Advantage 5S Tools for Efficient Working:
In an Industry, Office, Design organization and even in our house, 5S concept as described below is a very simple and effective tool for a smooth and proficient working.This concept is originally from Japan and is widely accepted World wide, with an aim for Quality improvement through efficient working culture.

Objectives :
To create and maintain a working environment that is conducive and eco friendly to all employees with an ultimate aim to improve work culture and the Quality approach to the job. Basic guidelines are as following: i) Make each area of work clean bright and pleasant for working. ii) Maintain/sustain equipment & facilities to top order, so as to build up Quality in process. iii) Maintain necessary Dicipline to observe work standards. iv) Maintain safety& stability in the plant operations. v) improve each individual's efficiency by training & guidance. vi)Maintain an work environment that is bright , pleasant, diciplined and rewarding to work force.

What is 5S?
This concept was cultured in Japan. The steps are indicated in Japanese language with English meaning shown alongside. Seril :( Sorting): Sort out un necessary items in the work place& discard them. Seiton: ( Follow Ordering/Arranging ) : Arrange necessary items in good order, so that desired item can be easily picked up when in need. * There is a place for everything. * Keep a particular thing in it's place Seiso( Cleaning):Clean Your work place regularly as a practice. Seiketsu (House Keeping): Maintain high standard of house keeping at all time. Shitsuke (Training People): Train people on 5S application & its advantage

Where do we start this 5S?
- All work places, shop floors& Offices --5S to be adopted companywide - There is no place exempted from 5S activities in the organization.



Schematic Representation Of 5S: OUTPUT SORTING ORDERING



Where do we start this?
If Organizations exhibit any or, all of the following symptoms: i) Poor state of M/cs./Equipment/Tools leading to Quality problems. ii) Considerable time being spent searching for Tools/Files or Documents. iii) Indirect losses owing to unsafe working conditions. iv) Manufacturing delays due to poor material dicipline. v) Delays in serving suppliers and customers due to poor Office upkeep.

What is the benefit of practising 5S?
i) Enlightened employees whose morale is high. ii) Employees become the principal source and drivers for Continuous improvement.

Who is resposible for implementation and maintenance of 5S activity
-Top management should obviously make their commitment visible. -Department managers, line managers and supervisors must help their men in the activities, by giving guidance and training.They must also help by carrying out reviews, identifying and sorting out problems with their teams. -Workmen and staff too, need to be commited. -No one is exempted.



House keeping Check list ( Shop Floor)
i) Keep tools, fixtures and other materials in respective place. ii) Keep usable and important tools, fixtures properly arranged. iii)Keep the place surrounding the equipment (including shop floor) absolutely clean. iv) At the end of the day's work, clean your work place. v) Return empty containers and usable items to their respective place. vi) At the end of day's work, switch off machines, equipments, fans etc. vii) Do not litter the floor by throwing cotton waste and such other materials. viii) Do not allow components to become rusty or dusty. ix) Do not keep anything in the gangway.

Issued by: S. Mukherjee Quality Assurance Deptt. Techno Fab Manufacturing Limited

Copy to: All concerned

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