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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
B.M. Dimataga St., Lapu-Lapu City


Section and Time: Date:

Learning Describe the motion of an object in terms of distance or displacement, Level 7
Competency speed or velocity, and acceleration;
S7FE-IIIa1 Quarter 3
Learning Week
Objectives Knowledge: Describe the acceleration of a moving object; 1
Skills: Measure the rate of change speed/velocity of an object;
Attitude: Relate acceleration in sports. Day 3

60 minutes
Resources Needed Manila paper/cartolina, ruler, pen marker, Video clip
Youtube clip:

Element of the
Suggested Activities
AWARENESS Video Presentation on Acceleration.
Youtube clip:
The teacher will present a horse Carrera competition and let the students observe it.
Ask the following questions to the students:
1. What is the video all about? The video shows carrera race of horses.
2. What horse number wins the race? Based from the video.
3. Describe the motion of the winning horse. Did it start fastest among the horse at first?
The winning horse did not start the fastest in the race at first but when it change its
path it starts to speed up..
4. Did you expect the winning horse win? What makes this horse win? They cover a
5. Did the horse change its speed/velocity? Yes, from slow to fast speed
6. What do you call this change of speed? Acceleration

Activity Group the students into five.

1. Using the data gathered during the activity in speed using the robots, each group are
to describe the motion of an object based on acceleration.
2. Solve the acceleration of the robot during its state of motion.
a. Using the following formula.
Acceleration (a) = 𝒕
Where, Vf = Velocity final Vi = Initial Velocity t = time
3. Present the data gathered in the class.

Analysis 1. Describe the motion of the robot based fro its value of speed/velocity.
The robot’s motion changes by its direction that causes the speed/velocity changes.
2. Observe the value measure in speed/velocity. Is it the same value or not? No
3. If it’s not the same value, what does this imply?
There is acceleration on the robot’s motion.
4. So, what can you say about acceleration based on the robot’s speed?
Acceleration is the change of speed/velocity over a period of time.
5. If the robots speed is the same, can we say it accelerates? No because throughout the
travel it has the same/constant speed, acceleration happens when its speed changes.
6. Can we quantify this change of speed? How?
Yes, by using the formula Acceleration (a) = 𝒕

Abstraction How acceleration describe motion?

Acceleration describes the motion of an object, if during the object’s state of motion it
changes its speed. In other words, it describes how fast the object over a period of time.
Is this change of speed in time be quantified?
Yes, using the formula: Acceleration (a) = 𝒕

Application Describe your self during the pace when you woke up early and late in the morning during
school days.
When we woke up early, we have more leisure time to do our usual things to get ready for
school and come to school early. But when were late, we move faster than usual so that we
may be able to come to school on time.

Assessment Using the applied mathematics:

1. An automobile travels east at 20 m/s, it needs to pass/overtake a truck so it increased
its velocity to 25 m/s in 2 s. Calculate its acceleration.
Answer: Acceleration = 2.5 m/s2
2. Starting from rest, the car speeds up to 25 m/s in 10 s. What is its acceleration?
Answer: Acceleration = 2.5 m/s2

Assignment What is a quantity?

What are the types of quantity? Define each.