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Object of the Act

To provide for fixing

minimum rates of
wages in certain Fixation of Minimum Rates of Wages
employments The appropriate government to fix minimum rates of wages. The employees
employed in Para 1 or B of Schedule either at 2 or either part of notification u/s
Minimum Rates of To make review at such intervals not exceeding five years the minimum rates or
Wages so fixed and revised the minimum rates.
Such as Basic rates Government can also fix Minimum Wages for
of wages etc. (a) Time work (b) Piece work at piece rate (c) Piece work for the purpose of
Variable DA and securing to such employees on a time work basis (d) Overtime work done by
Value of other employees for piece work or time rate workers {Section 3}
concessions etc.
Sec- 4

Fixing Hours for Procedure for Composition of Payment of Minimum Rates of Wages
Normal Working fixing and Committee
revising Employer to pay to every employee
Minimum Rates Representation of negated in schedule employment at a
of Wages employer and rate not less than minimum rates of
employee in schedule wages as fixed by Notification by not
a. Shall constitute a
Appointing making deduction other than
normal working day employer in equal
Committee issue prescribed. {Section 12}
inclusive of one or number and
of Notification
more specified independent persons
etc. {Section 5}
intervals. not exceeding 1/3rd or
its total number one
such person to be
appointed by the
b. To provide for a Chairman. {Section 9}
day of rest in every
period of seven days
with remuneration.

Wages of workers who works for less than normal

To be fixed by working days
c. To provide for
the hour, by the
payment for work on
day or by such a
a day of rest at a
longer wage- Save as otherwise hereinafter provided, be entitled to receive
rate not less than the
period works on wages in respect of work done by him on that day as if he had
overtime rate
any day in excess worked for a full normal working day. {Section 15}
{Section 13}
of the number of
hours constituting
normal working

Payment for
every hour or for
part of an hour so
worked in excess
at the overtime
rate double of the
ordinary rate of
(1½ times or for
labour) {Section

Wages for two class of work: Where an employee does two or more classes of work to each of which a different
minimum rate of wages is applicable, wages at not less than the minimum rate in respect of each such class.
{Section 16}

Minimum time rate wages for piece

Maintenance of registers and records work
Register of Fines - Form 1 Rule 21(4)
Annual Returns - Form III Rule 21(4-A) Not less than minimum rates wages
Register for Overtime - Form IV Rule 25 as fixed {Section 17}
Register of Wages - Form X, Wages Slip - Form XI, Muster
Roll - Form V Rule 26
Representation of Register - for three year Rule 26-A {Section

Claims by employees
To be filled by before authority constituted under the Act within 6 months.
Compensation upto 10 times on under or non-payment of wages {Section 16}

Penalties Offences Punishment

Imprisonment upto 6 months or with fine

For paying less than minimum rates of wages
As per Section 20 upto Rs.500.00

For contravention of any provisions pertaining to Imprisonment upto 6 months or with

fixing hours for normal working day etc fine upto Rs.500.00