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Oral Communications

25 November 2018
Ceremonial Speech: Jared Polis

I. Introduction

a. This speech will cover the newly elected mayor of Colorado, Jared Polis. I

will discuss who he is personally and politically while focusing on his

influence on America and the changes he is bringing to our nation.

b. Thesis: Jared Polis is an inspiration for Americans everywhere. His candidacy

has changed the atmosphere of elections everywhere. As the first openly gay

government-elect of Colorado, he serves a role model for a new, more

progressive America.

II. Colorado’s LGBTQ+ Rights

a. Here I will discuss a brief history of Colorado’s past rights and laws regarding

the LGBTQ+ community.

b. Next, I will talk about Colorado’s current rights and laws.

III. Jared Polis

a. I will give a brief description of Jared Polis’ personal life.

b. Then, I will talk about his candidacy.

 This will include his political stances and how his sexual

orientation was viewed during the electoral process.

IV. A Better America

a. There are still changes that need to be made, especially in regard to state laws

and their non-discrimination policies or lack thereof.

b. We have a good start and need to work on doing all that we can to have full

representation and recognition of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

V. Conclusion

a. I will reiterate Jared Polis’ importance on America and restate my thesis while

tying in the history of the LGBTQ+ community and what we can do to keep

improving our non-discrimination policies and keep maintain a more

progressive and inclusive mindset.

Marlee Wilson
Oral Communications
Professor Watkins-Dickerson
25 November 2018

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