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package sewage treatment plants


No worries sewage treatment

single properties not on mains drainage | small communities not on mains drainage
refurbishments | septic tank replacements | barn conversions | new builds
population equivalent 1-55 people

Environmental Wastewater Solutions

The Authentic WPL Diamond
The WPL Diamond range of package sewage treatment The Diamond is CE marked, fully type
plants is specifically designed for properties not
tested and certificated in accordance
connected to mains drainage, in a range of sizes for
population equivalents from 1-55 persons. with the mandatory European standard
Unlike most other plants, the Diamond’s unique design BS EN12566-3, and meets all current
has no internal moving parts and therefore requires legislation under the Environmental
minimal annual maintenance and has low running costs. Permitting Programme.
The WPL Diamond uses a treatment process which The Diamond is fully compliant
does not require any chemicals and is also kind to the
with UK Building Regulations
environment. Together with minimal visual impact with a
completely below-ground tank and flat lid, it’s the ideal and Environment Agency
solution for off-mains drainage. recommendations.
The continuous bacterial digestion treats the wastewater
to a standard which meets normal Environment Agency The Diamond is the “no
consents and this treatment process can achieve a de- worries” choice for sewage
sludge (emptying) period of up to 3 years. treatment.

The Diamond offers a range of brilliant features

• CE Marked in accordance with EN12566-3
Fully accredited and certificated for total peace of mind,
a copy is available on our website
• Load tested and water tight
• Fantastic value for money
Low running costs with a small, quiet air blower
• No internal moving parts
Simple design for reliable operation and minimal Flexible options
1. Sample Chamber
• Up to 3 year de-sludge intervals A compact sample chamber is designed to
Due to the efficiency of the continuous bacterial allow easy sampling of the final effluent (treated
digestion process (the DMC range generally requires wastewater) which may be required by the
annual de-sludging) Environment Agency or regulatory authority.
• No odours
The treatment process does not require primary 2. Invert Extensions
settlement of raw sewage, where odours can occur The Diamond range offers one of the
widest choices for invert extensions,
• Excellent performance guaranteed
giving complete flexibility for different site
Meets normal Environment Agency consent standards conditions and installation requirements.
and current legislation under the Environmental Permitting
Programme 2 (EPP2)
• Up to 10 Years Warranty 3. Integral Pump Chamber (IPC)
Process guaranteed for life All the existing features of the Diamond plant
10 years on tanks but with an integral pump chamber, designed to
2 years on air blowers pump the treated wastewater to a water course,
(All warantees are subject to regular maintenance) ditch or soakaway which may be in an area
where there is an incline, a high water table or a
• Low visual impact long distance to the soakaway.
Small lid, flush with the ground
The integral pump chamber can deliver up to 80
• Easy installation litres per minute of effluent at a head of 3.5m.
Design minimises labour & materials
• Robust construction Integral pump chamber consists of:
Reduces the need for concrete • 240v, 0.25 kw Submersible pump, integral
backfill where ground conditions float switch with stainless steel internals and
permit non-return valve
• Compact design • High level floatswitch and mounting tube
Reduced excavation and handling costs • High level alarm beacon with 10m of lead and
• Designed in accordance with British Water plug
Using their Code of Practice Flows and Loads, • Floatswitch adapter socket
to ensure the correct size tank • Invert extension kit for the IPC is also
available to suit your requirements (optional
• Alarm beacon included as standard
All weatherproof air blower kiosks come complete with extra in addition to pump chamber)
alarm beacons (a second alarm beacon as standard for • 50mm MDPE Pipe outlet
IPC models - see below)
How does the Diamond plant work?
• The central aeration chamber (1) is a circular tank with a • As raw sewage enters the aeration chamber, it displaces
sloped open base, which empties into the bottom of the biological solids from the aeration compartment to the
outer clarifier chamber (2). clarifier. Less turbulent conditions in the clarifier allow
the digested solids to settle to the base where they are
• Located in the centre of the aeration chamber is a 200mm
returned back to the aeration compartment.
diameter draft tube (3), which extends to 100mm from the
bottom of the clarifier. Air is released at the bottom of the • The clarified (treated) effluent flows slowly up through the
draft tube through a disc plate diffuser (4). clarifier and over a weir (6), which extends around the
periphery of the tank.
• As the diffused air rises in the draft tube it causes an
upward flow of process fluid. This draws the settled solids • The effluent collects in an outer trough where it is
(5) from the bottom of the clarifier up through the draft tube discharged through a 110mm pipe connection. The scum
where they are discharged at the surface of the aeration baffle (7) located inside the overflow weir prevents floating
chamber. solids (8) from passing over the weir.
• The design of the draft tube ensures continuous and • The final effluent from the Diamond plant is usually
complete mixing of oxygen with the sewage. This discharged to a water course or ditch. If this is not
oxygenation allows the various aerobic organisms that possible, then the effluent is discharged to a soakaway.
biologically degrade the wastewater contaminants to grow.
• Gravity causes the aerated solids to settle at the bottom of
the tank where they are again drawn back up through the
draft tube.

Solids (8)
Process Performance Guaranteed
The Diamond is proven to treat the wastewater to a
standard of 20mg/l Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD),
30mg/l Suspended Solids (SS) and 20mg Ammoniacal
Nitrogen (AMM-N) on a 95 percentile basis.
Scum Baffle (7) If more stringent environmental requirements are
Weir (6)
specified, please contact WPL for details of how to
meet those demands on 0845 450 4818.

Aeration Chamber
WPL can provide information on soakaways by contacting
(1) the sales team on 0845 450 4818.
Air Diffuser (4) WPL advises customers to use an experienced and
Clarifier Chamber qualified installer to assess their site conditions for a
soakaway, or whether a water course or ditch can be
Settled Draft Tube (3) used.
Solids (5)

Loadings (based on British Water Code of Practice) and Blower Power Rating

Population range (persons) 1-6 5-11 10-15 14-20 21-27 28-35 36-45 46-55
Maximum organic loading
BOD/day (grams)
A WPL/British Water Loading
360 660 900 1200 1620 2100 2700 3300
Guide providing further
information for non-domestic
applications is available

Blower Motor Size (kw)* 0.12 0.13 0.17 0.24 0.55 0.75** 0.75** 0.75**
single phase rating

* As with all blowers actual power consumption will vary, and be dependent on the motor efficiency and nature of the installation, size stated is the motor size NOT
actual power consumption
**For DMC7, DMC8 AND DMC9 models using 3 Phase electrics, blower motor is rated at 0.9 kw
Process performance is subject to strict adherence to WPL’s Installation Manual, User Guide/Operation & Maintenance Manual, and a start up period of 6-12 weeks
depending on plant loadings and water temperature.

A comprehensive installation manual is supplied with each rated weatherproof socket or fused spur (not supplied) by a
Diamond plant. It is straightforward to install without the need competent electrician. Included is 10m of airline to connect
for concrete backfill in some situations. WPL recommends between the blower and the tank, however, blower installations
an experience and qualified installer is used. The Diamond’s of up to 30m from the tank can be accommodated. Please
air blower is supplied complete with an alarm and an contact WPL if you require any installation advice, or to find an
enclosure to protect it from outdoor conditions. It should be installer in your area.
connected to a single-phase supply (240v) via a suitable IP65
Height to *Inlet Height to In ground Weight Total
Model Outside
inlet invert depth outlet depth empty capacity

DMS2 1.85m 1.71m 618mm 1.61m 2.34m 154 Kg 2271 ltr

DMS3 2.07m 1.84m 770mm 1.74m 2.62m 192 Kg 3028 ltr

DMS4 2.1m 2.05m 742mm 1.93m 2.8m 210 Kg 3974 ltr

DMS5 2.1m 2.05m 742mm 1.93m 2.8m 210 Kg 3974 ltr

DMC6 3.2m 2.78m 580mm 2.68m 3.35m 380 Kg 9056 ltr

DMC7 3.2m 2.78m 580mm 2.68m 3.35m 380 Kg 9056 ltr

DMC8 3.2m 3.14m 580mm 3.04m 3.7m 460 Kg 15038 ltr

DMC9 3.2m 3.14m 580mm 3.04m 3.7m 460 Kg 15038 ltr

Deeper inverts can be accommodated with our range of standard invert extensions, contact WPL for further information.
All dimensions +/- 10mm tolerance.

Regular Maintenance & Servicing

From April 2010 the Environment Agency requires all sewage treatment plants to
be operated and maintained in accordance with a maintenance plan as specified WPL Products are available from:
in the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Maintenance should be
undertaken by those who are competent in respect of the responsibilities to
maintain and service the sewage treatment plant.

It is important that wastewater sludge from the sewage treatment plant is safely
disposed of in an appropriate or controlled manner, using competent disposal

To demonstrate compliance with maintenance and desludging requirements a

record must be made and retained for at least 5 years. WPL supplies a useful
log book with each plant to record the required maintenance and servicing and
recommends this work is carried out by a qualified service engineer.

In addition, each Diamond comes with a helpful User Guide/Operation &

Maintenance Manual which gives useful information on daily operation and
periodic maintenance. This ensures the Diamond continues to operate efficiently
and does not cause pollution to the environment.

WPL manufactures the full Diamond range at its production facility in Hampshire.
Delivery is normally ex-stock through approved distributors and builders’
merchants nationwide.

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enforced by the Environment Agency, SEPA and other regulatory





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