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A-202, Mavilla, 7-Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091, INDIA Phone: +91 9717 349 377 SUB: Scope of Work for Boond Relationship Manager
Boond Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd. is a for profit social enterprise that provides development kits comprising of solar lamps, water filters and mosquito nets to different parts of the country. We are a growing entity and are hoping to expand both in sales as well as resources exponentially over the next two years. A Boond Relationship Manager is an important member of the team and will hopefully share the work as well as the benefits for our growth aspirations. The following points are for potential manager about the task and responsibilities expected of them. The scope of work is not limited to these items (lead management, lead generation and brand excellence) but they are a general guidelines and a minimum criterion. The total time commitment expected from the Manager is at least 30-35 hours a week and the Managers tenure is yearly subject to review for extension by the other members and the promoters as required.

Lead Management
1. Every Manager will need to manage the relationship for at least four partnerships (if and when present). These are those link ups where Boond Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd. products are presently being sent or have been shortlisted. Maintaining a partnership involves: a. Regular calls and emails to check order status/interest (at least once a week) b. Gather feedback about product/service/delivery and discuss improvements (about once a month) c. Provide ideas to partner institutions to increase depth of sales d. Nurture the relationship by providing additional help and support whenever needed Lead Management also involves the relationship manager to make trips to the partner location as and when required for a relationship meeting as well as a social and financial audit of the project delivery.


Lead Generation
1. The Relationship Managers for Boond are also expected to generate at least two solid convertible sales lead a month. Since we have very optimistic growth targets, we need a number of partnerships and hence this is an extremely important item. Lead generation includes (not only) the following: a. Utilization of the contacts and network to create the market b. Preparing and giving presentations and sales pitches as and when required c. Initial explanation about the Boond Kit / products over the phone or email to the potential partner d. Make a trip if necessary to help in conversion of a deal Leads are independent of geographical location and managers are expected to share among themselves the contacts that they have and believe will convert to sales. The Boond Relationship Manager will work closely with a Board Member and support to him/her as required. Board members often generate leads too which will be then passed on to the Manager.

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Brand Excellence
Relationship Managers are also our brand ambassadors and will represent Boond where ever they go. This means participation in conferences, talks and road shows and also in fundraisers as and when required.

Resource Management
Managers are expected to efficiently and effectively provide leadership to the executives and sales team members who work with them. They will also be involved in the recruitment and employee benefit discussions with the board.

Marketing & Promotion
1. 2. 3. 4. Managers will contribute with articles, photographs and blogs on a regular basis. They will have access to the Boond Facebook and Rediff pages and are expected to regularly post updates and messages. All managers will also be expected to write at least one blog post every month on the Boond site All managers will contribute to the newsletter and lead the news letter creation and maintenance efforts if needed All managers will also share their network and contacts to generate leads and supports on the website

Relationship Managers will be paid a stipend of Rs. Boond hopes to keep its Relationship Managers satisfied both in terms of personal social commitments as well as financial interests. c. The Relationship Managers are essential to the organization and respected for their contribution and dedication and hence Boond plans to have the following in place for them: a. They will need to meet the rest of the team at least twice a week for updates and are expected to discipline and organize themselves as required. The work arrangement is flexible and Relationship Managers can work from home and at any hour that they please. e. following which the Relationship Manager may be offered a permanent position on mutual terms (with reviewed compensation and responsibilities). b. Additionally. he/she will receive a special Boond gift from the organization. 3. Accommodation or compensation for accommodation costs will be paid to the Relationship Managers at a reasonable value. for every deal of 100+ orders that the Relationship Manager gets. Support from Boond Board and Office Assistants for daily operational work. This is a period of learning and familiarization with the organization as well as our work and the compensation is by no means a reflection of the Relationship Managers capability but more in line with the present cash reserves as well as growth expectations of the company. during the probation period. A yearly bonus based on the profit of the company at the end of the year term and also after three months if a permanent position is offered. During the probation period (3 months). Flexible work from home arrangement. h. Sample of every Boond product being released.Payback: Boond Relationship Managers Satisfaction Provision The initial probation period for Boond Relationship Managers is three months. All travel costs will be paid for Relationship Managers when they are on official trips. d.000 / month net. f. g. Boond Engineering & Development Private Limited .

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