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ISSUE 1 1 DEC 10

Greetings fellow Soldiers and forward to represent the company
Family members of the Warrior on a deployment to Iraq. As time
Family. I hope that the holidays continued to pass I have witnessed
are treating you well and that firsthand the true greatness of the
you are in good spirits. I just Soldiers in this unit. With events
want to state that I am truly ranging from Softball to
honored to be the commander of participation in the 9-11 Patriots
the 291st. The hard work and Run the Soldiers of the 291st have
dedication that the Soldiers of continued to lead the way. I look
the 291st display on a daily basis forward to February when we will
set this company far above the conduct the next Collective Task
Inside this issue: rest. In April I joined the ranks Training (formerly known as
of the 291st during Prime Time Prime Time Training). This time
FRG Message 2 safe and happy holiday and
Training at Fort Leonard Wood together to train will provide
hope that
and was quickly introduced to quality time for the 291st to grow
Winter Storm Safety 2 the high standards that the 291st and strengthen as a team and a the New Year continues to
held. This held true as I watched family. I want to wish all of you a foster the Warrior spirit in all
two of my senior NCOs step of you.
Warriors in Review 3

Holiday Safety 4 WARRIOR 7

What a ride this past year has squad definitely showed their
Soldier Spotlight 5 been in Warrior land! From our true colors all week long. The
great prime time in January to first ever 291st cracker challenge
our Holiday Party, the Warriors was won by SPC Ott; could you
Upcoming Events 6
have done an outstanding job in eat two MRE crackers in less
2010. We said good bye to some than 2 minutes with no water?
great warriors who’ve moved on CPT Holcomb was brought into
either as a Civilian or to PCS command on a Friday and on
across the globe. In early April that very Sunday we moved out
10 outstanding Warriors took to training. Shortly after that
part in the annual Brew to Brew SFC Williams and SSG Marshall
relay race that spanned from deployed out of here for a year in
Kansas City to Lawrence; an Iraq. Then came the summer to pass November 22nd. It’s been
outstanding relay race that months where not just one team an outstanding company to be in
benefits the cystic fibrosis competed but two teams and I hope that the New Year
foundation. A prime time compromised of 291st Warriors ushers in more outstanding
training event in mid April down battled it out in the post softball examples of Warrior pride. I
in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO league. September 11, 2010 hope each and every one of you
brought much needed unit found more Warriors again in has a safe holiday and a blessed
cohesion to the 291st with the Kansas City, MO competing in year!!!! We’ve upped our
squad competition heating up to the 9 hr 11 min patriots run standards….so up yours!!!!
the last day where 3rd squad 2nd where we honored all victims of Warrior 7 out!
platoon took home the coveted 9/11. I couldn’t be happier as my
battle axe. SSG Renn and his year mark as the 291st 1SG came
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will be held on Friday the day when your Soldier

December 10, 2010 from returns home from work or
1800-2000 at Play, letting him/her tuck the
Bounce, Jump in kids in a night. As Army
Leavenworth. Please be Strong Families we are
sure to RSVP to myself at resilient and know how to cope with whatever the
or call me at 254-285- mission may throw at us.
7728. Please be sure to let Have a wonderful
Hello Warriors and me know how many will be Thanksgiving and Happy
Families, attending and the age of Holidays. Remember that
your children if any. This is any help you need is only a
I wanted to take the time the time of year for family call or email away. The
to say hello and keep you and I know now that we 291st Warriors are “One
informed on upcoming have changed to mid-shift Team, One Family for One
events. We will be some by be struggling with Fight”.
fundraising at the PX on finding the balance of your
Friday November 26th and Soldier sleeping all day and
Saturday November 27th by working at night. Keep in
The UNIT run is wrapping Christmas mind that this too shall
not only a fun presents. We will do the pass and try to make the
time for Soldiers best of the time they are Warrior FRG Leader
same fundraiser December
to get together
17-19 in the PX. The home. Try making Jazmen Teske
and display
Warrior Christmas Party breakfast the big meal of
Physical Fitness
but also
promotes the Unit
and esprit de


The WARRIORS conducted

their monthly Company run
on 17 November in front of
the “OLD” Battalion

The UNIT run is not only a fun

time for Soldiers to get
together and display Physical
Fitness but also promtes the
Unit and esprit de Corps.

As we prepare to wrap up training was weapons time to reflect on the previous
2010, it has been a very busy qualification and Detention year and honor those who have
year for the Warriors. The Operations. sacfriced for the MP Corps and
291st MP Co participated in the US Army.
numerous community events April marked a change in
throughout the year. Among Commanders as CPT Sean All these events took place
Dublin departed and CPT while maintaining Custody,
them; Patriots Run, Lansing
Elementary School mentoring, Holcomb took over the Security and control of the The WARRIORS get ready to
the Brew to Brew Challenge, prestigious role as the DODs only Maximum Security participate in the Patriots Run.
Commander, 291st MP Co. Prison.
Baatan Death March.
In July the first ever Battalion The Warriors are truly at the Tip
2010 started with a brand new
First Sergeant (1SG Timothy Range Density planned and of the Spear!!
Danuser) and a new outlook for executed by the Warriors and
1st Platoon was at the Tip of
the Spear throughout.
In April the Warriors took Fort
Leonard Wood by storm during October brought the 69th
their Quarterly Prime Time Military Police Ball. A great
time for all who participated, a
Training. The focus for this


Current Post
Throughout January and allow you to listen for If you are outside Road status
February, we can expect storm information and/ during or immediately
there to be many rainy days. or alerts. after a storm, it very can always be
As we have learned in the important that you
past, any rainstorm has the  Have plenty of found online at
batteries. remember the the address
potential to cause flooding,
downed trees, and/or  Have plenty of water, listed below.
electrical outages throughout especially if you are on
the County.
a well that does not  NEVER try to drive
work when there is no through flooded
Here’s what you can do electricity. portions of any road.
to prepare: It is impossible to tell
 Purchase food and
gasoline before the how deep the water
 Have plenty of battery- storm hits: cash is, and it doesn’t take
operated lighting registers, ATMs, gas much for your car to
available. Try to avoid pumps do not work begin to float, which
using candles; instead, without electricity. puts you in danger
and puts those who
purchase a camping  Secure loose objects have to rescue you in
lantern that uses light on your property—
tubes. danger.
patio furniture,
 Have a flashlight in garbage cans, etc.—  NEVER go near any
each room. that may be become downed lines. The
most benign looking
 Headlamps are great projectiles in high
cable can be deadly
for providing light while winds. Soldiers of the 291st MP
upon contact. Call 9-1
allowing you to have  If your property is -1. If lines are down
Co participate in the Brew
to Brew Challenge.
both hands free. subject to flooding, get near your home, keep
 Have a battery needed sandbags your children and
powered radio that will ahead of time and put pets inside.
them in place.
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The 291st MP Co Command the tree should not  Be sure to keep the
wishes you and your family a lose many needles. stand filled with water,
joyous holiday season.  When setting up a tree because heated rooms
As you celebrate, we want you at home, place it away can dry live trees out
to be safe. Please take a from fireplaces, rapidly.
couple of minutes to review radiators, or portable  When purchasing an
these safety precautions; heaters. Place the tree artificial tree, look for
out of the way of the label "Fire
traffic and do not block Resistant."
 When purchasing a live doorways.
tree, check for  Cut a few inches off
freshness. A fresh tree the trunk of your tree
is green, needles are to expose the fresh
hard to pull from wood. This allows for
branches and when better water
bent between your absorption and will
fingers, needles do not help to keep your tree
break. The trunk butt from drying out and
of a fresh tree is sticky becoming a fire
with resin, and when hazard.
tapped on the ground,

When setting up
a tree at home,
place it away
from fireplaces,
radiators, or
portable heaters. LIGHTS them. into circuits with
Place the tree
out of the way of  Check all tree lights— ground fault circuit
traffic and do not  Before using lights even if you've just interrupters (GFCI) to
block doorways. outdoors, check labels purchased them— avoid potential shocks.
to be sure they have before hanging them  Always turn off all
been certified for on your tree. Make holiday lights when
outdoor use. To hold sure all the bulbs work you go to bed or leave
lights in place, we and that there are no the house.
recommend frayed wires, broken
purchasing plastic sockets, or loose
holders designed for connections.
this purpose. As an  Consider replacing old
alternative, string lights with LED lights.
them through hooks or They are safer,
insulated staples. “greener,” and cost
Never use nails or much less to operate.
tacks. Never pull or
 Plug all outdoor
tug lights to remove
electric decorations

Soldier Soptlight
SPC Abdullah is a 1999 enjoys going to the gym
graduate of Andrew and reading. SPC Adbullah
Jackson High School in is proud to be a part of the
Douglasville, GA. She 291st MP CO because of
entered the U.S. Army in the camaraderie that the
September 2005 and has unit and her platoon
been stationed at displays. SPC Abdullah will
Bamberg, Germany and Ft. be competing for the 40th
Leavenworth, KS where MP BN Soldier of the Year
she is currently a team later on this month.
leader in 2nd Platoon. SPC
Abdullah joined the Army
for a better way of life and
for the money
opportunities. She is
currently married and

NCO Spotlight

SSG Horton is a 1999 has 3 kids. SSG Horton contribute each day to
graduate of Chula Vista loves hanging out with his make yourself and others
High School in San Diego, family and watching around you better.
California. He entered the football. SSG Horton will
U.S. Army 10 April 2002 be competing for the 40th
and has been stationed at MPBN NCO of the Year
Ft. Bliss, TX, Kadena AFB later on this month. SSG
Japan, and Ft. Horton’s proud to be a part
Leavenworth, KS where he of the 291st MP CO
is currently a Squad Leader because of the Company
in 1st Platoon. SSG Horton Pride that he sees in his
joined the Army for a Soldiers and other
better way of life for members of the Company.
himself and his daughter. Feel the pride that SSG
He is currently married and Horton does and
66027 10 DEC—Warrior Christmas Party (Play Bounce Jump)

11 DEC—Single Soldiers Dinner (BCTP National Guard)

Phone: 913-604-4209
Fax: 555-555-5555 19-25 DEC—12 HOUR SHIFTS (CHRISTMAS)


A Happy Birthday goes out to the following Soldiers:

SGT Rodergus Scott 10 December

SPC Gregory Graham 20 December

PFC Anthony Forsman 20 December!/pages/Fort-Leavenworth-KS/291st-Military-Police-Company-IR/10150135919405137