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Wilson, Chis From: My Janne Sent Thursday, Apri 25, 2019 250 PM To: Wison, Chie Subject: For resent Bresconh ‘Attachments: Sigratoris pa Signatories doc It 1 sate spaces (003}docx Please se attached an open letter to President Brescian from 89 North Dakota Legislators. , Senator anne Myrdal North Dakota District 10 1701 31 0946, “The ultimate test of a moral society ihe kind of world tat it leaves tots children (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) Bismarck, Apil 23% 2019, We, the undersigned, write 0 express our displeasure and concem with North Dakola State University’s (NDSU) continted public partnership wth Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (Plarned Parenthood). ‘The program at issue, entited “Safe Spaces,” purports to train K-12 teachers to be a “resource for sexual health information.” White some of the topics addressed in the training raise concerns and questions, tis primarily the very public partnership with Planned Parenthood that causes the greatest concern, ‘While we respect the importance of academic freedom, NOSU's partnership with Planned Parenthood inthis program raises several questions that need answers. “The policy of North Dakotas to avoid the promotion of abortion and partnership with abortion providers, Although Safe Spaces may not technically violate any statute, NDSU's close and very public partnership with an abortion provider, particularly Planned Parenthood, violates the intention of North Dakota toavoid even the appearance of legitimizing the abortion industry. Did the program administrators at NDSU consider partnering with any oer organization on the ‘Safe Spaces program? If so, who were they and why were they considered insufficient? If not, \why not? Did the administrators ever consider North Dakota law and policy about working wth ‘abortion providers when developing ths program? ‘Although research into teaching methods about sexual health may be a legitimate academic ‘exercise, we see no reason NDSU needs to be involved in providing classes around the state fn this issue, particularly in garnership with Planned Parenthood. Moreover, we have received 1 incication from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction or the schoo! districts that ‘current teacher continuing education projects that do not use Planned Parenthood are inadequate. Did any school district or public school in North Dakota request this program? If ‘which were they? ‘The Safe Spaces program is funded through a federal grant. Since this grant is received and. sed by a state agency, wee ask for an accounting of how the money is used and whether PPanned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakata, South Dakota receives any ofthe funding, Also, did NDSU enter into any formal agreement with Planned Parenthood regarding the Partnership, program mater, exchange of money or in-kind services, or use of names and logos? “The involvement uf NOSU with Plained Patented continues (raise wanes among legislators and the general pubic. Legislators, in paricular, have an obligation to inquire about the arrangement. At a minimum, NDSU should provide an accounting ofthe dollars used for this program and answers to the questions posed above. Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.