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Contact Numbers Welcome to

Senior Pastors:
Ray & Marie Albrecht (W) 4123 2711
(H) 4123 6562
Church Leadership: Christian Outreach
Barry Klein – Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732
Jamie & Sharon Klein – Secretary
(H) 4122 2300
Ian & Beryl Moncrieff (H) 4123 6891

Management Committee:
Ps Ray Albrecht – Chairman (H) 4123 6562
Barry Klein – Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732
Jamie Klein (H) 4122 2300
Jean Kidd – Treasurer (H) 4121 3056
Andrew Storrs (H) 4121 6132
Reta Welsh (H) 4121 7710
Kay Thorpe (M) 0421 085446
He is wortHy of praise
Children’s Church Leader:
Jane Orr (H) 4121 3506
(M) 0405 318061 14 NOVEMBER 2010
Mainly Music Leader:
Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132
(M) 0429 787982
New Christian’s Class Leaders:
Steve & Alice Murray (H) 4123 2394
Steve (M) 0448 700460
Alice (M) 0437 958935
Worship Leader:
Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132
(M) 0429 787982 Senior Pastors:
Ray & Marie Albrecht
Maryborough Christian Outreach Centre
Hervey Bay Road Maryborough
PO Box 461 Maryborough 4650
Bob & Kay Thorpe (Head Deacons) PH/Fax: (07) 4123 2711
Beth Baumgart Rosters for the week 21st Nov ‘10
Keith & Hilary Brockway Door AM – Chris B & Merryl
Cal & Marion Dingwall Door PM – Bruce G & Jean
Joe & Carole Marrington Comm Prep – Jeanette
Bruce Mayer Comm Table – Cal, Marion & Dorn OUR VISION STATEMENT:
Bradley Yates Supper – Kevin & Jeanette
Cleaning – Jean & Wendy; Janine & Family
BIRTHDAYS for this week:
Who are you? Sunday 14th Welcome Ps Kevin & Bev Dales
20th – Nathan Johnson
I am the salt of the earth and the light of the 9.00am Prayer Meeting – all welcome
world. Matt 5:13, 14 9.30am Praise/Worship/Communion
I am a child of God. John 1:12; Rom 8:14, 15; DECEMBER CALENDAR Lighthouse Children’s Church
Gal 4:6,7; 1 John 3:1, 2 Morning tea/coffee & fellowship after
I am a part of the True Vine. John 15:1 – 8 S unday 5 Lighthouse Children’s Church the service in the rear of the church
I am Christ’s friend. John 15:12 – 17 Presentation in morning meeting 6.30pm Evening Meeting with Ps Kevin
I am a slave to righteousness. Rom 6:18 followed by supper and fellowship
I am an heir. Rom 8:17
I am a dwelling place for God. 1 Cor 3:16 S aturday 11 Ladies end of year Christmas Monday 15th
I am a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17 Function. Commencing 6.00pm in the 7.00pm 4Her Singles – Bible Study at
I am the reconciled and the reconciler. Activity Centre with a ‘Finger Food’ 264 Queen St (Jean Kidd)
2 Cor 5:18 – 20 dinner, followed by guest singer, Tamara
I am seated in heavenly places with Jesus. Tuesday 16th
Lynch, in the church. Will conclude with 9.30am 4Her – Care & Share Day
Eph 2:6
I am God’s handiwork. Eph 2:10 coffee/tea and dessert in the Activity Ctr. 6.15pm Hour of Power Prayer Meeting
I am hidden with Christ in God. Col 3:3 7.30pm Music Team Practice
I am chosen of God. Col 3:12 S unday 12 ‘Christmas Morning Tea’ in the
I am a child of The Light. 1 Thess 5:5 Wednesday 17th
Activity Centre following the service.
I am only a visitor to this world in which I 9.30am Mainly Music
temporarily live. 1 Peter 2:11 Craft will also be available for sale. 10.00am Global Care Sewing Room
I am an enemy of the devil. 1 Peter 5:8 ********************************************* 7.00pm Meeting in Poona Community Hall
I am not condemned. Rom 8:1 Date Claimer: Saturday 16 April 2011 –
I have the mind of Christ. 1 Cor 2:16 Thursday 18th
Training Day for Healing Rooms will be held in 9.30am Craft in the Activity Centre
I am not my own and have been bought with a
price. 1 Cor 6:19, 20 Maryborough. No need to travel to Brisbane. Mark 10.00am Global Care Sewing Room
I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. it on your dairy now. See Cal or Marion for more 7.00pm Home Group at: 16 Cardigan St
Eph 1:3 details. Granville (Joe & Carole ph:41216907)
I have been made alive when I was dead
Eph 2:4, 5 ATTENTION Sunday 21st
I may approach God with confidence and Care Outreach urgently needs gifts for: 9.00am Prayer Meeting
freedom. Eph 3:12 11 – 15 year old boys 9.30am Worship & Communion Service
Who are you? Family type gifts Lighthouse Children’s Church
Mum and Dad gifts Coffee/Tea & Fellowship at the rear of
the church after the service
Jamie They will be starting the ‘packing’ on
Music Team Meeting
Monday 15 November. 6.00pm Evening meeting followed by supper &