Inner Knowing. Techniques For Receiving Your Own Answers.

Before you can start to receive your own answers from within, you need to be willing to take control of your own life. If you do not assume this responsibility and , if necessary take back that control from others, then others will continue to control and manipulate you. If you really want to take control of your own life, to be the controller of your own life experiences, then it is important to learn how to receive your own answers from within yourself. This means , that first you need to re-discover Who You Really Are ---You are in reality, a spiritual being , with a spiritual purpose, currently living in a physical body on Earth. Next, you need to learn how to connect to , to contact your Higher Self and receive your own guidance. You can discover your inner teacher and guide by first stating your intention. “ I intend to discover my inner teacher .” For teaching on your inner teacher go to ml Next, you can learn to make contact with your inner teacher. State your intention. “ I intend to make direct, conscious contact with my inner teacher, my Christ self. “ For teaching on how to contact your inner teacher go to:-- nement.html

Next, you need to develop and sharpen your intuition. State your intention. “ I intend to keep my heart and mind open and be alert for intuitive insights throughout each day. “ For teaching on how to develop and sharpen your intuition go to intuition.html You can also use two techniques to help you receive your own answers. The first is self-muscle testing. It should only be used with the understanding that it is not an infallible technique. You should still be prepared to use your conscious mind and your common sense. But it can be a useful technique to use while you are developing your intuition. You can use it to confirm what you already know in your heart , thus giving you confidence to trust your intuition. Technique:-Using your thumb and a finger of your non-dominant hand , make a circle. Then using the thumb and a finger of your dominate hand, make another circle, which is interlocked with the first circle. Hold your fingers at the same tension all the time, neither too strong or too weak. Then you ask a question that can be answered with a “ yes “ or “ no “ response. Or make a statement and see whether you get a “ yes “ or “ no “ confirmation. Then, try and pull the second circle through the first circle at its weakest point, which is where the thumb and finger meet.

A “ yes “ response will be strong and the circles will remain locked together. A “ no “ response will be weak and the circles will break apart easily. Before you begin, ensure that you are fully hydrated by drinking a glass of water. Always do your pre-checks before every session. Pre-checks:-State --” My name is ----” ( say your real name.) Your response should be strong, ie the circles should remain locked. Repeat, but this time use a false name. Your response should be weak, ie. The circles should break apart. State-- “ I am ----years old. “ (say correct age ) Your response should be strong. Repeat , but this time say a false age. Your response should be weak. If you get the correct responses and you are confident that you can now receive “ yes” and “ no “ answers using this method, you can proceed by stating your intention. “ My intention is to consciously connect to my inner teacher, my Christ self. My intention is only to receive communication from my Christ self. My intention is to receive pure, divine truth to help me or --- for my highest good, and for the highest good of all . “ You can now use self-muscle testing with the Word Lists or compose your own lists. You can also receive insights by communicating with your soul , using journaling, especially the technique of free-flow writing. You can have one general journal for all topics or several smaller notebooks for each topic. Free-flow writing gives your soul a “ voice “ , a means of communicating with your outer conscious mind.

You are often too busy to hear your inner self , your soul . Your soul tries to communicate with you , often through your dreams, or the events in your life, the people you meet ,etc. Setting aside some quiet time and using free-flow writing regularly will enable you to make a soul connection. Technique:-First choose a topic--either through your intuition / or by using your muscle testing and a list of topics / or just choose a topic dear to your heart. Then you write, without any planning----just let it flow. You can either write for a set period of time, eg. 5 /10 minutes / or until you have covered 2/3 A4 pages / or until you have no more to express on that topic. When you are ready to begin, state your intention. Eg. “ I intend to discover why I am feeling-------”. “ I intend to find out what I can do about ----”. Do not try to change or censor what you are writing . No one will be reading it except you. “ I don’t know what to write , what is it I want to understand about--- “ When you have finished, set your writing aside , at least for a few hours or even over night. Then return to it and read it. Underline anything that stands out, or recurring words , themes, etc . You can do another free-flow writing session on any or all of the words you have underlined.

Question Examples :-“ Beloved Christ self, what area of my life would it be helpful for me to focus on today ? “ “ Should I ask questions about my job / career ? -----my health ? ---my relationship ? Etc. Topic suggestions :-Job / career Self-expression Health / fitness Family Friends Relationships Personal development Finances leisure time Hobbies Home environment Community. Spiritual life.


Health and Fitness.
Use your self-muscle testing and the health/fitness word list, to find the answers to your questions about your health/fitness. Examples:-“ What aspect of my health / fitness would it be helpful for me to focus on today ?

Use muscle testing to receive “ yes “ and “no “ answers. For answers to questions that cannot be given as “ yes” or “ no” , you can use the technique of free-flow writing. “ Is this illness /problem a result of my own karma ? “ If the answer is “ yes “ , you can either endure it, transmute it through service to others or give Violet flame decrees or Aquarian Age Rosaries . Decrees “ Am I using this illness/problem as an excuse , or to avoid something or someone ? “ “ Am I using this illness/ problem so I do not have to take responsibility for my own life ? “ “ Am I using this illness /problem to get some attention from others. “ “ Is this illness/ problem caused by my negative thoughts/feelings/words/actions ? If so, which ones. ? “ “ Is there a lesson for me to learn from this illness/problem ? If so, which lesson is it ? “ “ At the deepest level of my being, do I want to be healed ?” “ Is this the right time for me to be healed of this illness/ condition, or is there something I need to learn first ?” “ Is this illness /problem something that I agreed to take on, to show others that it could be overcome ? “

Health and Fitness Word List. Visit a doctor. Eye-test.

Hearing test. Medical check-up. Prescription check-up Energy level. Exercise. Diet. Nutrition. Body symptoms. Body/mind connection.. Vitamins Minerals. Healing methods. Healing teachings Herbs. Acupuncture. Homeopathy. Hypnotherapy. ( not traditional hypnosis ) Reflexology. Bach Flower remedies. Health Kinesiology. Massage. Stress. Relaxation. Spend time alone. Spend time in Nature. Spend time in sun. Get more sleep. Allergies. Phobia . Negative thoughts. Negative emotions and feelings. Negative words. Negative actions. *************************************************************

Job /Career. Using the self-muscle testing and free-flow writing techniques and this word list, you can receive answers about your job/ career. For “ yes “ or “ no “ answers, use muscle testing. For answers that cannot be given by a “ yes “ or “no “ response, you can use free-flow writing. Question examples ;--

“ What aspect of my job / career would it be helpful to focus on today ? “ “ Is my job /career allowing me to express my true self ?“ “ Is this job / career in alignment with my highest purpose ? “ “ Am I following my passion ? If not, what is my passion ? “ “ What is the gift that I came here to bring to this world.” “ Am I using all my gifts and talents in this job / career ? “ “ Which gift or talent am I not using to my highest potential ? “ “ Do I need to do any training ? “

Job / Career Word list. Setting goals. Time management. Go on a course. Do training. On-going learning. Specific learning. Gain a qualification. People skills.

Management skills. Personal attitudes. Being a team player. Change job/career Being honest. Being creative. Being punctual. Being conscientious. Being positive. Being co-operative. Computer skills. *************************************************************

Use self-muscle testing to receive answers to questions that can be answered by a “ yes “ or “ no “. Use the technique of free-flow writing to receive answers that cannot be given with a “ yes “ or “no “ response.

Question examples :-“ Is the relationship I have with----- meant to be as a friend / as a romantic partner / as a business partner ? “ “ Is the relationship I have with ---- a karmic relationship ? “ “ Do we still have lessons to learn from each other ? “ “ Has the relationship with ----come to its natural conclusion ? “ “ Am I able to express my true self in my relationship with --- ? “ “ Is my relationship with ----holding me back ? “ “ Am I too dependent on my relationship with--- ? “

Relationship Word List.
Relationship with--Family Family member Karmic relationship Intimacy Short-term Long-term Past Present Future Communication Quality time Outings Boundaries Acceptance Friend Partner Partnership Marriage Living together Sexuality Emotions Feelings Beliefs Lessons Family time Own space Body language Freedom Room to grow Room for self-expression Support Understanding Forgiveness Time to move forward Time to seek guidance from within Seek therapy Seek counselling

Spiritual Life
To get answers about your spiritual life , you can use self-muscle testing to receive “ yes “ and “ no” answers. Or for answers that cannot be given with a “ yes “ or “ no “ response, you can use free-flow writing. Question examples :-“ What aspect of my spiritual life would it be helpful to focus on today ? “ “ Is my spiritual approach to life practical? If not, what can I do to make it more practical ? “ “ Is the spiritual path / practice that I am following or thinking of following, the best one for me at this time ?” “ What is distracting me from following the spiritual path ? “ “ Am I ready to pursue a spiritual path ? “ “ Do I need to follow an outer religion / or an inner spiritual path ?” “ Which of the spiritual rays do I need to study first ? “ “ Which spiritual qualities am I manifesting in my life already ? “ “ Which spiritual quality do I need to study and internalise at this time ? “

Spiritual Life Word List .
Abundant life Accountability Affirmations Appreciation Ascended master Ascension

Balance Beauty Being-ness Being More Brotherhood Chakras Christ consciousness Christ mind Christ Self Clarity Co-creator Communication Compassion Constancy Creativity Crystal cord Decrees Detachment Devotion Discipline Discernment Discrimination Divine plan Empowerment Enlightenment Energy Ego Ego games Ego illusions Emotional body Faith Father/Mother God Forgiveness Four lower bodies Freedom Fulfilment Generosity God’s laws Goodwill

Grace Gratitude Growth Harmlessness Harmony Healing Hope Humility Identity Identity body integration Intuition Joy Justice Karma Kindness Knowledge Leadership Life lessons Love Loyalty Mediator Meditation Mental body Misqualified energy Mercy Non-attachment Nurturance Obedience Oneness Openness Order Patience Peace Perfection Physical body Power Practical spirituality Prayer

Purity Purpose Qualities of 7 rays Quiet time Responsibility Righteousness Ritual River of Life Rosary Sacred space Self-discipline Self-knowledge Self-muscle testing Self-sufficiency Service Silence Soul Spirit Spiritual light Spiritual path Spiritual qualities Spiritual retreat Spiritual teacher Spiritual teachings Spiritual Self Spiritual approach Spiritual growth Spirituality Spiritual qualities Spirituality Surrender Tolerance Tact Trust Truth Transcendence transmutation Transformation Understanding

Unity Union Vision Visualizations Wholeness Willpower Wisdom If you are unsure of the meaning of any of the words, look them up in a dictionary. Use muscle testing to determine which of the meanings apply to you. Explanation of the words on this list can be found at *************************************************************

Home Environment .
Use self-muscle testing to receive “ yes “ or “ no “ responses to your questions about your home environment. For responses that cannot be given by “ yes “ or “ no “ , use the technique of free-flow writing. Question examples :-“ What aspects of my home environment would it be helpful for me to focus on today ? “ “ What can I do to make my home more comfortable / more harmonious / more spacious / more functional / more practical / more hygienic / more secure / more safety aware ? “ “ What colours would it be good to use in my kitchen / dining room / living room / bedroom / bathroom / study / etc. ?”

“ What do I need to build / reconstruct/ decorate/ add to / change /dispose of ? “ “ Do I need to de-clutter ? Which room / cupboard ? “ “ How can I create a space to encourage my creativity / my spiritual life ? “

Home Environment Word List.
Bedroom Living room Dining room Bathroom Kitchen Study Playroom Attic Garden Garage Shed Conservatory Summerhouse Furniture Furnishings Appliances Flooring Accessories Storage Cleaning materials Feng--shui Sacred space Paint Colours Textures Patterns

Natural Neutral Organic De-clutter Decorate Dispose of Clean Change Sell Buy Build Make Refurnish Add on Security Hygiene Maintenance Repair Spacious Functional Secure Organization *************************************************************

Use self-muscle testing to receive “ yes “ and “ no “ responses to your questions about your values. Use free flow writing to receive answers that cannot be answered with a “ yes “ or “ no “ response. Question Examples :“ What values govern your life ? “ “ What do you value most in your life ? “

“ Why do you value it ? Them ? Him? Her ?” “ Which value(s) would you like to embrace in your life ? “ “ How did you come by your values ? Have they been handed down to your from your parents / friends/ teachers ?” “ Do the values you have make your life happy and fulfilled ? “ “ Do you keep your values before you when making decisions ? “

Values Word List.
Achievement Accomplishments Adventure Affection Artistic expression Challenges Change and variety Close relationships Community living Competence Competition Co-operation Country life Creativity Decisiveness Democracy Ecological awareness Effectiveness Efficiency Ethical practice Excellence Excitement Fame Fast living Financial gain

Freedom Friendship Growth Having a family Helping others Helping society honesty Independence Influencing others Inner peace Integrity Intellectual status Involvement Job satisfaction Knowledge Leadership Leisure Location Loyalty Nature Order Outdoors Personal development Personal space Power and authority Privacy Public service Purity Respect Religion Security Spirituality Stability Truth Wealth Wisdom Worthiness Working alone Working with others

Emotions and Feelings.
To receive answers about your emotions and feelings , you can use selfmuscle testing to receive “ yes “ and “ no “ responses. For answers to questions that cannot be given by a “ yes “ or “ no “ response, you can use the technique of free-flow writing. Question examples :-“ Which emotions do I display often ? “ “ Are they negative or positive emotions ? “ “ Which emotion / feeling do I need to focus on in my life ? “ If I want to be ----( happy/ harmonious / in control, etc. ) what emotion do I need to display ? “ “ Are my reactions appropriate to the circumstances or do I tend to over-react ? “ “ Are there certain people or situations that press my buttons ? “ “ What can I do to control my negative emotions ? “ “ What makes me happy / sad ?” “ Why ?” “ What makes me angry ? “ “Why ? “ What brings me the most joy in life ? “ Go through the word list and choose the emotions /feelings that you know you have experienced / that you experience regularly. Use the techniques of free-flow writing to explore these emotions and feelings in your own life.

Emotions and Feelings Word list.
Absorbed Abusive Accepting Accommodating Accomplished Adaptable Aggressive Angry Antagonistic Anxious Annoyed Appreciative Approving Arrogant Ashamed Authentic Balanced Bitter Bored Brave Bullying Calm Centred-ness Cheerful Cold Commanding Communicative Compassionate Competitive Complaining Composed Conceited Condemning Confident Confused

Contented Controlling Co-operative Courageous Cowardly Creative Critical Cruel Curious Deceitful Decisive Demanding Dependent Determined Desperate Destructive Depressive Detached Disconnected Discouraged Disgusted Dishonest Disobedient Dominating Doubtful Down-hearted Egotistical Empowered Envious Disciplined Ecstatic Emphatic Endearing Enduring Erratic Excitable Exclusive Expressive Extroverted

Fair Faithful Fearful Forgiving Friendly Frightened Fruitful Frustrated Fulfilled Generous Giving Glad Goodness Goodwill Grateful Greedy Guilty Grieving Hatred Hardness of heart Happy Harmonious Helpful Helpless Hesitant Hopeless Honest Hopeful Humble Idealistic Ignorant Impatient Impulsive Indifferent Independent Indecisive Individualistic Injustice Inspired

Interested Inward looking Intolerant Involved Irresponsible Irritated Isolated Jealous Jovial Joyful Jubilant Judging Justice Kindness Lazy Likable Light-hearted Liked Listening Longsuffering Lonely Loving Loyal Magnanimous Manipulative Meek Mental arrogance Mental rebellion Mildness Miserable Moody Modest Moral Negative Noble Nurturing Obedience Obsessive Oneness

Open-hearted Open-minded Organized Paranoid Passionate Passive Patient Peaceful Perceptive Playful Pleased Positive Possessive Powerful Practical Procrastinating Proud Productive Purposeful Quiet Reactionary Receptive Relaxed Reliable Relieved Resentful Resigned Resistant Respectful Responsible Revengeful Righteous Ruthless Sad Sadistic Satisfied Secretive Secure Self-awareness

Self-accepting Self-assured Self-condemning Self-confident Self-contented Self-controlling Self-defeating Self-destructive Self-disciplined Self-hatred Self-infatuated Self-justified Self-love Self-obsessed Self-pity selfishness Sensitive Serene Shy Sincere Steady Stubborn Superiority Supportive Successful Thankful Thoughtful Thoughtlessness Timid Tolerant Tranquil Trusting Unconcerned Understanding Unforgiving Ungrateful Useful Vain vicious

Victorious Violent Warmth Welcoming Wise Withdrawn Wonderful Yielding *************************************************************

“ What do you fear ? Why ? “ Keep asking yourself “ why “ until you come up with the real, underlying fear. “ How do you feel in your physical body when you are fearful ? “ “ What do you do when you are fearful ? “ “ How does it make you behave ? “ “ What do you think when you are fearful ? “ “ Have you always been afraid of ----? “ “ When did you first show signs of fearing--------?” “ What do you think could have triggered off your fearfulness ? “ “ Are you afraid of being ----abandoned / alone / controlled / abused ? “ “Are you afraid that you will never ---get better / find a loving partner / get out of debt ? “

“ What can you do to overcome your fear(s) ?” “Do you need to talk to someone you trust / seek therapy / meditate / write in a journal / find out what makes you tick and how the world works / change your negative beliefs, thoughts, words or actions ? “

Fears Word list.
Abandonment Being abused Being alone Being bad ,corrupt, Being controlled by others Being deprived Being excluded Being helpless Being injured Being in debt Being useless Being unloved Change Conflict Death Defeat Disease Doing wrong thing Failure Hurting others Ignorance Incompetence Insecurity Lack Limitation Loneliness Looking stupid Loss

Making decisions Making wrong choices Material loss. No purpose No meaning No identity No room to grow Not being accepted Pain People Possessiveness Poverty Public speaking Rejection Relationships Responsibility No freedom to express one’s self Selfishness Separation Sexuality Shyness Success Support Being oneself Unknown Vulnerability

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