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Name : Bhuvaneshwari J
Designation : Asst. Professor
Qualification : M. Pharm
Professional interest : Teaching ; phytochemical research
Research interest : Phytochemistry ; antimicrobial herbal products, activity guided
isolation of pytoconstituents
Current professional activities :
Academics : Teaching UG & PG students in Pharmacy
Research : Pharmacological and Phytochemical investigations of herbal drugs
Others :Setting and reviewing university question papers, conduct of examinations,
valuation, attending scientific seminars/lectures/workshops,
Current Research activities :
Working on two projects with PG for fulfillment of their M.Pharm course involving :
• Investigations of anti-inflammatory activity of herbs using In-vitro bioassays.
• Screening for antimicrobial activity of herbs used for digestive ailments
• Working for Ph D on a project involving activity guided isolation of hypoglycaemic
and hypolipidaemic compounds from Mangifera indica.
Experience and work responsibilities :
Academics : Twelve and a half years of teaching experience
UG :
Handled Theory and practical classes in Pharm. Microbiology,
Pharmacognosy & phytochemistry ; biochemistry and clinical
PG : Handled Industrial pharmacognosy for M.Pharm-Pharmacognosy;
Part of Advanced pharmaceutical Analysis M.Pharm –Quality
Recognised PG guide in M.Pharm- Pharmacognosy
Others : Recognised examiner under RGUHS for
UG : Pharm. Microbiology and Biotechnology; Pharmacognosy
and Phytochemistry
PG : Industrial pharmacognosy.
Currently working on project titled “Activity guided isolation of active principles from
two varieties of Mangifera indica for hypoglycaemic and hypolipidaemic activity in
diabetic rats” for Ph D
Co-guided two M.Pharm projects titled :
• Bioactivity guided isolation of antifungal compounds from Cassia fistula
• Comparative phytochemical profiling of Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. Ex Royle
and Cyperus rotundus Linn. And their evaluation for their Anti- diarrhoeal
Guided four M.Pharm projects titled:
• Comparative pharmacognostic and biological evaluation for the use of Dhataki
as a substitute for Yashtimadhu in gastric ulcer
• Antidermatophytic study of Asparagus racemosus, Butea monosperma and
Nerium indicum
• Comparative evaluation of conventional and microwave assisted extraction of
mangiferin from stembark of Mangifera indica, stem of Swertia chirata and stem
of Salacia reticulate
• Investigations for mechanism/s of action for known antidiabetic plants using In-
vitro assays

Currently guiding two M.Pharm projects titled:

Working on two projects with PG for fulfillment of their M.Pharm course involving :

• Investigation on In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Mimosa pudica Linn.

• Antimicrobial properties of Terminalia chebula Retz. and Terminalia arjuna Roxb.

• Working for Ph D on a project involving activity guided isolation of hypoglycaemic and

hypolipidaemic compounds from Mangifera indica.

Industrial: Worked as a quality control chemist for one year in Kanpha labs Pvt.
Limited, Bangalore.
Others :
• Recognised examiner for PG pharmacognosy under MGR university.
• Worked as a team member in conduct of Sessional ; Resessional and university
• Set and reviewed University question papers for UG: Pharm. Microbiology and
Biotechnology; Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
• Contributed Multiple choice questions for university PG entrance and other
competitive exams.
• Served as joint secretary for the Indian cosmetic technologists association.
Conferences/Workshops attended:
• AICTE sponsored quality improvement programme, AACP, Bangalore-November1999
• AICTE sponsored quality improvement programme, COPS, Kakatiya University, Warangal--July
• International convention of Pharmacy Educators -16th &17th March 2002
• Symposium on ‘Good manufacturing practices in Ayurveda’ -2nd August 2003
• National seminar on biotechnological advancements , Bangalore, October2003
• National workshop on modern Chromatographic techniques and their applications in Chemistry,
Biochemistry and Pharmacy, NIT Warangal-IICT, Hyderabad; Dec ’03-Jan 2004
• 2nd Global congress on Cosmetic technologies Feb 2004
• Science of scientific writing –a workshop April 2005
• APTI National convention, Bangalore Aug 2006
• Attended the ‘International Herbal Conference’ 2009
• Attended and helped as co-ordinator for conduct of ‘Herbal monograph workshop’, during
August 2009.

Professional memberships :
Life member KSPC
Life member APTI
Life member ICTA
Contact Information:
Address : Res: 2095, East End ‘B’ Main Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-69
Phone : Res.: 08026543899 ; Mob: 9986343159
E-mail :