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Monthly Exam in Araling Panlipunan 6

I. Choose the letter with the correct answer, Write your answers on the space provided
before each number.
_________1. When Philippines did achieved its independence from America?
A. July 4. 1946 B. July 4 1947 C. July 4, 1948 D. July 4 1949
_________2. After the WWII the Philippines and America, agreed to establish American _____ in the
Philippines, to provide support forces in case of emergency.
A. Military Bases B. Stores C. Schools D. Roads
_________3. Relationship where political independence of the former colony is exercised only in a
certain degree.
A. Neocolonialism B. Colonialism C.Biocolonialism D. Phytocolonialism
_________4. After WWII, this government tied a bilateral agreement with the Phil. To release funds
to provide financial aid to the Phil.
A. United States B. Japanese C. British D. German
_________5. What is the approximate number of Filipino death during WWII?
A. A million B. A Billion C. A hundred thousand D. A thousand
_________6. Destruction of bridges, roads and ports greatly affects/damage Philippine_____?
A. Economy B. Education C. Legislation D. Politics
_________7. Destruction of farmlands, irrigation, plantation and vegetation, results to ______?
A. Starvation B. Illiteracy C. Extrajudicial killing D. Happiness
_________8. It is the center of commerce and industry in the Phil. During WWII.
A. Manila City B. Marikina City C. Malabon City D. Marawi City
_________9. In order to aid the Phil. Financially, the US Congress passed, the ______ act?
A. Tydings B. Tiddy Rehabilitation C. Tydings Restoration D. Tiddy Restoration
Rehabilitation Act Act Act Act
_________10. The US Congress passed an Act that will financially aid the Phil., How much is the
proposed budget according to this act.
A. $260 million B. $26 million C.$62 million D.$620 million

II. Write T if the statement is True and F if false, write your answer on the space provided
before each number.

_________1. US government help the Philippines after WWII because of debt of gratitude.
_________2. US government help the Philippines after WWII because they believed that they are
the only country capable of helping the Philippines.
_________3. WWII caused only physical damage to the Filipinos.
_________4. US government provide financial help easily.
_________5. US government leave Philippines broke after WWII.
_________6. US government and the Philippines agreed to have military bases in the Philippines.
_________7. America became a neocolony of the Philippines.
_________8. All schools and hospitals were safe from destruction during WWII.
_________9. Tydings Rehabilitation Act, provides $500 million cash financial assistance.
_________10. Tyding Rehabilitation Act, provides, $100 million worth of war surplus goods.

III. Enumeration
1-4. Name the four types of Damages dealt caused by WWII
5-7. List down examples of war surplus
8-9 What are the reasons why United states help the Philippines after WWII?
10. Do you think US really help the our country? Why?

(you may write your answers at the back of your paper)