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St. Mary’s THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2019



Ridge’s Fightin’ Four

2 The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019


Ridge VFD President Charlie Bradburn, left, and Chief Ray Mercure

Leonardtown approves storage facility project

Filipino Americans celebrate their heritage Beerfest coming to St. Mary’s City.
OBITUARIES 24 through song, dance



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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Local News 3

'Drag Queen' Event Set for

Lexington Park Library

A drag queen at one of Drag Queen Story Hour's prior national events.

By Guy Leonard ing concerns that the event is a method

Staff Writer of indoctrinating young children and
sexualizing them before they are mature
The St. Mary’s County library system enough.
is receiving national attention due to a SMASH and PFLAG have billed the
program “Drag Queen Story Hour” set event as one promoting acceptance and
for June 23 at the Lexington Park branch tolerance.
in which men dressed as women, in os- “Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is
tentatious garb, will read to children as just what it sounds like—drag queens
young as three years old, according to a reading stories to children in librar-
notice advertising the event. ies, schools, and bookstores,” the social
Though the event will be held at the li- media post reads. “DQSH captures the
brary, Michael Blackwell, director of the imagination and play of the gender fluid-
library system, has said that the group ity of childhood and gives kids glamor-
known as Southern Maryland Area Sec- ous, positive, and unabashedly queer role
ular Humanists (SMASH) is sponsoring models.
the event using its non-profit status. “In spaces like this, kids are able to see
Blackwell said the library system is people who defy rigid gender restrictions
only providing the room per its rules and
standards for leaving its meeting rooms
and imagine a world where people can
present as they wish, where dress up is
open for public use. 12 pm The Bootleggers

Groups can register to use the rooms Samantha McGuire, representative for
on-line, Blackwell said, and there is no SMASH, said the upcoming event will be 2 pm HydraFX
charge for their use by non-profit groups.
The event is being sponsored
by SMASH along with PFLAG of
open to the public, where as the event of
two years ago was private.
The group is asking for attendees to
JUNE 4 pm Outside the Wire

Leonardtown. RSVP and are expecting most to be
On social media posts, SMASH has brought by their parents, she said.
said that at least 100 children have been “Most signups have been parents

signed up to take part in the program. signing up their children,” McGuire
Blackwell said since someone posted said. “But it is open to the public…
his phone number on-line he has received anybody can walk into that room.”
calls regarding the event from all across She explained that Drag Queen Story
the country. Hour is a nationwide organization that
“I’ve been receiving calls from Cali- organizes “queens” to read to young chil- VENDORS
fornia to Connecticut both in opposition dren and libraries.
and support of the event,” Blackwell said. In most programs there is one “queen”
“We’re not partnering with the event. who reads three to four “age appropriate” CHILDREN'S
“They’re following all our policies and
stories, McGuire said.
According to the DQSH website the
Two years ago the library system and books often entail aspects of “gender di-
its board of trustees came under intense versity and difference.”
criticism and scrutiny for hosting a sex
Noon—6 pm HOPS TO IT!
The group is not releasing the name of
education class by a Washington D.C. the “queen” to forestall any harassment,
area instructor, Bianca Palmisano. she said.
Palmisano was well known for her ad- “They get viciously attacked by trolls,”
vocacy for lesbian, gay and bisexual prac- said McGuire, who added that “queens” Tickets: Eventbrite - Historic St. Mary's City BeerFest
tices and for reviews of sex toys on-line. are processed through a background 47414 State House Road, St. Mary's City, Maryland / 240-895-4960
The event was initially cancelled due check before being allowed to read to / @Historic St. Mary's City BeerFest
to community backlash regarding such children.
material, but she was later invited to hold The event also has a make-up tutorial Hosted by Historic St. Mary's City Foundation
the class at the behest of SMASH, who class for dressing in drag for teenagers
under the library rules could sponsor the and “tweens” after the story time.
event due to their non-profit status.
Proceeds support HSMC programs and research
Local opponents are already rais-
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019


Tracking Downward
Wentworth Nursery
By Guy Leonard
Fire Pit Kit Big green egg Staff Writer

Dr. Meena Brewster, the county’s

chief health officer and head of the St.
Mary’s County Health Department, said
Tuesday that opioid overdose deaths
so far this year are trending downward
from spikes in fatalities from the prior
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Block Only The latest figures she showed the
Only 58988
with Large or
with Small or
Medium Commissioners of St. Mary’s County at
their Tuesday meeting noted there were
Poly AdirondAcK chAirs nine opioid related deaths so far this
year as of the end of April.
If these fatalities were a reliable pro-
jection, she said, then opioid deaths
should be down for the entire year.
Rhododendron Knockout Roses “We are seeing a slight decrease,”
Special Special St. Mary's County Chief Health Officer Dr.
Order Your 3 gal Size Brewster said. “But everyone of these
3 gal Size Meena Brewster.
fatalities is too many.”
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In 2017 the number of opioid deaths drug crisis intervention capability, she
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$ $
27 88
ea. more than doubled to 33, the next year said, because of a dearth of safe stations
Poly BAr height PuB Hibiscus Rose Bloom Struck
was little better with 31 deaths. to counsel and treat addicts.
chAirs & tABle of Sharon Brewster said the health department’s Aside from opioids Brewster cau-
work with other county agencies includ- tioned commissioners about the rise of
ing law enforcement and the community vaping and e-cigarettes, particularly
at large to deter people from drug use among young people.
could be showing success. She said such devices could deliver
That includes a program that col- in one dosage the equivalent amount of
lects needles used to inject opioids in nicotine found in 20 cigarettes.
5 Off
$ 00
$ 00
Off exchange for new ones; though the pro- She said use of such devices by young
Order Today Any Proven Any Endless gram has been controversial in other people put them at higher risk for addic-
Winner® Summer® jurisdictions it has proven effective in tion to nicotine.
All Colors Hydrangea
Shrub states such as Indiana in curbing the She noted young people were also us-
spread of infectious diseases. ing sweatshirts cleverly crafted to have
Now ScheduliNg For Summer iNStallatioN The program here has collected electronic smoking devices secreted in
call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427 24,000 sharps so far, Brewster said, the hood’s drawstrings.
though she noted that not all were nec- “They’re sucking on these things and
essarily used for intravenous drug use. driving the nicotine into their bodies,”
“Those are sharps that are off the Brewster warned.
street,” Brewster said.
The county still lacks round-the-clock

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June 25th, 2019
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood
Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road
St. Mary’s

SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6

Mechanicsville 20659
301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times 5

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6 Local News The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Town Council Approves Storage Facility

By Guy Leonard ley said.
Staff Writer Bailey said the facility would gener-
ate an estimated seven vehicle trips per
After tabling the vote on Marrick hour.
Properties’ proposal last month to build “At the Shop at Breton Bay you’re see-
a storage facility at the Clark’s Rest ing seven to eight cars a minute,” said
community in Leonardtown, the town Mayor Dan Burris.
council voted to approve the project af- None of the council members said
ter a lengthy discussion. this was the ideal project for the retail
It was a close vote; the measure passed component at Clark’s Rest; even the de-
by a 2-to-1 decision. veloper had tried to bring in other busi-
Council members Tyler Alt and Jay nesses but failed.
Mattingly voted to approve the project, “Am I sold on this plan? Not really,”
while Council woman Mary Slade voted said Mattingly. “But it does meet our
against it. zoning requirements.”
Council members Hayden Ham- A revised artists rendering of the approved storage facility near Clark's Rest.
“It’s not our first choice, either,” said
mett and Christy Hollander were not in Bailey. a climate-controlled place to stay. get Monday with a property tax rate of
attendance. Slade said she had dealings in the past Resident Doug Isleib, said the project .1266 per $100 of assessed value, lower
Rick Bailey, head of Marrick Proper- with Cube Smart, the vendor who would “isn’t really in consonance with the vi- than the constant yield rate; water and
ties, came back to the council with sev- take over the facility, and was not favor- sion” of the town’s master plan. sewer rates remained the same but trash
eral more changes to the design of 97, ably impressed. But Bryan Hamlett said there were pickup charges will increase between 17
337 square foot building with and RV “I had a unit with Cube Smart and worse structures, such as the old Penny’s and 35 percent, while recycling fees will
and boat storage area fronting Route 5 everything was destroyed by rodents,” Bar, immediately across from Clark’s increase 23 to 43 percent.
north of the downtown. Slade said. “They said it wasn’t their Rest, to look at in town. The total town operating budget is
The building’s height was further de- problem.” “I’m not overly opposed to this,” $1.6 million.
creased from 43 to 41 feet, he said, with She was concerned that the facility Hamlett said.
lighting that was “night sky friendly.” could not only attract rodents but home- In other news the town council ap-
“They will project down, not up,” Bai- less people as well who were looking for

Town Businesses Vandalized

proved the fiscal 2020 operating bud-

By Guy Leonard smashed in them, McKay said.

Staff Writer “They [police] found some marbles,”
McKay said. “It may have been some-
Approximately six businesses were thing like a slingshot.”
vandalized in downtown Leonardtown Police are seeking the help of the
Sunday night, town officials said, likely community in identifying the suspects
with some sort of projectile weapon. in the case; part of the suspect vehicle
Town Administrator Laschelle McK- was found on surveillance footage dur-
ay said the businesses included A&M ing the vandalism spree.
Glass, Social Coffeehouse, On Our Own County Commissioner Eric Colvin
and Fenwick Street Used Books and said the spree was doubly disappoint-
Music as well as Ye Olde Town Café and ing because those targeted were small
the Carpenter Office Building across the businesses.
street from the St. Mary’s County Cir- “There’s no place for this in our com-
cuit Court House. munity,” Colvin said Tuesday.
The damage done to the businesses
seemed to be to the storefront win-
dows, with several of them having holes

Waterfront Dining at

Overlooking Canoe Creek

Treat Dad To
Sunday Brunch Plates
Local Fish • Crab Cakes
Seafood Cioppino • Steamed Crabs
Ribs • Chicken• Beef
38869 Morris Point Road • Abell, MD
301-769-2500 • Damage done to the front of Social Coffeehouse. Photo credits: Lisa Kotyk, owner of Social
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Local News 7
8 Local News The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Elmer Brown to be Honored this Juneteenth

Hollywood Square Concept
Site Plan Approved
By Guy Leonard dent of UCAC. “This year
Staff Writer we’re celebrating what my
father meant to the UCAC.
By Guy Leonard mixed use. This weekend’s Juneteenth “He will be a hard act to
Staff Writer The developer also proposes celebration, which remem- follow.”
42 parking spaces for the site bers the nationwide end to After living and work-
The county’s planning com- and an additional 14 be added slavery back in 1865 follow- ing for a time in Washing-
mission has approved the ini- for Bruster’s store. ing the Civil War, will hon- ton, D.C., Elmer moved his
tial plan to build a new com- “It can’t be a big project,” or Elmer J. Brown Sr., one family back to St. Mary’s
mercial site on Mervell Dean said Howard Thompson, chair of the leading members of County in 1968. In 1982, he
Road in Hollywood. of the planning commission. the local African American accepted a full-time posi-
The new project, known “It’s a small lot.” community. tion as St. Mary’s County’s
as Hollywood Square, is a Some members on the plan- Brown founded UCAC, or Public Housing Manager
3,825-square foot, fast food ning commission were con- the Unified Committee for and helped establish Tubman
and restaurant carry out space, cerned about pedestrians African American Contribu- Douglas Estates, a single-
according to the staff report crossing the street to get to the tions, which seeks to catalog family housing development
from the Department of Land new site, mostly from illegally and teach the contributions in Great Mills.
Use and Growth Management. parking their cars along the Afro-Americans have made Brown also helped insti-
The developer of the proj- side of the road. to the history of St. Mary’s tute the Sail-To-Life Pro-
ect, Fountain Group LLC, Thompson said the developer County. gram in conjunction with St.
plans three separate shops on agreed to improve the sidewalk Brown’s legacy, not only as Mary’s College of Maryland Elmer Brown
the property which is immedi- on their side of Mervell Dean a community leader but as a to help children learn water
ately behind the Bruster’s Ice Road extending all the way to county civil servant and en- safety and sailing. can American soldiers.
Cream store and across from Bruster’s to make it safer for trepreneur earlier in his life, The Juneteenth celebra- The event will also have
the Moose Lodge. pedestrians to access the new has been memorialized at the tion, which will take place at members from the county
The shops would be divided project. Elmer Brown Freedom Park John G. Lancaster Park, Sat- health department and Med-
into a fast food restaurant, a The new project will be in Tulagi Place in Lexington urday on Willows Road, and Star St. Mary’s Hospital of-
carry-out shop and a coffee serviced by water and sewer Park. includes food, games, enter- fering health information to
shop. already running to the Holly- “He’s the one who started tainment and multicultural attendees.
All three would be contained wood Town Center. it [the local Juneteenth cel- shows as well as Civil War
on a site just two-thirds of an ebration],” said his son Mike history and the contributions
acre in size as a town center Brown, who is now the presi- made to that conflict by Afri-

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Local News 11
Legal Notice
Chamber Recognizes
Founding Members

In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Case No.: C-18-FM-19-000399

Notice (Adult) (DOM REL 61)

The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which
he/she seeks to change his/her name from Kyle Joseph Michael Boyd to Kyle
Joseph Michael Griffith. The petitioner is seeking a name change because:
I would like to have the same last name as my step-father.

Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 19th
day of July, 2019. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served
upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an
objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default
or the granting of the relief sought.

Debra J. Burch,
Clerk of Court for David Dent, owner of WJ Dent & Sons
St. Mary’s County Maryland Grocery Store and Chief's Bar receives the
Viki Volk-Russell receives the Public Service Businessperson of the Year Award from
June 13, 2019 Award from outgoing Chamber of Commerce outgoing Chamber of Commerce President
President Dr. Tracy Harris. Dr. Tracy Harris.

Legal Notice

In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Case No.: C-18-FM-19-000464

Notice (Minor) (DOM REL 65)

The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which
he/she seeks to change his/her name from Winter Leigh Cretis Tapponnier to
Ezra Lee Tapponnier. The petitioner is seeking a name change because:
Minor would like to have a name of his choice.

Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 19th
day of July, 2019. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served
upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an
objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default
or the granting of the relief sought.

Debra J. Burch, George Guy and his son Glenn of Guy Distributing were one of the 23 Founders Award recipients.
Clerk of Court for
St. Mary’s County Maryland By Dick Myers year experienced rapid growth with
Editor 125 members by year’s end. Today the
June 13, 2019 chamber is 456 members strong and “re-
The St. Mary’s County Chamber of mains financially sound,” according to
Commerce was founded in April of outgoing president Dr. Tracy Harris of
1974 with 23 charter members. Those the College of Southern Maryland.
Legal Notice founders were honored at the chamber’s
annual dinner meeting June 11 at Leon-
At its annual dinner the chamber be-
stowed two prestigious awards for Pub-
ardtown firehouse. lic Service and the Businessperson of
IN THE MATTER OF YELENA MARIE MCAFEE Many of the founders are still active the Year.
FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO LYENA ALEXEEVNA YAKOVLEVA in the chamber and many were on hand This year’s awardee for Public Ser-
to receive the Founders Award. Those vice is Viki Volk-Russell, president
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland 23 charter members are: B&B Mainte- and chief executive officer of the Com-
nance of Maryland, Inc.; Burch Oil Co., munity Development Corporation. She
Case No.: C-18-FM-19-427 Inc.; Burroughs, Moreland & Mudd, was cited for her championing of the
Notice (Adult) (DOM REL 61) CPA, P.A; Chaney Enterprises; Combs county's largest community, Lexington
Drury Reeves Insurance Agency; Dean Park. In her remarks she noted that the
The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which Lumber & Supply Co. Inc.; Enterprise/
he/she seeks to change his/her name from Yelena Marie McAfee to Lyena community was the county’s economic
Alexeevna Yakovleva. The petitioner is seeking a name change because: Tester Newspaper; Franzen Realtors, engine.
This is my preferred name. Inc.; G&H Jewelers; Guy Distributing Receiving the Businessperson of the
Company, Inc.; Kenny’s Flowers; Kes- Year Award was David Dent of W.J.
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 25th sler Body & Equipment, LLC; Matting- Dent and Sons and Chief’s in Tall Tim-
day of July, 2019. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and served ley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A; McK- bers, a third-generation general store,
upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an ay’s Food & Pharmacy; Patuxent Pump bar and restaurant started by Dent’s
objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default & Well, Inc; Raley, Watts & O’Neill Ins. father. He said, “It is very humbling to
or the granting of the relief sought. & Financial Services; St. Mary’s Coun- have the support of the community.”
ty Public Schools; SMECO; Southern After the awards were handed out,
Debra J. Burch,
Clerk of Court for Maryland Oil; Suburban Propane; The Harris handed the gavel over to Dan
St. Mary’s County Maryland Tackle Box; Towne Florist; and Taylor Dawson of KBRwyle, who will be the
Gas Company, Inc. chamber’s president for the next year.
June 13, 2019 Chamber Executive Director Richard
Fleming said the chamber in that first-
12 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dog Attack on Child Contract Employee Charged

Under Investigation with Bringing Contraband
into the Detention Center
On Friday, June 7, 2019 at approximately 7 p.m., Troopers from the Leonardtown
Barrack responded to the 48000 block of Leeward Circle, Lexington Park, Mary- In May of 2019, detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office
land for a reported animal bite. Preliminary investigation revealed a 5-year-old child Narcotics Division began an investigation into allegations a contract Ara-
was playing inside the residence, when the 5-year-old child was attacked by the mark employee, who worked in the kitchen at the St. Mary’s County Deten-
family Rottweiler. During the attack, a second family Shar Pei Mix began to attack tion and Rehabilitation Center, was bringing contraband into the facility.
the child. The dogs continued to attack the child until members of the community The investigation determined Tammy Lee Hill, age 44 of Mechanicsville,
were able to enter into the home and remove the child from the dogs’ grasp. The was bringing numerous prescription pills into the facility as well as Subox-
child sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was flown by Maryland State Po- one and cigarettes and providing them to inmates.
lice helicopter Trooper 7 to Children’s Hospital in Washington DC. Animal Control On June 11, 2019, Hill was served a criminal summons and charged with
responded and took possession of the dogs. The case remains under investigation. six counts of Possess Contraband-Place of Confinement.

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For official news and information, follow the St.
Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter @firstsheriff.

Lexington Park Man Arrested for Assault

On June 10, 2019, at approximately 4:20 a.m. deputies
from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office responded
to the 2500 block of Chestnut Way in Lexington Park,
for the reported assault and report of a possible shoot-
ing. Numerous attempts were made to contact the resi-
dents inside the home with negative results. Deputies
established a perimeter and members of the Sheriff’s
Office Emergency Services Team made entry into the
Investigation determined Justin Lane Johnson, age
32 of Lexington Park, had
assaulted the victim, caus-
ing injury to the victim. No
firearms were involved in the
incident and no shooting oc-
curred. Johnson was placed
under arrest and charged
with Assault Second Degree.
For official news and infor-
mation, follow the St. Mary’s
County Sheriff’s Office on
Twitter @firstsheriff.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times In Our Community 13
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Paddling to Support Our Heroes Celebrating Filipino Culture

Members of the Filipino American Association of Southern Maryland demonstrate a harvest

dance native to the Philippines.

MIke Thompson, of Hollywood, takes a break after a three-mile race in Breton Bay for Paddle
for Heroes June 8 to benefit first responders. The FilAm Festival at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department had traditional Filipino dances
for couples.

Taylor Gas Company offers full service installation and repair for a
breadth of propane related systems.
The customer is our top priority here at Taylor Gas. We provide 24 hour
emergency service and deliveries to the Sourthern Maryland area.
Combining extensive training with 68 years of on-the-job experience,
you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best service available.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times In Our Community 15

Crab Festival Celebrates

Everyone’s Favorite Crustacean
Farmers Insurance believes that your courage and
service to our nation should be rewarded. That’s why
we offer special preferred rates for soldiers. Your
bravery is appreciated! Contact a local Farmers agent
to start saving today.

Call today for the savings you deserve!

Riverside Farmers Insurance
Your Local Agent

Jessica and Wesley Ober, former Calvert County residents now living Mike Gallo, front, and Robert Newton of Copsey's
in Virginia still come back to the county Crab Festival each year. Seafood prepare crabs for the St. Mary's County Crab

First Friday Features Hard Crabs

June 7th was the annual crab-themed
community event featuring crab art-
work, crab craft activities, steamed
crabs, crab dip, crab bowls, crab books,
crab everything throughout town! Hy-
draFX rocked The Square with a high
energy blast of songs from both the past
and present. The evening also included
opening receptions for new shows at the
art galleries, open studio workshops,
Prompt, Personalized, Professional
book signings by local authors, live mu-
sic at select venues, and one-night only $10 WALK IN NAIL TRIMS
First Friday specials. Pictured here is
young artist Pearl designing a beautiful
shell necklace with “Artful Playhouse”,
photo courtesy of Meg McDowell.
A special note of appreciation to 25741 Three Notch Rd. • Hollywood MD
our Platinum Level Sponsors (Mar-
rick Homes, Quality Built Homes, and Bob Schaller and Friends. If you are a

Leonardtown Chevrolet Buick GMC) musician and would like to join in with
whose generous support makes these the jam band, email Bob at: schaller@
free concerts and activities possible. Check the “Leonard-
Also a big thank you to the Town of town First Fridays” page on Facebook,
Leonardtown, Leonardtown Business, or
Association members, and our team of
dedicated volunteers on the First Friday
Join us for our next event on July 5th Submitted by the Leonardtown
for the “Red, White & Blues Jam” with Business Association Blue eyed dogs are RARE AND
BEAUTIFUL! The blue color of the eyes
isn't influenced by the color of the coat
Beach Water Monitoring Season Underway and any dog belonging to any breed can be
born with blue eyes. In fact, all puppies are born
Swimmers Encouraged to CheckAdvisories with blue eyes but when the blue coloring remains
into adulthood it is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING! Hi, my name is Dee
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the safe and healthy beach experience this Dee and I am ONE FUN AMAZING GIRL! I'm most likely a mix of Hound,
Environmental Health Division of the summer. Information on conditions for Husky, and maybe a little Australian Cattle dog. I'm an ADVENTUROUS,
St. Mary’s County Health Department beaches monitored across the state is GREGARIOUS, 4 year old who is always ready to go for a walk. If you
(SMCHD) monitors the water quality available through the Maryland Healthy need some SPUNK in your life, then I'm the dog for you! Hop in your car
of public beaches in St. Mary’s County. Beaches app for mobile devices, avail- and head on down to TCAS to meet me and BE MY MIRACLE! When you
Current water conditions for beaches able for download via the App Store and choose to adopt from TCAS you are literally saving a life.
monitored by SMCHD can be found Google Play. PLEASE CHOOSE ME! And, remember, if there is room in the heart, there
at or by calling our Learn more about our Healthy Beach is room in the house.
Healthy Beach Hotline: 301-475-4330, Program at: Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County
ext. SWIM (7946). watch?v=TXs4BFQ8MCU&feature=yo Animal Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville)
Swimming in natural waters is nev- or call 301-932-1713 for more information. To see more
er risk free. Beachgoers should stay of my amazing friends available for adoption, “like” us
informed of water quality advisories Press Release from Healthy St. Mary’s on Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter Southern MD.
and practice healthy beach habits for a
16 On the Cover The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Ridge Volunteers Fighting Veh

By Guy Leonard crashed motor vehicle not extinguishing house fires, said “They don’t do that anymore.”
Staff Writer Mercure, according to current trends. Also the training requirements can be an impediment
“About 75 percent of them are serious MVAs [motor to getting new recruits, Mercure said.
Down in the southernmost part of St. Mary’s County vehicle accidents] in the past year or so,” Mercure said. The state-mandated training for becoming a basic
they don’t have many calls for service for the Ridge Vol- “I’m a firm believer that it’s due to cell phones and people firefighter is about 125 hours, but to become certified as
unteer Fire Department compared to other fire compa- not paying attention to what they’re doing as the main an EMT [emergency medical technician] beyond simple
nies, but they have just as much of a problem keeping problems.” first aid takes much longer, said Mercure.
young volunteers as the rest. Living in such a rural area as Ridge where traffic might “We don’t require everyone to have that,” he said.
Of the 80 to 90 members on their rolls, only about 40 not be a considered a problem, is probably the reason so But perhaps the prime reason Company 4 has chal-
to 50 are active members who run calls for emergencies, many accidents occur, Mercure said. lenges keeping new members to bolster the older ones is
said Chief Ray Mercure. But with traffic coming to and from Point Lookout their desire to run more fire calls.
“It’s hard to get guys out,” he said. State Park, which is often crowded on weekends and Mercure said the average call volume for Company 4 is
And their primary calls for service is rescue from a holidays, and commuters traveling everyday to Webster only about 230 to 250 calls a year.
Field, an annex of the high tech work being done “We do have some young guys,” Mercure said. “But a
at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, there are more lot of them want to go out and see stuff.
and more motorists on narrow country roads, Mer- “We just don’t have the call volume.”
cure said. The relatively small group of active members answer-
“People just get complacent and before they know ing calls range in age from their 30s to their 70s, Mercure
it they’re in an accident,” Mercure told The County said.
Times. Ridge Volunteer Fire Department got its start in 1948
The volunteers are actively involved in fire pre- according to the company’s official history.
vention education as well, the chief at Co. 4 said, “The Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, located in the
teaching not just adults but especially children the Mother County of Maryland, was established in 1948. A
importance of stopping dangerous fires before they undocumented meeting was held in mid-1948 in Buck
can start. Ridgell’s Garage in Scotland. It is uncertain as to all the
They talk to children in elementary schools and people that were in [attendance]. It is believed that at least
even in local daycares about fire safety, he said. Buck Ridgell, Mae Morgan, Harry Hoke, Ralph Messick,
“We have a trailer with equipment that we use to Wilfred Owens and Howard Cooper were in attendance.
teach fire prevention,” said Mercure. It was unanimous that there was a need for a fire depart-
CARROLL’S EQUIPMENT Even with all the community support they have,
including for keeping one of only two fire depart-
ment in the First District. The first major decision was
the location. Ridge and St. Inigoes were the two locations
ment carnivals operating in St. Mary’s, recruiting that were discussed. There is no written documentation
new personnel remains a challenge. of this meeting,” their website reads.
“It’s tough to get people to make the time, every- “The first documented meeting of the department is for
body has to work during the day,” Mercure said. “In December 21, 1948 held at Stone’s Garage in St. Inigoes.
the past local businesses and even the contractors To the best of our knowledge those in attendance were
on Webster Field would let people answer calls. Wilfred Owens, Howard Cooper, Boots Stone, Lloyd

Monday-Friday 8-5 • Saturday 8-12 • Closed Sunday

17723 Three Notch Rd. • Dameron, MD
301-872-5553 •
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times On the Cover 17

hicle Crashes More Than Fires

Bean, Harry Hoke, Earl Gatton, and Mae Morgan. is plenty of that to be had; it’s also a time for the com-
It was at this meeting that the department as an or- munity members to catch up with each other outside of
ganization was established. Elections were held with their busy schedules.
Wilfred Owens elected the first president and Howard It’s also for young people, he said.
Cooper elected the first chief. Mr. Owens was a lo- “They wanted us to do this to help keep kids out of Special thanks HOME
cal businessman and Mr. Cooper was a firefighter at trouble,” Ridgell said. “It’s a time of year that every- Nightly
to the Ridge COOKED
Patuxent River Naval Air Station. The location for the one’s all together.”
Volunteer Fire
Department was still an issue. It was decided to hold The amount of work needed to set up the carnival r 71 LUNCH
the next meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall in each year is significant and takes not just volunteers Department fo
rv ic e! & DINNER
Ridge.” from the fire company but from the community at years of se
Their partnership with the fire company on board large to make it successful.
Webster Field, Naval District of Washington’s Engine “We have more than 100 volunteers who help us Hometown diner atmosphere with great food!
No. 141, has been a significant help in augmenting their with the food and games and the rides, all that stuff,” 301-862-3544 | 21779 Tulagi Place | Lexington Park, Md.
response during the daytime hours, Mercure said. Ridgell said. MONDAY TUES-FRI SATURDAY SUNDAY
Aside from assistance from Webster Field, there Mercure said the continued life of the carnival is of- 6AM-2PM 6AM-8PM 7AM-2PM 8AM-2PM
are just four or five members able to respond from the ten a subject of debate within the company amongst
Ridge firehouse during the day. the members.
“We’re getting out during the day but we’re mini- “Some people want it, some people don’t,” said
mally staffed,” Mercure said. Mercure.
And, like many other fire and rescue companies But for the near future, the carnival will continue to
around the county, they are exposed to the opioid be a part of the county lifestyle.
crisis. “I don’t foresee it going anywhere for a while,”
They are encountering overdoses in cars, homes and Ridgell said.
even on the beaches that are so popular in places like
Ridge, Mercure said. Editors Note: This is the third of a monthly series
“We’ve come in contact with a lot more of it,” Mer- of articles about the county’s emergency responders.
cure said. “We’ve had them pretty much everywhere.”
The company’s annual carnival provides a fun re- NEXT MONTH'S SERIES WILL FEATURE
spite for volunteers and the community alike; there LEXINGTON PARK VOLUNTEER RESCUE SQUAD
was a period for about 10 years when they stopped op-
erating it due to insurance problems but they were able
to solve that issue, said firefighter Mike Ridgell.
This will be Ridgell’s 24th year handling the opera-
tions of the carnival.
The festivities will be held over two separate week-
ends Aug. 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Aug. 8, 9, 10 and 11, said
The exact shape of the carnival is still in question
this year, Ridgell said, as the company has not decided
on the vendor for the many rides and amusements.
But the carnival will go on, he said.
“As far as I know we are,” Ridgell said. “It’s for the
“When I was a kid you looked forward to it.”
The carnival in Ridge differs somewhat from its sister
attraction in Hollywood, he said, since the Hollywood
carnival draws from its own community and many
others surrounding it.
The Ridge carnival tends to draw from Ridge and
just southern Lexington Park, he said.
“Our community supports our carnival,” Ridgell
said. “It’s our biggest fundraiser.”
The carnival isn’t just a time for fun, though there
Jimmy Hayden • Realtor
22894 Three Notch Road • California, MD
Office: 301-863-2400 • Cell: 240-925-1928
Get Your Hero Rewards®
Average savings when using
Homes For Heroes is $2400
r e
18 The County Times

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Co m e Ex p
L e o n ar d to w n
Leonardtown Wharf

FABULOUS PRODUCTS Artist • Crafters • Makers
Local Handmade Products
Saturday • June 15th • 9 AM - 3 PM

Coastal Arts 06_10_19.indd 1 6/10/19 2:12 PM

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times 19

Craft Guild Shop

Hand Knit & Crochet Items
for You & Your Home
A Co-op Shop of Locally Sourced Art & More!

outside flags,
Open 7 new artists, new
Days A crafts. Stop
on by!
301-997-1644 •
Located inside Shepherd’s Old Field Market
26005 Point Lookout Road • Leonardtown, MD 20650 (behind the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Dept)
Located Next to Maryland Antiques Center
Email or Call 301-247-7611

Something for all from

Primitive to Yesteryear



Ne w s
20 PAX River The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Patuxent River
Naval Air Station
Navy’s Presidential Helicopter Program
Approved for Production of Six Aircraft

WASHINGTON (Sept. 22, 2018) Marine Helicopter Squadron (HMX) 1 conducts test flights of the new VH-92A helicopter over the South Lawn of the White House. (U.S. Marine Corps photo)

The Navy’s Presidential helicopter program awarded agile development of the next helicopters to fly Presi- that will support the security of our Nation. I am proud
a $542 million contract to Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin dential missions,” said the Honorable James F. Geurts, of the combined government and contractor team who
Company, June 10, 2019 to build six VH-92A aircraft, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, develop- has worked so hard to transition this program into initial
spares and support equipment. ment and acquisition. “Optimizing commercial prac- production and did so at over $1 billion less than the pro-
“The team has efficiently leveraged a proven platform tices, the VH-92A will provide safe, reliable and timely gram’s cost baseline.”
with cutting edge government mission systems for rapid transportation with mission-critical communications “The Presidential lift mission is a no-fail mission for
the Marine Corps,” said Lt. Gen Steven Rudder, the
deputy commandant for Marine Corps aviation. “We
deliver helicopter and MV-22 transportation across the
globe to support the requirements of the Presidency.
The authorization to move forward with procurement of
the VH-92A will allow the Marine Corps to deliver the
next generation of Presidential Helicopter support.”
The VH-92A aircraft will increase performance and
payload over the current Presidential helicopters, VH-
3D and VH-60N, that have been serving over 40 years.
The VH-92A will provide enhanced crew coordination
systems and communications capabilities, plus improve
availability and maintainability.
“The authorization to exercise the program’s first
Low-Rate Initial Production lot is a testament to the
hard work and dedication from the team to deliver this
important asset on budget and within the planned acqui-
sition timeline” said Col. Eric Ropella, PMA-274 presi-
dential helicopter program manager. “This award is an
example of acquisition done right.”
Government testing will continue to validate system
performance and prepare for Initial Operational Test
and Evaluation (IOT&E) planned for mid 2020 and Ini-
tial Operational Capability (IOC) in late 2020.
The Navy and Marine Corps are committed to ensur-
ing mission-critical Presidential helicopter transporta-
tion is delivered as an integral and world-wide support
requirement of the Presidency – necessary to conduct
Presidential duties as Commander in Chief, Chief Ex-
ecutive and Head of State.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Education 21

Lexington Park Elementary 10 Reasons Why You

Gets a Care Package Should Use a Travel Agent
Student Athletes Provide School Supply Kits As a travel professional, I am of- will spend planning and manag-
ten asked why should use a Travel ing your dream vacation. Always
Agent? It is no wonder that the con- ask the travel profession what they
sumer is confused because of the charge because some fees may vary
overwhelming number of sources be agent.
for travel information on the in- #7 The Extras – A travel agent will
ternet that has turned into a huge plan every detail including trans-
search engine optimization and fers, flights, excursions and they
paid-for listings. Perhaps, the in- also offer travel insurance to protect
creased access to online travel and your vacation investment.
vacation information has made the
role of a Travel Agent more impor- #8 Personalized Service – You
tant than ever. have access to your travel agent via
direct line, email, and text. If you
USA Today reported that “travel cannot get in touch with them im-
agents are more than just agents; mediately by telephone, they will
they are advocates for the traveler.” return your call and you always talk
It only makes sense to use a trained to the same person. You will not be
professional to plan your vaca- frustrated by calling a “1-800” num-
tion, honeymoon or wedding. They ber and speaking to a total stranger.
are just like any other professional
service you may need. You would #9 Problem Solvers on your Side
not attempt to “do it yourself” if – Problems can arise on your vaca-
you needed a lawyer, accountant tion. If you plan your vacation on
or electrician. Unlike other profes- your own and you have any issues,
sional services, a travel professional you are left to take care of them. If
is your personal planner and their you work with a travel professional
personalized services are FREE to and your flight is late, you miss the
you because the supplier pays them ship, or any other emergency arises,
commission. your travel agent knows who to call
and what to do to solve these prob-
10 Reasons Why You Should Use a lems. This is a part of their services
Travel Agent to you so travel agents are a power-
#1 Knowledge – Travel agents are ful advocate on your side. Should
experts because they are continually you need to file an insurance claim
engaged in new training as they at- for any part of your vacation, they
tend webinars & conferences, gain will initiate that process.
certifications on a regular basis. #10 A Long-Term Travel Partner-
Much of their travel is for educa- ship – When you work with your
tional purposes and not pleasure as travel agent, over time, you will
you might think. develop a true partnership. As you
#2 Best Prices & Offers – They develop a trusted relationship with
have access to dozens of booking them you will find that they are able
Student athletes help package supply kits for needy schools including Lexington Park engines that are exclusive to travel to know your preferences and target
Elementary School. agents and they know where to find the right vacation or cruise for you
the best prices, latest offers, addi- without even having a conversation.
Four hundred of the best and the to better their communities.”   tional credits and upgrades. Honestly, a phone call, text or email
brightest student-athletes from across “Lexington Park Elementary stu- to them could result in your next va-
the state came together at Howard High dents and families are so grateful to #4 They know first – They know
first about a new resort, cruise ship, cation - already planned. 
School on Saturday, June 8 for the tenth the MPSSAA Student-Athletes and the
annual MPSSAA Student-Athlete Lead- Allstate Foundation for including us in tour or an itinerary. How to find a good Travel Agent?
ership Conference. their school supply kit drive,” said Re- #5 Save Money & Time – Not only Begin your search is by asking your
During the conference, local student- becca Schou, principal of Lexington do they save you money in most friends, neighbors or coworkers who
athletes packaged 1,000 school supply Park.  “These kits will make it possible cases, but they save you time! The they would recommend. Perhaps the
kits which will be distributed to nine for many students to begin the school average trip will take you at least 5 best way is by using Google Busi-
different elementary schools in need year with all the supplies they need to hours to plan. Instead of spending ness Search in your local area and
across the state, including Lexington be successful. The leadership skills and hours searching the internet for op- consider agents who only have a
Park Elementary School.  Thirteen All- acts kindness these student-athletes are tions and the best deals, they are the 5-Star google rating. Read the re-
state agents also participated in collect- demonstrating by doing this is an ex- experts and that is what they do. views to see what their clients say
ing and donating school supplies from ample for us all!  The students of Panda about their experience and relation-
#6 Your FREE Personal Shopper/ ships with them. Most travel agents
their communities.   Nation will never forget your generos-
Planner – You do not pay them by work from a home office and 99% of
“The Allstate Foundation is very ity!   Thank you!”
the hour or a percentage of the trip their business is done over the inter-
proud to support this phenomenal effort The MPSSAA Student-Athlete
because the supplier pays their com- net, phone or text messages. There
involving MPSSAA and our Maryland Leadership Conference has been sup-
mission. The travel agents personal is no need for you to spend time go-
student-athletes,” said Shaundra Turner ported by The Allstate Foundation
service that you receive is FREE to ing to their storefront or office.
Jones, Allstate Sr. Corporate Relations since its’ inception in 2010.  Last week,
you. Most agencies charge a very
Manager. “We believe a lifelong com- the Allstate Foundation also awarded
small booking fee for the entire trip. By Jeneva Lucianetti
mitment to positively impacting the 14 deserving student-athletes with
Paradise Travel Team has a $19.95 Certified Sandals Wedding Specialist
community begins at a young age and $14,000 in MPSSAA Minds in Motion
booking fee and that is all you pay Owner & Vacation Specialist at
we hope the athletes will return to their scholarships.
for the many hours that the agent Paradise Travel Team
schools inspired to lead and empower
other students to take on similar projects Press Release
22 Sports The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sailing Finishes Seventh at

Coed National Championships
McCarthy and Boucher Pick Up Postseason Honors

The “S” Word

By Ronald N. Guy Jr. complete state economic control (this
Contributing Writer would be counter to American en-
trepreneurship). Fact: The right isn’t
This came to me in a daze. seeking to dissolve all government
During a long afternoon with fel- Liam McCarthy ‘19 & Kaisey McCallion ‘19 | Photo Credit: Rob Migliaccio
economic presence (unrestrained cap-
low Maryland residents at a mobbed italism lacks conscience). More facts: St. Mary’s College of Maryland sail- the racecourse challenging the sailors to
Loveville MVA last week, my mind We are all socialists and capitalists. ing competed in the Gill College Sail- stay in phase and sail fast.
drifted. I needed water. Food. Space. Americans of all political persuasions ing Coed National Championships on Racing concluded just before 5:30
Fresh air with normal oxygen to car- correctly celebrate and benefit from Thursday (May 30) and Friday (May p.m. meeting the deadline to not start a
bon dioxide ratios. An open highway capitalism and a free market economy 31) at the Sail Newport Sailing Center race after 5 p.m. The competitors com-
and loud rock ‘n roll. Where was the while a host of federal, state and lo- at Fort Adams. The Seahawks finished pleted six races in each division for a re-
USS Enterprise? Scotty…come in cal government (socialist) programs seventh in the 18 team field. In addition, gatta total of 16 races in both divisions
Scotty…beam me up. Battling Klin- simultaneously provide essential ser- Liam McCarthy and Leo Boucher were in FJs and Z420s on windward-leeward
gons I can handle; this I cannot. vices (including an ability to address named Honorable Mention All-Ameri- courses.
There was no escape. I was shack- wealth concentration). Socialism and can skippers. McCarthy also picked up St. Mary’s College accumulated
led to this experience like everyone capitalism are on an economic contin- a major award, being named the Hobbs 266 points for seventh place, thanks to
else. Have mercy on us, MVA. For- uum (both are needed) and are sepa- Sportsman of the Year, which recogniz- a sixth place finish in the A division
tunately. the patrons were patient and rate from our precious democratic es a sailor whose spirit and attitude is from McCarthy and Kaisey McCallion.
the staff did its best. Human volume political system - and the representa- notable both on and off the water. Boucher, Ashley Wagner, Lewis Coo-
was the enemy. The equivalent of tive government it promises – that is A wind delay on Friday morning kept per, and Lydia McPherson-Shambarger
four lanes of traffic were cramming a universally supported pillar of our sailors onshore until enough filled in to finished third in the B division. For full
down a single-lane road. Freedom shared American identity. have a 12:10 p.m. harbor start. Winds results, click here.
would come eventually for all; for me As with most things in life, the filled in from the southeast and stayed This concludes the 2018-19 season for
it would arrive only after securing the world of sports mirrors society’s co- light to moderate in the afternoon. The the St. Mary’s College of Maryland sail-
primary objective - my daughter’s existence of socialism and capitalism. last races of the day brought some stron- ing team.
learner’s permit. From a socialist perspective, public ger pressure and hiking conditions.
After accepting the reality of the parks provide soccer fields, tennis There were big oscillating shifts across Press release from SMCM
situation, my mind sought a diversion courts and baseball diamonds. Recre-
and wandered to this week’s “View”. ation and Parks and public schools of- A TRUSTED NAME SINCE 1945
“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” it fer youth access to a variety of sports.
occurred to me that this wouldn’t just Further, at the federal level, Title IX of
be any “View”…it would be the 300th the 1972 Education Amendments re-
edition (truly humbling). “Have to do quired federally funded institutions to Improve your home. Improve your life.
something special,” I thought, while provide all students, regardless of sex,
holding piles of personal information equal access to athletic opportunities
substantiating my daughter as a hu- and athletic scholarships proportional
man, an American and a Marylander to participation rates.

and the all-important MVA ticket with From a capitalist’s perspective,
our call number. there are few freer “markets” than
F4 was my MVA-issued Wonka high-level, competitive athletics.

golden ticket to the vehicular prom- Performance rules in this realm. Ex-
ise land. I clutched it as a Bingo-hall- ecute or the bench will become well-
worthy amount of other letters and acquainted with the curvature of your
numbers were broadcast over the in- derriere. Race, religion and economic
tercom. Then it hit me: This is con- status are transcended; performance
fluence of socialism and capitalism. is paramount. Moreover, regardless Trust the Roofing Experts!
Must write about the great debate. of level, competition extracts the best 50 Year Warranty Many Colors and Options
g g
Why not? Away we go. Let’s whip out of individuals and teams. It is all a g
FREE Estimates g
Flat Roofing Now Available
this into a sports-and-politics-and- beautiful thing.

economics-infused frenzy. As for my trip to the MVA, F4 was
With under 18 months to the 2020 eventually called and, like many of Value
presidential election and a crowded my fellow Marylanders, I exited with of up to SLATE
field of Democrats, one that resembles the primary objective accomplished $4,000!
the 2016 list of Republican candidates, and enabled, by this state-run, “social-
vying to tangle with (presumably)
Donald Trump, the political season
is, for good or ill, upon us. Among
ist” entity, to go forth and contribute
in some small way to Maryland’s and
America’s free market. To call that a
gutters + guards!
with Roofing Purchase Promo Code: SOUTH
the rhetoric slung from both sides, a beautiful thing too would be overstat-
popular early right-winged initiative ed, but the effective collaboration of
is to label all Democrats “socialists,”
an increasingly inflammatory and
government and private citizen sug-
gested a broader context worthy of a
CALL 888-881-4340
misunderstood term. No word yet if column and personal contemplation. NOW! METAL
the FCC, a government entity (oh, the
irony), is going to add “socialist” to its Send comments to WINDOWS g
infamous “Seven-dirty-word” list. Licensed, Bonded, Insured. MHIC 51346, VA 2705048183A, DC 67006785
Fact: The left isn’t arguing for * per month. Expires 5/1/16 Valid initial visit only. Min. purchase required. Cannot be combined with other offers. TRADITIONAL
7.99% APR for 144 months, $11.10 per $1000 with 10% down, on approved credit thru GreenSky.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Entertainment 23


We’ve discussed the importance of asset allocation to your success as
an investor. Harry Moscowitz won a Nobel prize for inventing modern
portfolio theory in 1954 based on the concept that if you allocate your
assets across a broad enough spectrum of equity, fixed-income and other
types of investments, and one of your investments declines in value, the
others are likely to take up the slack and keep your investment returns on
an even keel.
Pundits refer to asset allocation as the “Rule of 92” meaning 92% of
your success as an investor is directly attributable to whether you allocate
your assets or not.
Ok, now we know that allocation is the way to go. But, one big problem
with asset allocation is, how does an ordinary investor select the proper
allocation of stocks versus bonds? The big mutual fund companies like T.
Rowe Price, Vanguard, BlackRock and others think they have it all figured
out. They do the allocation for you.
Target date funds contain a mixture of stocks, bonds and cash. They
have a future date in the title you can select to correspond to your retire-
ment date. As you get older, the asset allocation within the fund changes
and gets more conservative over time. The fund manager will put fewer as-
sets into stocks which are inherently risky as you get closer to retirement.
You do not have to take any action. The fund manager does that for you.
You simply pick the date when you think you will retire. For example, sup-
pose you will turn sixty-five in 2020. You pick the 2020 Retirement Fund.
You can buy the fund at any age and with a minimum investment, but the
Historic St. Mary’s City on June 22, com Historic St. Mary’s City BeerFest. target date is what matters.
from 12 pm to 6 pm, will be hosting the Tickets for tasters are $25.00 and in-
9th annual BeerFest! The outdoor fes- clude four sampling tickets and a com- The big boost for target date funds came in 2006 when pension laws
tival has a full day planned, including memorative glass. Tickets for designat- changed so that employers could choose investments for employees who
special tours of the Van Sweringen’s Inn ed drivers (and youth 15-20 years of age) had not designated investments for their 401(k) plans. Target date mutual
exhibit, beer making demonstrations, a are $10, and youth age 14 and under are funds became the most popular investments for employers to offer and to
children’s activity tent, and learning op- free. use as a default if employees failed to designate anything else. Fidelity
portunities with museum staff. Parking is recommended near the launched its target date funds in 1996; Vanguard in 2003 and T. Rowe
Live music will be playing through- State House at 47418 Old State House Price in 2002—together, those three fund companies control about 75%
out the day on the lawn of the State Road, St. Mary’s City, Maryland. For of the market. Fees for the allocation are included the cost of the funds
House, with heavy-hitting local bands: information regarding the event, please themselves.
noon will feature The Bootleggers; 2 pm email, or call LIFECYCLE MUTUAL FUNDS
has the sounds of HydraFX; and 4 pm 240-895-4960. Lifecycle funds include cash, stock and bonds and may include both
rocks on with Outside the Wire. Historic St. Mary’s City is a museum U.S. and foreign securities. The percentage of funds in each asset class is
BeerFest offers the opportunity to of living history and archaeology on the determined by the fund manager who attempts to earn the highest return
taste the products of regional micro- site of Maryland’s first capital in beauti- possible by switching portfolio weightings in each type of asset class by
breweries, shop among select craft ven- ful, tidewater Southern Maryland. For market conditions. Lifecycle funds generally include three or four “portfo-
dors, or grab a bite to eat from local food more information about the museum, lios” with varying percentages of funds in each asset class. The portfolios
vendors. All proceeds from this event go contact the Visitor Center at 240-895- are designed by fit investors of various ages or risk tolerance levels.
towards the Education and Research de- 4990, 800-SMC-1634, or info@HSMC-
partments of Historic St. Mary’s City.
Active management involves the use of a portfolio manager who works
Tickets are available to purchase on
directly with you on your investments. This clearly is the most custom
the BeerFest event page, StMarysCity- Press Release from HSMC
tailored to your wishes. Your portfolio may include everything from se-, or through Eventbrite.
curities to real estate. The manager in this case reviews all of your assets
and your personal goals with you and selects those types of investments
that will give you the most return for a risk that meets your expectations.

The County Times Fisheries Com
is one of the
10 Local News

mission in Financia
l Trouble
The County Times

as well as the other

lantic Coastal states.
It has operated since
Thursday, June 28,

At- taxpayer money


and federal grants.

The report pointed
Thursday, June 28,

Governor Hogan Annou


Kirwan Commission nces $18.6 Mil. for

Education Initiatives Recommendations,
The County Times
Local News 11
The upside of professional management is that your strategy is tailored for
you. The fees involved will be a percentage of the assets and, as your as-
sets grow, the fees will grow. This means at the very least that the portfolio
manager has a vested interest in seeing your portfolios grow.
ects, both oyster out a pair of proj-

best methods for

1958 and controls preservation projects,
licensing of commercial that cost the commission $400,000.
Career and Technical
Programs, Teacher Educational Grants,
and recreational fishers This took a heavy
Scholarships, and Before and After
School Safety FundingSchool
and anglers alike. sions operating funds on the commis-
The appreciate, according they did not fully Governor Larry
commission to the audit.
is based in Colonial According to the
report the commis- Hogan today an- academic program offered before
Beach, Va. sion diverted revenues
from all oyster nounced $18.6 mil- after the school day, or in summer
lion in new educa- a school with a high concentratio for

advertising my
The audit found licenses, surcharges
that inspection taxes n of
the commission increas- identification tags to these projects. and tion funding to go students in kindergarten through
The audit chided living in poverty eighth

Whether you choose target date, lifecycle or active management, the

ingly cannot operate the commission for toward a series and at risk of falling
without spending
expending so much
on one portion initiatives, includ- behind academic requirements,
its reserve accounts of fisheries preservation at the expense of ing recommenda with $500,000 for
the recruitment, train-
and -
it does little to regulate all else. of Photo courtesy of tions from Mary- ing, and ongoing development of
its own spending. “While the preservation
of the oyster
Office of Governor land’s Commission teachers.

events – it is also the

“During fiscal 2017, population is important, concentrating Hogan’s website.
on Innovation and An additional $4.9
million will be
the commission all funding efforts Excellence in Edu- used by the Interagency
used in this area without Commission
$80,000 in cash restrict- gard for other areas of responsibility re- cation, known as
the Kirwan Commis- School Construction (IAC) to conductOn

principal is the same. Your success as an investor and an investor prepar-

ed for future projects the need for funds for ongoing and sion. While the Commission statewide facilities a
Potomac River Fisheries
trative operations adminis- its final findings will present assessment.
Commission to cover operating and The governor also
ex- ability to remain could result in the in- at the end of 2018, recommendations ditional $1.8 million authorized an ad-
penses when there
By Guy Leonard was the audit stated. a viable going concern,” preliminary recommenda
this funding reflects
cal year in the current fis-
Staff Writer no operating tions made through for need-based scholarships

best source for me

in tenuous financial cash avail- Concurrently, the audit earlier this year.
condition, a report able,” the report stated. the Maryland
from state’s Office
of Legislative Audits “As mission had problems found the com- “Every child in Maryland Commission (MHEC). Higher Education
The Potomac River
Fisheries Commis states. the commission had of June 30, 2017, counting for all recording and ac-
cess to a world-class deserves ac-

ing for retirement will be directly attributable to whether you allocate your
not of its financial transac- In addition to the
reserve for these funds. reimbursed the tion; it did not less of what neighborhoo education, regard-
Kirwan funding for the
have accounting personnel d they happen released recommendations, Hogan also
“At the end of fiscal with adequate knowledge to grow up in,” said
commission’s deficit year 2017, the of account- Governor Hogan. $40 million in school
for restricted funds ing standards to do so, according to “That’s why our administrati funding that had
been restricted
totaled approximatel the on has pro- legislature
y $145,000, an in- report. vided record funding in the budget. This by the

to catch up on all
crease of $55,000
over the fiscal year The commission does for four years in a row for K-12 education includes: $23.5 funding
2016 deficit.” secure location where not even have a mitted to innovative and has been com- capital improvemen for safety-related
it stores the back- and outside-the-box ts;
The report stated
the commission op- ups to its servers, according to the grants to local school $10.6 million in

assets or not. As usual, I advise you to investigate before you invest. Take
education strategies,
erated at a loss of $84,000 which makes them audit, and our ACCESS such as P-TECH systems to en-
demonstrating an for fiscal 2017, “subject to damage, Initiative. These new hance school safety; $3 million
“inability to operate destruction or loss.” investments are yet
another way we are Maryland Center for School Safety’s
for the
with a positive cash The commission responded giving our students
The commission’s
balance.” to the au- even more opportu- operations, including 13 new positions;
revenues decreased dit saying it had heeded the advice given

the local news and

nities to learn, grow, $2.5 million to help
from $815,685 in fiscal and was searching and thrive.” with newly required
2016 to $790,589 problems. for ways to correct the The new funding school safety
Sell it - Buy it
in fiscal 2017; the for Kirwan Com- evaluations; and $1
commission gets mission initiatives for Hate Crime School million
revenues from licenses its includes: Safety Grants.

a look at all of the options available to you first, then decide. No one will
$2.5 million for an “Keeping our kids
but also from Marylandand surcharges guyleonard@countytimes.n early literacy pro- safe is one of our
and Virginia gram, providing additional most
reading sup- Hogan.important jobs,” said Governor
atBuy it at
et port to eligible students “This past session Sell It,

through 8th grade. in kindergarten we enacted
landmark school

events, especially
safety legislation
$2 million for the Teaching create aggressive, to
Maryland Scholarship, Fellows for for school statewide standards Real Estate │ Business

will cover 100 percent a program that Maryland Center expand the work of the │ Farm Equipmen & Inventory │
Personal Property/E
of the annual cost for t&

protect you like yourself.

of tuition and mandatory require each school School Safety, and Benefits/Fundraisers Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage states
OF THE WEEK versity of Maryland, fees at the Uni- system in Maryland │ Certified Personal Units │
College Park, or 50 to develop assessment teams Property Appraiser
percent of the cost identify potential in order to EXCITINGUpcoming
tory fees at a private tuition and manda- ing together, we safety threats. Work- Auctions
& Events

those related to
nonprofit institution can ensure greater EXCITING
In the month of July, Farrell ●
of higher education safe-
Looking to add for eligible students ty in our schools and a greater sense conducting a few Auction Service
benefit/private auction will be
a SUPERHERO to who commit to becoming security for students of
your life? Then you $250,000 to encourageteachers. and parents.”
need to adopt
During the 2018
legislative session,
working auctions out of events;
the top 25 Hogan
me this month!
My name is BATMAN
percent of high school advocated
each county to consider graduates from er levels of schoolfor significantly high-
the National Auctioneethe local area and attending
and I’m a FRIENDLY, becoming safety International Auctionee r’s Conferenc
AFFECTIONATE, ers by increasing teach- funding than e and the
SUPERHERO KITTY awareness of avail- those ultimately adopted by the General

Join me for a free seminar on this and other topics on the third Wednes-
ring Contest. Our

our County’s rural

looking for my furever able financial aid
programs for teaching Assembly. He proposed an additional auction will be in next public
trained and good home. I’m litter August.
with other cats. box candidates. $125 million to accelerate
excitement to your And I’m SO CUTE! and enhance
life! You can tell I will add $2 million to promote safety improvemen
SPECIAL I am. Don’t just by looking at innovative Career high-quality, as ts in schools, as well
miss out because me how and an additional $50
that call today and JUNE IS ADOPT tion (CTE) through Technical Educa- operating funds million annually in
Multi-Estate Auction
A CAT competitive grants for new school safety
BE MY MIRACLE! for local boards of
PLEASE CHOOSE education to partner grants that could be used for school SAT, AUG 4th @
ME! with community re- 8 AM

day of every month at 11am at 8906 Bay Avenue, North Beach. Call 301-
colleges, businesses, source officers, counselors, and

And remember, and industry to develop tional safety technology. addi- St. Mary’s Co. Fairgroun
if there is room Furniture – Tools ds
in the heart, there
I the house! and implement
Purple Post Real Estate RECENTLY AND IN is room in an innovative CTE
curriculum frame- was to be allocated through the gover-
The funding
– Horse Saddles
Come meet me work that will align
with the skills that nor’s education lockbox proposal, which Glassware – Collectible & Tack – Books –
THE LAST 20 N and the wonderful
Shelter (6707 Animal
gang at Tri-County
local employers need. would provide an
additional $4.4 billion s - More
Years! 1713 for more information. Road, Hughesville) or call
301-399-3089 G To see more of my 301-932- $120,000 for a study
to assess the ad-
in education spending
available for adoption,
Animal Shelter Southern “like” us on Facebook amazing friends equacy of funding
for nues, and is moving from casino reve- A Southern Maryland
in Maryland, to be special education dum in the upcoming forward as a referen-
@ Tri-County professional auction

855-2246 to reserve your spot.

MD. individuals, bu company providing
completed by Sept. statewide election esses an - services to
2019. in November. anizations
R The governor also OPTION SOLUTIO
ty of purposes.
lion for the Learning provided $4.5 mil- R

Ronnie Farrell I demic Program (LEAP), in Extended Aca- Press release from
which is an Office of the Governor
C 301.904.3402

Farrell Auctions :



By Lyn Striegel

St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

24 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Alma Rae Murphy Carol Jeanne Ressler

(Gail) of Florida, John Gatton (Peewee)

of Glen Burnie, MD, daughter in law
Force. After graduating from high Carol Jeanne Ressler, daughter of
Jackie Crim of California, MD, many
school, Mike attended community col- James Henry and Pearl Isabel Cross,
grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Alma Rae Murphy, 81, of St. Inigoes, lege for his lifelong passion of photog- of Penn, PA, passed away in the early
Katie was preceded in death by her son
MD, passed away on June 6, 2019 at her raphy. In October of 1971, Mike then morning hours of June 9, 2019, at the
Richard Crim, daughter-in-law Jean
home with her loving family by her side. enlisted in the Air Force where he spent Hospice House of St. Mary’s in Cal-
Gatton and siblings Richard Burroughs,
Alma was born on April 30, 1938 in 2 years in Vietnam as a Military Police laway, MD after a long and debilitating
Francis Burroughs, Billy Burroughs,
MD to the late Walter Councilman and Officer. In 1977, Mike began his Civil illness. She was preceded in death by
Herbert Burroughs, and Mary Williams.
Elizabeth (Blanche) Councilman. Service career as a Federal Police Offi- both of her parents and by her brother
Katie enjoyed dancing, playing cards,
Alma worked as a Secretary before cer in Ft. Belvoir, VA and reached the Jack W. Cross of Memphis, TN. Born
and loving her grandchildren.
marrying Michael Murphy in Arling- rank of Captain. Michael retired in on August 19, 1925, she led a long and
The family will receive friends on
ton, VA in 1968. Family and faith were 2008 after 31 years of federal service. productive life as a mother and member
Monday, June 10, 2019 from 5:00 PM to
of utmost importance to Alma and she Mike enjoyed photography, restoring of her community. She spent most of her
7:00 PM in the Mattingley-Gardiner Fu-
was a loving and committed mother to hot rods, woodworking, and spending adult life in Jeannette, PA, before mov-
neral Home Leonardtown, MD, where a
her children whom she raised in a car- time with family. ing to Maryland in 2011 to be with her
Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday,
ing home. Alma enjoyed being outdoors Mike is survived by his wife, Joanne family. She worked as a bookkeeper and
June 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM with Bishop
where she would often spend time gar- Redman Cook of Hollywood, MD. In a clerk for the General Tire and Rubber
William McClean officiating.
dening or admiring the birds and other addition to his loving wife, Mike is also Company in Jeannette before retiring in
Interment will follow in Charles
wildlife of St. Mary’s County. survived by his sons Robert Fini Cook 1987.
Memorial Gardens Leonardtown, MD.
Alma is survived by her children, and Alan Paul Cook, both of Frederick, Carol was a diligent and faithful
Serving as pallbearers will be Tristan
Angus Murphy, of St. Inigoes, MD, MD; step-sons Dale Allen Redman and member of the Jeannette Christian &
Nickerson, Tyler Hammett, Corey Crim,
Michael Murphy (Eileen), of NC, Pat- Samuel Charles Wescott, both of Hol- Missionary Alliance Church, serving as
Jeffrey Bell, Robert (Bobby) Fross and
rick Murphy, of MD, Alma Long, of lywood, MD; sisters Cathryn Cook- bookkeeper. She also played the piano,
James (Jimmy) Gatton.
MD, and Cherrie Gearhart (Mike); sib- Magruder of San Diego, CA and Debra loved gardening, and devoted her life to
Arrangements provided by the Mat-
lings, John Councilman, of FL, Lauretta Small of Redwood City, CA; and sev- her family.
tingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A.
Koopmann, of CO, and Ellen Brobson, eral aunts and uncles, and nieces and She is survived by her sons James
Leonardtown, MD.
of MD; and five grandchildren. In ad- nephews in Maryland, California, and Ressler, of Swan Point, MD, and
Francis Joseph Toth,Sr. 84, of Hol-
dition to her parents, she is preceded in Denmark. Thomas Ressler of Alexandria, VA; her
lywood, MD passed away on June 2,
death by her husband. In addition to his mother and father, daughters-in-law Teresa Ressler and Joy
2019 at his home. He was born on Au-
Family will receive friends on Friday, Mike is preceded in death by his mother Scott Ressler; and three grandchildren
gust 4, 1934 in Pottstown, Pennsylva-
June 14, 2019 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in law Cora Frances Norris Redman of Mattie, Gregory, and Hayley Ressler.
nia and was the son of the late Suzanne
with prayers at 7:00 p.m., at Brinsfield Lusby MD, and step-son Kyle Lee Ak- Friends of the family are invited to
Toth. Francis was the loving husband of
Funeral Home, 22955 Hollywood Road, ers Redman of Hollywood, MD. attend a life celebration at Brinsfield
Jeanne B. Toth of Hollywood, MD. He is
Leonardtown, MD 20650. Interment Interment will be private. In lieu of Funeral Home in Charlotte Hall, MD
survived by his children Francis Joseph
will be held at Arlington National Cem- flowers, the family is asking for do- on June 14, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00
Toth, Jr. of Great Mills, MD, Karen Ann
etery at a later date. nations to be made to Hospice of St. p.m.. She will be interred in her family
Stanley of Largo, FL, Terri Lynn Evans
In lieu of flowers, memorial contribu- Mary’s County. burial plot at Brush Creek Cemetery in
of Solomons, MD, Richard Daniel Toth
tions may be made to Kings Christian Condolences may be made at www. Irwin, PA at a later date.
of Piney Point, MD, 8 grandchildren and
Academy, 20738 Point Lookout Road, In lieu of flowers, donations may be
11 great grandchildren. Francis served
Callaway, MD 20620. Arrangements by the Mattingly- made to the Alzheimer’s Association,
in the United States Navy from April 16,
Condolences may be made at www. Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A., Leonar- 1850 York Road, Ste D, Timonium, MD
1969 to February 1, 1973. While serving dtown, MD 21093 and/or the Hospice House of St.
in the United States Navy, he earned the
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- Mary’s, Post Office Box 625, Leonard-
National Defense Service Medal, Navy
neral Home, P.A., Leonardtown, MD. town, MD 20650.
Achievement Medal with Combat “V”,
Catherine Elizabeth Crim Navy Commendation Medal, Meritori-
Michael Alan Cook Catherine Elizabeth Crim, “Katie”, ous Unit Commendation, Good Conduct Scott David Ely
97, of California, MD passed away at Award (Fifth), Vietnam Service Medal,
Michael Alan Cook, 66, of Holly- her home on June 6, 2019. Vietnam Campaign Medal, Navy Occu- Scott David Ely 65, of Mechanicsville
wood, MD passed away June 06, 2019 She was born on February 11, 1922 in pation Medal, and Gallantry Cross. MD departed this life on June 5th, 2019
after a long battle with kidney disease. Hollywood, MD and was the daughter He was a restaurant owner. at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital in Leon-
He was born September 25, 1952 in of the late Annie Burroughs and John A Memorial Service will be held on ardtown, MD with his family by his
Riverside, California to the late Isa Niel- Burroughs. June 14, 2019 at 5:00 PM in the Lex- side. Scott was born on October 5, 1953
son Smith of Denmark and Marcelino Katie is survived by a special friend ington Park United Methodist Church in Norwalk, CT to the late Leonard Ely
Cook of the Philippines. Mark Sullivan. She is also survived by Lexington Park, MD. Interment will be and Shirley Parker Ely.
Mike spent the majority of his youth her children Dorothy Duckett (James) private. He graduated from Norwalk High
travelling as his father was in the Air of Leonardtown, MD, James Gatton School in Norwalk, CT in 1971. On May
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 25

Ely (17), Tre A. Ely (14) and Michael 27 years as a St. Mary’s County 911 pher Hayden, Kara Higgs (Amanda),
T. Martinez (5); and numerous nieces, operator, protecting all residents in the Candace Itliong (Glenn) and Cole Scott;
nephews, extended family and friends. county. He was known for his large veg- and eight great-grandchildren (MJ, Ta-
Pallbearers will be Todd Ely, Tre etable gardens where family, friends and tum, Lilly, Sadie, Hunter, Karlee, Bodie
Ely, Shayelyn Ely, Raz Martinez, James neighbors enjoyed the fresh produce. and Jackson). Rholand is also survived
Ely Jr, Paul Munch, Jerry Norvell and Protecting and serving his local com- by his sister, Merle Colton and brother-
Claude Showalter Jr. munity was very important to Rholand in-law, Joe Hill, both from Leonard-
Family will receive friends for Scotts as well. He dedicated twenty-six (26) town, MD.
Life Celebration on Thursday June 13, years volunteering with the Seventh Along with his parents, Rholand
2019 from 5pm to 8pm and will be held District Volunteer Fire Department and was preceded in death by his siblings,
at Brinsfield Funeral Home located at: was one of the founding members of Eldridge Hayden, Genevieve Thomp-
30195 Three Notch Road, Charlotte the Seventh District Volunteer Rescue son, Lawrence “Boy” Hayden, Perry
Hall Maryland 20622. A funeral service Squad. Hayden; and his great grandson, Jacob
will be held on June 14, 2019 at 12 p.m. Rholand’s love for his family will Hayden Lux.
at Brinsfield Funeral Home, Charlotte be his greatest legacy. The honor and In lieu of flowers, his family requests
Hall, with interment immediately fol- strength he brought can never be re- donations in his memory to St. Mary’s
lowing at Cheltenham Veterans Cem- placed, but will be emulated through Hospice House; Seventh District Volun-
etery at 1:45 p.m. the actions of his family. He was a man teer Fire Department or Seventh District
15, 1976 he married his beloved wife Condolences to the family may be of great character, and left his family Volunteer Rescue Squad.
Sally in the Philippines. Together they made at with many memories. Rholand will be Condolences to the family may be
celebrated 44 wonderful years of mar- Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- missed by many, but none as much as his made at
riage. He worked as a Senior Logisti- neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char- family. Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
cian for MIL Corp for almost 10 years. lotte Hall, MD. Along with his wife Mary Ann, he neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char-
He served a total of 40 years support- is survived by his four children, James lotte Hall, MD.
ing the Military and the US Govern- “J.R.” Rholand Hayden, Jr., Waldorf,
ment (NAWCAD). He proudly served James Rholand Hayden, Sr. MD, George Allan Hayden, Sr. (Nan-
24 years active duty in Naval Aviation cy), of Mechanicsville, MD, Deborah James Michael Dean, Sr.
with 18 years flight experience, which Hayden Richardt (Noel) of Lusby, MD, James Michael Dean, Sr., of Radford,
encompasses 11 years as a C-130 Flight and Mary Bridget Scott (Ron) of Port Virginia, passed away in Roanoke, Vir-
Engineer Instructor - Evaluator and 7 Republic, MD; seven (7) grandchildren, ginia on June 5, 2019.  He was born to
years as a Utility Air Crewman on the Mike Hayden (Angela), Heather Lux the late William H. Dean, Sr. and Edna
C1-A and US-2C Aircraft. His leader- (Mike), Allan Hayden (Jess), Christo- Payne Dean on December 7th, 1952 in
ship abilities were exhibited in the fol-
lowing roles as: Assistant Officer in
Charge, Command Senior Chief, Main-
tenance/Production Control Supervisor,
Aircraft Division Officer, Training De-
partment Leading Chief Petty Officer,
and Safety Department Leading Chief.
During his military service he earned
the Meritorious Service Medal in ad-
dition to numerous Commendation,
Achievement, and The National Defense
Medals for his dedication to his country.
He was a devoted and loving husband, James Rholand Hayden, Sr., 86, of
father, grandfather and brother. He was a Bushwood, MD departed this life on
good friend to many. He was the anchor June 2, 2019, surrounded by his loving
that held his family in place and the sails family.
that took them on a beautiful journey. Rholand was born June 9, 1932, in
He had an incredible personality and Bushwood, Maryland. He was the son
sense of humor. He never met a stranger of the late George Lawrence Hayden,
he didn’t like and was always the life of Sr. and Agnes Jeanette (Oliver) Hayden.
the party. Scott was known both in his Rholand was a life-long resident of
professional and personal life as a great St. Mary’s County. He was raised on
mentor to his children, grandchildren, his family farm where hard work was
friends, family, sailors, and colleagues instilled and family stuck together.
alike. His favorite times were spent not Rholand met and fell in love with his
only at home, but on vacations with his best friend, and forever love, Mary Ann
family and friends as well. Some of his Hill. They were married on September
hobbies included golfing with his chil- 19, 1953 in Bushwood, Maryland. To-
dren and friends. He loved taking his gether they celebrated over sixty-five
children and grandchildren fishing. (65) wonderful years as husband and
When the family all gathered you could wife.
always be sure that there would by a Rholand was a caring husband, father,
friendly game of poker which he truly pop pop and great-pop pop who loved
enjoyed…”And a quarter!” his family above all else. He taught
He is survived by his wife Salome P. his family to support and care for each
Ely (Sally), daughter Nancy A. Martinez other always. He was a man of God and
(Raz), son Todd R. Ely (Tanya), brother praised the Lord.
James C. Ely (Diane), brother Thomas Rholand spent a hard-working life
C. Ely (Ann), sister Nancy A. Cohen caring and supporting his family. While
(Garret) and Grandchildren Gabriel O. working full-time as a farmer (growing
Martinez (21) (Maureen), Shayelyn M. tobacco, corn and soy bean), he worked
26 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

n A
Fu& G ME there
41. Ridicules
43. Allied Powers vs. Central
12. Space station
14. Gene
19. Satisfy
3. Derek and Jeff are two
Powers 23. Livid
45. Produce
47. Ancient kingdom near
24. It comes after “et”
25. More (Spanish)
4. Disfigured
Dead Sea
49. Hebrew unit of liquid
26. Electronic data processing
27. Buffer solution to separate
5. Hawaiian dish
50. Type of sword
28. Primate 6. What a hack drives
55. “Sin City” actress 29. Scattered
56. Female reproductive cells 34. Evergreen tree 7. Horse gear
57. Afflicted 35. What engaged couples
59. One point north of will say 8. Do away with
northeast 36. Barbie’s friend
60. Garland
61. Spiritual leader
37. Midway between south
and southeast
9. Narrow straits between
62. Negative
63. Tooth caregiver
39. A position from which
progress can be made
Sinai and Arabian
64. Cheek 40. Showed up
41. Insecticide peninsulas
42. Type of milk
CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse
1. Form of “to be” 44. Verandas 13. Corrie
2. A hand has one 45. Annoyingly talkative
1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters
3. Thought 46. Abba __, Israeli politician 14. Hawaiian flower

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.) 47. “Heat” director
4. Physical body
5. One-time European money 21. Supporters

5. Removes 48. Plant genus
8. Disfigure 22. North and South are two 51. Swiss river
11. Polish city 25. Spread 6. One who perpetrates
13. Move quickly on foot 30. Adjusted wrongdoing
7. Make one
52. Prejudice
53. Actor Idris
17. Midway between
14. Landlocked West African 31. Vietnamese offensive
country 32. Nazi architect 8. Kate and Rooney are two
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
54. Freedom fighters (slang)
58. Criticize northeast and east
15. Used in aromatherapy 33. Nigerian peoples
16. The greatest of all time 38. When you hope to get 10. Makes fun of
18. Insecticide
20. Comfort
22. Town in Galilee
Cheverly, MD. 27. Informal greeting
Father on June 3, 2019. He was born to
Jimmy was employed as a truck driv- the late Edward G. and Bessie P. Swaney 28. Relative biological
er, retiring in 1984. He enjoyed playing CLUES ACROSS 41. English synthpop duo effectiveness (abbr.)
on September 25th, 1938 in Connells-
cards, Risk, putting puzzles together ville, PA. 1. Mathematical term (abbr.) 45. Mars crater 29. Used to check the heart
and shooting pool. Les was employed by Giant Food 46. A lot 31. Western India island
4. Seaport (abbr.)
He is survived by his mother, Edna Inc., retiring in 1994 after 28 dedicated 47. Small organelles
7. “Unforgettable” singer 32. Credit card term
Payne Dean, his six loving children; years. He cherished spending time with 50. By reason of
Bradley N. Dean of Newport, VA, Bar- 10. The GOAT 33. Female deer
family and friends, traveling the world, 54. “Growing Pains” actor 37. British football team
ney C. Dean and James M. Dean, Jr. of 11. Used to harvest agave
and living the snowbird life. He enjoyed Kirk
Lexington Park, MD, Thomas E. Dean cactus 38. Persian jurisdiction
playing cards, collecting coins, bowling, 55. Free from contamination
of Radford, VA, E. Marie Stokes of watching old western movies, collecting 12. Luke’s mentor __-Wan 39. Freshwater mussel
Monterey, CA and Pamela J. Jerrell of 13. Muses 56. Genus in the mahogany genus
watches and taking care of his yard.
Blackstone, VA. Also surviving are his Les married Mildred Elaine Ohler in 15. IBM operating system family 40. Opposite of happiness
sisters, Betty L. Palmer of Clarksville, 1969. Together they celebrated 50 years 57. Body part
16. Hungarian village 41. Ban on trade
TN, Patricia D. Cooksey of Port Royal, of marriage until her passing earlier this 59. A belief in a supreme
VA and Linda D. Wedding of Charlotte 19. Popular conversation 42. Bitterly regrets
year. He was a devoted husband, father, being 43. Assented
Hall, MD; 20 grandchildren and 7 great topic
grandfather, great grandfather, brother, 60. Talk a lot
grandchildren. In addition to his father 21. N. Atlantic island 44. Well-proportioned
uncle and friend to all he knew. 61. Actors’ group
William H. Dean, Sr., he is preceded He is survived by his three loving chil- 23. Fail to discern correctly 47. Part of (abbr.)
in death by his brothers, William H. 24. The President has one 62. Unit of measurement 48. Indigenous people of
dren; Les Ohler Jr. of Aynor, SC, Kris
Dean, Jr., Robert E. Dean and Thomas Ohler of Mechanicsville, MD and Kevin 25. Irish Gaelic language 63. Slick Thailand
N. Dean. Ohler of Port St. Lucie, FL; daughters- 64. No seats available 49. A man of your stature
26. Gasteyer and Ivanovic
Condolences to the family may be in-law, Mary Ohler and Jackie Ohler; 65. A way to change color
made at are two (abbr.)
cousin Bobby Hornsby; nephew Ste- 27. Garnished 51. Advantageous
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- phen Collins; seven grandchildren and CLUES DOWN
neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char- 30. National capital 52. Female sibling
nine great grandchildren. 1. Belongs to the daughter
lotte Hall, MD. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be 34. Basics 53. Electronic
35. Initial public offering of Chaos countermeasures
made in Les’s name to the American
Cancer Society. 36. Winged horse 2. Wardrobe 58. Swiss river
Leslie Orren Ohler Condolences to the family may be
Leslie “Les” Orren Ohler, 80, of Port made at
St. Lucie, Florida, formerly of Mechan- Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
icsville, MD, passed away peacefully at neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char-
his home into the arms of his heavenly lotte Hall, MD.


Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times Calendars 27

St. Mary’s Department of Aging & Human Services Garvey Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 71658
Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 71050

Programs and Activities Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 73101
Visit for the most up-to date information
Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services

Rachel Mowatt by phone at 301-475- your own home, it is important to know 301-475-4200, ext. 71050.
Department of Aging & Human 4200, ext. 73103, or by email at Rachel. how to limit your risk and what to do
Services Closed on June 13 in case an incident occurs. Come to the Summer Bocce
The Department of Aging & Human Northern Senior Activity Center on
Services, including all three Senior Ac- Ball Schedule Change
tivity Centers, will be closed on Thurs-
Nutrition Counseling & Thursday, June 20, from 10-11:30 a.m.
Loffler Senior Activity Center will be
and participate in a presentation led by
day, June 13 for staff development. Presentation Hot Topics: Keto Harold Tafe who has been involved in
hosting a summer season of Bocce Ball
Home-Delivered Meals and congregate Diets, GMOS and Organic law enforcement and private/corporate
on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each
meals will not be served. The Depart- Come join us for Nutrition Counsel- month at 10 a.m. However, all senior ac-
security for 45 years. Space is limited
ment will re-open at 8 a.m. on Friday, ing and Education with Donna Taggert tivity centers will be closed on June 13
and advance sign up is required by visit-
June 14. at the Garvey Senior Activity Center. for staff training, so the starting date for
ing the Center’s signup table or calling
For more information, call 301- She has counseling appointments on Summer Bocce at Loffler will be June
301-475-4200, ext. 73103.
475-4200, ext. 71050, or visit Monday, June 17, at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. 27. If you would like to be a part of it, call 301-737-5670, ext.71658, to sign up
The presentation will begin at 11a.m.
Call Dona at 240-538-6539 to schedule
Lunchtime Theater or get more information. There is no
Join us for lunch and laughter as the cost to participate.
Mamma Mia at an appointment. Garvey Readers Theatre entertains us
Toby’s Dinner Theater at the Garvey Senior Activity Center on
Experience the Magic on Silk
The Department of Aging & Human Luncheon with Wednesday, June 26, at 12 p.m.! “High
Create not one, but two custom-dyed
Services will host a trip to Toby’s Din- the Bushmill Band School Reunion”-Ever wonder what
scarves perfect to accessorize your
ner Theater on Wednesday, Aug. 7, to Come join us at the Garvey Senior your high school reunion might be like in
summer wardrobe. Silk Painting Artist,
see Mamma Mia. Fall in love with this Activity Center on Wednesday, June 19, another 30, 40 or even 50 years? Watch
Terry Tabor with Expressions by Terry,
feel good story of a mother, a daughter, at 12 p.m. and enjoy the musical stylings what happens as cantankerous 101-year-
will guide you in dyeing one square
and three possible dads! This delight- of the local Bushmill Band. They have old Patrick celebrates his 83rd reunion.
and one long silk scarf using a variety
ful musical features the timeless hits by performed all over the county including Even at this age he’s in for a surprise!
of colors through different techniques
ABBA and is sure to have you dancing Cracker Barrel as well previous Riv- “School for Wives”-Four former wives
for varying results. This class utilizes
in the aisles. The cost of this trip is $98 erfests. Their music will get your toes of the same man get together each year
a special dye and application style that
and covers ticket to the show, lunch buf- tapping and your hands clapping! The for lunch. The main course is a discus-
is less messy and more fun; perfect for
fet, transportation on a spacious motor lunch menu is roast turkey, gravy, stuff- sion of their mutual ex-husband. One
scarf dying parties. The cost is $35 and
coach, driver gratuity, and snacks for ing, mashed potatoes, carrots, seasonal can only imagine the comments – that
includes all materials including one long
the return trip. The bus will depart from fruit and orange juice. Cost for lunch is is, if they weren’t so busy talking about
and one square silk scarf. Gloves and
the Garvey Senior Activity Center at 8 by donation for those ages 60 and above each other! This year, however, the new
aprons will be provided but appropri-
a.m. and the Northern Senior Activity and $6.00 for those under the age of 60. young fiancé joins them and then the hi-
ate clothing should be worn. For order-
Center at 8:45 a.m. and will return at ap- To make reservations, call 301-475- larity really begins! The menu will be
ing supplies, signups will close on June
proximately 5:15 p.m. to Northern and 4200, ext. 71050. tossed salad w/dressing, beef-a-roni (8
27 with no refunds after that date. The
5:45 p.m. to Garvey. Payment is due at oz.), collard greens, lima beans, Italian
activity will take place Friday, July 12,
sign up to secure your spot for the trip. Safety for Seniors bread and honey dew melon. Cost for
from 1-2:30 p.m. at the Northern Senior
Please let staff know at sign up if you Do you have a personal safety plan? the meal is $6 for those under the age
Activity Center. Payment is due at sign-
need any seating or special accommo- Whether its physical safety while you’re of 60 and a donation for those 60 and
up. For more information call 301-475-
dations. For more information contact out and about or cyber safety while in above. Make reservations by calling
4200, ext. 73103.

space-centric crafts and games! For ages 5-12 with is in some of our favorite snacks. Ages 8-12. Registra-
caregiver. Registration required. tion and Parental/Guardian Waiver Required. Safety
note: snacks provided may contain potential allergens.
The Longest Table
Join the St. Mary’s County Library on Friday, June Paws to Read
21 at 6 p.m. for a community conversation over a Charlotte Hall Library will hold Paws to Read on
family-style meal from Mission BBQ. Tickets are $10 Thursday, June 27 from 5 – 7 p.m. For beginning read-
and available for sale through the St. Mary’s County ers, or any student who needs a confidence boost. Join
St. Mary’s County Summer Reading Library website, The event will be "Pets on Wheels" to practice reading out loud to a
for All Ages Starts June 17 held at the St. Mary’s County Government Center, on therapy dog for 15 minute sessions. Registration opens
Join the St. Mary’s County Library for ‘A Universe the front lawn near Miedzinski Park (23145 Leonard 2 weeks before each program. Readers should bring
of Stories’ Summer Reading program from June 17 Hall Dr, Leonardtown, MD 20650). During the meal, a book, or arrive at least 20 minutes early for help to
through August 17. All ages (0 – 150) are invited to participants will discuss how to Choose Civility in choose a book.
complete challenges to earn a free glow-in-the-dark their everyday interactions. In the event of rain, dinner
t-shirt (sizes start with baby onesies through adult will be held inside the Leonard Hall Recreation Center. Mr. Jon & Friends
XXXL). For your second, third and fourth completed Share a meal and conversation with someone you don’t The St. Mary’s County Library will host Mr. Jon &
challenges, choose a free book to take home. All com- know, exchange stories about life in St. Mary’s County, Friends for three performances as part of the Summer
pleted challenges give you an entry into our Amazon and discover both common ground and new ideas. The Professional Performance series. Mr. Jon & Friends
gift card drawings at the end of the summer. To register, conversation starts when you come to the table! will perform Friday, June 28 from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
either go to or download at Margaret Brent Middle School, and then at Leonard-
the Beanstack app. More information is available on
Snack Attack! School Age Explorers town Library from 2 – 3 p.m. The Leonardtown Library
Lexington Park Library will hold Snack Attack! performance will be sensory-friendly and registration
School Age Explorers on Thursday, June 27 from 3 - required. The third performance will be at Lexington
Out of this World! 4 p.m. Have you ever found your stomach running on Park Library on Saturday, June 29 from 10:30 – 11:30
Charlotte Hall Library will hold Out of this World! empty, so you go searching for something to eat? But a.m. Join musician Mr. Jon and his friend George the
on Wednesday, June 26 from 2 – 3:30p.m. Celebrate then…oh no! On comes, a SNACK ATTACK! Join the Monkey for a high-energy concert, and come ready to
our "Universe of Stories" Summer Reading theme with University of Maryland Extension as we uncover what DANCE! All ages; no registration.
28 Calendars The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

UPCOMING environment! Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:45 PM

The six session one-day or weekend
pre-registration required. Purchase tickets
at 410-326-
Local Film Makers Queen of Hearts event weaves together expert teaching, 2042.
The Southern Maryland Film Festival Brass Rail Sports Bar real-life stories, humorous vignettes, and
is seeking films produced in St. Mary’s, Great Mills more to portray both the challenges and Airplane Rides for Kids
Calvert, & Charles County for their Au- 4:00 - 7:00 PM the beauty of God’s design. This confer- St Mary’s County Airport Terminal
gust event at the R/C Lexington Exchange Ticket sales for our weekly Queen of ence is dedicated to adults only. No chil- Building
Movies 12 in California. Visit http://www. Hearts drawing begins at 4:00 and ends dren. $70 couple. Lunch will be provided 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM for info. Deadline to submit is at 6:50. Ticket $1. Drawing takes place at on Saturday. Tickets: the-art-of-marriage- EAA Chapter 478 of Southern Mary-
July 1! 7:00. 50/50 tickets available. Proceeds go land annual Young Eagles Rally. Free
to the Archangel Scholarship Foundation airplane rides to ages 8 to 17. Pre-registra-
Potomac Jazz & Seafood Festival in support of St. Michael’s School. Elks Texas Hold’em Tournament tion: EAA Young Eagles Online Registra-
July 12-14. Tickets and hotel packages St Mary’s County Elks Lodge tion at search on zip
are now available! “A Soulful Summer Flag Day Event Lexington Park code 20636 for EAA Chapter 478. More
Serenade,” jazz, seafood and stunning wa- Governmental Center Lawn 7:00 PM info:
terside views for jazz enthusiasts! Special Leonardtown $60 Buy in = 7000 chips.$5 add-on and
Friday concert and Sunday jazz brunch- 6:00 - 7:00 PM receive 1,000 chips. Food and beverage Watercolor Basics Session II
es and activities in downtown Historic Procession by various color guards and available for purchase. James Dean 240- Space2Cre8
Leonardtown in addition to the Saturday veterans groups from around the county. 577-0828. Email: jdeanjunior@yahoo. 41660 Park Ave.
festival at St. Clement’s Island Museum. Formal ceremony and Pause for the Pledge com Leonardtown
https://potomacjazzandseafoodfestival. of Allegiance. Flag retirement ceremony. 10:00 AM - Noon or 1:00 - 3:00 PM
com/ Legion members will demonstrate dis- Supplies provided. Choose either the
posing of worn, torn and/or tattered flags. Sat. & Sun., June 15 & 16 morning session 10-12 or afternoon 1-3.
Alisa Casas, Communications Director, at Space is limited, paid reservation re-
Friday, June 14 301-475-4200, ext.*1342.
Pork and Beef Sandwich Sale
American Legion Post 221
quired. Nora Eicholtz at 301-751-6916 for
details, registration and cost. Min. age 16.
Flag Day 1690 Colton’s Point Rd (Rt. 242)
Mulberry Music Festival - Act 1 Look for the Space2Cre8 signs in park-
St. Mary’s College - Townhouse Green ing lot across from hotel and behind New
Golf Tournament 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
6:00 - 9:00 PM View Fiber Works.
Brenton Bay Country Club Pork loin, sliced roast beef, and BBQ
The inaugural Mulberry Music Festival
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM beef sandwiches will be sold on both days.
– Act 1 features chart-topping gospel re- Open House
Sons of The American Legion Post Sandwiches $7 each. 301-884-4071
cording artist Jason Nelson and a diverse African American Schoolhouse
238 Gold Tournament. Contact Wayne lineup of local musicians. Free and open 18287 Cherryfield Rd.
Christensen—301-370-2409. to the public.
Saturday, June 15 Drayden
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Saturday &
Annual Pat Collins Golf Classic John Conolly and Rob van Sante Yard Sale Sunday
Chesapeake Hills Golf Course Harms Gallery, Calvert Marine Elks Lodge #2092 Visit one of the nation’s best-preserved
Lusby Museum 45779 Fire Department Lane one-room African American school-
7:30 AM, registration Solomons Lexington Park houses. Visit renovated schoolhouse and
The Arc Southern Maryland host this 7:00 PM 7:00 - 11:00 AM learn about its history and importance in
event named in honor of Pat Collins, a for- An evening of thought-provoking, tune- Across from the Fire Department off St. Mary’s County. More info: www.face-
mer board president. Tournament begins ful, and often outrageously funny songs. of Chancellors Run Road. Tools, house-
at 8:30. Proceeds support individuals with Doors open 6:00. Beer and wine available hold items, clothes, toys, yard equipment,
intellectual and developmental disabilities for sale. Tickets $20 online, $25 at the more. Great stuff for everyone. Bake sale. Juneteenth 2019
and their families. $150 player. www.arc- door, and Please, no early birds. Lancaster Park, 21550 Willows Road available at Lexington Park
410-326-2042. calvertmarinemuseum. Lighthouse Adventure Cruise – 12:00 - 8:00 PM
Park Place Toastmasters Club com Southern Bay United Committee for Afro-American
Church of the Ascension Calvert Marine Museum Contributions (UCAC) day of cultural ac-
21641 Great Mills Road The Art of Marriage Solomons tivities, music & dance, craft workshops,
Lexington Park Faith Bible Church 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM games, pony rides, vendors, food trucks,
12:00 - 1:00 PM 26325 Three Notch Road Aboard a private charter vessel to tour community/ health info. Free. www.
Visit us to find out how we can help Mechanicsville the Southern Bay and see six lighthouses.
you develop your speaking, listening, Friday 7:00 - 9:30 PM $130 for the day-long trip. Space limited;
and leadership skills in a non-threatening

Real Estate
Child Care
Vehicles General Merchandise CLASS.SOMD.COM
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times 29

Texas Hold’em Tournament while sharing our rich history and exqui-
Mechanicsville Moose Lodge (middle site site with visitors. Upon successful
double doors) completion, you will become Junior Do-
4:00 - 9:00 PM cents and ambassadors of Historic Sotter-
$80 Buy in ($10 Bounty) and ($10 to ley. For Ages 8-18.
Mooselodge) = 15,000 chips. $60 to the Advance registration required. Tuition:
prize pool. Optional $10 add on receive $35 dollars (includes a Sotterley student
5,000 chips. Questions: Chris 240-300- membership). Call 301-373-2280 or email:
6969 or Ron Poteat 301-481-6318.

Sunday, June 16 Monday, June 17 ‘Drag Queen’ Event Criticized

Father’s Day Elks Hold’em Bounty Tournament To the Editor:
St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge The group called: Southern MD area Secular Humanist (SMASH)
Breakfast for Father’s Day Lexington Park are sponsoring an event of teaching young boys how to be “Drag
2nd District Firehouse & Rescue 7:00 - 11:00 PM Queens” on this coming June 23, 2019, at 2 p.m,, starting with their
Squad, 45245 Drayden Rd. No Limit Holdem Poker Tournament. so called “Story Hour” which gives the instruction about being a Drag
Valley Lee $25 Buy in = 6,000 chips. $5 add-on = Queen and then at 3 p.m. is the “tutorial” of putting on the makeup
8:00 - 11:00 AM 1,500 chips and raffle drawing. Food and and costumes of the Drag Queen.
All-You-Can-Eat. Home-Made-Home- beverage for purchase. James Dean, 240- Their advertisement on Facebook says “for Tweens and Teens” and
Style, traditional breakfast items. Adults 577-0828. Email: jdeanjunior@yahoo. young boys simply do not have the maturity or the boundaries or any
$10; Children 6-12, $5; Under 5, free. com real power to say “no” to this kind of degradation and shame that
301-994-9999 the Secular Humanists group are here orchestrating and that is very
Father’s Day Brunch Cruise Tuesday, June 18 The event is to be held at the Lexington Park Library and this
Calvert Marine Museum SMASH group calls the beginning as a “Story Hour” which gives
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
Solomons the impression that it is a real library “Story Time” event which it is
Beacon of Hope, 21770 FDR Blvd.
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM not. The Secular Humanists people do not accept that the morality of
Lexington Park
A perfect way to say “You’re the best!” truth or lies are binding for them because any morality is just a matter
Date: 5:00 - 6:00 PM
$30 adults, $15 ages 12 and under. Pre- of opinion in their view, and so even a Drag Queen of having a man
A Twelve Step program of recovery for
registration required; visit dressing up like a girl is a type of lie which they see as okay to teach
men and women who grew up in alco-
TennisonCruises to register. 410-326- to vulnerable children. 
holic or otherwise dysfunctional homes.
2042. To confront that group with protesting just feeds into their false
Share our experience, strength, and hope
in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Info: drama claiming prejudice and discrimination when really it is a pro-
Father’s Day SPECIAL! test against their public display of child sexual abuse which is done or call Kathy Nash at
Historic Sotterley for the perverted pleasure of the adult spectators of that event. There
Hollywood is talk and arguing done on that group’s Facebook event page and so
Tours: 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 PM the group members do know and they have been told and have been
Half-price tours for Dads! Hike the
trails, check out the farm and garden. Spe- Wednesday, June 19 explained of how wrong it is but they have no interest in any view
of right from wrong because they being “Secular Humanists” then
cialty items at our Museum Shop, and a SMADC Town Hall Meeting that makes them as above any morality consideration, and sadly that
half-price tour of our 1703 Manor House! SMECO Auditorium is their point and purpose to demonstrate that they can violate the
301-373-2280. 15035 Burnt Store Rd. decent standards and violate children and dare anyone to try to stop
Hughesville them.
Father’s Day Evening Cruise 6:30 - 8:00 PM There are some people who complain by sending letters and emails
Calvert Marine Museum Hosted by the Regional Agricultural to the Library but the Library is powerless against that group’s dishon-
Solomons Center to hear updates on the Westham est tricks to get its own way. The acronym for that group “SMASH”
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Butcher Shop, the soon to be completed is a rather accurate description of their real intentions to smash down
A perfect ending to Dad’s special day! Amish-operated slaughter facility. Partici- anything that gets in their way. It is often said that the county or our
$30 adults, $15 ages 12 and under. Pre- pate in the discussion and share questions, political leaders can not resist or fight these kinds of groups or events
registration required; visit concerns, and ideas. because we might lose in court or that it might go up to the U.S. Su-
TennisonCruises to register. 410-326- preme Court, but instead we need to have the courage to resist this by
2042. Speaker Series 2019 every means available and yes take it to the Supreme Court too if need
Historic Sotterley be, because this event is created to abuse young vulnerable children
Hollywood while the adult spectators celebrate their own sexual superiority. All
Mon. - Fri., June 17 - 21 7:00 PM across the USA such groups are attacking American values and our
Robert Parkinson presents “THE COM- time to respond is running thin. 
Camp Discovery Summer Camp
MON CAUSE: Creating Race and Nation
Historic St. Mary’s City
in the American Revolution.” Free event. James P. Cusick Sr.
18751 Hogaboom Lane

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Hollywood, MD
Discover the science in the daily lives of
early Marylanders. A week that combines
history, science, and the arts. Designed for Thursday, June 20
rising 5th and 6th graders. $140 per child Historic St. Mary’s City June Lecture St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

($130 Friends members). Payment in full Visitor Center Auditorium

required at time of registration. Rain or
shine. 240-895-4990 or info@HSMCdig-
18751 Hogaboom Lane
St. Mary’s City
Do you have something to add 7:00 PM
Dr. Travis Parno, Director of Research
to our Community Calendar?
and Collections at Historic St. Mary’s
Mon. & Tues., June 17 & 18 City, will give a free, public lecture titled Email your event to
Junior Docent Academy
“Seventeenth-Century Origins of Slav-
ery.” 240-895-4990, Info@DigsHistory.
Historic Sotterley
org, or visit our website at HSMCdigsHis-
Enhance your communication skills
30 BusinessDIRECTORY The County Times Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fax 301-884-2884

Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc. “Where Service Comes First”
Serving The Community Since 1994
28231 Three Notch Road, Suite 101 • Mechanicsville, MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Sales & Service
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance Farm Equipment • Machine Shop
Home & Industrial Engines • Welding
Dental • &Vision
Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability

Payroll Services Monday - Friday 7am-6pm
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. 1970 Saturday 7am-4pm
President Vice President
Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398
Closed for lunch everyday between 12-12:30pm •
27898 Point Lookout Road • Loveville, Md • 20656

46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD



The St. Mary’s County Times is a weekly newspaper providing news and information for
Publisher Thomas McKay
the residents of St. Mary’s County. The St. Mary’s County Times will be available on news-
Associate Publisher Eric McKay stands every Thursday. The paper is published by Southern Maryland Publishing Company,

General Manager which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The St. Mary’s
Al Dailey County Times does not espouse any political belief or endorse any product or service in its

Advertising news coverage.

Jen Stotler
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To be considered for publication, articles and letters to the editor submitted must include the
Editor writer’s full name, address and daytime phone number. Submissions must be delivered by
Dick Myers
4 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication to ensure placement for that week.
Graphic Designer After that deadline, the St. Mary’s County Times will make every attempt possible to publish
Jeni Coster

County Times
late content, but cannot guarantee so. Letters may be condensed/edited for clarity, although St. Mary’s
Staff Writer care is taken to preserve the core of the writer’s argument. Copyright in material submitted
Guy Leonard
to the newspaper and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the St. Mary’s
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Laura Joyce, Ron Guy, Shelby Opperman, Dave Spigler are unable to acknowledge receipt of letters. The St. Mary’s County Times cannot guarantee P. O. Box 250 • Hollywood, MD 20636
that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be published, due to time or space constraints.
Thursday, June 13, 2019 The County Times ClassifiedADS 31


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Construction & Excavation Company
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