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Ŷ Moving the TV

Safety Precautions ƔThis TV is designed for table-top use.

ƔDo not expose the TV to direct Caution
Pedestal Removing the pedestal from the TV Connecting the TV
To help avoid risk of electrical shock, fire, damage or injury, ƔAssembly screws Be sure to remove the pedestal in the following way when ƔExternal equipment and cables shown are not supplied
sunlight and other sources of heat. Before moving the TV, disconnect all cables.
please follow the warnings and cautions below: using the wall-hanging bracket or repacking the TV. with this TV.
ƔMove the TV with at least two (M5 × 15) × 4
Ŷ Mains plug and lead people. Support as shown to 1 Remove the assembly screws from the TV. ƔEnsure that the unit is disconnected from the mains
Model No. avoid injury by the TV tipping (M4 × 12) × 4 2 Pull out the pedestal from the TV. socket before attaching or disconnecting any leads.
Warning 3 Remove the assembly screws from the bracket. ƔCheck the type of terminals and cable plugs are correct
TH-39A400X TH-42A410G To prevent the spread of or falling.
ƔBracket ƔBase when connecting.
TH-42A400G TH-42A410K If you detect anything unusual, fire, keep candles or other Inserting remote’s batteries ƔWhen using an HDMI cable, use the fully wired one.
TH-42A400K TH-42A410M immediately remove the mains ƔKeep the TV away from electronic equipment (video
plug. open flames away from Press the hook and
TH-42A400X TH-42A410X Ŷ When not in use for a long time equipment, etc.) or equipment with an infrared sensor.
ƔMains plug types vary this product at all times lift the cover Otherwise, distortion of image / sound may occur or
between countries. Caution
operation of other equipment may be interfered.
TH-42A409K This TV will still consume some power even in the Off mode,
ƔThis TV is designed to operate on AC 220 - 240 V,
Ŷ Dangerous part / Small object as long as the mains plug is still connected to a live socket Attaching the pedestal ƔAlso read the manual of the equipment being connected.
50/60 Hz. Warning outlet. Terminals
ƔInsert the mains plug fully into the socket outlet. ƔThis product contains possibly dangerous parts such as ƔRemove the mains plug from the wall socket when the TV 1 Assemble the pedestal Note the correct
ƔEnsure that the mains plug is easily accessible. plastic bags, that can be breathed in or swallowed by is not in use for a prolonged period of time. polarity (+ or -)
ƔDisconnect the mains plug when cleaning the TV. young children accidentally. Keep these parts out of reach Rear of the TV
Operating Instructions ƔDo not touch the mains plug with wet hands. of young children.
Ŷ Use conditions
Caution Optional accessories
LED TV Ŷ Pedestal ƔThis appliance is intended for use in tropical climates. 6
ƔDo not damage the mains lead. Warning
Wall-hanging bracket (not supplied)
• Do not place a heavy object on ƔDo not disassemble or modify the pedestal.
Ŷ Battery for the Remote Control Please contact your local Panasonic dealer to purchase
the recommended optional accessories.
Contents the lead. Caution Caution
Rear of the TV (View from the side)
TH-42A410M/X only:

ƔDo not use any pedestal other than the one provided with ƔIncorrect installation may cause battery leakage, corrosion
Safety Precautions ··················· 2 and explosion. 2 a
• Do not place the lead near a this TV. Depth of
ƔReplace only with the same or equivalent type.
Setting Up the TV ····················· 3 high temperature object. ƔDo not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or physically screw *
damaged. If this occurs, contact your nearest Panasonic ƔDo not mix old and new batteries. b
Connecting the TV ···················· 4 dealer immediately. ƔDo not mix different battery types (such as alkaline and 1
• Do not pull on the lead. Hold ƔDuring setup, make sure that all screws are securely manganese batteries).
Initial Setup ····························· 6 onto the mains plug body when ƔDo not use rechargeable batteries (Ni-Cd, etc.).
Operating the TV ······················ 6 disconnecting the plug. ƔEnsure that the TV does not suffer any impact during ƔDo not burn or break up batteries. 2 Attach the TV to the pedestal Screw for fixing the TV onto the
installation of the pedestal. ƔDo not expose batteries to excessive heat such as
• Do not move the TV with the lead plugged into a socket wall-hanging bracket (not supplied)
Watching External Inputs ··········· 7 ƔEnsure that children do not climb onto the pedestal. sunshine, fire or the like.
outlet. ƔMake sure you dispose of batteries correctly.
Using the Media Player ············· 8 • Do not twist the lead, bend it excessively or stretch it. ƔInstall or remove the TV from the pedestal with at least two Ŷ Holes for wall-hanging bracket installation 1 2 3 4
• Do not use a damaged mains plug or socket outlet. people. a: 200 mm
Using the Menu Functions ·········· 9 • Ensure the TV does not crush the mains lead. ƔInstall or remove the TV by the specified procedure.
b: 200 mm 1 HDMI 1 - 2
Additional Information ············· 12 ƔDo not use any mains lead other than that provided with
this TV.
Ŷ Ventilation Setting Up the TV Ŷ Screw specification 2 Aerial terminal
Troubleshooting ····················· 13 Caution 3 TH-42A410M/X only: AV1 IN*
Ŷ Take care Allow sufficient space around the TV in order to help prevent Standard accessories Model Type
Depth of screw Other models: AV IN
Specifications ························ 14 excessive heat, which could lead to early failure of some Minimum Maximum 4 AUDIO OUT
electronic components. Accessories may not be placed all together. Take care not to 5 TH-42A410M/X only: AV2 IN
Maintenance ························· 15 ƔDo not remove covers and never modify the TV throw them away unintentionally. 1 39-inch M6 11 mm 27 mm
6 USB port
yourself as live parts are accessible when they Minimum distance (cm)
Licence ································ 15 are removed. There are no user serviceable Remote Control
42-inch M6 10 mm 19 mm
10 ƔN2QAYB000823
parts inside.
ƔDo not expose the TV to rain or 10 10 10
ƔWhen optional accessories such as wall brackets etc.
excessive moisture. This TV must
not be exposed to dripping or are used, always read and follow the manufactures
splashing water and objects filled installation and usage instructions.
Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. ƔVentilation should not be impeded ƔDo not mount the unit directly below ceiling lights (such
with liquid, such as vases, must Batteries (R6) × 2
Please read these instructions carefully before operating this not be placed on top of or above by covering the ventilation openings as spotlights or halogen lights) which typically give off
product and retain them for future reference. (p. 4) high heat. Doing so may warp or damage plastic cabinet
with items such as newspapers,
the TV.
ƔDo not insert foreign objects into the TV through the air tablecloths and curtains. 2 parts.
The images shown in this manual are for illustrative ƔWhen installing wall brackets you must ensure the
purposes only. vents. ƔWhether you are using a pedestal or not, always ensure Mains Lead (p. 5)
ƔDo not use an unapproved pedestal / mounting equipment. the vents at the bottom of the TV are not blocked and ƔOther series ƔA410M series wall bracket is not electrically grounded to metal wall
Some illustrations are presented as conceptual images and studs. Always ensure that there are no electrical cables,
may be different from the actual products. Be sure to ask your local Panasonic dealer to perform the there is sufficient space to enable adequate ventilation.
setup or installation of approved wall-hanging brackets. pipes etc. in the wall before you begin the wall bracket
Illustrations shown may be different between models and installation.
countries. ƔDo not apply strong force or impact to the display panel.
ƔDo not place the TV on sloped or ƔTo prevent fall and injury, remove the TV from its fixed
unstable surfaces, and ensure that wall position when it is no longer in use.
The illustrations for 42A400 series is used in this manual CLH
unless otherwise mentioned. the TV does not hang over the edge
of the base.
Transport only in upright position TQB4GC1185
2 3 4

TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 1 1/13/2014 3:06:35 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 2 1/13/2014 3:06:35 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 3 1/13/2014 3:06:35 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 4 1/13/2014 3:06:36 PM

Panasonic does not guarantee operation and

performance of peripheral devices made by other
Information on Disposal in other Countries Connections Set top box Initial Setup Operating the TV 13 Input mode selection
ƔTV - switches to TV input mode
Using the TV controls
outside the European Union Satellite dish When you first turn on the TV, a series of steps will pop-up
manufacturers; and we disclaim any liability or damage Aerial and mains lead ƔAV - displays [Input Selection] screen (p. 7) or
arising from operation and/or performance from usage This symbol is only valid in the European TV to guide you to setup your TV. Using the remote control press repeatedly to select the AV input mode
of such other maker’s peripheral devices. Union. If you wish to discard this product, Aerial ƔThese steps are not necessary if the setup has been
Set top box completed by your local dealer. 14 OFF TIMER
please contact your local authorities or 2
POWER MEDIA ƔPress repeatedly to select the period after which the
The recording and playback of content on this or any dealer and ask for the correct method of
other device may require permission from the owner disposal.
HDMI cable 1 Plug the mains plug into the socket 1 PLAYER INPUT
13 TV will turn to Standby mode automatically.
of the copyright or other such rights in that content. outlet, then switch on the TV 2 MENU PICTURE OFF TIMER
[0] / [15] / [30] / [45] / [60] / [75] / [90] (minutes) Indicators on the TV 3
3 14 15 Changes multiplex sound mode (if available)
Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant AV / Game equipment 4
you that permission and explicitly disclaims any right, Customer’s Record RF cable INFO EXIT 15 Sound mode indicator:
ability or intention to obtain such permission on your The model number and serial number of this product Ŷ Using HDMI terminal 5 16 : STEREO : MAIN I 5 67 4
may be found on its rear panel. You should note this RF cable 6 : MONO : SUB II
behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use Mains lead TV AC 220 - 240 V,
of this or any other device complies with applicable serial number in the space provided below and retain 50/60 Hz 17 1 Displays [Input Selection] screen
(supplied) OK 16 Exits to the TV viewing screen
copyright legislation in your country. Please refer to this book, plus your purchase receipt, as a permanent ƔOn first press, the [Input Selection] screen for
that legislation for more information on the relevant record of your purchase to aid in identification in OPTION RETURN 17 Cursor buttons
HDMI cable control panel is displayed. Pressing the button again
laws and regulations involved or contact the owner the event of theft or loss, and for Warranty Service DVD Recorder / Equipment 7 18 ƔMakes selections or adjustments.
will toggle cursor movement.
of the rights in the content you wish to record or purposes. VCR R G Y B 18 Returns to the previous menu / page Displays [Main Menu] when press and hold for
ƔYou can also make similar connection via HDMI 2. 8
Model Number Alternative connection
Ŷ Using COMPONENT terminals 2 Select your language ASPECT 19 19 ASPECT 3 seconds
Confirms selection (OK button) while in the menu
ƔDisplays the [Aspect Selection] screen. Follow the
Panasonic and its affiliates make no representations or Insert the mains plug firmly into place. OSD Language Select system
Serial Number TV 9 CH 20 operation guide to select the mode.
ƔWhen disconnecting the mains lead, be English VOL
warranties of any kind with respect to the USB devices OK
[16:9] / [14:9] / [Just] / [4:3] / [4:3 Full] / [Zoom1] / 2 Channel Up / Down
and the performance of communication between the absolutely sure to disconnect the mains Store
* 10 [Zoom2] / [Zoom3] (p. 12) Cursor Up / Down
USB devices and the USB port of Panasonic products, plug at the socket outlet first. ƔYou can also press the button repeatedly to select ƔMakes selections or adjustments when in the menu
and expressly disclaims any and all warranties,
whether express or implied or otherwise, including Equipment
3 Select your area the mode. system
3 Volume Up / Down
without limitation any implied warranty of fitness for a Channel Plan
11 20 Channel Up / Down
Cursor Left / Right
particular purpose, any loss of data, and any implied ƔKeep the space between the TV and RF cable to prevent Asia/W.Europe OK
21 Returns to the last viewed channel
ƔMakes selections or adjustments when in the menu
warranties arising from course of dealing or course of distorted image.
Component China system
performance of data communication between the USB ƔDo not put the RF cable close to the mains lead to avoid
video cable
Hong Kong
12 STILL 21 About operation guide 4 Switches TV On or Standby
devices and the USB port of Panasonic products. noise. NZ/Indonesia
When operating the TV with the remote control, follow the ƔTo completely turn Off the TV, remove the mains
ƔDo not place the RF cable under the TV. CATV/Other  LAST VIEW
ƔAn aerial, correct cable (75 ȍ coaxial) and correct Audio cable operation guide available at the bottom of the screen to plug from the wall socket.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent portfolio When selecting [CATV/Other], press OK, and then select
terminating plug are required to obtain optimum quality * TH-42A410M/X only: AV1 IN perform the operation you want. 5 Remote control signal receiver
license for the personal and non-commercial use of a the Channel Plan from [Indian CATV], [South Africa],
picture and sound. 6 C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System)
consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the
ƔIf a communal aerial system is used, you may require the
Ŷ Using COMPOSITE terminals [American System], [American CATV] or [Japan]. Example: [Aspect Selection]
AVC Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC
Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in correct connection cable and plug between the wall aerial TV 4 Start Auto Tuning 1 Switches the TV On / Standby
Aspect Selection
ƔSenses brightness to adjust picture quality when
[Eco Mode] in the Picture Menu is set to [On].
a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was socket and the TV. 14:9
ƔYour local Television Service Centre or dealer may be able * 2 MEDIA PLAYER (p. 8) (p. 10)
obtained from a video provider licensed to provide AVC OK Auto Tuning starts
Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any to assist you in obtaining the correct aerial system for your 3 Displays [Main Menu] (p. 9) 7 Power LED
other use. Additional information may be obtained from particular area and the accessories required. Select ƔRed: Standby
4 Selects picture mode [Viewing Mode] (p. 9) Change EXIT
ƔAny matters regarding aerial installation, upgrading of Equipment Ɣ Auto Tuning searches and stores TV channels. The sorted Operation guide Green: On
MPEG LA, LLC. ƔPress repeatedly to select. RETURN
See existing systems or accessories required, and the costs channel order depends on the TV signal, the broadcasting
system and reception conditions. 5 Displays Information banner
incurred, are the responsibility of you, the customer. Referring to the operation guide:
6 OK
ƔIf the aerial is placed in the wrong location, interference
might happen. Video cable
5 Select [Home] ƔConfirms selections.
Ɣ Press after selecting channel positions to quickly
ƔTo select the mode
Watching External
Please select your viewing environment. OK
Audio cable Home Shop OK Change change channel.
* TH-42A410M/X only: AV1 IN Confirm 7 Displays [Option Menu]
ƔTH-42A410M/X only: ƔShortcuts to some setting menus for picture, sound,
ƔTo change to the selected mode Connect the external equipment (p. 5),
Ɣ[Shop] is for shop display. If you selected [Shop], you
You can also make similar connection via AV2 IN. can return to the above screen at the stage of Shop etc. then select the input corresponds to the
connected terminal.

confirmation screen. ƔFollow the operation guide to select / change the

Speaker system settings.
Shop RETURN ƔTo return to the previous menu Input Selection
8 Coloured buttons TV
You have selected shop mode RETURN
ƔPerforms multiple operations which correspond to AV1
TV the operation guide displayed on the menu screen. HDMI1
ƔTo change the viewing environment later on, you need HDMI2
9 Volume Up / Down ƔTo exit the menu
Audio cable to initialise all settings by accessing [Shipping Condition] USB
(p. 11). 10 Sound Mute On / Off
Amplifier with Note
Setup is now complete and your TV is ready for 11 Numeric buttons Ɣ [USB] : Switches to Media Player (p. 8)
speaker system
viewing. Ɣ Changes channel. ƔYou can label or skip each input mode (except [USB]).
ƔWhen in Standby mode, switches TV On. “Input Labels” (p. 11)
Printed in Malaysia 12 Freezes / unfreezes picture Skipped inputs will not be displayed when the AV button
Web Site: is pressed.
© Panasonic Corporation 2014
5 6 7

TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 16 1
TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN_A2.indd 1/13/2014 3:06:40 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 5 1/13/2014 3:06:36 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 6 1/13/2014 3:06:37 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 7 3:06:37 PM
1/13/2014 3:08:40
Using the Media Player To display / hide the operation guide during
INFO To playback the selected file only
Using the Menu
Adjusts the picture hue.
Adjusts volume level of right and left speakers
[Display Settings] Using the [Tuning Menu]
Media Player allows you to enjoy photo, music or video [Single View] and [Slideshow] Select the folder Select the file Play ƔFor NTSC signal, Component or HDMI input Ŷ [Input Labels]
[Surround] Accesses the input labels list to select the label of each [Tuning Menu] lets you retune your TV, skip unwanted
recorded on a USB Flash Memory.
ƔThe picture may not appear correctly on this TV
[View] OK OK
Functions [Colour Balance]
Sets the overall colour tone of the picture.
Surround sound settings [Off] / [On] input mode or set to skip unconnected one for easier
identification and selection in [Input Selection] (p. 7)
channels, etc.
TV mode only
depending on the digital cameras used. Enters Single view mode to view photo one at a time [Auto Gain Control]
ƔDisplay may take some time when there are many files
1 Display the menu [Cool] / [Normal] / [Warm]
ƔNot valid when [Viewing Mode] is set to [True Cinema] Automatically regulates large sound level differences
or banner
[Channel List Edit]
and folders in the USB Flash Memory. [Option Menu] MENU – To skip the input mode, select [Skip].
between channels and inputs [Off] / [On]
ƔPartly degraded files might be displayed at a reduced Lets you view all photos in the slideshow mode Contains [Music Setup Menu] to set up play mode.
[Channel Colour Set]
[Volume Correction]
Ŷ [Banner Display Timeout] Hides unwanted channels. The hidden channels cannot be
resolution. Adjusts the suitable colour density from 3 levels for each Sets how long the Information banner stays on screen displayed except in this function.
ƔThe folder and file names may be different depending on [View Select] Ŷ [Repeat] 2 Select the menu channel. Adjusts the volume of individual channel or input mode (p. 6) [0 (No display)] / [1] / [2] / [3] / [4] / [5] / [6] / Select a channel, then reveal / hide
the digital camera used. Lets you toggle between thumbnail view and folder view. [Off]: Playback repeat off ƔSelect the channel to adjust and set this function. [Speaker Distance to Wall] [7] / [8] / [9] / [10] (seconds)]
Main Menu Channel List Editor
[One]: Playback repeat on the selected one file
1 Insert the USB Flash Memory [Option Menu] [Folder]: Playback repeat within the selected folder Picture
[Eco Mode] Compensates for the low frequency sound due to the Ŷ [Playing Time Display]
OK Automatic Brightness Control function distance between the speakers and the wall [Up to 30cm] / Set to [On] to display a continuous record of time spent
TV Contains [Slideshow Settings] menus to set up slideshow. Sound [Over 30cm]
Adjusts picture settings automatically depending on ambient using Game mode every 30 minutes [Off] / [On]
Movie mode Setup lighting conditions [Off] / [On] ƔIf the back space between the TV and wall is over 30 cm, – This function is available when [Viewing Mode] is set
ƔInsert or remove
Ŷ [Transition Effect] Media Player Movie Title view [Over 30cm] is recommended. to [Game].
: [reveal]
[P-NR] (Picture Noise Reduction)
straightly and completely.
Effect for photo switching during slideshow
[None] / [Dissolve] / [Wipe right] / [Wipe left] /
3 Select the item you want, then change / Reduces unwanted picture noise and flicker noise in the
ƔIf the back space between the TV and wall is within 30 cm,
[System Menu]
: [hide] (skip)
adjust or access [Up to 30cm] is recommended.
[Wipe up] / [Wipe down] / [Box out] / [Random]
Trip1 Trip2 Trip3 Trip4 Trip5 Room Nature1
contoured parts of a picture [Off] / [Min] / [Mid] / [Max] Ŷ [Shipping Condition] Ŷ [Tune]
[MPX] Retunes each channel (Manual Tuning).
Ŷ [Screen Mode] Example: [3D-COMB] Resets all settings to the original condition.
Selects multiplex sound mode (if available) Ŷ [Reveal all]
2 Start Media Player Screen mode for Single view and Slideshow
Nature2 Nature3 Nature4 Nature5 Nature6 2010_4 2010_7
Picture Menu 1/2 Makes still or slow moving pictures more vivid [Off] / [On]
ƔOccasionally, while viewing still or slow moving pictures,
[Stereo]: Use this normally
– Access this function and follow the on-screen
instructions to complete the procedures. Reveals all hidden channels.
[Normal] / [Zoom] Viewing Mode Dynamic
Select [Mono]: When stereo signal cannot be received
– Depending on the photo size, it may not be fully Backlight 100 colour patterning may be seen. Set to [On] to display – Initial Setup will automatically start after [Shipping
2010_9 [M1] / [M2]: Available while mono signal is transmitted [Auto Tuning]
Access EXIT Info USB Contrast 50
sharper and more accurate colours. Condition] completes (p. 6).
enlarged to ¿ll the screen, e.g. portrait style picture. Select RETURN Option Menu
[HDMI1/2 Input]
3 Select the mode

Play Folder Drive Select Contents Select Brightness 0 ƔFor PAL or NTSC signal reception only. Ŷ [Software Licence] Scans and stores all channels automatically.
Ŷ [Interval] Operation guide
Colour 50 ƔNot valid on Component, HDMI and Media Player. Selects to fit the input signal (p. 12) Displays the software licence information of the TV. Auto Tuning
Contents Select [Digital]: When sound is carried via the HDMI cable
Slideshow interval [5] / [10] / [15] / [30] / [60] / [90] /
[120] (seconds) : Error display
ƔChange the setting option [Reset to Defaults]
connection Ŷ [System Information] All tuning data will be erased
Select Press OK to reset the present picture [Viewing Mode] of the
RETURN Viewing Mode Dynamic [Analogue]: When sound is not carried via the HDMI-DVI Displays the system information of the TV.
Access Photo Music Movie Ŷ [Repeat] Follow the operation guide to perform available
ƔAdjust the intensity bar
OK Change / selected input to the default settings. adaptor cable connection [Other Settings]
Start Auto Tuning EXIT

USB Slideshow repeat [Off] / [On] operations in Movie mode. adjust ƔFor HDMI input RETURN
Contrast 50 Ŷ [Colour System]
[Photo]: Displays the thumbnail of all photos in the Ŷ [Back Ground Music] To display / hide the operation guide and
ƔAccess the submenu
[Reset to Defaults] Selects optimum colour system based on video signals in ƔIf tuning has not been done completely
USB device. Background music during photo viewing information banner during playback OK
Sound Menu Press OK to reset the present settings of [Mode], [Balance] AV mode [Auto] / [PAL] / [SECAM] / [M.NTSC] / [NTSC] [Manual Tuning] (below)
Child Lock Access
[Music]: Displays the thumbnail of music folders in the [Off] / [Type 1] / [Type 2] / [Type 3] Access and [Surround] to the default. Ŷ [Colour Matrix]
To playback all movies in the selected title folder [Mode] [Manual Tuning]
USB device. Note Adjusts suitable colour parameters for [SD] (standard
R Sets preset sound mode. The selected mode affects all Scans and stores channels manually.
[Movie]: Displays the thumbnail of video titles in the ƔPicture quality may suffer depending on the slideshow Note definition) or [HD] (high definition)
input signals.
USB device. settings. Ɣ A different menu will be displayed in the mode of Media
[Music] : Improves sound quality for watching music Setup Menu – [SD]: Input signal is a normal TV system Manual Tuning
1 CH57
ƔPicture setting may not work depending on the slideshow To playback the selected file in the title folder Player (p. 8 - 9). videos, etc.
– [HD]: Input signal is a high de¿nition system Fine Tuning

[Contents Select] settings. Select the title Select the file Play ƔOnly available items can be selected. [Off Timer] • Available only with 480p or 576p input on video Manual Tuning 0% 100%
[Speech] : Improves sound quality for watching news, Sound System B/G
Sets the time until the TV automatically goes to Standby signals in a natural colour from digital equipment
Switching between modes drama, etc. Colour System Auto
Music mode R
[User]: Adjusts the sounds manually by using the mode [Off] / [15] / [30] / [45] / [60] / [75] / [90] (minutes) connected to AV1 component or HDMI1 / HDMI2
When you are in the thumbnail view of any mode, you OK OK

change to the other mode by returning to the [Contents Media Player Music Folder view Picture Menu equaliser [Child Lock] 1 Set [Sound System] and [Colour System].
Select] screen. – For the User mode, [Equaliser] will appear on the Sound Locks channels / AV input modes Ŷ [Auto Standby] • Normally set [Colour System] to [Auto].
[Option Menu] [Viewing Mode] Menu instead of [Bass] and [Treble]. Select [Equaliser] Enter the PIN number (4 digits) to access. Sets the duration of time that the TV will remain on when 2 Select a channel position to store the channel.
B My Music_1 My Music_2 My Music_3

Sets preset picture mode for each input. and adjust the frequency (below). no operation is performed [Off] / [2] / [4] (hours) • If a VCR is connected only with the RF cable, select
Contains [Video Setup Menu] to set up Movie mode. First setting: – Automatic input switching with the connected
[Dynamic]: Improves contrast and sharpness. InMusic and Speech modes, you can adjust [Bass] and channel position [0].
While in thumbnail view: On the [Child Lock-PIN Entry] screen, enter your preferred equipment affects this function and time-count will be
[Normal]: For viewing in a normal lighting condition. 3 Start tuning.
Photo mode Ŷ [Repeat] [Cinema]: Improves the performance of contrast, black
[Treble] settings, and those settings will be stored for number twice to create the PIN. reset.
each mode. • Tuning stops when a channel is found.
Media Player Photo All photos Playback repeat within the title [Off] / [On] and colour reproduction. Ŷ [Change PIN] – The noti¿cation message will appear 3 minutes before
[True Cinema]: Reproduces the original image quality [Bass] / [Treble] Lets you change your PIN number. going into Standby mode. 4 Press OK to store the channel or press the cursor
Option Menu
– Only the selected folder will be repeated. button to continue tuning.
Play Folder Drive Select Contents Select precisely without any revision. Adjusts the effect to your preference. – Enter a new PIN number twice. Ŷ [Power Save]
During movie playback: [Game]: For viewing when playing games – Performing [Shipping Condition] erases the PIN number Reduces brightness of picture to economise on power
Operation guide
Ŷ [Multi Audio] – Not valid on TV mode.
and all settings.
Ŷ [Fine Tuning]
Select the frequency and change the frequency level by consumption [Off] / [On] Refines the tuning of a channel.
Follow the operation guide to perform available Selects the sound tracks (if available) – To display a continuous record of time spent using using the cursor buttons. Ŷ [Child Lock List] Ŷ [16:9 Overscan]
operations in Music mode. Ŷ [Subtitle] Game mode [Playing Time Display] (p. 11). Ɣ This function is available when [Mode] is set to [User]. Displays the Child Lock List. Selects the screen area displaying the image
Selects the subtitle (if available) In each Viewing Mode, [Contrast], [Brightness], [Colour], ƔTo enhance the bass sound, raise the level of the lower – From the list, selects the channel / input to be locked. – [On]: Enlarges the image to hide the edge of the
View EXIT Info USB
To display / hide the operation guide during [Off] / [Subtitle1] (/ [Subtitle2] ...) frequency. To enhance the treble sound, raise the level of [Tuning Menu] image.
Select RETURN Option Menu [Sharpness], [Tint], [Colour Balance], [Eco Mode], [P-NR]
Slideshow View Select Drive Select Contents Select playback the higher frequency. – [Off]: Displays the image in the original size.
Ŷ [Aspect Change] and [3D-COMB] can be adjusted and stored for each input. (p. 11)
Operation guide Ɣ To reset the levels of each frequency to the default • Set to [On] if noise is generated on the edge of the
To playback all music in the selected folder [16:9] / [14:9] / [Just] / [4:3] / [4:3 Full] / [Zoom1] / [Backlight] / [Contrast] / [Brightness] / [Colour] / [OSD Language]
settings, select [Reset to Defaults] by using the cursor screen.
: Error display R [Zoom2] / [Zoom3] [Sharpness] Changes language for on-screen displays (p. 6)
button, and then press the OK button. • This function is available when aspect is set to [16:9].
– You can also change the aspect using the ASPECT Adjusts the levels of these options to your preference.
Follow the operation guide to perform available button.
• This function can be memorised separately for SD
operations in Photo mode. (Standard definition) and HD (High definition) signals.
8 9 10 11

TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 8 1/13/2014 3:06:38 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 9 1/13/2014 3:06:38 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 10 1/13/2014 3:06:39 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 11 1/13/2014 3:06:39 PM

Additional Information Supported file format in Media Player USB Flash Memory Unusual image is displayed
Î Turn the TV off with Mains power On / Off switch, then
Specifications AUDIO OUT
AUDIO L - R Maintenance HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition
Ŷ Photo For playing back in Media Player turn it on again. If the problem persists, initialise all Model no. RCA PIN Type × 2, 0.5 V[rms]
First, remove the mains plug from the socket
Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered
Auto power standby function JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) Format: FAT16, FAT32 settings [Shipping Condition] (p. 11) Sound trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United
– Supported image resolution: 8 × 8 to 30,719 × 17,279 39-inch model 42-inch model outlet. States and other countries.
The TV will automatically go into Standby mode in the Compliance: Pictures from equipment connected via HDMI TH-39A400X TH-42A400G TH-42A410G Audio output
– DCF and EXIF standards Supports only USB1.1 or USB2.0 standard. Regular care
following conditions: – Sub-sampling: 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0 are unusual TH-42A400K TH-42A410K 20 W (10 W + 10 W) Manufactured under
ƔNo signal is received and no operation is performed for Maximum USB capacity supported is 16GB. Check the HDMI cable is connected properly. TH-42A400X TH-42A410M ƔGently wipe the surface of the display panel, cabinet and
– Progressive JPEG is not supported. Î
Receiving systems / Band name license from Dolby
30 minutes in Analogue TV mode. USB Hub or card adapter is not supported. Î Turn the TV and equipment off, then turn them on TH-42A408K TH-42A410X pedestal by using a soft cloth. Laboratories. Dolby and
Ɣ [Off Timer] is active in the Setup Menu. Ŷ Music Note again. TH-42A409K 17 Systems ƔWipe the mains plug with a dry cloth at regular intervals. the double-D symbol
ƔNo operation is performed for the period selected in [Auto MP3 (.mp3) / AAC (.m4a) / WMA (.wma)  ƔData modified with a PC may not be displayed. Î Check an input signal from the equipment (p. 12). Power source Systems Function Moisture and dust may lead to fire or electrical shock. are trademarks of Dolby
Î Use equipment compliant with EIA/CEA-861/861D.
Standby] (p. 11). Ŷ Video ƔDo not remove the device while the TV is accessing data. AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz 1 PAL B, G, H Laboratories.
Otherwise this can damage the device or TV. 2 PAL I For stubborn dirt
Aspect AVI (.avi) / MKV (.mkv)/ASF (.asf, .wmv) / ƔDo not touch the pins on the device. Power consumption (Rated power / Standby power) Reception of broadcast
Sound 3 PAL D, K First clean the dust on the surface. Dampen a soft cloth
MP4 (.mp4, .m4v) / FLV (.flv) / 3GPP (.3gp, .3g2) / ƔInsert the device in the correct direction. Otherwise this 4 SECAM B, G transmissions and
Ŷ [16:9] 39-inch model 42-inch model with clean water or diluted neutral detergent (1 part
TS (.ts) / PS (.vob, .vro) / RMVB  5 SECAM D, K Playback from Video
can damage device or TV. No sound is produced 71 W / 0.2 W A400G/K, A408K, A409K, detergent to 100 parts water). Wring the cloth and wipe the
Directly displays the image at 16:9 Copy-protected files cannot be played back. ƔElectrical interference, static electricity, or erroneous Check the sound mute setting (p. 6) and volume. 6 SECAM K1 Cassette Tape Recorders
Î A410G/K: 90 W / 0.25 W surface. Finally, wipe away all the moisture.
without distortion (anamorphic). WMA Pro and WMA Lossless are not supported. operation may damage the data or device. Panasonic is 7 NTSC M
Low level or distorted sound A400X, A410M/X: 92 W / 0.25 W (NTSC 3.58/4.5 MHz) Caution
RMVB files are only supported by A408K, A409K, A400K not liable for any deterioration or damage of data or device Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent
Ŷ [14:9] Î Sound signal reception may be deteriorated. Display panel 8 NTSC 4.43/5.5 MHz ƔDo not use a hard cloth or rub the surface too hard as Nos: 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 6,487,535 & other U.S.
and A410K/M series. during operations with the TV. Î Set [MPX] (p. 10) in the Sound Menu to [Mono].
Displays the image at the standard 14:9 9 NTSC 4.43/6.0 MHz this could scratch the surface. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS,
Note ƔIt is recommended to connect the USB Flash Memory Panel
without distortion. Sound output via HDMI connection is unusual 10 NTSC 4.43/6.5 MHz ƔDo not subject the TV’s surfaces to water or detergent. the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are
ƔEven if these conditions are fulfilled, some files may not directly to the TV’s USB port. TFT LCD Module with LED Backlight Playback from Special
Set the sound setting of the connected equipment to 11 NTSC 3.58/5.5 MHz Liquid inside the TV could lead to product failure. registered trademarks & DTS 2.0 Channel is a
Ŷ [Just] be played back depending on how they are encoded.
ƔSome USB devices or USB HUB may not be used with Î
“2ch L.PCM”.
Visible screen size (diagonal) 12 NTSC 3.58/6.0 MHz VCR’s or DVD
ƔDo not subject the surfaces to insect repellent, solvent,
this TV. 39-inch model: 98 cm trademark of DTS, Inc. Product includes software.
Displays a 4:3 image full-screen. ƔDo not use two-byte characters or other special codes Î Check the [HDMI1 / 2 Input] setting in the Sound Menu 13 NTSC 3.58/6.5 MHz thinner or other volatile substances. This may degrade
ƔYou cannot connect any devices by using USB card 42-inch model: 106 cm © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Stretching is only noticeable at the left for data. (p. 10). 14 SECAM I surface quality or cause peeling of the paint.
and right edges. ƔThe device may become unusable with this TV if the file reader. Display resolution
Î If digital sound connection has a problem, select 15 PAL 60 Hz/5.5 MHz Playback from Special ƔThe surface of the display panel is specially treated and RealMedia, RealVideo and
Ŷ [4:3] ƔAdditional information for USB devices may be on the 1,920 (W) × 1,080 (H)
or folder names are changed. analogue sound connection (p. 12). 16 PAL 60 Hz/6.0 MHz Disc Players and Special may be easily damaged. Take care not to tap or scratch RealAudio are trademarks
following website. (English only) 17 PAL 60 Hz/6.5 MHz
Displays the image at the standard 4:3
Dimensions (W × H × D) VCR’s or DVD the surface with your fingernail or other hard objects. or registered trademarks of
without distortion. HDMI connection Ɣ Do not allow the cabinet and pedestal to make contact RealNetworks, Inc.
General 39-inch model Receiving channels with a rubber or PVC substance for a long time. This may
Ŷ [4:3 Full] This TV incorporates HDMI™ technology. HDMI (high- 886 mm × 560 mm × 247 mm (With Pedestal)
VHF BAND degrade surface quality.
These statements are under the Licence Agreement
The TV goes into Standby mode 886 mm × 516 mm × 53 mm (TV only)
Displays a 4:3 image enlarged
horizontally to fit the screen.
definition multimedia interface) is the world’s first complete
digital consumer AV interface complying with a non- Troubleshooting Î This TV is equipped with auto power standby function
(p. 12)
42-inch model
2-12 (PAL/SECAM B, K1)
0-12 (PAL B AUST.)
with RealNetworks, Inc. Terms of use must prohibit the user from
Ɣ HD signal only compression standard. Before requesting service or assistance, please follow these 963 mm x 610 mm x 247 mm (With Pedestal) 1-9 (PAL B N.Z.) modifying, translating, reverse engineering,
Ŷ [Zoom1] HDMI allows you to enjoy high-definition digital images
and high-quality sound by connecting the TV and the
simple guides to resolve the problem.
If an error message appears, follow the message’s
The remote control does not work or is
963 mm x 566 mm x 69 mm (TV only)
1-12 (PAL/SECAM D)
1-12 (NTSC M Japan)
Licence decompiling, disassembling or using other means
to discover the Source Code or otherwise replicate
Displays a 16:9 letterbox or 4:3 image
equipment. instructions. Î Replace the batteries (p. 4). 2-13 (NTSC M USA) This product incorporates the following software: the functionality of the Client Code, except to the
without distortion. 39-inch model
If the problem still persists, please contact your local Point the remote control directly at the remote control (1) the software licensed under the GNU General extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by
Ŷ [Zoom2] Ŷ Applicable HDMI features Î
signal receiver of the TV (within about 7 m and 30 11.0 (With Pedestal) UHF BAND
Public License, Version 2.0 (GPL V2.0), applicable law.
Panasonic dealer for assistance. 21-69 (PAL G, H, I/SECAM G, K, K1)
ƔInput audio signal: degree angle). 10.0 (TV only) (2) the software licensed under the GNU LESSER Terms of use must effectively disclaim on
Displays a 16:9 letterbox (anamorphic) 28-69 (PAL B AUST.)
2ch Linear PCM (sampling frequencies - 48 kHz, Screen Î Situate the TV away from sunshine or block sources 42-inch model General Public License, Version 2.1 (LGPL V2.1), behalf of Real all warranties and conditions other
image full-screen without distortion. 13-57 (PAL D, K)
44.1 kHz, 32 kHz) of bright light from shining on the remote control signal 10.0 (With Pedestal) and/or than those set forth in this Agreement, express and
13-62 (NTSC M Japan)
Ŷ [Zoom3] ƔInput video signal: Red, blue, green or black spots on the screen receiver of the TV. 8.5 (TV only) 14-69 (NTSC M USA) (3) open sourced software other than the software implied, including implied warranties or conditions
Displays a 2.35:1 letterbox (anamorphic) “Input signal that can be displayed” (p. 12) Î This is the characteristic of liquid crystal panels. The of merchantability and fitness for a particular
Parts of the TV become hot Connection terminals CATV licensed under the GPL and/or LGPL.
image full-screen without distortion. Match the output setting of the digital equipment. liquid crystal panel is built with very high precision purpose; and effectively exclude all liability for
technology. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels may Î Even if the temperature of parts of the front, top and AV IN / AV1 IN (COMPONENT / VIDEO) S1-S20 (OSCAR) The software categorized as (1) - (3) are distributed
At 16:9, displays the image at its Ŷ DVI connection appear on the screen as points of red, green, blue or rear panels has risen, these temperature rises do not
VIDEO 1-125 (USA CATV) in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
indirect, special, incidental and consequential
maximum (with slight enlargement). If the external equipment has only a DVI output, connect to cause any problems in terms of performance or quality. C13-C49 (JAPAN) damages, including but not limited to lost profits or
black. This does not affect the performance of your TV RCA PIN Type × 1, 1.0 V[p-p] (75 :) WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of
the HDMI terminal via a DVI to HDMI adaptor cable. S21-S41 (HYPER) replacement systems.
and it is not a quality problem. The LCD panel moves slightly when it is AUDIO L - R MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR
Input signal that can be displayed When the DVI to HDMI adaptor cable is used, connect the Z1-Z37 (CHINA) PURPOSE. Please refer to the detailed terms and (Only supported by A408K, A409K, A400K and
Chaotic image, noisy pushed with a finger RCA PIN Type × 2, 0.5 V[rms]
5A, 9A (AUST.)
audio cable to the audio input terminal as follows: conditions thereof shown in the “Software License” A410K/M series)
Î Set [P-NR] in the Picture Menu to remove noise Y
Signal name COMPONENT HDMI ƔTH-42A410M/X only: use AV1 IN AUDIO terminals Clattered sound might be heard Aerial input menu on this product.
(p. 10). 1.0 V[p-p] (including synchronisation)
ƔOther models: use AV IN AUDIO terminals Î There is some flexibility around the panel to prevent Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft
525 (480) / 60i, 60p Î Check nearby electrical products (car, motorcycle, PB, PR VHF / UHF At least three (3) years from delivery of this product,
damage. This is not a malfunction. Corporation in the United States and other
Note fluorescent lamp). ±0.35 V[p-p] Panasonic Corporation will give to any third party
625 (576) / 50i, 50p Overcurrent error message appears Operating conditions countries.
Ɣ Audio settings can be made on [HDMI1 / 2 Input] in the AV2 IN (TH-42A410M/X only) who contacts us at the contact information provided
750 (720) / 60p, 50p No image is displayed The connected USB device might cause this error.
Sound Menu (p. 10).
VIDEO Temperature below, for a charge no more than our cost of physically Even if no special notation has been made of company
Î Check the settings of [Contrast], [Brightness] or [Colour] Remove the device and turn the TV off with Mains
1,125 (1,080) / 60i, 50i Ɣ These HDMI connectors are “type A”. in the Picture Menu (p. 9). RCA PIN Type × 1, 1.0 V[p-p] (75 :) 0 °C - 40 °C performing source code distribution, a complete or product trademarks, these trademarks have been
Ɣ These HDMI connectors are compatible with HDCP power On / Off switch, then turn it on again. machine-readable copy of the corresponding source
1,125 (1,080) / 60p, 50p, 24p Î Check the TV is in AV mode. If the TV is in AV mode,
Î Check foreign objects are not inside the USB port. AUDIO L - R Humidity fully respected.
(High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) copyright check the selected input mode match the output of the RCA PIN Type × 2, 0.5 V[rms] code covered under GPL V2.0, LGPL V2.1 or the other
20 % - 80 % RH (non-condensing)
Mark : Applicable input signal protection. external equipment (p. 7). licenses with the obligation to do so, as well as the
HDMI 1 / 2 input Note
ƔSignals other than above may not be displayed properly. ƔEquipment having no digital output terminal may be respective copyright notice thereof.
Blurry or distorted image TYPE A Connectors ƔDesign and Specifications are subject to change without Contact Information:
Ɣ The above signals are reformatted for optimal viewing on connected to the input terminal of component or video to (no sound or low volume) USB notice. Mass and Dimensions shown are approximate. The source code and the copyright notice are also
your display. receive analogue signals. Î Resets channels [Auto Tuning] or [Manual Tuning] USB 2.0 TYPE A Connectors available for free in our website below.
(p. 11) DC 5 V, Max. 500 mA

12 13 14 15

TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 12 2
TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN_A2.indd 1/13/2014 3:06:39 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 13 1/13/2014 3:06:40 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 14 1/13/2014 3:06:40 PM TH-39_42A400_408_409_410KGMX_EN.indd 15 3:06:40 PM
1/13/2014 3:08:41