

All you have to do is drive a car halfway in to where the door won't close. Then again enter the car that you stored in the a distance and type bigbang. Once there. Then you will get a reward of 50 bucks. All nearby vehicles including the criminals vehicle will blast. And the vehicle you stored in the garage will be auto repaired. go get a gun with auto targeting. rob it. Garage Trick: ------------This trick lets you put more garages than the designated amount. Drive the car to your garage. Now all you have to do is drive as many vehicles as you want in until it is packed. Then get A police car. run to The Gash and change costumes. Get out of the car. complete the shooting course at the Downtown Ammunation with a score of 45 or higher. Helicopter With Wheels: ----------------------If you put a helicopter in the Pay N Spray. Free Pay N Spray: ----------------To do this. Now. Uzi. rob The Gash and run to the tool shop and change clothes. Now that you have it. Again get out of the garage. or MP5 for this part since you can run with those weapons. Hints: -----Submitted by: Varun Pandey Get Past Airport Metal Detectors: --------------------------------To do this. run around to the back end of the car and jump on and then walk up to onto the hood. jump from there over the metal detector and you are in with all of your weapons. When you get there. go to the Tool Shop. first get a car and bring it to the Escobar International Airport. I suggest getting a Tec9. park the car where the hood is facing the entrance to the airport. Now. You will be give 60 seconds to return to a police vehicle. you can cause havoc with any weapon you please inside the airport. You could do this as many times as you like. Get out of the garage. go to North Point Mall. This will cause the garage to eat your cars sometimes so use at own risk. Then when you have your wanted level. Again get out of the car. Now. When the garage door closes type the cheat "BIGBANG". Again the threat will be eliminated. Faster Reload: -------------To get faster reload abilities. it will come out with wheels. Now. just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray and it will spray it for free. Type in "BIGBANG". just repeat the process and the money will rack up. Start the vigilante mission. Now. Quick Cash: ----------To get some quick cash. Ingram Mac 10. Money Cheat: -------------Submitted by: Sanju First buy any property that has garage. . Then.

parking is ridiculously expensive in Vice City. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON MOTORBIKES! Cheats: ------Submitted by: Abdul Sami Siddiqui E-mail: ssoftbang@yahoo. The only problem is if you hit them too fast. Explosions are usually imminent.000.. go to the drivers side. the cops cannot arrest you. you knock about $2-400 out of them. pull the guy out. just save your NOTE The Cheats Are Specially Made By Me With A GreatMind ---------------------------------------------------The First Cheat of The Game Go in the Grand Theft Auto Folder Now In DATA Folder and Then open HANDLING Named File i Forget the Extension But There is Only One File Named This Now Open It With NotePad After Some Sentences There is Written Colum A B C D E F . I am not sure). On a North and South running street in Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo). They will simply make you lose control of the Coach but you will not get arrested. just get out of the Coach and get back in.Coppers Can't Get Me Now: ------------------------If you are in a Coach. No More Wanted Level: --------------------To automatically have no more wanted level. hit ESC again and you should be driving a blown up vehicle. As it turns out. Make Decent Money Fast: ----------------------This is a really good way to make a quick $1. I don't think that this willful destruction of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just able to get decent cash with minimal effort. there is a street covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street.. If you run into them (or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat). you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. . Hint: ----Submitted by: Daegan If you want to drive a blown up vehicle. Now. hit ESC and type BIGBANG. load it again and no more wanted level. Hint: ----Submitted by: awaismalik to have 150 armour take a tank by applying cheat(panzer) or by some other way th en press capslock button to active the mode then destroy the cars pointed till leve 12 th en you will have 150 armour.. When you're half way in the car. To gain control again.

This cheat is for anything including the people! Hayle's winning car.but they also gards you from gangsters and police men. Remember if you are dead this cheat will be automaticly on the next time you pla y.This cheat helps you develope an much faster p lay.Somwhere in the middel you would see a n lot-a-like Lamborgini winning car.Not only do the women follow you. Go in Hayle's and go right threw the mall. Nutter tools and it will go on and and on!I'ts unlimited: ------------------------------------------------------------------Type in Nutter tools {as much as you like}and you will see that you have all the .but you can get one of the best cars handed free to you! There's always an catch in this special cheat this one is:drive to Hayle's that is writed on an fireball. On speed cheat: --------------Type in on speed during game play.Free!: -------------------------This is an strange thing to say.Now What is the Name of Car You Drive Find it Once you Have get Now Change the Second Colum to 999999 And N Colum to 999999 Then the O Colum to 50 ---------------------Thats All I will Give you More From THis Cheat Teh Car Will Run More Fast That you Cant see the Envioment and When Hit Some One The Car Of Other Will Just End And Fly Out to SKy Tell me The Result or ASk Question At my EMAIL ADDRESS Hint: ----Submitted by: turbo-x in gta vice city when you get into an ambulance you get a 20% lives that is very needy when you're in trubles Hints: -----Submitted by: Manie De Goede Gta Vice-city: -------------Note:Just type in the cheats during gameplay Atraction cheat: ---------------Type in fanny magnet for a atraction to you.

Leave me!Police freaks!: -----------------------Tired of police men following you in times that you don't want to be followed?! Just type in 'leave me alone' and the police will certainly leave you the cheat ride just before any water and type in sea ways.T are following you try and hide somewhere inf ront of an building and the agent will try and shoot you. Special weapen scanner: ----------------------Go to the golf caddy's and shoot one of them they will ran and go to the weapen scanner. Watch out for special agents: ----------------------------Watch out!I'll say it happend alot to me there are special agents with special r er cars.rather take a machine gun to ki ll the agent cause his dam good after you killed him take his car and ride it on maximu m. a Very Dirty Play and get very fast money: ------------------------------------------ . because since the new Gta everything has changed.W. On water with a car: -------------------It sounds unbelievable .so the police won't find you.A. If you have 5 stars and the S. Walk trew it and you will lose all your guns pick it up and you will have a larger amount of ammo. Come and fly with me: --------------------I'ts in the logo 'come and fly with me' type this in and press jump while you ar e riding and see how far you can jump.but it's turned to believable.regular weapens like the chainsaw. Note:there is over 50 cheats on Gta Vice city Hints: ----Submitted by: bahaa2010 How To Get 150 health : ----------------------you have just to finish The Pizza boy mission and you will Get 150 health and 5000 $ .Now you can stole an boat easier than normally and ride on the water with an quick getaway.Never underestimate Gta .

Hint: ----Submitted by: Connor Goodwin GTA Vice City : how to stay on a bike what ever you hit ok ile give away this secret in full hehhhe 1st Go To Raffels clothes Store (on a Bike) 2nd Reverse the Bike Onto The Change Clothes Icon (only the Back Wheel should be on The icon) Then Step Off the bike (nothing Should Happen) DONT PUST ANYTHING (Besides Button to get Bk Onto Bike) You'll See The Video Cut In and he Changes Clothes Then You Apear Outside BUT YOUR ALREADY BACK ON THE BIKE But You can Run lol Jog on the Spot 2 Known Bugs Ive Found is 1 You Cant Use The Side View (wich is a shame as would make such a good video) 2 Its a diffent Button to acelerate (thus Proving an acual Code Flaw) Discoverd By The Wraith http://groups. . Mission G-Spotlight hint ------------------------Submitted by: Big-T After you make your first jump through the office and get the first marker. ride off the side and go to police station and "borrow" their helicopter. After getting the helicopter. all you have to do is fly around and land in the markers. This is a much faster and easier way of tackling this mission.It is vey esay so I could collect 17000000 $ On half an hour You only need a tank cheats(panzer) and blown up cars cheat (bigbang ) first type The the tank cheat and get into it turn The tank mission on By Pressing (+ or Caps Lock) Then get out of the tank get away from It Then press The blown Up cars cheat Then you will get the reward Then (Before The Time Finish) Reenter The tank cheat and get on it you will gave another time Then get out of it and get away The enter The blown cars Up cheat and you will get the reward Still do it untill you get The Money you want .com/GTAAirwolf Hint: ----Submitted by:hussain firts u have u type [panzer] this will give u tank when u get the tank go sit in it & start the mission by pressing [capslock]when the mission start they will aske u to kill the car that will been shoun on u map in yellow block come out of the tank go to some distance from the tank then type [bigbang] all neare by car will blow up & the money will br transfare to u aacouuant.msn.

When you're half way in the car.You can change the weight. hit ESC again and again hit ESC and type health Cheat (ASPIRINE) and hit ESC Now you should be driving a blown up vehicle.cfg in the game folder. hit ESC and type BIGBANG. acceleration. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON MOTORBIKES! Hints: -----Submitted by: Nitin Bohara To tweak your vehicle use the file handling.Hint: ----Submitted by: Abd El Monem If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just shoot the same car to finish it Hint: ----Submitted by:Rajabullah If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just shoot the same car to finish it You drive a blown up vehicle: ----------------------------If you want to drive a blown up vehicle.As soon as the countdown beguns step into the car & type SEAWAYS. In Checkpoint Charlie it is very difficult to complete the mission using the speedboat. Make sure you stay in limit of the parameters. pull the guy out. Hints: -----Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa *It's pretty easy to make money: Take a melee weapon and bash everyon up except th cops!evryone'll leave ack some money + weapons *Easy way to get weapons: Get to the AMMUNATION shp ad shoot the gut straight in the head! Hint: ----Submitted by: Nathan To get the hunter/army helicopter to getthe hunter get a police helicopter/any helicopter then fly nextto the hunter in the army base [makesure u have typed the nutter tools cheat loads] get out then fast get the hunter Hint: .Now you can drive the car on water and complete the mission. centre of gravity & many other parameters of your vehicle. go to the drivers side.To make it easy all you have to do is to park an Infernus or Cheetah in the dock near the speedboat. Make sure you backup it first. top speed.

2. Hints:(how to beat it without cheating): ---------------------------------------Submiited by: veeru u collect more than 60 hidden packages u get gift packs like guns & armor. Hint: ----Submitted by: Pravin If you want to sprint constantly just press shift button and leave it (Do this several times while you r walking till u reach your destiny. When you are folwed by cops go through a bridges beacause they drop off throught the bridge. They disarm the bomb and the MISSION is comlete.the gifts always in ur vicecity house & u r hotel room.When you are in LOVE FIST limo and it's gonna to blou you can go to the STADION and go around it. u got the bike and press num(6) when it wheel is come up u can free the race button and hold the button num(6) then the wheel is going to long. Usefuly Game Bug!!! This is a TIP it's not very good because it's my first TIP.That's not really a cheat but's a usefully tip (i think).e back side of portauthority building in airporta rea) with policedress uget a milatary helicopter.u press mouse right&left buttons it release bomms&bullets. Hint: ----Submitted by: Bilal Go Gat Money get atank get job get out of thr tank and ritten [bigbang] get a new tank and do it what ever you wont when you done it 50 times you so mush mony and 150 armo mail me at this adress u get more money Hint: . NOTE: I try that just on unpached game.u press capslock get copter missions.----Submitted by: Levydee 1. hint:for milataryhelicopter: ---------------------------Submiited by: veeru enter into the milatarybase (i..and another one is if u can enter the helicopter to the spray bay the helicopter get the Hint: ----Submitted by: bilalyaqoob ons u got the bike u can try to jump one wheel u cannot do this .

you will find the pizza resturant there will be a red bike that you will hav e to enter.----Submitted by: saad If in the game you want to increase your health to 175 then you have to do is to complete the "pizza boy" mission.When prostitute gets out of the car kill her and get your money back.banshee or infernus go near a prostitute walking along with the road stop near them and press horn after some time they will enter your car then drive the car onto a grassy field and stop. car wi ll bump about 30 times and your health will be 175.complete it and you will get 150 health + 5000$ now in the night time f rom 20:00 to 5:00 I think get a sports car like cheetah.To get it simply go to the Malibu Club and near by it. .

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