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1. CONNECT • Get to know the client and their Take notes about their company.
business well.
• Profile their school, education, Focus on looking for areas
work experience, and family. within their frame of reference to
connect and bond on.

The business questions should be

a 30,000 foot view (very broad).

Circle back around in the next

stage to clarify pain points.

2. WHAT IS THE • Identify what the business does Listen for the needs below the
BUSINESS? and how they provide value. surface, ask more questions to
• Learn about the success clarify, and take notes. You should
metrics of the business to be doing little to no talking during
create milestones. this part.
• Identify points of innovation to
transfer thoughts and value
from other industries.

3. ALIGNMENT • Get information to determine Take the information that you

overall alignment. have aquired to create a sandbox
• Identify what outcomes are for the project to live in; build the
needed from the client. world and environment for the
• Identify what must be project to be executed within.
addressed in the next steps.

4. CLARIFY, ASK, • Review what you both have Take the information you’ve
& NEXT STEPS said and covered in the learned and turn it into a concise
meeting by reciting a short explanation of what their needs
summary of the meeting. are and what they want.
• Confirm what they need to
see in a proposal. Outline a timeline for next steps
• Identify next steps and tasks and let the client know what to
to accomplish. expect. You’ve already bracketed
a budget: now it’s time to get a
specific bid.

FIRST MEETING Introduction 2

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Who are you speaking with? School, family, life...

What are the basics of the business?

What’s the problem that needs a solution? What are their pain points?

Are there any other stakeholders? What are their roles?


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What are your products? What are your services?

Are sales increasing or decreasing? Are sales increasing or decreasing?

Sales + / - : % Sales + / - : %

What are some big trends in your industry?

Where do you sell / sales channels? (e.g. In-person, Resell, eComm, etc.)

FIRST MEETING What’s the Business? 4

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How did your last design experience go?

If time and money were not an object, what would the perfect solution be?

What’s your timeline? Who are the decision-makers?

What factors influence their decisions?

What’s your finanical commitment/budget?

What do you need to see in a proposal?


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Clarify to the client what have you discovered? Next steps:

Directly after meeting:

At a later date, by ________________:

Have we covered everything?

Has our conversation sparked anything?

FIRST MEETING Clarify, Ask, & Next Steps 6

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