Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, Open Meeting, November 18, 2010 Board of Trustees, Dr.

Hinojosa: My name is Carlos Tapia and I live at 10349 Carry Back Circle, Dallas TX 75229. I am here because I agree with and fully support Dr. Blackburn’s revised draft to Policy FFI (LOCAL) and because the full Board needs to know that actual bullying and harassment – in violation of Policy DIA (LOCAL) - also happens against staff employees. Yes, acts of harassment, retaliation, rumor spreading by supervisors against subordinates, is alive and well within the District’s administration. Let me explain such acts against me, as the target of constructive discharge and false accusations that culminated on November 4, when Dr. Rodriguez came to my office, not with a birthday card for my 61st birthday, but rather with the notice of my immediate termination based on distorted facts and in violation of my rights to due process. And to add insult to injury and further abusing her power, Dr. Rodriguez has directed the district’s police to escort me several times from the district’s premises, when I was strictly following the established visitor’s protocol, attempting to recover my personal belongings and contact district employees in the Legal and Accounting departments. Can you imagine a more obvious or blatant example of bullying and intimidation? Dr. Rodriguez' actions to distort my record of ten years as Director of Compensation, in direct contradiction to all my previous performance evaluations, left me with no alternative but to address you directly through this timely forum and subject. And soon, through the District’s grievance process. The true facts are as follows. When I started as the Director of Compensation for the Dallas ISD in October of 2000, I brought with me twenty-five plus years of knowledge, experience and credentials in the HR field working for recognized global corporations. In DISD I have worked with other experienced HR colleagues, some of whom stayed and others who left as a result of the constant changes of five superintendents, and multiple supervisors in the finance and human resources departments. Together, and with the expert advice and input of the HRCompensation consulting practice of Deloitte & Touche, we developed the compensation guidelines, salary handbook and supplemental earnings handbook that are in place today. While they are still a work in progress, and they are not perfect, I am proud of the significant improvement over the system that I found when I arrived. I am proud of the key role and long hours that my team, colleagues and I have played in the implementation of the multiple HR/Compensation/Payroll system changes, from the old Delta system to the constant updates in Oracle. Unfortunately, Dr. Rodriguez since her arrival has only distorted and painted all those contributions as “a broken system”, with obvious disregard for the multiple 1

contributions of top executives in this and previous administrations, TASB and the HR consulting practice of Deloitte & Touche which helped us develop it. Since her arrival, Dr. Rodriguez has slandered my ethical and professional integrity, orally in front of my peers and in writing, which motivated my filing of a previous grievance against her. I later withdrew the first grievance believing on her promise that she would stop such behavior. I was wrong and now in an obvious act of retaliation, she terminated my employment. My team, my colleagues and I have made sincere efforts to cooperate with Dr. Rodriguez, but it is difficult to work with someone who lacks the necessary Human Resources experience for an organization as complex as Dallas ISD, distorts facts and refuses to participate in discussions with substantive contributions for the strategic direction of the District’s compensation matters. Sadly, this type of behavior has been fully supported by her supervisors. As is often the case when bullying is overlooked by the person in charge. Throughout my now thirty-five years as a human resources professional, I have always strived to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity. Obviously these standards do not seem to apply to Dr. Rodriguez because, as an example, on more than one occasion in meetings has jokingly referred to what she calls “the Nacho principle”, in reference to the Board of Trustees' fiduciary responsibility of the taxpayers' money. I certainly recognize that my “straight shooting” style has sometimes ruffled feathers in this and previous administrations when I have challenged the entrenched culture of entitlement, lack of accountability, nepotism, inefficient work practices and management by crisis. But these issues are too important to remain silent and ignored by the Board of Trustees. Thank you for your attention and for your often unappreciated public service to the children of Dallas. I remain at your service if you are in need of additional clarification about the detailed circumstances that brought me in front of you today. In finishing my presentation, I want you to know that, in spite of the unpleasantness of my termination and the fact that I have not been given any other alternative but to use the internal grievance process to clear my good name and, if necessary, present my case in the appropriate court of law, be assured that I will continue to have as my highest priority the best interest of the district, its employees and the children of Dallas. Muchas gracias y buenas noches. Carlos A. Tapia


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