You must have a social security number to apply to the U.S. Naval Academy.

If you already have one, then proceed to Step 2. If you need to obtain a Social Security Number go the the website below for more information: Social Security Online -

Basic Requirements for Eligibility:

     

United States citizen: Good moral character; At least 17 and not past their 23rd birthday on 1 July of the year they would enter the academy; Unmarried; Not pregnant; and No dependents.

If you meet all of the above requirements, please continue to Step 3: Preliminary Application. If you are in high school but not old enough to apply, you may register with USNA. Once entered into the database, you will be forwarded information on the Naval Academy Summer Seminar during the winter of your junior year and be able to apply online during February and March. This application will also serve as a preliminary application to the Naval Academy.

A preliminary application must be submitted to become an official candidate for next year’s entering class. If you have applied for our Summer Seminar program, please do not submit a preliminary application. After being designated as an official candidate for admission, all applicants will be notified by mail. Within your candidate letter will be important instructions on how to proceed with the application process (sent no earlier than mid-May). The preliminary application form is for students who will be graduating from high school in 2011. Students who graduated before 2011 should also use this form. If you will graduate after 2011, you are too young to apply for this class and should register with USNA unless you have already done so.

If you experience difficulty getting to the application, it may be a compatibility issue with your computer. Past experience has indicated that compatibility issues may be minimized by using a PC (not a MAC) and Internet Explorer as your web browser. Please ensure you have the following information on hand when completing the preliminary application. If you do not have this information we cannot properly process your application. Links are provided to help you look up some of the information. 1. 2. High School Educational Testing Service (ETS) Code. Rank in your High School Class. Also from your Guidance Office. If your school does not rank, please estimate.

Preliminary Application 4. Senators. The Vice President of the U. Interview 10. Specific deadlines. Navy and Marine Corps (Active and Reserve) Reserve Officers Training Corps Units Children of deceased or disabled veterans and children of prisoners of war or servicemen missing in action Children of Medal of Honor Awardees (Contact your senators & congressman for their respective letters of application) The Naval Academy requires candidates to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT-I) or the American College Test (ACT) prior to admission. You may prequalify to become a candidate (applicant) using your PSAT scores. ACT. Official Candidate 7. however these will not be used as final admission criteria. Your SAT. other than congressional. For admission purposes. or PSAT scores. Nomination process and reference information: Find your senators & congressman: Nomination Sources • • U. • • • • • • • • • • • Steps for Admission Intro 1.S. Eligibility Requirements 3.S. two U. Congressmen Sample letters of application: • • • • • • • • • Presidential Nomination ROTC/JROTC Unit Nomination U. and Delegates The President of the U. . Senators U. Many members of Congress evaluate candidates during the summer months and make their decisions in early fall. Apply for Nomination 5. can be found through the links to the right. College Admissions Test 6.S. You should set up testing with your high school guidance office or register online at the above sites. To receive an offer of appointment to the Naval Academy. Representatives. Congressional State and District (where you or your family votes). Nominating sources will notify the Naval Academy so there is no need to notify the Naval Academy of which nominations you have received. There are many nomination sources and applicants are encouraged to apply to all available sources.S. 4. Representative. This normally includes a U. Zipcode + 4.S. Candidate Fitness Assessment 9. Selection & Deadlines The Naval Academy accepts nominations until the end of January.3. Social Security Number 2. and being personally acquainted with the person from whom you are seeking a nomination is not required. Submitting your letters of application for nominations should be one of your first steps in the application process. Medical Examination 8. the academy will evaluate candidates based on the highest score in each individual category if you elect to take these tests multiple times. The nomination application process is similar to applying for a school.S. Senators and the Vice President of the United States.S. 5. an applicant must obtain a nomination from an official source. This varies from staff to staff so if you have specific questions about timelines notify the appropriate congressional and Senate staff person.

mil/. Being properly conditioned prior to Induction Day cannot be overemphasized. familial diseases.osd.< Check with your school counselor or visit these websites for details of test dates and registration requirements: SAT and ACT. All candidates are required to undergo a thorough medical examination. You may check on the status of your medical exam by referring to the DoDMERB website at https://dodmerb. you will become an official candidate for admission and you will receive a candidate information letter as early as the July prior to your high school senior year. You should have your scores forwarded to the Naval Academy using the appropriate College Code Numbers. agility.Official test results are required for admission. Upon completion of your candidate file. a 'shuttle' run. The Naval Academy program is physically challenging. Non-standard tests are not accepted for admission. The purpose of the test is to evaluate coordination. Click here to see Candidate Fitness Assessment Instructions. you will be automatically considered for a waiver if/when you receive a Conditional Offer of Appointment.tricare. nor should you send additional medical information to the Naval Academy for review. a kneeling basketball throw. injuries. DoDMERB will carefully review your medical exam to determine if you meet our medical standards for admission. the Admissions Board will review your record. and endurance. and other factors that could affect your medical status. The Admissions Department will submit your name to the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) who will contact you regarding where you may call to schedule your medical examination. You need not write to request a waiver. DoDMERB may request you provide additional information/records regarding illnesses. The test can be administered by anyone with a physical education degree. abdominal crunches. If the information provided in your Preliminary Application indicates your record is strong enough. because our graduates will be commissioned in a wide variety of exciting career fields with strict medical standards. The ACT code is 1742. If you have a disqualifying condition. Candidates accustomed to regular physical activity should have no difficulty with the Candidate Fitness Assessment. The test consists of a one-mile run. it is a brief and general summary for your convenience. This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all disqualifying conditions. preferably within 30 days. . an active duty officer. strength.which will also be considered for waiver. Approximately one month after your physical is completed. surgery. and pull-ups or a flexed-arm hang for women (when pull-ups cannot be accomplished). or a blue and gold officer. The SAT-I code is 5809. You should complete the online forms and ensure they are received by the Academy as soon as you possibly can. You may also be asked to schedule follow-up appointments to determine your current medical status. Many candidates will be required to provide additional information to DoDMERB after their first disqualifying medical condition has been waived. You will be far better prepared to meet the stringent physical demands of Plebe Summer if you maintain a high level of physical fitness during high school. DoDMERB will mail you a letter with the results of their evaluation of your medical examination. you will receive (by mail) a status report of the DoDMERB findings. This includes untimed ACT or SAT tests. push-ups. This additional information may result in other disqualifying conditions . speed. The Candidate Fitness Assessment is a component of your application and will be submitted electronically. Major medical considerations are summarized in the USNA Catalog. Fee waiver information for SAT and ACT. A waiver of the medical standard may be granted if both your academic record and medical history suggest the risk introduced by the disqualifying condition is justified by your potential for success as a midshipman and as a naval officer.

Mathematics) Program Curious about engineering? Are you interested in conducting experiments in a high speed wind tunnel or bringing a robot to life? The Summer STEM (Science. candidate files not completed by March 1 will not receive further consideration. final admission will depend on continued success and good standing in your high school as well as continuing to maintain your qualifications for the Naval Academy. The decision to attend the Naval Academy is a major one. If you are found scholastically qualified but do not receive a Letter of Assurance. A Letter of Assurance could be received as early as September of your senior year. Engineering. If your record of achievement is truly outstanding. The following minimums may be used as a guide for prospective candidates: Men 10:30 40 65 Women 12:40 18 65 1. These officers.200 become midshipmen. Mathematics) Program may be for you. All appointees should notify the Admissions Office of their intention to accept or decline by May 1. This test consists of a 1. Your school guidance office should be familiar with your local Blue and Gold Officer. This indicates our intent to extend an Offer of Appointment. In addition to being a source of information and counsel. [Find out more] Other Programs and Events . Of course. you will be competing for an Offer of Appointment from within your nominating sources. Technology..000 candidates are found fully qualified (scholastic. an official interview with your Blue and Gold Officer is required in order to complete an application. located in every state.. Except in very unusual circumstances. The Candidate Guidance Office coordinates this nationwide network of trained Naval Academy Information Officers. the Admissions Boards will determine your scholastic "whole person" qualification. Contact with your assigned Blue and Gold Officer should be established immediately upon receipt of a Naval Academy application packet.. CFA. medical. Of that number. Most candidates will be notified of their final status by April 15." As soon as all of your candidate packet forms are received. The standards for midshipmen are more challenging than fleet standards. you could receive an early offer called a Letter of Assurance. you will want answers to many questions about the academy and the naval service. Programs and Events Summer Seminar The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a fast-paced. Before you make that kind of commitment. We want to help you make the right decision. Engineering. The USNA uses a selection process known as "rolling admissions. are well qualified to counsel you on all aspects of the Naval Academy.. six-day experience for high achievers who have completed their junior year in high school. Blue and Gold Officer interview and medical) are successfully completed. [Find out more] Summer STEM (Science. Approximately 2. CFA. and sit-ups in two minutes.5 mile run. another important resource to help you find out all you can about the academy and the professional opportunities available after graduation. about 1.Midshipmen as well as all active duty Navy personnel take the Physical Readiness Test twice a year. Technology. push-ups in two minutes. provided all your remaining requirements (nomination.500 will receive appointments and approximately 1. and have obtained a nomination) each year.5 mile run (min) Push-ups (min in 2 mins) Sit-ups (min in 2 mins) As a regular part of the Physical Education program at the Naval Academy all midshipmen are required to pass this test. is your Blue and Gold Officer. In addition to the Candidate Guidance Office located at the Naval Academy.

where academics. discover whether the Naval Academy will help you achieve your goals. His crypt is located beneath the Academy chapel. to recall some of this country's naval history and to marvel at the traditions carried on in midshipmen parades and military formations.250 students from around the world attend this fast paced program each year. giving midshipmen the up-to-date academic and professional training they need to be effective naval officers in their assignments after graduation. too. Maryland's state capital provides a pleasant. 2011 View the Summer Seminar 2010 brochure! Midshipmen run Summer Seminar with oversight by active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers. As the U. They come to enjoy the natural beauty of the Yard. tree-shaded monuments commemorate the bravery and heroism that are an inherent part of the academy's heritage. Since then... Navy officers.S. which lies outside the gates of the Academy. Naval Academy students are midshipmen on active duty in the U. The scenic Naval Academy campus.S. CA . graduating with bachelor of science degrees and reserve commissions as ensigns in the Navy or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. If you have questions regarding the Summer Seminar application. 2010 Los Angeles.S. the opportunity to sample university level academics at a first-rate institution. The Summer Seminar teaches you about life at the Naval Academy. 2010 Temecula. Md.Sunday December 19. also known as the Cathedral of the Navy. A new curriculum went into effect requiring midshipmen to study at the Academy for four years and to train aboard ships each summer. That format is the basis of a far more advanced and sophisticated curriculum at the Naval Academy today.S. PA .. so has the Naval Academy. The Naval Academy also is the final resting place of Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones whose words. If you want a summer challenge. and professional training play equally important roles in developing our nation's leaders. the Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers in the U. Over 2. Buildings and walkways are named for Naval Academy graduates who have contributed to naval history and their nation. Philadelphia. The original student . In 1850 the Naval School became the United States Naval Academy.We could be in your hometown or sponsor your participation in an exciting event at the U. diverse setting for one of America's premier colleges.S. The Summer Seminar application will be available on February 1." have inspired generations of U. The campus of 10 acres increased to 338. Navy and Marine Corps. where the Severn River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. and get a jump start on the admissions process. please email webmail@usna. the Naval Academy is a blend of tradition and state-of-the-art technology that exemplifies today's Navy and Marine Corps.Saturday. In only a few decades. six-day experience for high achievers who have completed their junior year in high school.Saturday.. Throughout the Yard. Tourists and midshipmen also appreciate downtown Annapolis. Naval Academy! Check this page periodically to find out about upcoming events throughout the country showcasing the Naval Academy and providing insight into the admissions process. the Navy has moved from a fleet of sail and steam-powered ships to a high-tech fleet with nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships and supersonic aircraft.. is located in historic Annapolis. Navy grew over the years. December As the undergraduate college of the Naval service. The Academy has changed. then this program is for you. Founded in 1845 by Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft. As our country has changed culturally and technologically. the Academy started as the Naval School on 10 acres of old Fort Severn in Annapolis. CA . A National Historic Site. They attend the academy for four years. known as the Yard. Naval Academy graduates serve at least five years as Navy or Marine Corps officers. the academy expanded. the development of the Naval Academy has reflected the history of the United States. you should seriously consider attending the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar. If you think that you may be interested in pursuing an appointment to one of the nation's service academies and serving your country as an officer. the Naval Academy hosts about one million tourists every year from all over the United States and around the world. History. the United States Naval Academy. 2010 The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a fast-paced. With its colonial charm and busy waterfront. With its combination of early 20th-century and modern buildings. Navy. Around the Yard. December 11. "I have not yet begun to fight. athletics.

After four years at the Naval Academy. but before long. humanities and social science. they stand for that which is right. Congress authorized the Naval Academy to begin awarding bachelor of science degrees in 1933. teamwork and leadership.. It takes a special kind of young man or woman to handle the Naval Academy's demanding program. First. the Naval Academy's Character Development Program is a four-year integrated continuum that focuses on the attributes of integrity. territories and several foreign countries. science. Midshipmen come from all 50 states. The Academy later replaced a fixed curriculum taken by all midshipmen with the present core curriculum plus 18 major fields of study. staff and midshipmen-on the same wavelength. and mutual respect.. we offer challenging honors programs and opportunities to start work on postgraduate degrees while still at the Academy. but that doesn't mean all midshipmen are alike.. For especially capable and highly motivated students. At the same time. you learn to take orders from practically everyone. Physical training We teach the importance of being physically fit and prepared for stress because the duties of Navy and Marine Corps officers often require long. They have talents and hobbies of every kind and personalities that fit every description. It also encourages a sense of spirit and pride found at few other schools. Some characteristics seem to be common among Naval Academy . Your professional classroom studies are backed by many hours of practical experience in leadership and naval operations. and they represent the diverse ethnic and cultural heritages that.S. From Plebe Summer through graduation.. a wide variety of elective courses and advanced study and research opportunities. including assignments with Navy and Marine Corps units during summer months. strenuous hours in difficult situations. make the United States a great nation." This puts everyone-faculty. The Naval Academy has a unique clarity of purpose. As future officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. The physical requirements of Plebe Summer training. One of the goals of this program is to develop midshipmen who possess a clearer sense of their own moral beliefs and the ability to articulate them. Midshipmen found in violation of the Honor Concept by their peers may be separated from the Naval Academy. Profile of Midshipmen. Professional and leadership training We don't just tell you about life in the Navy and Marine Corps. mental and physical elements of our program are equally important. farms and ranches." These Naval Academy "words to live by" are based on the moral values of respect for human dignity. Modern granite buildings replaced the old wooden structures of Fort Severn and the Naval School.000 midshipmen. small towns and military bases.body of 55 midshipmen grew to a brigade of 4. when Congress authorized the admission of women to all of the service academies. suburbs. respect for honesty and respect for the property of others. citizenship and government. together. Brigade Honor Committees composed of elected upperclass midshipmen are responsible for education and training in the Honor Concept. Moral education Moral and ethical development is a fundamental element of all aspects of the Naval Academy experience. This is designed to give you a broad-based education that will qualify you for practically any career field in the Navy or Marine Corps. The Naval Academy first accepted women as midshipmen in 1976. honor and loyalty in order to graduate leaders who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. Women comprise about 15-17 percent of entering plebes-or freshmen-and they pursue the same academic and professional training as do their male classmates. our majors program gives you the opportunity to develop a particular area of academic interest. all contributing to the qualities of an outstanding naval officer. The moral. U. Mission. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. midshipmen will someday be responsible for the priceless lives of many men and women and multi-million dollar equipment.. four years of physical education and year-round athletics also develop pride. honor. mathematics.. you acquire the responsibility for making decisions that can affect hundreds of other midshipmen. They have roots in cities. Program. the life and customs of the naval service become second nature. Academics Every midshipman's academic program begins with a core curriculum that includes courses in engineering. expressed in our official mission: "To develop midshipmen morally. Honor is emphasized through the Honor Concept of the Brigade of Midshipmen-a system which was originally formulated in 1951 and states "Midshipmen are persons of integrity.

. computer labs and other facilities are open for midshipmen use all day and evening. The Class of 2014 Profile shows that midshipmen are good students. More than enough families volunteer to give every midshipman a local sponsor. Evening study period is reserved from 7:30 p. Setting apart the Naval Academy from almost every other college and university in the country is our commitment to the total development of our students. military performance and conduct. • • • • • • Small class size. we believe you can complete this tough. They also are available to help with extra instruction or special projects. They like the idea of being challenged mentally. Finally. If you are chosen to enter the Naval Academy.midshipmen. This is how we prepare you for the challenging responsibilities of service as a naval officer and the opportunities of a lifetime in the Navy and Marine Corps. Our Commitment. These contacts often grow into deep friendships that last a lifetime. four-year program. Hundreds of families in the Annapolis area sponsor newly-arrived midshipmen. midshipmen are young people who look to the future. They are people who don't want to settle for the ordinary. Most classes have no more than 22 students. Becoming a midshipman at the Naval Academy is a big step. They want to serve their country in a meaningful way-in a profession that helped win this nation's independence more than 200 years ago. the routine or the easy. leaders in their high schools and communities and participants in competitive sports. Protected study time. monitor and evaluate your progress in academics. however. You take an oath of office. The young men and women who choose the Naval Academy are looking for more than a college degree. you get group and individual counseling as well as an academic adviser early in plebe year. Nimitz Library.. as are the academy's staff of chaplains and professional counselors. In fact.. Leadership and counseling. as well as the opportunities open to them in the Navy and Marine Corps after graduation. promising to be loyal to your country and to defend it if necessary. You agree to be honorable in everything you do and say. . Academic advising. It's not like starting your freshman year at a civilian college. we are committed to the principle of helping every midshipman succeed. Midshipmen are also patriots. personally and physically than at the Naval Academy. seven days a week. They also are ready to help in the event of problems. We back up that commitment with. Your company officer and senior midshipmen also guide. Additionally.. A sponsor program. physically and personally. You make a commitment to live a military lifestyle. some courses in your major may have only five to 10 other students.m. You're also expected to work harder than you've ever worked before and to push yourself beyond your old limits. To help you plan your curriculum. A permanent faculty adviser is assigned when you select your major. But nowhere else do you have a better opportunity to grow intellectually. Low student-to-faculty ratio. Faculty members get to know you personally in and out of the classroom. They look forward to the challenging Naval Academy program. It's not unusual to find professors and midshipmen burning the late-night oil together in an academy research lab or at a computer terminal. Your Commitment... to midnight Sunday through Friday to help all midshipmen keep up with their courses. Some put more emphasis on intercollegiate athletics. But other common qualities of midshipmen don't show up in statistics. When you are an upperclassman. Some other colleges offer more majors in academics. offering a home away from home and a place to relax off campus.

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