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Nice Ride Parking Zones

Master Plan Amendment
This draft outline informs the development of an amendment to the 2018 Nice Ride
Minnesota Parking Zones Master Plan. This amendment will guide the permitting and
implementation of parking approaches for Nice Ride bikes in the year 2020.

This outline may change over the course of the planning process.

Introduction • How to Unlock a Bike
• Connection to Parking Zones Master Plan • Key fob (all bikes)
• Planning Process • App (all bikes)
• License Agreement and Approval Process • Kiosk (only Classic bikes)

Executive Summary 3. Achieving Equity and Transit

• Comparisons to the 2018 Master Plan Integration Goals
• Planning Process • Equity Considerations
• Station and Hub Deployment
1. Community Engagement • Nice Ride for All
• Engagement Techniques and What We • Transit Integration Goals
Heard • Mobility Hub Program
• Residents • Stakeholder Collaboration
• Public Agency Staff • Future Improvements
• Nice Ride Minnesota Board of Directors
• Advocates and Community 4. Methods for Directing Users
Organizations • Bike Decals
• Hub Signage
2. Year 2020 System Plan • Hub Decals
• Classic Docked Bikes and New Hybrid / • Mobile App Notifications, SMS Notifications,
“Lock-to” eBikes and Emails
• Initial Number of Bikes at Launch • Communication and Collaboration with
• Future Fleet Growth Other Stakeholders
• Parking Options and Usage Targets
• “Classic” Bikes 5. System Operations
• eBikes • Permitting Process and Data Management
• Phasing Map • Monitoring System Performance
• Spring 2020 Service Area • System Performance Dashboard
• Community Contexts • MDS Rider Data
• Pricing Structure
• Unlocking a Bike
• Parking a Bike