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Ma Yanqi

I am now writing this letter to apply for the MSc program of computer science in your
university. In this letter I would like to introduce the reason why I choose to pursue
this program, why I am going to study in Germany and why I am choosing your
university as the destination of my further education.
I. motivation for taking the MSc Program of Computer Science
The reason why I choose to apply this program is that I truly love this field and thirst
for more achievement in it. Actually, I have already made my dream to be an excellent
computer engineer since I was young. One of my uncles, an excellent computer
programmer, led me into the world of CS when I was just in junior high school. He
taught me VB language and then helped me create some interesting small programs. I
was immediately fascinated by these mystical programs at that time and decided to
acquire as much knowledge as I can in this field. Later, when I was in college, I
worked hard on my courses, especially computer courses. I got an overall cumulative
score as 80 and a particular cumulative score as 85 to these courses closely related
with computer science. After class, I applied for the network and information center
of my university and then served as the responsible person in a studio which focuses
on software engineering and Internet based application development. I met a lot of
preeminent workmates and teachers there and also gained numerous practical
experience of software engineering there. However, just as an old saying goes, 'the
more you learn, the more unknown you meet'. Although having finished my college
study diligently and seriously, I still find it not enough and urge for more advanced
theory as well as cutting-edge technology to achieve my dream.
Besides my personal interest, information technology is also an extremely innovative
and strongly needed field of science.“Information” is the third basic element in the world
besides substance and energy. We call this particular century the information century. Not only
there is a huge demand for experts in this kind of area in China, but all over the
world.Therefore, I decided to pursue a postgraduate program of Computer Science in
your university.
II. Motivation for pursuing this program in Germany
Firstly, the education level and research resource of Germany is among the world's
best ones.There are hundreds of colleges and universities there and many of them are
quite famous and outstanding ones, like TUM, RWTH Aachen and HU Berlin. In
information field, TUM, RWTH Aachen and KIT are all dream schools for students
around the world. Besides, Germany is famous for its high-class industry and
numerous eminent industry companies, like Siemens,BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.
In my future major as CS, Germany is also the center of the whole software industry
in Europe. A lot of big software coorperations are located there. For example, SAP , T-
system and Macfee. These big ones and many other international IT companies like
IBM and SUN have settled research centers as well as collaborative researches with
colleges in Germany. This will gain a opportunity for us students to come into
contract with many cutting-edge technology. It is amazing.
Secondly, Germany provides good nature,social and academic environments for living
and studying. As I can see on, Germany is quite scenic. The streets are
clean and there are trees everywhere. Many cities are middle-sized, quiet and peaceful
ones — not too big to be noisy and not too small to be inconvenient, but just right for
studying.As for academic environment, Germany has two different but
complementary atmospheres. One is a precise and earnest culture and the other is a
free and creative style of study. I'm sure that these two spirits must contribute a lot to
the high quality of German education.

III. Why I am interested in TUM

Because I know your university is one of the most preeminent universities in
Germany with a long history, profound culture, strong research power and the most
important, strong closeness to up to date research in all the decisive areas of CS. TUM
is the one of the first three Elite University in Germany with 20 Nobel Prize winner.
Besides, TUM also has first-class teaching facilities, more than 1 million copies of
books, periodicals and magazines and many advanced laboratory equipment. For
students of engineering all over the world, TUM is definitely a dream school. What's
more, one major field of your mater program of computer science is Computer Graphics
und Image Understanding . This area is just what I am learning and most interested in
and my graduation project also focuses on this area. So you can not image how
exciting I was when I found information about this specialization in your web site.
Besides academic reasons, the city of Munich also attracts me a lot. I like the baroque
and rectilineal architectural as well as FC Bayern Munich there .
Another important reason why I have chooses to study in Germany and in Munich in particular is
because I later on want to work either in a Chinese Company operating in Germany, or in a
German company operating in China. There are more than 500 Chinese companies in the German
state of Hesse only, and there are already more than 4,800 German companies located in China.
The skills gained from my subject are essential for the economic development of every country,
particularly for my home country. And while Computer Science is important for the further
development for China, this field of science is essential for Germany in terms of protecting and
strengthening the world leader position in this field as well as setting new academic and science

Therefore, I sincerely hope to get accepted at TU Munich and at your esteemed

faculty of Informatics.