We are going to conduct research on ³ Role Of Media positive or negative ³ The reason of choosing this topic is the rapid development in media sector, and the shaking situation of Pakistan. We want to access whether the population responds positively or negatively to information spread through media. & media is fulfilling their responsibility or not.

Problem statement : Our problem question is that ³ is Pakistani media fulfilling their responsibility or not ? ³

Objective : Our key objectives of this research is :  Is media is free enough to use its power ?  The power given to media is well usage or misusage ?

Group Members:

What should be the Role of Media in Pakistan?
By Guest Blogger ‡ Feb 2nd, 2010 ‡ Category: Politics ‡ 6 Comments

The media mainly television has become the main storytelling vehicle and the journalists have become the key players in legend making and identity building. Professional journalists are

Image building is more likely to produce desirable perceptions when action conforms to the projected images.responsible to create a sense of belonging and to encourage the youth of Pakistan to behave like a responsible Pakistani. Media is like a watchdog in a democracy that keeps government active. Media Role in Pakistan By Tariq Mehmood Khan . negotiation. and still there is still a huge scope for improvement where media can work according to the aspirations of the people of Pakistan where they want to cultivate the attitude of µPakistan First¶ in every Pakistani. No institution is perfect in this world. In this regard. but. It¶s no more a matter of choice. Media has always been a unique and sophisticated ground to play on when we talk about image building It is good to be truthful. reporting and representation. Pakistani media has taken a completely new direction and is determined to create a dreadful situation in the name of µfreedom of press¶. On the contrary. Government media and the private sector should remember that managing and creating a positive image building is by far a colossal task. but when we talk about national interest. it¶s a prerequisite in present day¶s situation. They will take advantage of the situation and will work on their aged tale of µdivide and rule¶. With the passage of time it has become a more matured and a more responsible entity. it is extremely difficult to build a new positive image of a country. To put it in a different way that it is painless to be branded with a horrific image and very hard to rectify and heal the wound. But few talk shows and programs are required to be monitored who portrays a negative image of the country in the name of autonomy of press. It¶s about time that our media must work on the Positive Image of Pakistan. diplomats are conventionally occupied in intelligence gathering. Media are swapping diplomats. The competition has gone so fierce that they need negative tools to increase their TRPs which results in huge revenue chunks. Is this what they are working for? The effort should be focused to support the national image rather than highlighting the most harmful and depressing news to de-motivate the common man in Pakistan. it¶s our obligatory to be noiseless on certain instances so the issues can be sorted out within our own people without being influenced or carried away by the international community who will never come forward to extend their support to resolve our domestic problem. you are strained to pronounce it. It is not good to come up with such comments that our media works as paid workers of our rivals. so is the media. It is important to identify a fact that that it is easy to maintain an old negative image or to gain a new negative image. Diplomatic profession is being undercut by the arrival of global television. but sometimes.

he had also curb the media yet it goes to his credit that during his regime many Private channels were opened and they got so much popularity among the masses that all restrictions and ban on media were failed to prove any positive result for the government. President Asif Ali Zardari himself said that Pakistan suffered a loss of more than 300 million losses in this war. In the eye of WAR on TERROR media has also played an effective role to make a public opinion against the style of War on Terror which has caused a great loss of Pakistan in men and material. There is a strong public opinion against Drone attacks in Pakistan. which is again thanks to Media that it has created awareness to the people to express their opinion to save their sovereignty. The success of Long March to restore the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was also made possible due to media role. No other county has suffered so much as PAKISTAN and no other country can sacrifice as much as Pakistan. The Restoration of judiciary was the Hall Mark for media in Particular and people in General. It shows Pakistan seriousness to Defeat Terrorist. In a press conference John McCain said that Drone attacks is their legitimate weapon to Defeat Terrorism. Every Government has tried their level best to curb media but now it is out of control and now Media is in a good position to defend itself. American Senators visit to Pakistan was not a good news for Pakistani. Role of Media in Pakistan Name:___________________ Age:_______ Gender:_________ . Although. Thanks to Musharraf that he gave an important place to media.Is Pakistani Media is playing its positive role in strengthening a democratic institutions in Pakistan? It is true that media in Pakistan has got freedom in recent years. Although Media was banned to gavel coverage to judiciary yet for the sake of their business and mass interest forced them to give it media coverage.

Which type of channel do you like? a)Entertainmen t b)News c)Sports d)Religious 3. Do you think media should broadcast violent scenes and public protests? a)Ye s b)No c) Yes but censored 9. Do you think media is responsible for anger of people? a)Ye s b) To some extent c) Not at all 5. Do you think media is playing positive role in Pakistan? a)Ye s b)No c) In some areas 7. The way in which media spread all kind of news in the world is a good approach? a)Ye s b)No 8. Do you think media is spoiling youth? a)Ye s b)No c) To some extent 4. Which media is more favorable? a)Print b)Electronic c)Broadc ast 2. Is it true that media spread biased news? a)Ye s b)No .Occupation:_____________ 1. Do you think there is a big hand of media in spreading rumors? a)Ye s b)No c) In some cases 6.

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