Permutation: Many young emotional females have the habit of analyzing and canalizing a male b ased on “yes- no”

or “true - false” or “same – opposite.” “Yes- no” rule: Springing young butterflies’ judge a guy on the frequency of “yes or no” a male tells her. The number of times he fulfills her demands and wants … “Your deman d my command …yes madam.” The girl would say, “Aww … he is so cute and he loves me so much. He takes me for sh opping, loads me with gifts and takes me regularly on drive, movies and restaura nts.” “True-false” rule: the number of times he agrees to our point of view or disagrees. (When he agrees then, “Ooh waaoo…we are so alike…hamare khyalat kitne milte julte hai …. we match so well.”) “Same – opposite” rule: the habits, attitude and taste (in terms of music, movies and food, etc). Some girls like men with similar tastes and preferences and some enj oy company of men totally opposite to her.

Above all... Combination: The law of attraction The turn on point for a girl is mostly his popularity, looks, bank balance or t alent and above all attitude+ patience (patience to handle her, listen to her no nsensical blabbering…those late night calls) The more the boy pays attention to a girl, takes her on a ride all around the c ity on full speed ‘Dhoom style’ , pampers her in front of his and her friends, show ers her with sweet talk, gives her a regular dose of the dialogue, “I am committed to you”, etc. Further more spends a grand amount of bucks on her wants, desires and showers he r with gifts and flowers.

(best and all time workable- Hindi movie dialogues like,”Tum mere dilo dimag par c ha gayi ho”, “tumne pagal kar diya hai mujhe”, “tu hi meri subha tuhi meri shaam”, “tere bi a me maar jaunga”, “meri zindagi tumhare bina adhuri hai”, etc). Law of distraction (just ignore) As per many girls … Usually Males are attracted or fascinated or engrossed in females who are not in terested in them… “Ussne mujhe dekha bhi nahi” . This one sentence triggers the insect within to follow the feral blossom. E.g., a hunk is fascinated to a calm and peaceful female who is hardly intereste d in him. We always tend to bend towards a person 1) who has the qualities, which we lack in ourselves or 2) to a person having many similarities with our family and us a nd 3) to a person who is completely opposite to us (opposite attracts). A male ego is hurt when a female overlooks his love and efforts to achieve her. He gets dual charged up to overwhelm… engulf the fish, well talk in the market.

“Hide and seek” -Thoda dikao thoda chupao We females love to trigger male curiosity by wearing figure-revealing clothes, b y telling things like “I do like you but I need time”, I love dancing on item number songs when I am alone etc. unfinished words and behaviour – increases the temptat ion to know more. We females have a powerful six sense gifted. No matter how dumb a girl is, she c an sense which man has hot pants for her or which one is madly in love with her. (Indian females no matter how contemporary or forward-looking and outspoken the y become…they always think of getting married to the very man they have in their l ife, deep down inside their souls they are somewhere scared of being fooled or e motionally played with) (The law of ignore gives a chance to evaluate a man, “how much he cares for her an d would he be the one to be faithful to her all her life?”) The moment the male achieves the best-talked female… after sometime she becomes a regular schedule of life and the charm of the relation vanishes. The triumph loo ses its lure. Which leaves the girl wondering, worried and complaining, “You don’t love me as befo re… you don’t give me the attention and love as you used to during college days or e arly days of our affair.” That is how the crevice shapes in. When we don’t get something or someone…we nag, we follow, we cry …do anything on earth to achieve it but when we get the possession …we realize it was not that great or worth the amount of effort, time and money we wasted for it. The thought comes to mind, “What a value added wastage. I could have achieved something much better then this.” Options and choices are bitter words “Why would I date you? I have better options available” or “You know I liked you but n ow I find someone else better” or “You are good but you are not my kinds”… The cupid’s spell has lost its allure charisma in the world of acidic and perilous weapons called options and better choices. ‘Love’ remains a mere word in front of better option, rather the options available in the dating business today!

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