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Charities' tax status at risk
FROM STAFF REPORTS news release from the,BSJ.tter ing in more than that also exemptions. Donors may tence of small charities that
Business Bureau of Missis­ may file by Oct. 15 but will still give tax-deductible con­ has ever occurred," Bill
The Pike County Little sippi.-which issued a list of have to pay a fee. tributions to the agencies be­ Moak, President of the Bet­
Theater. Black History endangered charities on Those that fail to do so fore the publication of the ter Business Bureau (131313)
Gallery, the animal rescue Monday. . will automatically lose their list. after which time the do­ Serving Mississippi said in a
group SMALR, Friends of The charities have not status as tax-exempt organi­ nations are no longer de­ statement Monday. "It's im­
the Progress Library and a fIled tax returns since 2007, zations a development ductible. portant that charities file
handful of Masonic lodges when a new filing requirfl­ that could cripple future Most of the nearly 3,000 their returns to avoid loss of
and cemetery associations ments took effect. the news fundraising efforts and en­ Mississippi charities on the their tax exemption."
have a common thread: release said. tail possible tax liabilities. lIst are small, community­ The BBB maintains stan­
They could lose their non­ The IRS is giving the according to the 131313. based organizations, includ­ dards for charitable ac­
profit status if they don't fIle charities until Oct. 15 to fIle After Oct. 15. the IRS will ing service clubs, founda­ countability and evaluates
required paperwork with the tax returns. Charities taking automatically revoke tax­ tions and faith-based min­ charities against those stan­
Interr;ml Revenue Service by in $25.000 or less in gross exempt status. and in early istries. dards.
Oct. 15. receipts can file the paper­ 2011 will publish a list of or­ "This is potentially the
That's according to a work for free. Charities tak- ganizations losing their tax biggest threat to the exis- ;Is?E C":'RITIES. PAGE A2
-WKI T1ES:}Jost Charities on list small community, community-based organizations
. ' ,
FROM PAGE 1 Heirs Inc., McComb City Business League, Pike Organization, Tri-County Andrews Sr. ASSOCiation.
,- Hospital ASSOCiation, County Little Theater, Pike ARC. Tri-Rural Community Gillsburg Memorial Gar-
Local charities on the list McEwen Cemetery Associa- County Minority Business Center. United Commercial dens. Silver Creek Cemetery
include the Black History tion. Martin Community League. Pleasant Grove Travelers. Youth Ethics ASSOCiation, as well as vari­
Gallery. Black Charities Outreach Hometown Asso- East McComb Missionary Success Society, Mars Hill ous local Masonic lodges.
Foundation. Chapel Min- ciation. MissiSSippi Tuber- Baptist Church Outreach Community Center, North •• l1li
istries Inc., Delta Sigma culosis ASSOCiation chap- Ministry, R.E. Warner Pike Educational Founda- FOR ACOMPLETE LIST of the
.. ..._®JUb.=t$;l'JSJt .,',:__
II ter':Niltional,S.ecretaries ment in Liberty. New Cen- Rainin Three Leaaershlp Animal Leaglle a,nct
Association, Friends of the tury Development. Opera- Academy, Teens Perform- Woodlawn Cemetery. Mag- tege/ms.pdf.
-Progress Library, Joint Uon Manhood, Pike County ing Arts Center, The Look nolia Lions Club, Obediah