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Adrian-His UFOs come with strings attached Alien Autopsy Andrew Basiago Coming Soon! Art Bell, Coast to Coast moneymaker Brian Bessent Stephen Bessett, Paradigm Research Group Brigitte Boisselier Richard Boylan, the hot tub psychologist Sylvia Browne Dan Burisch Michael Cohen and the Intergalactic news service Ed Dames, Remote Viewer--or not Peter Davenport Coming Soon! Carlos Diaz "The aliens lent me a tripod." Jim Dilettoso Do you want him here??? Richard Doty Coming Soon! Peter A. Gersten, and his multi-colored dreamcoat Robert Ghostwolf, fake Native American James Gilliand Coming Soon! Dr. Bruce Goldberg Steven Greer, vectoring in UFOs for fun and profit

Paola Harris Mike Hawkins Richard C. Hoagland, the Mars Face guy says the Nazis run NASA Michael Horn, Billy Meier's chief bulldog Linda Moulton Howe Dan Iaria, slurpy maker for Jonathan Reed David Icke The International UFO Congress & Conference Dr. Lynne Kitei, mistress of the Phoenix Lights Philip J. Klass, Mr. Plasma and an arch debunker Bill Knell Coming Soon! Kal K. Korff dB asked to do this. There's already one by RMIII, but feel free Bob Lazar: Lied about his education. What else? John Lear Coming Soon! Nancy LeiderShirley MacLaine never met a UFO she didn't like Jamie Maussan, stars are actually motherships

Rob McConnell Coming Soon! Stacey Allen McGee Billy Meier, time traveler, reincarnation of Jesus, and a whole lot more! Melissa Ann Morton, long suffering spouse of Sean Sean David Morton, best psychic in the world! Kate Mucci Daniel Munoz Joe Nickell, can't find any saucers. Duh. Look up! George Noory Ron Nussbeck Coming Soon! Urandir Oliveira

Jeff Peckman Rael James Randi Coming Soon! Jonathan Reed, stuck an alien in the fridge and lived Harold Chacon Rodriguez Stan Romanek Michael Salla Ray Santilli and the Alien Autopsy Film Donald Schmitt, Medical illustrator or Postman? David Sereda - stub for dB with a nice quote Coming Soon! Lee Shargel, talks to alien dolphins Jim Sparks Coming Soon! Robert A.M. Stephens, the SEAL wannabe Wendelle Stevens Clifford Stone Coming Soon! Pamela Stonebrooke, has sex with reptilians Dr. Jill Tarter, can't tell a UFO from the Moon Dirk Vander Ploeg Fife Symington Alfred Webre Prophet Yahweh

A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

One of many bogus UFO photos from "Adrian." This photo was analyzed and revealed strings suspending the UFOs, in spite of "Adrian" promoter Sean David Morton claiming that the photos were analyzed by special effects experts that could find nothing wrong. Phony Florida UFO contactee "Adrian" took lots of Billy Meier rip-off photos/videos and claims same type of aliens that contacted Meier are contacting him. (That's not going to go over too well with Meiers as he claims an exclusive on HIS aliens.) Refuses to have evidence independently evaluated. Case discovered by Randolph Winters. Sean David Morton began promoting this case when he told Adrian that he "could make a lot of money" from his case. Winters is, in the words of Morton, "Out of the picture." Morton changed "Adrian's" name to "Akron" and had him on a speaking tour of Europe. Word is the tour did not do so well and the Euros aren't flying into Morton's wallet. Not everyone is as gullible as Morton thinks. Morton has been alleging for years that he has a video showing Adrian walking into a space craft...sure he does... SEE: Assembly Required where you can see the strings from the above photo supporting Adrian's bunk UFOs.

Alien Autopsy
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

With recent news buzzing of a possible consumer fraud lawsuit against Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli, ufowatchdog.com has posted this page to keep readers up-to-date with the latest happenings. While Santilli may claim to possess real bits of alleged military film

purporting to show an actual alien autopsy, ufowatchdog.com is of the opinion that this is little more than Santilli spinning the AA mythos for all he can get out of it. Until Santilli puts this alleged film to the test and releases other information showing otherwise, the AA Film is the most infamous UFO Hoaax ever to be perpetuated.

Art Bell
a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

"It comes under the category of telling you the truth. Something I'm really big on." -- Art Bell during a live Coast to Coast AM broadcast, April 17, 2001 The only thing Bell is big on are ratings for his show. Someone summed Bell up rather well, "Bell's the crackwhore of UFOlogy." Best known for infamous Hale-Bopp broadcast in which he allowed it to be announced that a UFO was following the comet Hale-Bopp. Some say Bell is responsible for the mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate cult. Bell was provided plenty of information showing the Hale-Bopp UFO claim to be false. Was reported to have said, "So what? Controversy is good for ratings," when he was given evidence it was a hoax. Bell and his sidekick Whitely Strieber attempted to take credit for exposing the Hale-Bopp hoax, but it was actually radio journalist Jeff Rense that exposed the hoax on his live radio program. Bell has been provided much information regarding his repeat guests (Ghostwolf, Dames, Hoagland, Morton, Reed) and their false claims, yet he continues to ignore such information. Bell has consistently ignored info showing how bunk many of his guests are. What happened

to presenting all the information and being "really big on" telling the truth? In the words of Bell, "Ratings equal money. I should know." Yep, that says it all....UFOs = $$$$$$$$. Coast To Coast AM is now broadcast 5 days a week with host George Noory, a Coast to Coast AM host who seems to be going down the same road to mediocre UFO reporting and who appears to endorse psychic dolt Sean David Morton. Art Bell in his own Words: "It comes under the category of telling you the truth. Something I'm really big on." -- Art Bell, April 17, 2001 "So what? Controversy is good for ratings." -- Reported to have been said by Art Bell to Linda Howe after being informed Hale-Bopp Companion was a fraud. "These are original Kodak photographs of an alien encounter."-- Art Bell, Nov 11, 1998 endorsing the bogus Jonathan Reed Alien Hoax "I'm still a reporter. ." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, appearing on Larry King Live when asked if he was a believer or a reporter. "I'm not a reporter. I'm a talk show host..." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, on the same Larry King Live show where he earlier said he was a reporter. "I had a lot to go on, Larry, and so I broke the story..." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, to Larry King regarding the bogus Hale-Bopp Companion saga. Wait, don't reporters break stories? The veracity of Reed's claim, says Bell, is unimportant, though he admits he wouldn't feature a guest who was a proven fraud. "It's a fascinating story--you don't get many like Jonathan Reed's, with pictures," says Bell. -- Article on the Jonathan Reed UFO Hoax that appeared May 26, 2001 in the Seattle Weekly. " I wouldn't want the listeners to think it wasn't real." -- Art Bell reportedly to Russel Dowden of SETLAB after Dowden told Bell a picture of an alien was hoaxed by an FX team and he could prove it. "Ratings equal money, I should know." -- Art Bell Need anything else be said?-R.M.III

Brian Bessent
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Bessent (pictured left) used to sell his UFO footage on DVDs and apparently was doing well with sales. Bessent had released a clip of a supposed fleet of UFOs that many thought looked to have been the product of digital manipulation. Later, Bessent released a video of what appeared to be stunning UFO footage he claimed he shot in Phoenix, Arizona. Known as the Phoenix Footage (pictured right), this video clip was the subject of much debate. Bessent claimed the video was genuine and said he would submit it for analysis. Time came and went and Bessent was no where to be found, as he was reportedly lodged in jail on a warrant. Soon after, Bessent came clean about hoaxing the Phoenix Footage after the pressure was on him to come forward. Bessent posted a message at his former website where he claimed he was faking footage to expose the UFO community. Nice try, Bessent - you're not fooling anyone and we all know you got caught red handed. You can read Bessent "fessing up" by clicking here.

Stephen Bassett
Stephen Bassett is the Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group which is an Exo-politics organization ³Dedicated to ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race." He also founded X-PAC, a UFO lobbying group. He was involved in Steven Greer¶s Disclosure Project and helped orchestrate the 2001 National Press Club meeting where a number of witnesses promised to testify before Congress should hearings be held. Bassett has a ³I¶m mad as hell´ kind of attitude and frequently assails Washington with projects such as µa million faxes!¶ demanding UFO Disclosure and "the end to the truth embargo." He assumes that ETs are here. He assumes we have back engineered power systems and UFOs from the Roswell crash, and he assumes this has all been withheld. These are a priori truths with Bassett. No proof is necessary. Bassett has developed the idea that Disclosure is something that insiders want to do, but that it depends upon who is President before that can happen. He says the Cold War precluded Disclosure and since the Cold War it has depended on the correct President. Bush 1 would have worked, but he didn¶t get re-elected. Drats, delayed again! Clinton would not work, and neither would Bush 2. At the 2009 ³X-Conference´ Bassett gave President Obama an ultimatum that ³He better disclose by May 31, 2009 or else another country probably will before then.´ Apparently he had high hopes for Obama, the perfect president to invoke Disclosure, who just hasn¶t come through for him either. It must be a great disappointment.

His book outlining his strategy is UFO's and U.S. Presidents: The Secret History. 2009. ISBN: 978-1590202722. This is very much a cargo Cult-like mentality. The salvation of mankind is going to happen any day now. It's imminent and will come on the form of Disclosure of the ET presence. So while Christians are waiting for Jesus; Bassett is waiting for the government. Nobody really knows where Bassett came from. He says he spent fifteen years in ³business development´ and has a degree in physics before he concentrated on Disclosure. That¶s the sum total of the background we have prior to 1996. There are a great many years missing from his resume. Bassett wants so much to bring the issue of ET Disclosure in front of the public that he appears willing to do anything at all to further his cause. At an appearance on The Paracast he was asked by David & Gene why he gave credence to known charlatans. He stated that it didn¶t matter if the people who took the stage were credible or not. All that mattered was to get the idea before the public. He said, ³The problem is not about our opinions about who is a l aughingstock. It¶s all about the government. Don¶t worry about the individual aspects of people in the field. I don¶t care about your background. Credibility is not an issue in the Disclosure process. I just don¶t care. It¶s not my concern and I¶m not in a position to sort it out. I don¶t give a damn." He then became extremely upset and literally blew a fuse. His voice went up an octave and he became totally incoherent. Listen to Bassett split a gut on The Paracast here. It's especially telling from 1hr:15min on to the end. He also appeared on the show on April 6, 2008 and September 9th, 2007.

Richard Boylan
a classic UFO Watchdog article by Royce Myers, III

Former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). Claims to

have been the confidant of the late 'government MJ-12 insider' Michael Wolf (another proven fraud). Boylan now conveniently claims to have been gifted with a brand new and, no surprise, anonymous 'inside source.' Also rode the American Indian 'Star People' mythos for several years and claims to know of secret government/UFO testing spots in Nevada desert. Has engaged in countless character assassinations against UFO researchers who disagree with him. Is now planning to hold a summer camp for "star kids" - children who are alleged to have been genetically-altered by aliens (aka: money-in-my-pocket). Parents everywhere should beware... SEE: Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice.

Sylvia Browne
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III Hey, want to know what your future is? Would you pay $700 to find out about it with no guarantee the information you get is right? If so, pick up your phone and give good old Sylvia Browne a ring. She claims she can predict the future but can't give you any sort of guarantee that a $700 reading will be of any value. Sylvia also likes to dabble into UFO abductions. Sylvia got caught on national radio after agreeing that the West Virginia miners would be found alive, but later reversing what she said after the shocking news was released that all but one miner died. (See below) This is how low scum will go. Sylvia says she's on a mission from God. This mission apparently includes selling books, DVDs, tour cruises, phone readings, psychic salons ($1,000 per person), and custom jewelry with asking prices in the three-thousand dollar range. Something else that this 'psychic' doesn't advertise: She reportedly has a felony rap sheet for securities fraud.

Sylvia Browne Blows it Big Time
Alleged psychic Sylvia Browne has been around for a while making claims of successfully communicating with the dead, solving murder cases, finding missing children, and foreseeing future events. Browne is a regular on the Montel Williams Show (pictured left) and frequents the Coast To Coast AM radio program. On 03-JAN05, Browne was on the air with George Noory as the tragic story of several miners being trapped in a mine after an explosion was being played out.

Reports from the mine had left a sense of dread with all after deadly levels of carbon monoxide were discovered in the location the miners were supposed to be. Prior to Browne's appearance on the show, Noory made the incredible announcement on the air that twelve of the thirteen miners had been found alive as the news was making the rounds on every major news wire. Later, Noory opened Browne's appearance by mentioning to Browne the good news regarding the mining incident: NOORY:" Sylvia, this is a momentous day today with these coal miners, at least tweleve of the thirteen being found alive. " BROWNE: " Yes. " The above response by Browne clearly indicates that she believes the news of the miners being found alive is accurate. A little while later in the show, Noory asks Browne directly about the miners having reportedly been found alive: NOORY: " Of course this is after the fact, with these 12 of 13 coal miners they found successfully... " BROWNE: " I know. " (replies as Noory is speaking) NOORY: "...Had you been on the program today, would [you] have felt if, because they heard no sound, that this was a very gloomy moment, and that they might have all died? " BROWNE: " No. I knew they were going to be found. I hate people that say something after the fact. " Well, Sylvia's own statement regarding her "hate" of people making claims "after the fact" would be her own hypocrisy coming full circle to slap her right in the face on live national radio. Later in the program, with Browne still on the air, Noory made the astounding announcement of the initial report having been wrong. Tragically, all but a single miner had been found dead. Hopes had been crushed for the families and friends of most of the miners. Can you imagine being a family member or close friend and hearing in one report that, against all odds, all were found alive. Many were elated that husbands, fathers, and sons would soon be joining their family and friends. Jubilation, joyful crying, cheers of relief. But that all ended when the second crushing report came that only one miner was found alive and in critical condition. Heartache, agony, disbelief, despair, anger. To top off all of the loss and sadness, can you imagine hearing some moron on the radio trying to capitalize on the story to bolster their credibility, or to prove they have some sort of amazing power? Well, apparently this is exactly what Browne did...all with the support of Noory. After making the devastating announcement that all was not well at the West Virginia mine, Noory was quick to do damage control mentioning that Browne had a "high" accuracy rate for her predictions

BROWNE: " I didn¶t believe that they were alive. " NOORY: " What¶s that, the miners? " BROWNE: " Yeah, I didn¶t think ² and see, I¶ve been on the show with you, but I don¶t think there¶s any that are going to make it. " NOORY: " They say there are 12 gone. I think we threw you a curveball, we were telling you after the fact. " BROWNE: " Yeah, no, I did believe that they were gone. " How can you throw a curveball to a psychic who Noory had earlier touted as having such a "high" accuracy rate? This is just more of the same garbage from Noory (pictured right) where it appears that his fascination with psychics overrides any common sense he might have. ufowatchdog.com was going to e-mail Browne directly and ask for comment, but Browne doesn't do e-mail. An e-mail was sent to her office, and no response was received. On Browne's website it states, "Sylvia does not read e-mail. To speak with her you must call her office for an appointment. Visit our page giving fees and details about a psychic reading. To schedule a reading, lecture, or seminar..." This would be fine and all, except that Sylvia charges $700.00 for a phone call. And there's no guarantee that your $700 is going to buy you any accuracy. And the call to Browne only lasts twenty to thirty minutes. On Browne's website it states, " You are totally in charge of your life, and should rely upon common sense, sound judgement, and the facts available to you as you make plans for your journey through this world. Look upon a psychic reading as getting directions for the journey ahead. You will still need to make that trip by yourself, and will confront all the difficulties that life presents, but at least you will have some sense that your direction is correct and there is a plan for all the craziness that you encounter. Also realize that there are many different ways to get from one place to another in your life. Sylvia...will outline one path, among many, for you to consider. " In other words, this supposed psychic with such a "high" accuracy rate can't guarantee anything she tells you or what she supposedly sees in the future. She'll gladly take your money, but forget about it when it comes to Browne providing any solid information about your future. As for relying on "common sense" and "sound judgement", gosh, my intuition tells me to spend my $700 on something else.

LEFT: The body of a miner is removed from the site of a West Virginia mine explosion. RIGHT: Mourners gather at a church near the mine. Maggots don't care what they eat, just as long as they eat. Vultures don't care about picking their meals off the bones of the dead. Certainly, it appears that Browne isn't at all concerned about trying to capitalize on the tragedy that befell the miners, their families, their friends. While many other words come to mind here to use, not one polite by any means, I think one word can describe this completely outrageous and soulless attempt by Browne to turn this event around in her favor: Sick. In an article written by nay-sayer of all things, uber-skeptic Joe Nickell reports that Browne reportedly pleaded "no contest" to a felony securities fraud charge, reportedly connected to a gold mining investment Browne and her former husband were running (Ed. Note: The article referred to here is gone, but corroboration of this issue is provided in the first paragraph above.) According to the article, one month after the investment funds had been transferred from the investment project to the Brownes' Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, the Browne's declared bankruptcy on the investment project.

Browne sells books, DVDs, lectures, readings, sea cruises, trance sessions with her supposed spirit guide, custom jewelry, art prints, children's books, newsletters, classes, and for $1,000 per person you can talk with Browne during what she calls a 'Spiritual Salon'. She limits these 'salons' to thirty-five people. Wow, that's an easy $35,000 in pocket. Sylvia Brown appears to be a miner in her own right - a gold miner.

UPDATE, 05-JAN-06: George Noory commented about this whole episode with Browne on Coast To Coast AM. After replaying segments with Browne's conversation about the miners, Noory said, " But I will tell you that when I was talking with her, it was my impression that she knew, based on my question, that they were going to be found alive and then it sounded like she changed a little bit when we came back from the break. " Noory also said that the audience should make up their own mind about what Browne meant. However, there can be no mistake in what was said at the beginning of Browne's appearance. This isn't some conversational semantic or nuance here. Browne clearly agrees that the miners are alive and she does it not once, but twice. After Noory introduced Browne to the show the following was said: NOORY: " Sylvia, this is a momentous day today with these coal miners, at least tweleve of the thirteen being found alive. " BROWNE: " Yes. " If Browne thought they weren't alive, then why didn't she say anything before the news broke that all but one of the miners were dead? Noory clearly says the event is "momentous" and that twelve were "found alive" there's no was to possibly misconstrue what Noory has just said. Before the news broke of the death of twelve of the miners, the following was said: NOORY: " Of course this is after the fact, with these 12 of 13 coal miners they found successfully... " BROWNE: " I know. " (replies as Noory is speaking) NOORY: "...Had you been on the program today, would [you] have felt if, because they heard no sound, that this was a very gloomy moment, and that they might have all died? " BROWNE: " No. I knew they were going to be found. I hate people that say something after the fact. " Noory clearly says the miners were "successfully" found and clearly asks Browne if she had made a prediction earlier, would she have thought the miners "might have died". Browne's response is, "No." It is after this that we later hear the devastating news of the miners' fate and Browne's reversal from her previous agreement that they were alive to her now saying she knew they would not make it out alive. Browne is caught with both hands in the cookie jar on national radio.

Dan Burisch
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Dan Burisch was mankind's last hope to save the planet and ET from a cosmic catastrophe...at least that's what he and his supporters would have you believe.

For those of you not familiar with Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain), he claimed to be a Ph.D. microbiologist working on a top secret black ops project involving an alien named J-Rod. Burisch's story has been promoted by several people including Linda Howe, Bill Hamilton, and Ron Garner (former Reed UFO Fraud supporter) among others, as being authentic and verifiable. Others have had something to say about it for some time now and with the latest issue of UFO Magazine (see below image), another UFO fruitcake and his story has been sent packing down the dirt road that brought both here.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM originally began looking into Burisch's claims upon seeing UFO buff Ron Garner passing off a bogus photo being promoted as Burisch's alleged J-Rod alien and after hearing media entrepreneur Linda Howe on national radio say she didn't need to verify any of Burisch's credentials as Burisch's sincerity was proof enough...so much for 'investigative' journalism. While Howe says she believes Dan Burisch is telling the truth simply based on his sincerity, it will take much more than substituting sincerity for hard proof to convince this website of Burisch's astounding claims. Such proof from Burisch or his supporters has fallen woefully short and with the latest information appearing in UFO Magazine it is becoming all too clear that Burisch's tale is yet another work of UFO fantasy taken to the extreme.

" The 'Eagle' has crash-landed. It's just my opinion, but the name-changing, secret-spilling, tall-tale-telling UFO 'whistleblower' known as Dan Crain or Dan Burisch or the biologistformerly-known-as-J-Rod's lab partner is a complete goofball. He is a manipulative, egocentric, phony-baloney goofball. You can quote me. " --George Knapp, investigative journalist. UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4) article exposing Dan Burisch's story as a hoax. Burisch alleges he attended the State Univessity of New York (SUNY) and completed a doctoral degree in 1989. He also claims the government funded his education. However, Burisch does not have a Ph.D. from SUNY and during the time he alleged to have been earning his Ph.D., he was employed as a parole officer with Nevada state where he met his current wife and alleged 'government handler' Deborah Burisch who was reportedly a parole/probation client. Does being a parole/probation client qualify you as a 'government' employee. Sure it does...if you're making twenty-three cents a day performing prison labor, I guess that would qualify. UFOWATCHDOG.COM does not have any specifics regarding

Deborah Burisch's alleged criminal history or if she was on parole or simple probation (there is a big difference between the two). So here we have Dan Burisch working at a black ops facility in Nevada, earning a Ph.D. from a university in New York, and working as a parole officer in Las Vegas all at the same time. Indeed, Burisch was a busy bee. Burisch contradicts many of his claims with his 1991 resume that surfaced (see below image).

No where listed is his supposed doctoral degree from SUNY. The explanation for this? Burisch's friend Marcia McDowell said Burisch really wasn't "employed" as most normal people think. McDowell alleges that Bursich doesn't receive payment for his services, but instead the government "takes care" of Burisch. You would think that if Burisch was at the center of balancing such a major project, an unprecedented project involving an alleged alien and the fate of the world, that his supposed black ops employers would have taken far greater care to ensure the project was completed

and would have taken care of any problems Burisch was having, financial or otherwise. Apparently, Burisch's financial stability wasn't of too much concern to his supposed black ops employers. Jarred Schenke, a journalist from Atlanta, had been listening to Coast To Coast AM as Howe talked about the Burisch case. Schenke decided to do some checking and found a bankruptcy document filed by Burisch and his wife. This document reveals much about Burisch and his tale. Burisch's wife lists herself as a casion supervisor for the last 12 years in the 2002 bankruptcy filing, while Burisch lists himself as a "homemaker". The Burisch bankruptcy filing listed over $50,000 of debt - this included nearly $15,000 in student loans. Burisch alleged the government funded his education. Linda Howe consistently referred to Dan Burisch as a doctor throughout her reporting on his story, that was until the bankruptcy filing and his resume came to light. Howe changed her tune and started throwing in the word 'alleged' surrounding any of Burisch's educational or employment claims from that point on and no longer referred to him in a factual context.

" Details and documents in the bankruptcy illuminate a variety of inconsistencies in a story that seems to continuously evolve over time. " -- Journalist Jarred Schenke, UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4) article revealing the bankruptcy filing of Dan Burisch.

Burisch has alleged his wife was also employed by the same black ops program. Problem here is that Las Vegas investigtive journalist George Knapp said that Burisch and his wife have worked doing security for a few casinos in Las Vegas. Burisch and his supporters claimed the employment by casinos was a cover for the two, as black ops did not want to leave paper trails or other evidence exposing their operations. What further incriminates the Burisch tale as a work of rampant fiction is that this is not the first time Burisch has come forward with some sort of secret information. Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp says Burisch contacted him in the late 1980s about a computer that incorporated biological neural tissue as a functioning system. Knapp investigated Burisch but could not find anyone at SUNY who knew Burisch and no records were found. Knapp did find a wealth of information on Burisch including Burisch's employment records while Burisch worked as a parole officer. Knapp also discovered Burisch worked as a security guard for a Las Vegas casino and was later terminated. It would be easy to continue writing about Burisch, but at this point it would be a waste of time. Guess we should thank Burisch and his associates for bringing yet more ridicule to the UFO field and making it harder for those genuinely interested in and investigating UFOs. At the same time, I suppose we should also thank those so-called investigators who engaged in anything but common sense investigation and instead turned to belief, fantasy, sensationalism, and sincerity as evidence Burisch was who he claimed to be. The death of common sense in UFO investigation is nothing new, it just seems to reach new heights with every bogus case that is exposed... Kudos to UFO Magazine for doing a fine job exposing Burisch.

" For Garner, Hamilton, Howe and any other persons who have lost their common sense: If this this guy was real, how would the secret government allow him to go bankrupt in public court? If he had a "PhD", do you really believe there would be no record of it?...Do you really believe Burisch (or Crain) really invented a cure for cancer and it was surpressed? After all, according to investigative journalist George Knapp, Burisch (or was it Crain...geeze, I get confused!) did call a press conference at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to announce his cure...when proven bogus, was tossed out of his department. " --Don Ecker, Director of Research for UFO Magazine in his column I Get the Last Word, UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4).

Michael Cohen
Cohen is kind of a UFO Gadabout whose never met a UFO he didn¶t like. Editor and Board member of All News Web, the world¶s first intergalactic news service which is a tabloid UFO site. He churns out very brief articles, often with a prediction and always sensational, about UFO activity around the world. For example, a recent headline was ³Amazing UFO Messages Revealed! Enormous effort has been made to decipher these UFO messages with some apparent success. In the US much of this effort centres around NASA¶s Ames Research division«´ Earlier in 2009 he claimed France would disclose on 6-12-09 from the Toulouse Space Centre: ³Over the next few days these events will occur: NASA will finally admit that it has 'some evidence' that aliens might be monitoring earth and that it is seriously researching UFO events. There will be an admittance by another government agency or relevant organization that there is reason to believe that some signals that have been picked up by radio telescope are probably of alien origin. The government of a major European nation will outright admit having knowledge of UFOs visiting our planet. We are living in very exciting times. Yes, many are fearful of what open contact might mean. however others look to the very near future with anticipation and intense curiosity.´--June 6, 2009 from allnewsweb, now erased. The picture above appeared on his site in conjunction with a Chinese report of µmotherships¶ complete with a video of an airplane landing at night, landing lights and wing strobe lights clearly visible. Cohen never does any research on his articles, never makes an attribution, never names his sources (He says he¶s protecting them), never documents any of his statements, never follows through, and his articles never stay up for any length of time. His videos on his YouTube channel frequently show µUFOs´ that are obvious reflections of light in a window or some

other fakery. He has even promoted UFO stories as real after the faker acknowledged his stuff as fake. He¶s been kicked off more than one UFO site for spamming (He attempts to drive traffic to his web site to get more µclick throughs.¶) Here¶s another great one. He blames the recent Air France crash in the South Atlantic on UFOs: ³Let me predict: Sightings of UFOs by will be unprecedented over the next few weeks. We are at a minute to midnight in terms of ending our isolation. Open, unilateral contact is months, weeks, days or even hours away. We are about to meet our universal brethren: are you ready?´ Here's a picture from China (left) of a "dragon spirit etched in fire." Although he did concede that some skeptics thought it was a cloud, he went on to say, "This is believed to be an omen for good luck. One of the witnesses, a 33 year old male, photographed the dragon on his mobile phone. Many Chinese researchers of anomalous phenomena are debating the significance and purpose of events of this nature." As far as we know none of his predictions have ever come true. The only thing that is predictable is that if you see it on allnewsweb, it¶s probably fake. Cool looking dragon, though. Looks kind of like a triceratops.

Ed Dames
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Makes countless predictions that never come true. Camped in New Mexico desert awaiting ETs to land, landing never happened and Dames was left with no excuses. Claimed HaleBopp UFO would bring fungus spores that would destroy planet in 1998 - Ed, we're STILL waiting. Claims to have been enlisted by police to remote view missing Coquille, Oregon

teen, said victim was murdered (Gee, nice guess Ed, considering she was missing for two weeks and the police found her shoes along a roadside - anyone can make logical assumptions). Coquille Police Chief says Dames was never enlisted by his department. Anyone willing to exploit a murdered teenage girl to promote themselves is just sick. Dames can remote view Satan but can't give any specific details on a murder suspect? Dames is now promoting that he remote viewed the killer on Jon Benet Ramsey and that he has found countless missing children. One thing is missing: Proof. Is now selling remote viewing kits the so-called experts had to train in intense sessions, but Ed says you can do it in just 3 minutes for a mere $79.95. Ed, the difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has a limit...you prove that time and time again. Sean David Morton is selling Dames' remote viewing kits - that says it all right there. SEE: Hocus Pocus.

Ed. Note. This is a UFO Watchdog Classic article by Royce Myers, III. We have preserved its original form where the pieces follow one another in sequence. An alternative menu is provided below. Hocus Pocus - Part I - Is Ed Dames Exploiting missing and murdered children? Hocus Pocus - Part II - A Look into the claims of Ed Dames Hocus Pocus - Part III - You can learn to Remote View from home Hocus Pocus - Part IV - Nothing Sacred Hocus Pocus - Part V - Razzle Dazzle

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Phony contactee, likes to make bogus UFO videos using models and lights. Filmed socalled plasma ships that are clearly models that no three-year-old would believe. Claimed that aliens lent him a tripod to take photos of their ships...did the aliens lend him all his fake photos and video too? Endorsed by Sean David Morton - a sure sign that its a hoax. Has refused independent analysis of his 'evidence.' Diaz is Mexico's version of Billie Meier. Here's what Scott Corrales has to say about him.

Right: A Diaz 'Plasma Ship' looking suspiciously like a Japanese Lantern.

Jim Dilettoso
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Endorsed Billy Meier photos as genuine. Dilettoso even endorsed the fraudulent Oliver's Castle footage as authentic. One of many morons constantly contributing to the decline of UFOlogy. SEE: High Tech's Missing Link and The Hack and The Quack. You can view Dilettoso's self authored bio here (Link is for the main site. The bio itself is gone. -Ed.) and his Village Labs here. (Site is gone. -Ed.) Jim Dilettoso was on the Paracast on July 5, 2009

Peter A. Gersten
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Abandoned position as director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) 15+ years ago. Ambushed Barry Greenwood, former CAUS director extraordinaire via hostile takeover of CAUS. Has turned the once respectable CAUS into a fringe new age association. Has said "what's real isn't important," used to spew his new age/pseudo-Shakespearean lingo via his CAUS Updates. Endorses channeling, promotes UFOlogical bullshit, endorsed bogus December 7th UFO landing and held a party for it - a female guest claimed to be the host body for a dead Roswell alien. Gersten said her story was "interesting." Reported to have tattoos of crop formations, has said that "every day is a vacation for me," used to sell CAUS mugs, t-shirts, buttons, clocks, and 'Edgar Cayce Past Life Profile' kits. Raised $10,000 to file court appeal for UFO case. UFOlogy's foremost ambulance chaser. Gersten would sue the aliens given the chance. Gersten is now working as a public defender for Native American Indians in Arizona. Photo Credit: UFO Magazine, USA. Yes, the robe is real...but where's the big wizard hat and wand?

Strange Messages from Gersten: (Note: CAUS is now defunct. This was written in January of 2001-Ed.) CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten continues, in usual fashion, to deliver strange messages via his CAUS Updates email list. For over the past month, Gersten has been doing a countdown to the New Year paying a visit to the old school of New Millennium madness. Many of Gersten's messages are disjointed and hint at some new pending apocalypse. This is not the first time Gersten has posted strange messages via CAUS Updates. Perhaps many will remember his messages of doom and gloom spawning from the EQ Pegasi Hoax and the alleged landing of an alien spacecraft in Arizona predicted by none other than conspiracy nut Richard C. Hoagland. As with all of Hoagland's predictions nothing happened on December 7th, 1998 even though Hoagland, once again, cited so-called "confidential and reliable sources" that had told him otherwise. It appeared as if Gersten may have been playing out his wildest fantasies and perhaps justifying such fantasies using the bogus December 7, 1998 landing as an excuse. During this laughable fiasco of a prediction, Gersten made statements such as: "May the force be with us." "It is what we are programmed to believe that is important. " "There is a group of us now on this planet who have been through this Final Conflict before at other times and on other places. We have decided to come here now for this particular reason." "Stephen King, in The Stand, has evil gathering in Las Vegas. I believe, in this Final Conflict, our group should gather in Sedona ...Beginning December 1st, I will be opening my apartment in Sedona to all who wish to come. All are welcome to join me there. I will assume that anyone who comes is part of the group." The overall theme seemed to be that Armageddon was knocking, someone was about to open the door, the only safe place on the planet was in Gersten's apartment located in Sedona, Arizona, and that he would be the spiritual guru that would lead "the good guys" in his own version of "The Stand." With all the talk of doom and gloom, alien craft landing, signals from space, and an evil government cover-up, nothing ever happened...nothing. No UFOs landed in the Arizona desert, the signal was a hoax, and both Gersten and Hoagland tried to turn nothing into something. Yet some are choosing to rehash the New Millennium as a disaster waiting to happen, and Gersten is no exception. He continues to send messages, hinting of some unforeseen forces at work, the Presidential election being a diversion for something more sinister, and a catastrophe right around the corner coinciding with New Year's Day. Below is the just the

latest in a long string of messages from Gersten. "Welcome to the twilight zone of the new millennium"?? Frankly, we've had enough...have you? CAUS HIGHLIGHTS Thursday - December 28, 2000 3 MORE DAYS UNITL the NEW MILLENNIUM. We have learned how to control most things, if not within our total reality, then within our own lives. But what if the new millennium brought a reality that we could not control, even to circumstances within our immediate day to day existence? What if we could no longer "attach" to external 3dimensional objects for our own security such as technological toys, titles, wealth and people? What if a new cosmic computer program is being downloaded that would require us to let go of, or transcend, our fears in order to survive? What if we needed to let go of the need to control in order to exist? Welcome to the twilight zone of the new millennium. -R.M.III

Robert Ghostwolf
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Robert Andrew Franzone - AKA Robert Ghostwolf, Robert Wolfe, Bobby Wolfe, Robert Parry. Reported Italian con-artist who posed as a Native American Indian, worked with Richard C. Hoagland and Sean David Morton. Combined UFOs, religion, pseudo Indian folklore and the apocalypse to sell his '7 Thunders' crap. Reportedly charged $3,000 per person to teach Indian survival skills for aftermath of asteroid impact - no asteroid yet. Claimed to know date world will end but you have to buy his book to find out. Had threatened

to sue "Internet terrorists" that alleged him to be a con man. Again, beware of false prophets selling faith, predictions, and especially someone else's heritage. SEE: 'Ghostwolf' Remarks about "Internet Terrorists" and his website Wolf Lodge. 'Ghostwolf' passed away in 2005.

Bruce Goldberg
Dr. Bruce Goldberg is a dentist and hypnotheapist specializing in past life and future life therapy. He also has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. He has written twenty books including Past Lives, Future Lives and Search for Grace, which was made into a TV movie. He will conduct private sessions by telephone for $120 per hour and claims to have done over 35,000 regressions. One of Goldberg's major tenants is that time travel will be discovered in the year 3050 by a man named Taatos, who used the 'fifth dimension' to travel back to Egypt and also visit ancient Greece and Rome. 3050 is a golden age, he says, when people live 500 to 900 years due to a device called an alphasyncolarium which stimulates the adrenal glands and the gonads to produce DHEA, a hormone. He says that these time travelers' mission is to speed up our spiritual growth through genetic manipulation. When time travelers remain in this fifth dimension we cannot see them. Only if the slow down their vibration rate do they become visible. Atlantis, Mu, out-of-body experiences, and reincarnation also figure into his works. For example, he knows that Art Bell, the radio personality, had a past life in Atlantis 50,000 years ago where he was a geophysicist and quantum physicist named Draco. Draco correctly predicted the cataclysms that enveloped Atlantis, but wound up being killed in the catastrophe. Goldberg knows this because of his Akashic Record scan technique. Goldberg says the Men in Black are not above killing people, including Ivan T. Sanderson, Morris K. Jessup, and Ian Fleming, who was at the tome of his 'heart attack' was investigating not only the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but also the Philadelphia Experiment. He says there are four kinds of Men in Black. The first are government agents, the Black Brotherhood form the lower astral plane, the E.T.s, and time traveling Men in Black who hunt other time travelers, which is why the benign travelers stay in the 5th dimension where they cannot be detected. As to questions of Goldberg being a time traveler, he says that a true µchrononaut¶ takes an oath never to reveal if he is or is not, and he would get in trouble with the timeline international security laws of the future. However, he reports meeting several time travelers in fifth dimensional hyperspace, such as Muat, Nirev, Al Sinoma, and Chat Noy, not to mention Osiris, Horus, and other Egyptian gods who revealed themselves as time travelers to the ancient Egyptians. One assumes they got into a heap of trouble for revealing themselves to him.

Goldberg's proof for his many claims comes strictly from his hypnotic regression work. He charges $400 for one 1.5 hour session and suggests most issues can be solved with five sessions. Goldberg was a guest on The Paracast on November 11, 2007.

Steven Greer
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Reportedly plagiarizes the UFO work of others and sells as his own, sells do-it-yourself ET contact kits - now you too can steer in extraterrestrial spacecraft with a flashlight and never record them just like Doc Greer does. Made claims of contacting extraterrestrials through meditation. Claimed that U.S. military forces attacked a Colorado ET base inside a mountain using nerve gas, no evidence to back claim. Had dinner with CIA Director and spun tale of having briefed CIA Director about ETs for hours. Hosted press conference with credible UFO witnesses on Capitol Hill - ruined it and his own credibility by selling the work of others with his name on it and using bogus witnesses. Allegedly attempted to charge Washington State MUFON members $2500.00 each to demonstrate how he can vector in UFOs - Greer got to choose the location and the time...mmmmmm.

"Well, I've known of him (and occasionally debated him on the radio) for years, and he's always been bonkers. Two weeks after he claimed we had a 'secret detection', he was telling radio audiences that when Neil Armstrong stepped out on the moon in 1969, he was surrounded by alien spacecraft!" --SETI's Seth Shostak in an e-mail responding to the wild claims of Steven Greer.

Paola Harris
Paola Harris considers herself the 'Barbara Walters of Ufology.' She has been in the UFO field for quite a while and once worked with Alan Hynek to translate some of his work into Italian. She was responsible for translating Col. Corso's The Day After Roswell into Italian and also publishing another Corso title, The Dawning of a New Age, available in Italian only. She has interviewed many UFO luminaries over the

years and is active in the Exopolitics movement, She teaches courses in the Exopolitics Institute's Galactic Diplomacy program and is a frequent speaker at UFO conferences. Harris has written several books: Exopolitics, all of the above, which she dedicated to George Noory, Connecting the dots; making sense of the UFO phenomenon, and Exopolitics; How does on speak to a ball of light? Harris' journalistic style is to simply present what a person has to say without analyzing the information or vetting her sources, claiming that her in-person interviews allow her to use her intuition to tell whether her sources are credible. At a UFO conference in Atlantic City she proclaimed that "Billy Meier is the real deal" based on a visit to his ranch where she talked to him and saw about 100 photographs. Later she said she believes Meier's original contacts were real, but that a cult had built up around him and polluted the issue. She was unaware of the Meier 'dinosaur' pictures lifted from a book. She also buys off on Clifford Stone, Dr. Michael Wolfe, and Alex Collier, the contactee who has been visited by human-looking blue aliens from Andromeda. This last association earned her a stunning tirade from, of all people, Michael Horn, who says Collier is a fake. A lot of people agree with him on this one, but still, with Horn's steadfast defense of Meier, it's the pot calling the kettle black. Like a lot of people associated with Disclosure and Exopolitics, Harris lumps the charlatans in with credible witnesses very easily and doesn't seem to think this is much of an issue. When confronted with showing fake pictures of the O'Hare UFO she blew this off as just an example and the fact that they were fake was not really a serious problem. She claims to be more of a 'nuts & bolts" person who was dragged kicking and screaming into considering other possibilities. She has also claimed she avoids contactees, yet she supports 'Real Deal Meier' and teaches about Alex Collier, Robert Hall, Jim Sparks, and other contactees as part of her course work. Paola Harris appeared on the Paracast on September 28, 2008.

Mike Hawkins
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

ABOVE: (Left) Hawkins right where he belongs. (Right) Hawkins showing off a camera in a room full of Star Wars toys, which he has employed in his fake UFO photos and video. Coincidence? Hardly.

Sells bogus UFO photos and videos, has faked many UFO photos and videos using jet and helicopter models as well as Star Wars toys. Sells anything and everything he can on his website from phony UFOs to boxing and mail order brides. You can also see UFO videos...for $29.95 a pop. One look at Hawkins' website and you'll know just exactly how credible this bunk UFO photographer really is.

Richard Hoagland
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Constantly cites anonymous/unverifiable sources. Has worked with Robert Andrew Franzone - AKA 'Ghostwolf'. Thinks the Face on Mars, Old Navy retail stores, Freemasons, NASA are tied to global conspiracy. Explains everything with 'hyperdimensional physics'and '19.5'. Promotes UFO hoaxes and other paranoia. Suffered heart attack - claimed it was assassination attempt. Received research grant from Joe Firmage, reportedly gave ZERO in return pocketing cash. Told researcher in Washington D.C. to leave area as military was going to nuke it. Has claimed that NASA is ran by either the Nazis, the Magi or the Freemasons - he just can't decide which. Continually begs for money to support his 'research.' Some ask what happens to men that were once considered so brilliant...look no further. SEE: False Europa Claims and Enterprise Mission . Also see Hoagland's claims of howitzers and Nazi signs on Mars , see Space.com article giving a bit of info on Hoagland and his so-called science medal award. Also a mathematics professor's analysis of Hoagland's D&M Pyramid.-RMIII

Michael Horn
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Well known zealot of, advocate, promoter, and official media rep for phony contactee Billy Meier. Disagree with Horn or offer proof showing Meier to be the fraud he is and Horn will blow his stack while demanding an apology. Horn presents himself as a neutral observer and researcher, but has a clear agenda in promoting the Meier case and one not need look far to see that Horn sells Meier DVDs, books, lectures, music, CDs, and anything else he can. Horn likes to promote Meier's 'wedding cake' UFO photos as proof

beyond a doubt. It is both painful and just embarrassing to watch someone actually endorse these photos as real. Horn likes to cite the work of other pro-Meier people (Wendell Stevens, Jim Dilettoso, Lee and Brit Elders) when asked for proof. After all, Horn actually believes the Meier case is true because all the pro-Meier literature says so. Someone once referred to Horn as the Pat Robertson of UFOs. For more on fruitcake Horn and his shameless promotion of Meier, see Horn's website and be sure to read his bio where he proudly lists his having invented the fingernail art fad. Now that should qualify anyone to be an investigator! Also see more 'wedding cake' UFO analysis, The Paracast show where the hosts tear Horn to ribbons (See below). ufowatchdog.com has viewed Horn's DVD on the Meier case...don't waste your money - though it does make a

Linda Moulton Howe
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Someone once summed up Howe very well with two words: ' Media entrepreneur '. While having been a major player in the cattle mutilation mystery, Howe's credibility has gone way down hill as she sensationalizes everything from mundane animal deaths to promoting Brazilian UFO fraud Urandir Oliveira and the Aztec UFO Crash Hoax while selling alien books, videos and lectures. Howe dabbles in all things strange including bigfoot, crop circles, alien abductions, and UFOs. Howe also sits on the board of advisors to the Roswell UFO Museum along with the likes of Don Schmitt. See Howe's site, which she actually charges a subscription for in order to access some stories. Also see Howe turning an explained animal death into an encounter with bigfoot. A leap not even bigfoot itself could make. Also see Aliens Abducted My Common Sense, and a report lifting the mythos behind Howe's much touted and promoted Roswell UFO debris.

"The most hilarious web posting we have read in a very long time comes from Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country", dated 9/30/05. Linda Moulton Howe is described as "our Dreamland science reporter". We ask - what, if any, are the scientific qualifications of this pleasant but extremely gullible lady?? Inquiring minds would like to know!"

Dan Iaria
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Used to litter the old Art Bell BBS with fanatical messages supporting Reed under the alias of 'Dante Aries.' Prior to the case being

exposed, Iaria would challenge anyone's credentials/background that questioned "Dr.Reed's" case. Iaria blocked the e-mail of those who questioned the case. Iaria was directly asked about "Dr." Harold Chacon (not a doctor of any kind) and Robert Raith (aka Robert Aria) slinging slurpies at a Seattle mini-mart - Iaria said their employment wasn't important even though he claimed Chacon was a scientist. Iaria is a perfect example of what's wrong with UFOlogy and "believing" as opposed to actually providing concrete evidence. Sources have described Iaria's zealous devotion to this case as "completely unbelievable", "frightening fanatical", and "over the top." Iaria shut down his website after Reed was exposed as a fraud and con man. But don't worry, ufowatchdog.com has a complete copy of the website. Iaria was reported to have been at the IUFOC 2003 and was no longer supporting the Reed UFO Fraud, but did venture into some other bogus UFO cases with none other than Reed promoter Jaime Maussan.

David Icke
David Icke (pronounced "Ayk": "Ah-e-k") is probably best known for his contention that most of the world's leaders are actually reptilians in disguise and that the world is controlled by a vast conspiracy of a few families who have conspired to keep their world domination. The reptilians serve as prison wardens and hail from the constellation of Draco. Icke says they manipulate our world from the fourth dimensions, which he says is on the lower astral plane and is a "cess pool." They are seven feet tall, capable of shape shifting to disguise their true nature, and they feed off of negative thoughts. They create conflict to create more negative thought. Moreover, not only are they in this other dimension, they are also manipulating events from our own. In an interview with Rick Martin in the Spectrum newspaper he traces his theory that most all American presidents come from the same bloodline, that the Windsors are reptilian, and that they had Diana murdered because she found out. From the interview" "So, The Biggest Secret for me, in summary, is that an extraterrestrial race has interbred with humanity, creating particular hybrid bloodlines which they can work through from this dimension very close to ours, and that as it expanded over the thousands and hundreds of years to the present day, they've managed to expand their power out of a power base in the Near and Middle East, other places too but particularly there, until today they are actually in control of the planet." He frequently makes a distinction between the 'Five Senses Conspiracy" and the real nature of reality, which is inter-dimensional in nature. He says our senses take in vibrations at a very narrow level and our brains turn this into what we think of as reality, which is really only a very good virtual world not unlike The Matrix.

Icke left school early and played professional football (soccer) in England. He then became a sports reporter and a spokesperson for the Green Party. A series of paranormal experiences led him to a psychic who told him he would be a great healer. He was laid off from his job as a reporter and at the same time he had an urge to visit Peru. After another 'kundalini type' experience in Peru he came back to England and began telling his story. He faced massive ridicule and left the public stage for some time. He says this experience taught him to not care about what other people thought. At one speech he faced fifteen minutes of catcalls before he was able to speak. he said, "You all think I am mentally ill, don't you?" Most of the audience yelled agreement, and then he said, "What does this say about you? You just paid money so you could come ridicule a person you think is mentally ill." he says that subsequently the audience behaved. Icke has written many books on his conspiracy theories. he has become a popular speaker who no longer faces ridicule from his audiences. He has been accused of anti-semitism, likely from referring to the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' a proven fake that suggests a small cadre of Jews rules the world. He vociferously denies the charge calling it 'frigging ridiculous.' His conspiracy theories do tend to pin much of the world's troubles on a ruling elite that creates crises, wars, and strife for their own benefit, but he clearly states that though some Jews might be involved, it is not a Jewish conspiracy. He has also attracted attention from right-wing militia groups, which he also disowns as frightening. Icke believes that events take place at a vibrational level and that the conscious mind is a receiver and experiencer only and is never responsible for any decisions whatsoever. He believes change can happen only at a level higher than the five senses, and this is the level at which the reptilians are attempting to maintain control.


If you ever want to see what a circus is really like, then by all means don't pass up the opportunity to attend one of the many UFO conferences that take place across the United States. A lot of these conferences are truly an eye opener as to what a lot of so-called UFOlogists are really all about. Here's the International UFO Congress web site. The conference earns a place in the Hall of Shame for continually assaulting UFOlogy by hosting known frauds under the guise of presenting a free-forum for people to speak, the conference appears to be unwilling to challenge its speakers or use even the least bit of discretion in selecting speakers based on credibility even when the evidence clearly shows fraud. Sensationalism, silly UFO film awards, and every new age fad vendor you can imagine make up one of the most ridiculous UFO related events (next to the Roswell UFO Festival)...and they actually have the nerve to not only charge people but advertise the conference with this statement from their website: "Our primary goal is to 'research, document and disseminate UFO and related information worldwide'. " They seem to have forgotten how to do the research and the documenting part of things. You can get anything at these conferences, so long as you're willing to fork out the cash for not only admission into the show, but for audio cassettes, videos, CD Roms, t-shirts, UFO coffee mugs, alien repelling devices, UFO detectors, UFO buttons, UFO ties, UFO posters, UFO coasters, UFO ashtrays, alien alarm clocks, alien traps, alien jewelry and so on. One UFO conference I attended actually had two guys dressed up in alien costumes with big alien heads running around hugging people. It's interesting going to these conferences since I'm a big unknown in this field, so I'm able to walk around and talk to people without any problems and the conversations never stopped when I was around.

ABOVE: UFO vendors. Cash, credit cards - they'll take it all so long as you're willing pay for what they're selling. I was privy to a conversation with some researchers that referred to Whitley Strieber as "Witless" several times. One of these researchers now works closely with Strieber, though I think he wouldn't have the nerve to call Strieber "Witless" to his face. Whitley Strieber came up to me later and just started talking to me about how the Associated Press was suppressing UFO stories sent over the wire - I didn't so much as blink at Strieber and have no idea what prompted the conversation. That isn't to say that the conversation wasn't interesting, it was just odd how it came about. Jaime Maussan (pictured left) did the same thing, he just stopped and started telling me some wild tale of how stars in the night sky were moving their positions. In fact, they weren't stars at all but gigantic UFO motherships. He went on about the massive sightings in Mexico and how he had a very special video that would be coming out soon ala the Mexico Daytime UFO Hoax. Jaime didn't skip a beat and talked

about UFOs colliding with airliners and the military getting into dogfights with UFOs. Evidence of all this? Well, that was another story... At one conference, I witnessed a UFO researcher completely trashing Sean David Morton to a group of people. That stopped when Morton came over and said hello to that person, they both hugged each other like long lost friends and asked how the other was doing. Morton, dressed in an 80s Miami Vice jacket, boots with at least a 4 inch lift, and a medallion of such size around his neck that it would surely cause anyone back problems, was as loud as they get and he made sure everyone within a one mile radius knew he was there. Morton left and the trash talking resumed. This is the same Sean David Morton that avoided my many questions about him by simply turning around and walking away. I got to see a group of alleged alien abductees have a sudden "implant attack." They made quite a scene leaving in the middle of someone's presentation. I talked to a UFO vendor selling video tapes - he made it clear he was there for the money and nothing else. "I don't buy any of this alien horseshit. I just do this on the side," the vendor told me. I got a similar response from someone else selling books.

ABOVE: Just some of the things you can see at UFO conferences. The truth is out there...really out there. A lot of people were networking, talking about that next big movie, TV or book deal they had in the works. People telling other people to make sure and see this guy to buy this, or that guy to buy that. One person who is well known in UFO circles, pointing to a vendor's table, told me, "You should be sure to buy this CD Rom. It's great and you could really use it." I really didn't have much use for a CD Rom loaded with overused and almost cliche pictures of UFOs that anyone can find at the local library. The next day the same guy urging me to buy the CD Rom was talking to the same vendor about a marketing deal for the CD and about producing his own CD. I went to a lot of the presentations, and I wasn't at all impressed. Much of the material being shown was the same thing that these guys have been selling for years - even material that was proven to be fraudulent was still being sold as the real deal. Don't bother asking too many questions either. A simple yes or no question will turn in to a 10 minute diatribe about suppression of the truth or some other vast conspiracy designed to divert your attention from what is actually happening. What exactly is supposed to be happening is never quite clear and your simple question never gets an answer. Of course, you can always buy the book and get the answer. Maybe the video or the CD Rom might help you out...for only $19.95. One guy was actually selling outdated copies of a self-published newsletter for $40.00 a piece...the scary part was that some people were actually buying them.

At another conference I attended I met the organizer. This guy was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He had apparently sold-out two or three presentations for a particular presenter, but the presenter could not make it to the conference. I overheard the organizer, chirping away on his cell phone (one of the presentations was the dangers of cell phones) about how he couldn't afford to give refunds and the presenter "had better find a way to get his ass here. I paid for his God damn ticket!" What I found to be the worst part of these conferences is where you pay the admission price, get to go to a lecture where the speaker hypes you up about the information he/she allegedly has and then they tell you if you want to hear more that you have to attend the workshop after the free lecture. Talk about bait and hook. Of course the workshop isn't included in the general admission price and can range from $20.00 to $45.00 just for a single presentation. Then the speaker will try to sell their books, videos and whatever else they can to you. Many of these so-called conferences are nothing more than a traveling circus trying to get you to shell out your hard earned cash for their performances where the audience 'ooos' and 'ahs'. Of course, there's also the over priced candy (i.e.: videos, books, tapes, etc...) at the concession stands, where a $1 soda will cost you $6.75. Overall, many of the speakers at these conferences come off more like carnies, those guys at carnivals working booths that try to get you to play their games where you spend $40 to win a $2 stuffed animal. This isn't to say that all people that attend or present at these conferences are ripoff artists, just most of them. Unfortunately for the people that actually do serious research and investigation, these UFO conferences are the only venue they have to share their work with the public on any kind of scale. There were a couple of researchers in attendance that were sincere and credible. These are usually the people that get the least amount of people to attend their lectures. Why let boring facts get in the way when just down the hall some guy is spewing sensationalist crap about the secret alien base under the Giza temple where Atlantis is supposed to buried and where a huge colony of clones is being grown with biological tissue taken from abductees and cattle mutilations...or something like that. And don't bother trying to let anyone running a UFO conference know that one of their presenters is a fraud. I tried doing this a couple of times - they're not interested. I sent an e-mail to the Bay Area UFO Expo coming up this month about UFO fraud Sean David Morton (pictured left). I pointed to the investigation into Morton done by UFOWATCHDOG.COM. The response was an e-mail entitled "Uh-Oh." One of the assistant producers of the expo wrote, "Please be advised that Sean David Morton will be appearing at the Bay Area UFO Expo...You might want to let your listeners know..." (By the way, it's readers, not listeners). I really liked the bit where the assistant producer wants me to do free advertising for him in the process. Gee whiz, he sure got me didn't he... Some would think that a conference organizer might want to try and make sure that the presenters and their claims were credible. After all, the media does show up at these things on occasion. And what about those people interested in the subject going to one of these conferences for the first time? Alas, it appears the only thing that any conference organizer is interested in is the bottom line - the almighty dollar. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that conferences cost money. But why would anyone claiming to have a sincere

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"Dames" just like Agatha Christie. The three have a website called PL3; it's the lights and a whole lot more, where they are advocating a National Department of Extraterrestrial Alliances. One thing's for certain, though: Shirley MacLaine loves these dames. Dr. Lynne appeared as a guest on The Paracast on February 25, 2007.

Philip Klass
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III UFO debunker/aviation nerd (he was an editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.) Is somehow able to explain all UFO sightings. CSICOP member, toilet seat thinker, general pain to UFOlogy. Needs more fiber in his diet...an anal probe from the aliens wouldn't hurt either. Good old Phil decided to attend a UFO symposium and fell asleep during presentations and was reported to be spending more time outside sucking down cigarettes than inside listening to what was being said. This must be how he conducts all of his investigations...Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> ZZZZ. So much for paying attention. SEE: CSICOP (NOTE: Mr.Klass passed away on 10-August-2005.) Once you get to CSICOP, search on "Klass" and page through the listings. Several Volumes of Klass writings can be found under the search results.

Kal K. Korff
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III NOTE: After posting this, I was informed Korff has now posted a bit saying that ufowatchdog.com has "Selective and Uneven 'Standards of Credibility' ". I suppose if you consider anyone who won't accept a couple of photos as proof to have uneven standards, then I'm guilt as charged. It'll take far more than a couple of photos of a guy in a cowboy hat waving his finger around to prove anything. Something about a kettle comes to mind...] As usual, I'll make this short and get to the point: I am not associated with, do not work with, nor do I endorse Kal K. Korff. To put it bluntly, my opinion is that I think Korff is completely full of shit. Huh? What? Yeah, I said the same thing. While I think Korff did some good work on his earlier

Meier UFO stuff, I have to say I have some serious concerns as of late. Korff has recently been making the rounds via the Internet and on radio making some pretty fantastic claims. Some may have heard Korff refer to a "small group of people" he was disappointed with because of some criticism he was receiving. I can tell you it was far beyond criticism because I was part of that group. Korff later referred to this group as "the penis gallery." I won't speak for the other folks involved, but I will say this: I think Korff is full of shit. Okay, I said that already. Here's why: Since the summer of 2006, I have been corresponding with Korff having initially contacted him about obtaining a video relating to his Billy Meier book. During this correspondence, Korff extended me an invitation to be in a project he claimed would be on television and available on the Internet and that I would "get some of the profits." Korff said the productions would focus on exposing UFO "personalities" and that one part of the production "has two hot Czech chicks in it..." For those who know me, and I've made this clear elsewhere, my UFO interest does not involve a profit margin - never has, never will. I've offered ufowatchdog.com absolutely free for the last 6 years and plan to continue doing so. I told Korff I wanted to maintain my independence and that I would not be interested in his television project. Korff told me he wanted me to contribute to a peer group and I told him I'd be interested in that. This group never came to fruition and I have to say that I am glad it didn't, as the continuing correspondence with Korff started raising some serious red flags with me. Korff began telling me his life story and how he fights terrorism as a Captain in something he referred to as the Special Secret Services or S3. Korff even sent me a picture of himself in a uniform as "proof" of what he does (see photo at top left). A picture, as we all know, doesn't prove anything. If you think along those lines, that a photo is proof positive, then I guess Korff must also accept that all Billy Meier UFO photos are real. But I digress. These are some of the claims Korff has made to me:
y Is going to have Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli prosecuted for consumer fraud and that the FBI and Department of Justice were involved. y He was going to "nail" Billy Meier and his promoter having them both prosecuted for consumer fraud. y Said a Meier promoter was going to be taken into custody by the United States Secret Service. Korff expressed a desire to personally "slap the handcuffs" on this person. y Said he was going to sue a Meier promoter for "libel and slander." y Claimed all these alleged legal actions were "official." y Had psy-ops working on a Meier representative and had this person pegged and was playing him based on this supposed psy-ops info. y Wanted to get Bob Gimlin "under oath" and have him put under "cross examination." y Is the director of a nanotechnology project and had a forensics project in the Balkans. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his "ops" for a

reality tv show showing "Captain" Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds. y Was a consultant to the OJ Simpson criminal prosecution team and an expert witness for the defense in the OJ Simpson civil trial. y Said he had cutting edge technology that he wanted to share with me for use on the Internet. Korff claimed to have created this cutting edge technology. y Has a $25,000,000 budget to work with to pursue UFO frauds. y Is going to be publishing a 24 volume series exposing the Billy Meier case and has a 500 book deal. Yes, you read right, five-hundred, 5-0-0. y Is a Captain in the Special Secret Services and works in anti-terrorism as a SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution). (Ed. Note: Korf now claims to have been promoted directly to Colonel.) y Korff even offered to provide me with the name of a Sheriff here in Oregon that would confirm Korff's claims. I could go on and on with everything that Korff provided me, but it would be pages. So, I decided to ask for some proof and wrote Korff the following: -----Original Message----Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 3:39 AM To: Korff Kal Subject: RE: From Kal, Some of the Legal Muscle Involved :-) http://www.xzone-radio.com/20061229_21.htm (Site is gone. Ed. ) I'd like to hear your side of this, Kal. I'd also like to hear more about your status as a Captain in an organization that I can't find any reference to anywhere, which I'm finding odd since you claim it has international jurisdiction. In response, Korff claimed that he needed permission to do this and earlier had mentioned needing to address these issues through his "handlers" and there were people at the US Embassy in Prague who were exclusively asssigned to handling all inquiries about Korff. Korff claimed that he was going to visit the US Embassy and this would prove everything he had claimed, that this trip would vindicate him and that I'd be eating crow. Click here to see this so-called evidence Korff sent me. Some photos of Korff running around in Prague with a cowboy hat, a camera, a backpack, some military metal anyone can buy off e-Bay, and some captions in the photos proclaiming this to be the truth. Huh??? Yeah, that's what I said. I sent this to Korff: ----- Original Message ----To: "Korff Kal" <Kal.Korff@expresdenik.cz> Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3:05 PM Subject: Re: From Kal, Very Important Images of Santilli/Horn/Gimlin FIRST LEGAL MEETING :-)) Kal, You can't even come up with a name? Why did you even bring this supposed sheriff up if you

weren't prepared or willing to give me a name? Surely you knew I would ask for that name...? You're going to lengths to prove things and provide reassurances to people, but I am not at all convinced and it will take far more than some photos with captions, a few calendars regurgitating your previous work, and a headshot photo with you in camo. I'm done with this entire and very tiresome affair...period. --Royce

Korff responded with more 'evidence', sending an article he writes for a free newspaper in Prague telling readers he would come to their homes and cook for them: ----- Original Message ----From: "Korff Kal" <Kal.Korff@expresdenik.cz> Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 4:32 AM Subject: More Evidence.... :-)) Hi, Here's my latest column. I can just see the "skepticism" now... He isn't REALLY going to go into people's homes and cook American dinners for people is he? Well, yes, I am. Today, in response to my column, I now have over 405 invitations! :-) This is yet MORE evidence that I AM who I claim to be. And this morning, a three letter agency came by to establish new security screening procedures for this, and if you REALLY want to "test" me....come to Prague, ask me to come cook for you, and once my security people vet you, it can be arranged! Obviously, they would NOT exist if I was not who I claim. As I have hinted it is actually much more. I can't wait to share with you the org charts for Critical Thinkers. When you see how many are involved,...Well.... :-) Send you all much more relevant stuff next week. Have a good weekend, I am going to go meet the female I alluded to earlier, get her ready for her next assignments. Best, Kal Yep, cooking for people who read your column...wow, I'm just completely stunned at the amount of incredible 'evidence' Korff has presented me with regarding his counter terrorism activities, his covert activities, and his prosecution of UFO frauds.

Korff later sent an e-mail about the alleged resignations of eight sheriff deputies here in Oregon, something about a "female jail snitch", and how Korff was going to have his name in the news here in Oregon because he was running an 'op' in a jail here to expose corruption. Uh, okay. With that, I will say it again: I think Kal K. Korff is full of shit and I'll have nothing to do with him. Korff wrote in one e-mail to me, based on my disbelief of his claims, that I "officially have egg" on my face now. That his appearance on a radio program and the pictures of him at a US embassy were proof positive that he indeed is who he claims to be. About his visit to the US embassy and showing of his material about Meier and Santilli, Korff wrote, " They were shocked to see how this clever mix of daring doo has every enemy taking it "not seriously" and the wrong people not trusting it. Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously"." By golly, mission accomplished. I don't think anyone is taking Korff seriously, I certainly am not - especially after the many disjointed, wanna' be cloak and dagger e-mails from Korff. The only person here with egg on their face is Korff for expecting anyone to accept a few photos of him in Prague wearing a cowboy hat as proof positive that he is indeed an officer in some counter-terrorism organization. Unfortunately, those who gave him credit for past deeds will also have egg spatter on them and Korff's previous work on the Meier case will surely suffer. Korff wrote the following in an e-mail addressed to those he referred to as the "penis gallery" about anyone doubting his claims: " At this rate, I may very well order any party that might get thrown taped, just so I can nuke the next "colleague" of mine who dares to question the obvious. " Yep, I dared question international man of mystery "Captain" Kal K. Korff. Indeed, I made the mistake of asking for evidence and made the much larger mistake of doubting Korff's claims. Beware all who dare question "Captain" Korff. I am not Korff's "colleague", have not worked with him on any project and I never will.

Kal Korff's Web Site Klick here for some Komments from Kal

Bob Lazar
A classic UFO Watchdog article by Royce Myers, III Claimed to have worked on recovered extraterrestrial space craft for the United States government. Has been caught in numerous lies about his education - claimed to have degrees in

Electronic Engineering and Physics - no records found. Lazar has also lied about his time line and can't remember what years he graduated from what school. Like you would not remember when you graduated from M.I.T.?? Much of his background has been shown to be false. Was convicted of pandering in Nevada. A model made by Testors (Model S-4) of the craft Lazar claimed to work on was made and sold. SEE: Bob Lazar's web site and a very comprehensive expose' of Lazar. Also see Bob Lazar: True or False?, an article by Glen Campbell of UFO Updates. However, George Knapp, a vey well-respected researcher from Las Vegas, has doubts about the doubts on Lazar. He says that Lazar has been remarkably consistent in his story and not deviated a bit from what he says happened at Area 51. He also has not tied to capitalize on his fame. The pandering charge? A convenience for the government to discredit him, something that has been done to others as well, including Wendelle Stevens. Don Ecker corroborates this story and also says the Dr. Teller, father of the atomic bomb, knew Lazar and was responsible for getting him his job. During an interview with Teller there was a break when he was asked, "If we asked you about Lazar, what would you say?" He said he would not answer the question. the camera was still running and this was caught on tape, which Ecker has seen. If Teller had not known Lazar, he would have said, "Who is Bob Lazar." Lazar says he has been 'disappeared' by the government, which removed all his school records, yet Lazar can't resolve the contradictions in his own story. How could he have been going to MIT at the same time he attended a Junior College? But about his employment at Area 51? Stories vary that he worked for a contractor or that he worked for the government itself. But look at this:

Is it real or is it Memorex?

We don't know. The street address is real (and ironic: James Lovell commanded the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.) It is a real address in Las Vegas, though the zip code is now different--not unusual for an expanding city. We found the house on Google earth. The amount of wages is very small. Even at 1989 wages this could not possibly be for more than a couple of weeks. A Japanese researcher says that the social security number, here redacted, belonged to a New York woman, but at this stage we can't verify that one way or another. Of course, the entire document could be 100% fake. There's nothing on the document that 'proves" Lazar worked at Area 51. Further, there is no such thing as the 'United States Department of Naval Intelligence.' Navy departments are usually called 'commands.' Anyone could have typed up one of these on an easily available form. Note: Nevada does not have a state income tax. One theory is that Lazar was, indeed, hired as a technician--not a scientist--at the Area 51 facility, worked for a couple of weeks, and was fired because he could not obtain a security clearance. That begs the question of ANY association of flying saucers. In the Top Secret security world, it seems unlikely he would have been allowed exposure to something so secret without a Top Secret Clearance in place, which typically takes many months to obtain. It seems more likely this experience provided the skeleton on which he could knit his bizarre story. Yet George Knapp, once again, repudiates claims that Lazar lied about his experiences. He says Lazar PASSED two polygraph exams, that he is the one that paid for them, and that reports that Lazar failed three or six exams are simply false. The best thing Lazar could do is come clean on why he clearly lied about his education. It's not unheard of for people to do this, but it casts a killer light on his story. Nobody cares about a pandering charge, but MIT? C'mon, Bob. Come clean. Nevertheless, the issues are intriguing, and for that Lazar earns a single Gray box from Schuyler. The original article is by Royce Myers, III Updates and expansion by Schuyler

Shirley MacLaine
A Classic UFO Watchdog article by Royce Myers, III Left: MacLaine attempting to figure out why her telepathic powers aren't working or scratching her head. Hell, Shirley probably doesn't even know which it is... New Age Hollywood invades UFOs! Maclaine has pictures of Billie Meier UFO photos at her site as the real deal, wouldn't know a dinner plate from a UFO. She combines astrology, UFOs, abductions, reincarnation and every other metaphysical fad into a neat little package. Shirley says there are no evil aliens, though I think some abductees might disagree with her. Another in a long line of idiots dipping into the UFO

cookie jar. Dean Martin once said that Shirley "doesn't have all of her oars in the water." Dean wasn't kidding. Stick to acting, Shirley. SEE: Shirley's wacky website

Nancy Lieder
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III ufowatchdog.com is at a loss for words...nutty, fruitcake, baker's pink, medication...how about yikes! According to Nancy here, month May 2003 was when the end of the world as we know it was supposed to happen. Well, here we are on our way to a nice summer and we're all still alive...no surprise there. Of course, now the excuse is that the wrong time was given on purpose because some "would take advantage of good hearted folk" with the news. Mmmm, wonder how much money was made off of selling those $20 a pop Planet X videos. Hale-Bopp, an alien fungus, alien invaders, planets...what next?! See Nancy's wacky site: Zeta Talk

Jamie Maussan
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Promoter and supporter of various UFO hoaxes. Constantly claims to have scientific proof, but never seems able to produce it when asked. Claimed to have radar tapes confirming UFOs in Mexico airspace. Was reportedly asked for the tapes - the tapes never came to fruition. Supported Hale-Bopp UFO hoax made infamous via Art Bell and Courtney Brown. Told people at a 1996 UFO conference that stars in the sky were actually giant UFOs hovering in space above the planet. Said this was reason stars shifted position in sky! Sold infamous tape of daylight UFO to a television network for a reported $120,000 - the tape was proven to be a hoax. Maussan has also supported the Billy Meier UFO fraud. Maussan is now best known for his promotion of the shameless Reed UFO Fraud. Maussan claims to have scientific proof of the Reed UFO Fraud - again, he has yet to produce it. Will jump the gun and claim a bogus alien photo is real without proper investigation. Maussan had the gall to call your ufowatchdog.com an amateur - funny, but I recall this so-called amateur exposing the Reed UFO Fraud that was sitting right under Maussan's nose. So, Jaime, what ever did happen to

your supposed investigation showing "Dr. Reed" to be real? Beware of so-called journalists that don't report all of the facts...it is indeed a wonder why anyone would give Maussan a grain of credibility. Let's just hope a real case of import never finds its way to Maussan...God help us if it does...clowns belong in the circus, not doing investigations.

Stacey Allen McGee
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Founder of yet another "non-profit" UFO organization. Makes unsubstantiated claims, has fingers dipped into every paranormal/new age pie imaginable including UFOs, ghosts, pyramid healing, bigfoot. Ripped off UFO reports from the National UFO Reporting Center website and posted them as his own with a copyright! McGee also runs an "awareness" conference at a state park and played host to Reed UFO Fraud supporter Dan Iaria even though the Reed UFO Fraud had been exposed and McGee had been informed about it. McGee uses colorful acronyms like OWCs (Off World Craft) and OWVs (Off World Vehicle). You can read fine articles at his site, such as "Martians Know Quantum Physics" and "Interacting with the Greys". McGee is seeking investors so he can build a "state of the art National UFO Museum" complete with "an IMAX theater (to be housed within a slightly scaled down replica of the great pyramid of Giza - fully restored and aligned to the magnetic north..." McGee hopes to have the new UFO museum open "on, or before December 31, 2011 in lieu of the prophetic year of the Mayan calendar, 2012." And we all wonder why UFOs are never taken seriously...McGee is another fine example of what's wrong with UFOlogy.

Billy Meier
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III UFO cult leader, claimed contact with Pleiadian aliens. Faked UFO photos and films. Employed props and stop motion/cut photography to make UFOs disappear and reappear on film. Took photos of female claiming it was an alien, photo was actually taken off of a television screen from an episode of the Dean Martin show. The excuse offered when caught red-handed? MIB disinfo, of course! (That would be for Men in Black, but you knew that. Just checking.) Meier apparently thought no one would figure this out. Photographed magazine pictures of dinosaurs claiming them as proof he traveled back in time (samples below). Also has photos showing him with a 'laser gun' (samples below) - laughable at best and just painful to look at. Meier has supporters, many whom have

cashed in on books, videos, and lectures about Meier's UFO hoax. It's amazing that some idiots still defend this hoax...again, you know who you are. If you want to believe in something badly enough, you'll justify it as reality any way possible - especially when the bottom line dollar is at stake. Beware of delusional people trying to use UFOs as a religion or as a way to get into your wallet. SEE: Picture of UFO model used by Meier and a site devoted to the Meier Hoax and here's a French site with lots of detailed information on the fake UFOs. Also see Meier's "official" media rep Michael Horn's website devoted to championing Meier at the expense of all sanity and the official Billy Meier website. You can also see the whacky photos of a Meier UFO here at this laughable attempt to lend credence to the case. It's painful how anyone could keep a straight face and promote this silly case. Those promoting Meier claim to be offering life saving information for the survival of the human race - yep, that's why they charge for DVDs, books, videos, and lectures. Beware of those selling prophets for profit.

Left: Here is the infamous Meier laser gun claimed to be from the Pleiadeans. There are several nearly identical pictures available.

Right: This 'laser gun' was found on EBay. Notice the barrel is exactly the same as the Pleidean gun, right down to the plastic sight. So, either the Pleideans bought their gun on EBay and modified it for their own purposes, or they are in the habit of selling their

surplus guns on EBay to raise a little earth cash.

This delightful picture is one Billy took when he traveled back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. Looks like the birdy is about to get fed! Note that compared to the original below it is quite out of focus. Guess traveling through time can play havoc with your film-just like an airport screener.

And here's the original from which Meier lifted his dino pic. It's a painting by Zdenek Burian , a Czech artist, which appeared in a book called Life Before Man, which is still available, so you can go check it out. Here's a gallery of his work on a Russian site which shows the similarity in style.

Original article by Royce Myers, III. Revised and updated by Schuyler

Melissa Ann Morton
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III (aka Melissa Ann Thomson, Angela Granger, Melissa Granger) Delphi Associates newsletter editor and 'office staff'. Circulated a slanderous email alleging those associated with ufowatchdog.com were "child molesters" and directors of pornography. Failed to appropriately apologize for her false and intentional statements. Claimed that she strived "everyday to live my life as if Christ were walking beside me and this type of activity and gossip would certainly fall under his disapproval." Gee, ya' think? This is the same person who claimed to have personally investigated and verified all of Sean David Morton's claims. Looks like she didn't do a very good job

Sean David Morton
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Self-proclaimed "World's Foremost UFO Researcher," tells tall tales in a single bound. Actually tried to sue ufowatchdog.com for libel and failed because he couldn't prove any of his claims. Alleges to have degrees from universities that don't exist, endorses UFO hoaxes. Has lied about his association with top Hollywood names such as Gene Roddenberry and FX wizard Stan Winston. Went so far as to lie about ghost-writing a best selling book for his mother. Charged $99.00 for Area 51 "tours" and employed drama skills to convince people that airplanes and stars were UFOs. Other unsubstantiated/false claims: He's an initiated Tibetan Monk, a psychic used by law enforcement, discovered viewpoints to Area 51 and claims to have brought national media attention to the base. Claims to be "one of America's greatest psychics" and to have 90% prediction accuracy - not even close. Claims to have "studied prophecy, astral travel, planetary healing...tantric meditation with the Black Hat Monks in Tibet." Many wish Morton would move to another astral plane. Beware of so-called prophets charging for faith and visions of the future. See: Delphi Associates and ufowatchdog.com's extensive investigation under The Morton Files. Claims that ufowatchdog.com never used the truth as a defense in court - uh, yeah, that's why Morton was ordered to pay $16,000.00 to ufowatchdog.com's attorney...this is a no-brainer folks...

Believe it or not, Sean David Morton appeared on The Paracast on May 23, 2006.

Ed. Note: Royce J. Myers, III, is the author of this piece, which is copyrighted. It is one of his greatest successes. He started it in the early 2000s when the Internet was barely started and web pages were relatively new. These web pages are presented in their original form. The only changes have been to typefaces, colors, and other superficial attributes. The thing to understand here is that these pages grew organically. They evolved as 'things happened.' Myers was sued by Morton; Morton lost. As these things happened Myers added in new links. There is an incredible amount of information linked to the pages. It's a treasure hunt. We have preserved as much as possible. However, it has been nearly a decade. Some of the external links are no longer available. We have noted that in the text here it occurs. Also, Myers technique is often to link horizontally, i.e.: One page links to the next which links to the next. We have preserved this as well, but for those wh o wish to look at these pages differently, below is a 'secondary menu' which brings all the links to one place. This menu is for internal links only. External links remain on the individual pages themselves.

Morton Files Secondary Menu Morton Files Part I -Where was UFO Watchdog? -Lawsuit is won -Morton ordered to pay attorney's fees -Morton Secondary Biography Morton Files Part II Morton Files Part III Morton Files Part IV -Prophecy Research Institute Morton Files Part V -Bob Lazar Pages Proof that Morton's Contact Adrian is a fraud Morton called out by Royce Meyers, III

Kate Mucci
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III "So what if Jonathan's making up a story? I don't think he is, but, so what if he is?" --Kate Mucci commenting on the Reed UFO Fraud and her apparent lack of concern for the truth As we've seen so many times before in this field, fools know no bounds and if ignorance is bliss, then Mucci must be high on it. Mucci co-hosts a time filler television program where just about every UFO/conspiracy nutcase is promoted. ufowatchdog.com found out that Mucci's self produced tv show recently was promoting the Reed UFO Fraud. When contacted and told of the investigation exposing 'Dr.Reed' as a fraud, Mucci was apparently unconcerned about the facts of the matter, and with good reason - Mucci's new age bookstore is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the new

books and videos for 'Dr.Reed'. Guess it's okay for people to lie so long as they're feeding your pocketbook...

Daniel Munoz
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Assistant to Jaime Maussan, Munoz held a press conference at a university in Mexico and claimed that the Hale Bopp comet was bringing gigantic motherships for a massive evacuation of Earth...that was February 1997 - Hale Bopp has since passed and the Earth is still is one piece...what a surprise. Munoz is supporting the Reed UFO Hoax. UFOWATCHDOG.COM directly contacted Munoz and supplied him with information showing Reed to be a fraud. Munoz's response: "In fact, you also can contact Jaime Maussan through me. Believe me that what we would like the most is to know the real truth about this case, and that's is the main reason we are investigating..." Munoz was asked to provide information about the case, but did not respond to several e-mails from UFOWATCHDOG.COM. SEE: A Closer Look At Reed's Latin American Supporters. SEE: UFOWATCHDOG.COM exclusive exposing the Reed UFO case as a fraud.

Joe Nickell
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III UFO debunker, CSICOP member. Likes to replace facts with theories. Says no physical evidence exists supporting UFOs/crop circles. Will debunk anything that does not fit within the parameters of a scientific model. Nickell wouldn't be convinced about UFOs if he was abducted by aliens and given an anal probe. Given credit where credit is due, Nickell did make Art Bell look like a total ass on his

own program when Bell's attempt to debate Nickell about UFOs was nothing short of a dismal failure - once again showing why some people (hint...hint) shouldn't be the voice of UFOlogy. SEE: CSICOP "See? Look, no UFOs over there!" Try looking up once in a while, Joe.

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III Over two and a half years ago, ufowatchdog.com stood its ground and took on bunk psychic Sean David Morton in a court of law after Morton attempted to sue this website. As most know, Morton lost his lawsuit and was ordered to pay ufowatchdog.com's legal fees of $16,000. The victory in court came shortly after ufowatchdog.com's attorney filed a motion challenging Morton to provide evidence of his claims. Needless to say, Morton was unable to provide a grain of evidence. ufowatchdog.com knew this was going to happen, after all the truth is the best defense. Among some claims made by Morton that he failed to prove in court were the following:

y y y y y y y

Morton claimed to have "earned" a doctorate degree in theology and to have written his thesis on the pyramids of Egypt. Morton claimed he was part of the original SRI remote viewing experiment. Morton claimed to have written a two best selling books as a ghost writer for his mother. Morton had an advanced degree in drama from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Morton claimed to have done creative work on the science fiction series Star Trek and to have been a personal protege of Star trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Claimed to be a consultant for the television series Unsolved Mysteries. Claimed to be working with special effects wizard Stan Winston on a movie deal.

For more you can read ufowatchdog.com's undisputed investigation of Morton, The Shameless Psychic And His Prophecy of Lies. After the courts ruled in favor of ufowatchdog.com, Morton vowed to prevail in an appeal. When the appeal was denied, Morton then started circulating excuses for his loss in court ranging from this website lying to claiming that court and filing errors were to blame. Morton said he could prove his claims and would.

ufowatchdog.com posted an invitation and a challenge for Morton to provide verifiable proof of his claims. Morton was also sent a direct invitation to comment and to date he has chosen to not provide all the evidence he boasts of having. Left: Morton on an episode of the Montel Williams Show where he was confronted about his alleged doctorate degree. Naturally, word of the ufowatchdog.com victory in court was popular news in both UFO and other paranormal circles. But it wasn't all that popular in other circles. Enter Coast To Coast AM, the radio program on which Morton has been a long time guest. ufowatchdog.com asked for comment on the court case from both hosts of that program, Art Bell and George Noory. Neither responded with comment in spite of several invitations being sent. ufowatchdog.com also asked if either host would be willing to ask Morton about the court loss and if they would press for the alleged evidence Morton said he could provide. In some cases Morton claimed to have already refuted the information found at ufowatchdog.com, but no one has seen this supposed refutation. Again, no response from either Coast To Coast AM host. Although, there must have been some pressure to say something about it. And in usual fashion Coast To Coast AM chose to offer one side of the story while holding Morton's hand throughout the brief inquiry into the lawsuit. Morton didn't offer the evidence he claimed to have and the hosts didn't ask for it. No, that'd be expecting too much. Instead, Morton claimed that ufowatchdog.com had attacked his family, used legal maneuvering to win, and that this website never used the truth as a defense. All laughable excuses, of course. In the end, Coast To Coast did the standard powder puff interview and glazed over the subject quickly and moved on. To me, this was a bit confounding. You would think that a radio program and its hosts would be concerned about a long time guest's credibility. I'd be concerned about someone advertising himself as "one of the greatest psychics in America" who was unable to see the outcome of his own lawsuit. But not the folks at Coast To Coast AM. This entire incident raised not one eyebrow and instead of advertising Morton as a psychic, he was suddenly advertised as a "controversial psychic." Coast To Coast never responded to a single e-mail ufowatchdog.com sent regarding this supposed evidence and Morton's claims. I found out on 16-NOV-05 that Morton was scheduled to reappear on Coast To Coast AM. Morton had made several other appearances on the show dishing out his predictions and proclaiming success at every turn. I decided to write host George Noory and ask whatever happened to all that evidence Morton boasted of having. I'd asked Morton directly in the past, but he has since blocked my e-mail. So, off went my message to Noory. I asked Noory whatever happened to the proof Morton said he had and if Noory was going to ask Morton some hard questions or just hold his hand while playing shill host. Apparently all of the other polite and well thought out messages asking the same questions weren't good enough for a response, but this message sure was and Noory's response was this: "Typical."

This prompted me to respond and ask if Noory had ever read the investigation posted at ufowatchdog.com and I invited him to read and verify the information for himself. I also asked if this was so "typical" then why not ask some hard questions? No response. I was surprised to have even received a response to begin with, as this was not the standard modus operandi of Coast To Coast, which is to ignore relevant information negatively impacting a guest. I wrote back to Noory saying that his non-response was "typical" and Noory fired a message back asking why he sould respond and that he asked Morton about the lawsuit on the air and that it was "old news." I responded by agreeing that it was old news, but the fact that Morton failed to provide the proof he claimed to have was relevant and the issue should be addressed. After all, if Morton could prove his claims with verifiable info then he could vindicate himself and make me look very foolish. I informed Noory that I had listened to the show where he asked Morton about the lawsuit and that the issue was quickly "glazed over" as Noory was fast to change the subject, never offering the rest of the information to listeners and doing anything and everything to avoid all mention of the source of the lawsuit. I again asked Noory if he had ever read my investigation and what the problem was with asking some questions and demanding proof. I told Noory I'd be glad to talk with him privately or in public anytime. Noory was prompt to respond saying there was no problem and that he wasn't going to get "into the squabble between [ufowatchdog.com] and Morton" and that he calls Morton out on his failed predictions. I wrote back telling Noory this wasn't about a "squabble", that it was about Morton's public claims, and I felt Noory had an obligation as a responsible broadcaster to offer both sides of the information to the public. I also inquired about why some guests have been investigated when a problem is discovered with their claims, yet others seemed to be held to answer to an entirely different set of rules. I told Noory that it was apparent his mind was made up and I wouldn't waste anymore of my time asking him to do what, in my opion, is the right thing. I asked him one more time if he had ever read my investigation. So far, no reply and I don't expect to hear one. I told Noory there is a fine line between endorsement and entertainment. That line has been crossed several times in varying situations on Coast To Coast AM. In one instance, a guest claimed that he had talked to one of the people involved in he Fatima prediction. The guest was hawking his book and said that in order to learn more you would have to buy this book. For whatever reason, this rubbed Noory the wrong way and he banned the guest from the program. Noory claimed to have made some phone calls to verify aspects of the claim and that the information did not check out. Then there's the case of Dan Burisch where Noory challenged Burisch to a lie detector test to prove his claims. Now, just what is the difference here between these incidents and Morton? There is no difference other than Noory's decision to pursue one claim and not the other.

I find it amusing that with all the emphasis Coast To Coast places on getting to the bottom of things that the show and its hosts continually ignore information that conflicts with their guests and that the program picks and chooses what information its audience should have. Follow up on stories are rarely, if ever, done. We heard Linda Howe talk about her claims that Brazilian UFO cult leader Urandir Oliveira was abducted by aliens and she had the proof. Noory called the case as "historic" as it could get. Later ufowatchdog.com finds out the evidence is some new age rocks that are common in Brazil and that this isn't the first UFO stunt Oliveira has pulled. Since then we have yet to hear if any results were found. There are several more examples of this sort of nonsense that I could go into regarding Coast To Coast Am and its hosts (i.e.: Ed Dames, the Reed UFO Hoax, Nancy Leider, Hale-Bopp, et al). This leads into the greater question in all of this: What exactly is Coast To Coast afraid of when it comes to confronting guests? For that matter, what is George Noory afraid of? Losing listeners? Ratings? His contract? I think its that and the bottom line. After all, radio hosts like Noory and Bell can make claims of truth seeking all they want and run under the umbrella of entertainment whenever the heat is turned up. Many, many listeners contact me saying the show would be better for confronting guests and exposing those selling fertilizer. One thing that came out of all of this: Noory never did answer my question of whether he had read the information posted at this website. And that says a lot in terms of Noory being a truth seeker of any kind. Noory wants to revel on the air about how he's a truth seeker willing to pursue that truth to all dark corners. The way Noory talks about the truth is certainly not the way he walks. Noory used to be known as The Nighthawk on his previous radio program. Yet this self proclaimed seeker of truth, only willing to look at selective truths, has many wondering if Noory is really just a pigeon eating what's he fed when he's fed. As always, I invite George Noory to respond for comment. And, of course, Sean David Morton is always invited to show us all of this evidence he claims to have. I'd like to see his doctorate degree and his advnaced drama degree for starters. After all, it's only been nearly three years since Morton filed his lawsuit and I, the courts, and everyone else still await this alleged proof...though Morton is a bit late for the courts.

Urandir Oliveira
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Bogus Brazilian UFO contactee, UFO cult leader alleged to be running many scams in Latin America. Oliveira claimed he was given special pottery plates by ETs and those possessing them would be part of something special...for a price of course. The plates were in limited quantity, but apparently the ETs produced more so Oliveira could produce more cash. He also reportedly faked a UFO crash and many other ET claims. Is a well known hoaxer that attempted to sue Brazil's leading UFO researcher AJ Gevaerd for libel and lost - several times. Is now being endorsed by alien

media entrepreneur Linda Moulton Howe as the real deal. Sorry Linda, the joke is on you. See Scientific Report showing nothing anomalous about Oliveira's bedsheets and New Age alien stones SEE: an open letter from AJ Gevaerd. Also see story about Oliveira fleeing Brazil. And a Brazilian article on Urandir.

Jeff Peckman
Jeff Peckman is recent to the UFO scene, but has had a meteoric rise. It all started with his association with Stan Romanek, who told him he didn¶t expect Disclosure in his lifetime. Peckman felt otherwise and initiated a ballot measure in Denver to create a Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, which is tasked with gathering the best available evidence and sharing it. After a few false starts and some changes, such as not using taxpayer money on the project, the measure is now slated for the 2010 ballot. Here is the web site for the initiative. Peckman has done this kind of stuff before. In Oregon he engineered an initiative to label genetically altered food and in Denver he initiated the so-called ³Peace Initiative´ which encouraged the city to offer yoga classes to reduce stress, and therefore violence. The initiative failed by a 2:1 ratio. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is. Peckman is a Transcendental Meditation teacher. He also sells a device to reduce stress and eliminate the effects of electro-magnetic radiation called the Metatron Harmonizer where he claims to have discovered the "divine frequency" which "creates a 10-foot bubble of coherent life-supporting Divine Light around the person carrying this card. Any non-life supporting energy that enters this bubble is instantly transformed into coherent life-supporting energy (which, by the way, totally transforms chaotic EMFs into coherent energy). The Metatron Personal HarmonizerTM has been programmed to carry full-spectrum vibrations of peace, fulfillment, Divine Love, Divine Grace and Divine Truth." Other than these few tidbits, we know nothing else about his background. He¶s another Disclosure guy who has a mighty thin public resume. Peckman again made the news when he disclosed that Stan Romanek has a video of an alien peeking through his window. He showed the video to a select group of people, but refused to give them permission to show it. He appeared on Larry King Live which appeared to show the video in the background, but it turned out to be a fake made to show how easy making a fake could be. The µreal¶ video remains sequestered and a documentary is supposedly in the works. Peckman also appeared on David Letterman where he was fairly well treated and labeled as a µUFO Expert.¶ Peckman is promoting his initiative via a conference and the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations. Here is his speech on his activities from the 2009 X-Conference where he explains how The Romanek video 'accidentally' got so much publicity, and, perhaps not a small point, conveniently catapulted Peckman into the limelight. Peckman insists repeatedly that the US government has suppressed ET information and also that they have categorized 57

alien species so far. He never has given a source for this statistic, probably because it is from Clifford Stone, who has his own credibility problems. He appears to parrot information from Greer¶s Disclosure Project, which he frequently cites in his writings, as fact. He buys off on Gary McKinnon, on the µfact¶ that NASA removes images of UFOs from its pictures, and a litany of other charges. Adding this to his wholesale buy-in to Romanek it is apparent that he would never apply the word ³skeptical´ to himself. He seems completely credulous. Though he says he is surprised by the media attention he has garnered, he is sure taking advantage of it. Peckman appears to be very media savvy. He is certainly very well spoken and unlike someone like Stephen Bassett, cool under fire. Romanek called him a politician not well versed in UFO lore, so he was winging it. This is certainly his chance. Perhaps those Harmonizers aren't selling too well. He departs from the usual line of the Disclosure Movement µforcing¶ the government to relent and takes a very bottom-up approach. He is very impressed with the µexaminer¶ sites and is in charge of the Denver UFO Examiner where he pushes his initiative and Disclosure topics. His take on Disclosure is that it is the people of the country who can do it themselves without input from politicians. Nice idea. He¶s just a PR guy and a believer. Not much else there.

Jonathan Reed
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III CLICK HERE FOR THE SCOOP ON THIS FRAUD OF A UFO CASE

ABOVE: John Bradley Rutter - aka "Dr. Jonathan Reed" (left), and Robert Aria - aka Robert "Raith". RUTTER: Told bogus story of killing alien in the woods of Washington state on Art Bell show; bad actor. Took alien body home, alien came back to life, government stole all his evidence except some bad video and pictures. Claimed to be hiding from evil government agents. Has pictures of rubber alien and fake UFO as proof. Refused to have independent

investigators evaluate evidence. Film type "Dr. Reed" claims to have used to take photos of UFO and alien in 1996 wasn't manufactured until 1997. It has since been discovered that "Dr. Jonathan Reed" is actually a Seattle, Washington resident named JOHN BRADLEY RUTTER. He has lived in Seattle, Washington the entire time he claimed to be on the run from evil government agents, isn't a doctor or a Ph.D and has no college degrees. Liar, con man, and UFO leech. ARIA: Author of book for Reed, co-conspirator of hoax, works as a clerk at a mini-mart in Seattle. Aria claimed on national radio to have never met someone posing as "Dr." Harold Chacon until an analysis on phony alien blood and tissue was alleged to have been done by Chacon. Aria and Chacon worked together at the same mini-mart for at least 5 years and they both live in the same West Seattle neighborhood within two blocks of each other. These morons have been so exposed in the United States that they've had to move their con to Latin America in hopes of scamming off of the people there. Thanks to Jaime Maussan, it looks as though their venture into Latin America has been successful. It's amazing anyone would give this case any credibility considering the mountain of lies that come with it. SEE: Jonathan Reed Exposed! and The Dead Alien, The Doctor and the Deception Apparently exposing this fraud wasn't enough, as some are still endorsing it and "Dr. Reed" has set up a new website and found some morons willing to hawk his wares. Amazing how some people just can't and won't face the evidence. The need to believe is a powerful and dangerous thing. Please note: Several other so-called investigators have tried to take credit for exposing this case. Gee, how do I say this? I know - they're full of shit. ufowatchdog.com investigated the Reed UFO Fraud from the start and this website exclusively exposed the true identity of "Dr.Reed". Some chat it up, ufowatchdog.com delivers.

Ed. Note: The above is an original UFO Watchdog article and has been preserved in its original form as much as possible. As is common with web pages over time, some links no longer work. This has been so noted in the text. An alternative access menu to all pages connected to this article is provided below. The 'Dead Alien' sequence was written first and is an account of the hoax itself. The 'Reed Files' are an account of events as they happened subsequently and focus on the exposure of Reed as a fraud.

The Dead Alien I The Dead Alien II The Dead Alien III The Dead Alien IV The Dead Alien V -Open Letter to IUFOC -Art Bell Interview Transcript Reed Files Part I Reed Files Part II Reed Files Part III

Reed Files Part IV Reed Files Part V -Rudolpho Garrido -Jeep Bill of Sale Reed Files Part VI Reed Files Part VII Mufon State Florida Director Supports Reed Fraud Reed Returns with a new web site The Reed Deception A Look at Reed's South American supporters

Harold Chacon Rodriguez
aka "Dr.Harold Chacon", "Mario"
A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III One of the many players in the Reed UFO Fraud, Rodriguez claimed that he was a doctor with a degree in microbiology from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He claimed, on the Art Bell show, to have analyzed tissue and blood from an ET that Jonathan Reed (aka John Bradley Rutter) fraudulently claimed to have killed. Rodriguez has no biology credentials, has no college credentials in microbiology, and is not a doctor. In fact, Rodriguez works at as a clerk at a Chevron Gas Station in west Seattle. What's even better is that he and Robert Raith (aka Rober Aria, author of 'Dr.Reed' book) claimed to have never met until June 1999. The only problem with this tale is that the two have worked at the same gas station as clerks since at least 1997.

Stan Romanek
Stan Romanek began to have 'experiences' in late 2000 when he drove from Denver out to Red Rocks, a stunningly beautiful place, to take some video in an attempt to lure his then girl friend, Lisa, to drive to Denver from Nebraska. It worked; they were later married. But that's where he saw his first UFO. He later saw one above his retail store, where he was an assistant manager, and then hovering over his van. In

all cases, the UFOs were witnessed by other people who all took pictures or video, though none have surfaced. Shortly after, aliens began visiting him. He says he has been abducted at least seven times. His web site is here. He has just published a book on his experiences called Messages; the world's most documented extraterrestrial contact story (ISBN: 978-0738715261.) As the title suggests, the aliens have been giving him messages, including several mathematical equations that purport to be as profound as Einstein's E=MC(2) and point us Earthlings to new forms of energy, inter-dimensional travel, and other wonders. Romanek is self-described as highly dyslexic with a fourth grade understanding of mathematics (These are his words, not ours.) so the question becomes, how could he possibly have made this up? The equations are here with some commentary. His status as an abductee was splashed all over the web when Jeff Peckman, who had become involved in the UFO field after hearing Romanek speak, revealed that Romanek had made a video of an alien peering through the window. Peckman was attempting to publicize an Initiative establishing an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver and 'just happened to mention' the existence of the video and arranged a small press conference. The media ran with the story. Romanek and Peckman appeared on Larry King Live and Peckman went on to David Letterman (without Romanek) now being touted as a "UFO Expert." The Larry King show depicted a fake video during the show. Many more have appeared on the Internet since then. This is the actual video, which is actually worse in quality than the acknowledged fakes. It appears that Peckman has used Romanek to his own advantage in furthering his cause and it also appears that Romanek has been 'handled' by a mysterious group of people who want to make a documentary and have signed people to Non-Disclosure agreements to prevent anything from leaking out until the investigation is complete and everything is 'done right.' David Biedny reports a series of strange phone conversations with one Clay Roberts, a documentary film maker, about all this. Details are in The Paracast show cited below. Romanek doesn't seem to know exactly who is helping him, but they managed to lock up the story (including the video) for some time. This may have ended with the recent publication of his book. Romanek also reports many strange happenings to him, including getting beaten up by four clean-cut men in suits and a black, unmarked SUV while riding his bicycle. They told him "You better learn to keep your mouth shut" while calling him "Alien Boy." His aliens are suited in blue and appear scraggly with thin white hair who scooped skin off of him and poked holes in his back. There are other disturbing inconsistencies to his entire episode. Listen to this episode of The Paracast for a complete accounting.

Michael Salla
Dr. Michael Salla has a PhD from the University of Queensland in Australia in government affairs (1993) where he specialized in conflict resolution. he wound up as an Assistant Professor at the Center for Global Peace at American University. When his activities

involving Exopolitics became popular the University, in 1994, no longer wanted to be associated with him. As only an Assistant Professor, he had no tenure and was kind of, sort of fired and his Peace Ambassador Program was terminated because, the university claimed, he had made 'unauthorized changes.' Well, his 'contract was not renewed,' but, he still is 'connected' with the University and his academic website remains. He just doesn't work there any more. Salla subsequently moved to Hawaii and started his Exopolitics web site initially to display his scholarly work that was not allowed to be placed on his American University web site. He has also established the Exopolitics Institute that offers courses and a number of certificates, including one in Galactic Diplomacy that "provides both the conceptual skills and diplomatic training so you can practice citizen diplomacy in extraterrestrial affairs." Yet another Salla web site is Galactic Diplomacy, founded by Salla and his wife, Angelica Whitecliffe, which, among other things, runs a program swimming with dolphins. It's an, ah, kum-bay-ya moment. You know: "other intelligent species," "ambassador;" cute. Salla innocently acknowledges that he does all his research on the Internet. He buys into a wide variety of conspiracies and phenomena, from reptilians to chemtrails. The following is gleaned from listening to interviews and reading his various web sites. He says the ancient Egyptian rulers were alien giants as tall as 40 feet who gradually became less prominent in society as the god-kings ended their direct rule and deferred to demigods, which were alien/human hybrids who ruled for awhile before being replaced by human rulers. The Flood is the dividing line. the Book of Enoch depicts the battle between angel groups. The Flood cleansed the planet of the fallen angels, who µweren¶t wanted¶ and left on earth as exiles. At another point Salla claims the Egyptian aliens were Syrians and had a lionlooking appearance. Salla is a naive of Australia. Perhaps he has a genetic memory of his ancestors receiving the same treatment at the hands of the British. There is a genuine reptilian presence back into antiquity. There are two groups: alien reptiles and those who descended from dinosaurs. He does not buy into the Icke theory of shapeshifting, but says the reptiles use technology to disguise their looks at one point and at another says they use mind control. This mind control can be broken by psychics and cameras, so the reptilians don't get out much because a photograph can show their true nature. Using Timothy Good as his reference Salla buys off on Daniel Fry and George Adamski. he also believes Greer, Dean, Billy Meier (who has been co opted by his cult), Corso, Menger, Wendelle Stevens, Adrian, and Robert Renaud. Frank Stranges and his 'ET at the pentagon' story is one of his favorites. He says Tesla worked with Canadian Arthur Matthews, and Otis Carr. Matthews developed a Tesla scope device for communicating with ETs. Matthews was a contactee with ETs from Venus, and was told that Tesla was µone of them¶ a Venutian baby given to his family to be raised by his family. Tesla created his stuff in his mind, then just put it together. He made a statements saying his parents were his "earth parents." Chemtrails are probably responsible for the dying off of bees. There are at least 150,000 human-looking aliens living in the United States, 30,000 in California alone. the Dead Sea Scrolls have all not been released because they prove ET visitation. There are livable atmospheres on Mars, Venus, and our own Moon. All the probes are wrong.

Salla believes in the Eisenhower/Holloman air force base incident which was witnessed by over 500 people where Eisenhower met the aliens. The subject was nuclear disarmament. Eisenhower subsequently initiated his 'Atoms for Peace" program which was rejected by the Russians. There is a film of this meeting which many people have seen. All witnesses have been sworn to secrecy. Salla believes there are sixteen races involved with earthly affairs. Some have been involved with the government, some work independently. Some have evil intentions; some are good. The Tall Whites are the guys in charge. He has written several books, including Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence and Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge Of Exopolitics.

Ray Santilli
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Producer/promoter of Alien Autopsy Film, the biggest UFO hoax for profit since Billy Meier. Constantly tripped over his own story. Claimed to have no prior interest in UFOs but tried to purchase rights to UFO documentary a few years before the AA film. To further trash Santilli's credibility, the so-called "Tent Footage' was shown to clearly be a hoax, though Santilli claims it was a joke some former friends pulled on him. The winners in the AA Film arena - Santilli who made millions and all the TV stations that made even more off this bogus piece of film. The losers in the AA Film arena - the Roswell case and serious UFOlogy. Santilli finally confessed (below) to the film being a hoax...er, well, he calls it a "restoration." Santilli says the footage he claims to have seen originally was real. Some idiots still think there's something to this story. SEE: Beyond Roswell for some of the best info on the AA Film controversy. The entire saga of the Alien Autopsy Film is here.

Donald Schmitt
a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Turned UFOlogy and Roswell into a laughing stock as his ego wrote checks his credibility couldn't cash. Lied about his education, employment and Roswell research to reporters. Claimed to be a medical illustrator and to

have a masters degree - worked for the Postal Service and didn't have a degree at the time [How hard was that to say?]. When caught in a lie he lied some more. Claimed his former partner Kevin Randle is a government agent. The inability to tell the truth seems to be the norm in UFOlogy. SEE: Donald Schmitt. Kevin Randle and Schmitt were co-authors of two Roswell books, "The UFO Crash at Roswell" and "The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell." Randle finally dumped Schmitt when he discovered Schmitt's real occupation and was mad aware of Schmitt's shoddy research methods, such as claiming an assistant's research for his own. This is very likely Brad Raddcliff. Suffice it to say that the two have engaged in a protracted pissing match over the last few years, as this evidence clearly shows. Both men subsequently published additional material on Roswell. Schmitt found a new partner, Thomas Carey, and together they published "Witness to Roswell." They appeared on the Paracast on July 22, 2007. Original article by Royce Meyers, III Revised and updated by Schuyler

Dr. David Sereda
David has asked to do this article. Be sure to include this great quote in the article. "I, David Sereda, would like to apply to become an astronaut for special reasons. I saw a UFO in Berkeley, CA in 1968 when I was 7 years old. [...] I would like to go on the space shuttle and the ISS to conduct studies of UFO phenomenon using special cameras sensitive to visible, infrared and UV to search for UFO activity. I would like to report my findings to the American people. I am now collecting a petition of signatures of citizens who want me to fly on the NASA space shuttle in space to search for ET craft. " --David Sereda, December, 2006, on his blog asking people to petition NASA to send him into space so he can take photos of UFOs. Uh, yeah, sure. Kool Aid anyone?

Lee Shargel
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III Claims alien dolphins contacted him, has Flipper and ET confused. False Claims: Worked for NASA, has degree in Egyptian Quantum Physics, has degrees from universities that don't exist. Was actually invited to speak at International UFO Congress, the joke was on the conference as no one checked Shargel's credentials

and the International UFO Congress continues to be the victim of UFO con artists. Shows pictures of UFO and aliens that are obviously fraudulent. Reported to be associated with the Heaven's Gate cult. SEE: UFO Updates Post.

Robert A. M. Stephens
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Meers, III Navy SEAL wanna' be, lied about working for NASA. Claimed to have insider NASA info about UFOs, got air time from Art Bell [Has Bell ever investigated the background of any of his guests??]. Challenged Richard Hoagland to debate on Bell's show, cut off air by Bell as Hoagland seemed completely sane compared to the disjointed rantings of Stephens...now THAT'S saying something! Bell sued Stephens for $60mil after Stephens claimed Bell was arrested for producing porn, no evidence to back it up. Stephens is a great artist, but short a couple of aliens somewhere. (His website, Stillwater Mills, is no longer available.-Ed.)

Wendelle Stevens
A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III Infamous support of Billy Meier and numerous other UFO hoaxes. Convicted felon with more tall tales of aliens and saucers than anyone could imagine. Stevens does probably have the largest collection of UFO photos in the world, but that certainly doesn't make up for all of the UFO nonsense he's promoted over the years.-RM,III. Wendelle Stevens certainly appears to be a credulous individual without much discriminatory power when dealing with hoaxes, but I'm not convinced he's 'all bad' and I am very suspicious of his felony conviction, which sounds so very much like Lazar's. I do not know whether it was a set-up or not, but those close to Stevens say he was railroaded. I don't think this is enough to award him a Grey Box. After all, he did champion the Meier Hoax and thus deserves a space here in the Hall of Shame, but I feel a little more charitable toward him than some. Here's his photo site where he is still shilling his contactee stuff, including his Billy Meier books.- Schuyler

Pamela Stonebrooke
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

L.A. jazz singer who claims to have ongoing sexual encounters with reptilians. Of course, this came after her astral projections and past life regressions where she saw herself "as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors facing a catastrophic event in which we perished together." She's written a book and is promoting her CD. Stonebrooke is reported to have attended several 'Bashar' channeling seesions in which reptilians were talked about...mmmm, wonder where she got the idea about alien lizards? What do you get when you combine a fifth of vodka and your pet iguana? I'm not sure, but I think I might have an idea. Credit where credit is due, Pamela does have one hell of a voice. She bills herself as The Intergalactic Diva.

Jill Tarter
A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III SETI scientist who claims UFOs don't exist. Her evidence for such a scientific conclusion? She claims to have attended a single UFO lecture and once mistook the moon for a UFO. How does an astronomer holding a chair at SETI mistake the moon for a UFO?! That says it all about her qualifications in determining UFOs don't exist. So much for being scientific and looking at the evidence. Jill, you should put your Ph.D back in whatever box of Cracker Jacks you got it from... SEE: SETI

Dirk Vander Ploeg
Dirk Vander Ploeg is editor and publisher of UFO Digest, an online periodical which provides "real video and photographic proof of UFOs and the paranormal" and PsiTalk, his version of paranormal radio, and Monster Tracker, which deals with cryptozoology. He is also a regular contributor to American Chronicle, and on-line magazine that accepts articles from anyone. He has written a book called Quest for Middle Earth which suggests that Tolkien's work was based on the real, but lost history of Earth as recalled by Norse mythology. In other words, he says elves, goblins, dragons, trolls and other creatures in The Lord of the Rings are based on real characters from 'before the flood.' He manages to weave in some DaVinci Code ideas into this as well. As one reviewer put it: "It had to happen eventually -- that the Da Vinci Code, Nostradamus, Celestine Prophecy, Mayan Calendar, extraterrestrial, mock-religious, mock-scientific movement would infect Middle-earth and seek to capitalize shamelessly on the success and popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien." (Jason Fisher) In the pages of UFO Digest you will find Michal Horn still claiming the wedding cake UFO is authentic and Stephen Yulish telling us demons, i.e.: extraterrestrials, tremble at the name of Jesus Christ. Speaking of Jesus, Vander Ploeg himself tells us that the "Greys also claim to be religious and followers of Jesus Christ." But wait! We thought they were demons! Oh, and there are also the reptilians trying to enslave us and this big alien struggle going on and, well, you get he picture. Vander Ploeg believes aliens seeded the human race by genetically altering Homo erectus, thus turning him into Homo sapiens over night. He believes this covers the 'missing link.' The thread running through all the web sites and writings is one of credulity. There is rarely any documentation, no sign of any research, and little attribution. Anything that shows up about UFOs or the paranormal is accepted without question. He's yet another fellow who never met a UFO he didn't like.

Fife Symington
Fife Symington, former Governor of Arizona is a rare individual on UFO Watchdog. He gets an entry in both the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame. The Shame: During the Phoenix Lights incidents when a great many people were witnesses, many of whom were quite concerned, Symington held a press conference in which he said the mystery had been solved. Out walked his Chief of Staff in an alien costume (left) to much laughter from the audience. He stated that the audience was much too serious. His stunt did not go over well with many of the citizens. Symington said he was trying to avoid a panic and thought a light-hearted approach would take the edge off the situation. The Fame: Several years later Symington, a fighter pilot in Vietnam, admitted to seeing the Phoenix Lights himself and refuted the military claim of flares. he appeared on Larry King Live and moderated a National Press Club meeting on November 12, 2007 sponsored by Leslie Kean of the Coalition for Freedom of Information and James Fox, the documentary film maker of "I know what I saw" and "Out of the Blue."

Alfred L. Webre
Known as the "Father of Exopolitics," Alfred Webre is a lawyer (J.D.) who is active in the movement to stop the weaponization of space. He founded the Institution for Cooperation in Space. He hosts Exopolitics Radio and has a website called Exopolitics.com. He believes Earth is under quarantine, "Earth's quarantine is the result of an extended governance process, analogous to a traumatic international political and governmental process on Earth ± World War II, as an example. The specific conditions of our planetary isolation are contained in legislative statutes, executive regulations, and judicial case decisions of Universe government. Our emerging from planetary quarantine is as much dictated by Universe government, as was our original isolation." (from Exopolitics; a decade of contact, Chapter 20) Webre has written several books on Exopolitics, including Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe, The Age of Cataclysm, and Towards a Decade of Contact. The link gives access to Part Two.

Webre seems a little more political than some of his colleagues. he seems to address the Exopolitics issue at three levels. The first is as standard politics. The second is the ET aspect of his beliefs, and the third is his more ethereal beliefs about reality. His standard political stump speech is pretty much on a hard left scenario. the United States is an evil empire that has promulgated illegal acts upon humanity. Elements within the government ought to stand trial for war crimes under 'Natural Law' statutes. Obama and the Democrats have taken back the government from the evil Republicans. The government is staging a 'Black Flag' operation designed to get us to believe ET's have attacked us, therefore this will justify the weaponization of space. We know this because that great hero and whistleblower Werner von Braun warned us. Yes, it's the same von Braun that was complicit in the Holocaust, but why bring that up? It's embarrassing. His ET tie in to these beliefs is the O'Hare UFO sighting on November 7th, which just happened to be the exact date of the mid-term elections when the Democrats won back control of Congress. He sees the sighting in Chicago as s symbolic event proselytizing the election of a President from that city. He also believes the secret government is attempting to keep an exclusive on ET involvement and is co-opting ET's gifts of zero point energy intended to help us save the planet. they have used Men in Black, assassination programs, and other underhanded means to accomplish this. hey specifically did this during the carter administration to stifle a study of ETs. On the ET side of things Webre believes in reptilians and says the bad ETs, guided by the reptilians, are responsible for the abduction of 1.2 billion people, but then he says this is an alien outreach education program. He believes the reptilians are from the 'fourth level of density' where they can control time. What religions call 'heaven' is at the fifth level of density, which is an intermediary place where we go between lives. Advanced beings are at the sixth level of density and are essentially light beings. he also believes in zero point energy, teleportation and time travel, and that a civilization of human-like beings lives underground on Mars. He wants to encourage an open strategic alliance between us and them by a presidential acknowledgement of their existence. From that standpoint it appears he wants Disclosure to happen, but doesn't expect it to be voluntary. Webre is a proponent of 'Convergence,' which suggests many things are happening all at once. This is, in part, due to the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy that controls much of our thought and action, something the Mayas called 'the center of all things.' The idea is that the emergence of this black hole will 'turn-on' the 97% of our DNA that is deemed 'junk' thus raising the capacity of all beings & things to new frequency new understanding, new social contract. The whole idea of Exopolitics, according to Webre, is to demand that citizens take over the liaison activities now possessed by the government and become our own liaison with the aliens. We do this by a sort of 'Declaration of Independence' that asserts our rights. This declaration serves to address three audiences. The first is ourselves to empower us. the second is to our governments to tell them we're taking over, and the third is to telepathically tell the ETs we're now in charge and they must address us directly.

Prophet Yahweh

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

"It's absolutely true, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that YAHWEH sends his UFOs to appear on my signal!" -- Prophet Yahweh Claims to be able to signal UFOs on command. Claimed success in front of Las Vegas news crew when something appeared in the sky - Prophet Yahweh was just as surprised as the news crew. Has attempted to summon UFOs several other times and met with failure. Is reportedly attempting to raise funds for some sort of 50 state tour where Prophet Yahweh (aka Ramon Watkins) claims he will travel to all 50 states and summon UFOs in each of them. Sells video stream for $7.95 a pop so you view Prophet Yahweh summon what many consider balloons. ufowatchdog.com's advice: This is like betting the farm on a prediction made by Sean David Morton - it's never a good idea. You can view the self proclaimed "Master UFO Caller" website here. It doesn't pass the smell test here... Source: http://www.ufowatchdog.com/

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