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At Ross Executive Education, you will learn from some of the second to none. Within walking distance, you will find the
best minds in business — Michigan faculty — who know finest libraries and museums, historic Kerrytown, the “Big
firsthand the real-world challenges you face. House,” and a myriad of cultural activities. While on campus,
you will enjoy fine dining and impeccable service as our
PERSONALIZED OPEN ENROLLMENT EXPERIENCE. guest in our newly remodeled Executive Residence.
Through our action-based, hands-on learning approach,
you will co-create your learning experience based on your BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. The impact of our programs
individual leadership needs and the unique challenges of and the peer relationships that develop extend far beyond
your organization. You will return to work with a broader the classroom. We invite you to stay connected through our
business perspective and an action plan that you can put monthly eNewsletter, Exceed, and through our online
into effect immediately. community

A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. Our programs provide an THE MICHIGAN CERTIFICATE. Boost your resume
extraordinary learning environment where you will personally and showcase your professional development with a
connect and share ideas with a network of peers from around Michigan Certificate. We will work with you to design a
the globe. personalized curriculum to meet your needs based on
your professional goals.

Michigan to create a customized program that brings Inform. Inspire. Lead the way. This is what the world-class
together our unmatched intellectual capital, action-based faculty of the Ross School of Business does every day, both in
learning methodologies and practical tools. In the end, you the classroom and in the boardrooms of leading corporations
will have the tools needed to target the specific needs of around the globe. Take advantage of this wealth of business
your organization and deliver the meaningful results you talent and intelligence through the Michigan Speakers Bureau
are looking for. or call on M-Coach for personalized executive advising.


University of Michigan
Executive Education Programs
General Management
The Michigan April 25–May 21, $35,900 This month-long immersion into effective leadership in today’s global economy
2010 will challenge you and the way you think and equip you with transformational
Executive Program Sept. 12–Oct. 8, tools to help you move your organization forward in the new economy.You will
2010 leave prepared to manage ambiguity and face the future with courage and
vision. Application required.
Business Acumen Oct. 19–28, 2010 $15,400 Our intensive ten-day program gives you the clarity and vision needed for
Nov. 29–Dec. 6, greater decision-making, adaptation and performance. Learn to blend
for High-Potential 2010 (Hong Kong) conceptual, human and technical skills while integrating business expertise,
Leaders management processes and leadership to achieve powerful results. Application
Leading Innovation: May 18–19, 2010 $3,380 To lead innovation, you need your organization working toward a common
NEW 2-DAY goal.This program features cases, conversations, exercises and an innovation
Developing the lab practicum to experience first-hand what works and what does not. In the end,
Practices that Drive you will have all the tools needed to connect ideation to commercialization with
Growth an integrated innovation management system.
Strategic Planning May 16–21, 2010 $8,425 Links strategy and implementation to deliver innovative solutions for unifying
Oct. 24–29, 2010 your organization toward a common goal. Learn to recognize strategic choices
and Implementation April 19–23, 2010 and trade-offs and get the tools to analyze these choices in both strategic
(Hong Kong) planning and strategic implementation. Walk away with a working framework to
address your own strategic challenges.
Negotiation May 3–5, 2010 $5,200 Using a proven negotiation framework that addresses structure and process, you
Nov. 15–17, 2010 will transform your thinking, identify your communication strengths and
Strategies and Oct. 20–22, 2010 weaknesses, and learn to resolve disputes with confidence. Experiential
Influence Skills (Hong Kong) learning, simulations and interactive debriefing will help you optimize financial
outcomes and social benefits — with tools you can apply in work and everyday
Leadership June 8–10 , 2010 $7,000 Judgment is not linear. In real life it is a dynamic flow that requires constant
Ann Arbor, MI $7,200 assessment, leadership courage, and the ability to mobilize through
Judgment Program Nov. 8–10, 2010 execution.This program — an intense, highly interactive experience — provides
Naples, FL the tools to improve your judgment capability and action plans to address your
current challenges.You will walk away with a Teachable Point of View™ to
develop your own staff.

Human Resources
Advanced Human July 12–23, 2010 $21,150 Rated the #1 program for senior HR executives for 20 years, this program will
Oct. 4–15, 2010 help you perform your dual roles as a member of your senior management team
Resource Executive Nov. 29–Dec. 10, and as a HR leader. Led by Michigan’s world-renowned HR faculty, this program
Program 2010 offers an immersion in leading-edge thought and action in HR with a focus on the
strategic role of HR in achieving objectives and delivering value to customers,
investors and employees. In two weeks, you will interact with thought leaders
and researchers in the field of HR management, as well as your peers from other
leading organizations. Application required.
Strategic Human July 26–30, 2010 $8,425 This one-week program is for HR managers and leaders who design and
Nov. 1–5, 2010 implement HR strategies. It combines practical tools, powerful frameworks, best
Resource Planning practices and research. By engaging in dialogue about HR issues confronting
your organization and others, you will learn methods that combine your firm’s
challenges with your human resource strategies that will result in value-added
agendas and applications.You will return with the tools needed to implement
change through the human resource function to position HR in a leadership role.
Positive Leadership: June 7–11, 2010 $8,650 Learn the principles and concepts needed to develop positive leadership
Nov. 1–5, 2010 capabilities and results. For five days, you will gain clarity about your ability to
Building July 19–23, 2010 withstand the pressures to conform. This program is exhausting, exhilarating and
Extraordinary (Hong Kong) influential for mind, body and soul. You are asked to bring a personal leadership
Personal Leadership challenge. You will then find insights on your capabilities and create a plan to
Capabilities capitalize on them while addressing your own challenges and opportunities. You
will leave with a plan that will immediately impact results in your organization.

Positive Leadership: June 14–18, 2010 $8,650 For five days, you will explore the positive organizational practices that are
proven to foster organizational success in companies around the globe. Learn to
Creating Spectacular apply positive leadership concepts and practices to your own opportunities.
Organizational Upon your return home, your efforts will be supported by the faculty and a peer-
Success participant network. In a follow-up webinar, conducted after the program, you will
be able to report your progress and ask for additional feedback and guidance
from faculty and your program peers.

Basic Management May 3–5, 2010 $5,200 Focus on the changes you will encounter in your transition to manager. Learn
Sept. 20–22, 2010 the practices used in managing both operational activities and individual
Nov. 1–3, 2010 employees. During the two-and-a-half-day session, you will better understand
managerial techniques, with an emphasis on working with people as the key to
success. Interactive group activities result in total class involvement and
enhanced learning making this the perfect program for new managers.

Leadership Success Sept. 27–Oct. 1, $8,425 This world-class program capitalizes on the concepts of human potential.
2010 Elevate your effectiveness, develop a leadership mindset, learn how to coach
for Mid-Level Nov. 8–12, 2010 and counsel for peak performance, and promote emotional intelligence and
Managers interpersonal relationships while creating the future through imagination. As a
mid-level manager, your importance to the organization is unmatched. Let us
help you be at your best in leading others.

Management of April 19–23, 2010 $8,425 Through this interactive examination of leadership issues, you will reflect on your
July 19–23, 2010 own leadership approach and gain a deeper understanding of how you can
Managers Sept. 13–17, 2010 impact your organization. You will complete the Michigan-developed Leadership
Dec. 6–10, 2010 Competencies Survey before you arrive, which will be the basis for the
June 7–11, 2010 personalized action plan you will develop during the program. You will leave
Nov. 8–12, 2010 understanding leadership challenges on three levels: individual effectiveness,
(Hong Kong) organizational culture and organizational outcomes. As a follow-up, you will have
the opportunity for facilitated discussion on the progress of your action agenda.

Other Programs
Negotiating and May 17–21, 2010 $8,425 Labor relations are forever changed and could change even more with the
Sept. 13–17, 2010 Employee Free Choice Act on the horizon. Designed to enhance your
Administering the effectiveness in labor negotiations by learning how to align collective bargaining
Labor Contract strategy with HR and business strategy, this program will assure you are
prepared. This program includes an intensive mock negotiation that will give you
insights into making strategic assessments with leadership and framing key
issues with your partners. You will return better able to develop a negotiation
strategy, prepare for sessions at the bargaining table and effectively manage the
process through every twist and turn.

Theory and Practice August 15–20, $8,100 Our premier program shows you how this function fits into the process of
2010 creating corporate value. This weeklong program uses a simulation in which you
of Investor Relations will experience how real-world trading takes place on exchanges. Offered in
partnership with the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), faculty will help
you to look at your firm from an analyst’s perspective so you will return to your
organization better able to compete for investor capital. An NIRI member
discount is available.