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Course Syllabus

Course Information
DANC 3345. 501 Spring 2011 Dance Performance Thursday 7:00-9:45pm
Professor Contact Information
Monica (Micki) Saba
Phone: 972-883-2083 Email: Office: JO 5.502
Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30am-12:30pm, Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm, and by appointment

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions

DANC 3332, 3333, 3334, 3335

Course Description
This course will focus on performance opportunities and performance projects. The main
emphasis will be in dance, but in some instances there will be collaboration with theatre,
art, and/or music.

Students wanting to fulfill course requirements through performance will be selected

according to availability and movement ability. In most cases auditions will be held to
determine casting. Students may also participate in the production aspects of a
particular event, such as creating a project, rehearsal, technical needs, costuming, and

Although there is a set meeting time, the class will work on a flexible schedule to
accommodate rehearsals and production needs. Any questions concerning this course
should be directed to Micki Saba at 972-883-2083 or 214 621 7519.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students will improve performance skills through rehearsal, participation in the main
stage concert, and off campus opportunities throughout the semester.

Students will analyze the experience of the rehearsal and performance process by
documenting their experience at three designated points of the semester.

Students will adapt to a variety of movement vocabularies through exposure to different

choreographers from various techniques and history.

Students will apply proper etiquette towards the discipline of dance and the theatre
through the direct experience of participating in the production. These responsibilities
range from remembering personal choreography to appropriate behavior once the dancer
moves into the theatre.

Required Textbooks and Materials


Suggested Course Materials

Assignments & Academic CalendarTopics
1/13 Review syllabus / schedule for the semester / choreography
2/27-3/12 Dance Residency with John Mario Sevilla
3/5, 6 Dry and Wet Tech All Day Beginning at 10am
3/7, 8, 9 Tech and Dress Rehearsals 6-11:00pm
3/10, 11, 12 Spring Concert
3/12 Mandatory strike following final performance
3/22-27 ACDF
5/5, 6, or 7 Spring Arts Festival / (Tech and Dress Rehearsal TBA)

Paper Entry #1 2/13-19/11

#2 3/27-4/2/11 or two weeks after course work is complete, whichever
come first
#3 5/1-7/11 or two weeks after course work is complete,
whichever comes first

Log Due May 9th by 5:00pm or two weeks after course work is complete,
whichever come first

Due to variable schedules, a daily account of class meetings and content for each class is
not possible. Each student will have his or her own requirements according to projects
assigned. You must be able to contribute hours outside class to complete this course with
an A. The course focuses on performance and the process leading to performance. If you
choose to participate through production or research you must be present for at least one
dance production for the semester and rehearsals the week of the show.

70% Time Each student will be required to put in hours toward rehearsal,
production, performance and/or research for various projects produced
throughout the semester.
65 hrs. and above = A
61-64 hrs.=A- 40-49 hrs.=C- to C+
57-60 hrs.=B+ 30-39 hrs.=D- to D+
53-56 hrs.=B 29 and below=F
50-52 hrs.=B-
Hours may be accumulated in one or all four areas of participation. Casting for
performance is based on availability and skill of the dancer. Commitment and
dependability are an absolute necessity in this class, tardiness or missing rehearsals you
have previously committed to will result in loss of the time you where scheduled and
committed plus deduction of that same amount of time from hours already accumulated.
Hours may also be deducted if the level of effort or execution of jobs assigned is not
fulfilled adequately. Hours that are earned through work outside of class that is not
overseen by an instructor or university staff must be approved prior to entry in the log
by the instructor.

10% Production All students, regardless of hours accumulated through rehearsal,

performance, or research will be required to full fill a minimum of 10 hours of production
work. Production assignments must be discussed and approved by the instructor in
advance. Prior to executing production work present a written proposal to the
instructor of desired duties. Estimated hours for each assignment should be included in
proposal. In most cases hours will be negotiated with the student and instructor.
Instructor’s signature of approval should be included on the proposal.
20% Log and Papers A log of hours spent rehearsing, performing, producing, or
gathering research needs to kept. Record all dates and times (beginning and end) of work
completed. Hours acquired without instructor of record present will require the
signature of the person in charge. Credit will not be given to hours logged without
signature. Separate each category in the log, total the hours for each day and section,
then give a final total. There should be one section for rehearsal hours, one for
performance hours, one for production hours, and one for observance/ research hours.
Indicate what you were doing, the start time, and the end time. The log will be due by
5:00pm May 9th.

Three papers are required documenting experiences, personal opinion, growth, and
progress of projects. Each paper is a reflection of experiences from the beginning of the
semester to paper due date or time from one paper submission to the next. The papers
will be entries in the log you will be keeping. Please make your entries during the dates
quoted above under Paper Entry. Your final paper needs to include a summary of your
experience, growth, and opinion of the complete semester.

If you will be acquiring hours through observation and research you will be required to
make a written entry for each class meeting or rehearsal documenting what you
observed and any thoughts and opinions you may have about the rehearsal, production,
or performance process. Each entry will be a maximum of one page typed.

Possible Ways to Accumulate Hours

Rehearsal: Time spent in rehearsal for performance works.

Performance: The time spent in the theatre on the dates of the tech, dress
rehearsal, and performance
Production: Costumes (Design and construction)
Program Design and printing
Stage Crew (Building and back stage help)
Music Recording
Any other assignments that would benefit the development of the
performance and rehearsal process
Research: Documenting observation from the rehearsal process and performance.
What did you learn, opinions about what you see, what do you think about
the end result (the performance), and any other observations you may
want to include.

Grading Policy
70% Rehearsal, production, performance participation or observance\ research
20% Written Papers and Log
10% Production Work
Grading for Papers and Critiques
Papers on average will be no more than two pages typewritten. Late papers may be
accepted. Three points will be deducted for each class period it is late.

Grade Scale
A+ 98-100 B+ 88-89 C+ 78-79 D+ 68-69 F 59 & below
A 93-97 B 83-87 C 73-77 D 63-67
A- 90-92 B- 80-82 C- 70-72 D- 60-62

All students must complete and return a Release and Indemnification Agreement for
Adult Particitpants, Medical Information and Release Form, and Talent Release Form to
the instructor within two weeks of the first class meeting. Failure to do so will results in
the students not being allowed to participate in rehearsal or performance. Time will be
deducted for lack of participation.

Field Trip Policies – There are no scheduled group field trips for this class.
These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the
discretion of the Professor.

For information on university policies regarding student conduct and discipline, Academic Integrity,
Email Use, Withdrawal from Class, Student Grievance Procedures, Incomplete Grade Policy,
Disability Services, Religious Holy Days, and Off-Campus Instruction and Course Activities go to: