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MANILA BULLETIN Wednesday • 12 January 2011 • 5

Of Macs & Tux


The App Store is Open

OS device owners are plication icon literally jumps from the

familiar with the iTunes store and settles on the dock -- whilst
App Store. Linux users it downloads and installs. Pretty slick
are familiar with the ap- UI trick! Well, this isn’t unfamiliar to
plication repositories. those using the store on an iOS de-
Today, Apple integrates vice.
the two together and creates the Mac Deleting the application, on the
App Store! iTunes App Store users other hand, is still the same click-
should find its familiar interface too drag-and-drop-to-trash routine. You
comfortable that they may end up buy- can find all the applications on the /
ing applications. Applications subdirectory, just in case
Mac App Store requires Mac OS you’re confused on where it goes after
X 10.6.6. Installing the update and re- installing it.
booting the Mac brings you with a new Apple uses the same Apple ID
icon on the dock - a blue Application for iTunes and Mac App Store. This
icon. Clicking on it brings you to the makes it dangerously easier to click
familiar App Store interface. Frankly, and buy those apps, specially those
the interface looks like the iTunes App that are less than USD10! What is
Store, except that it is a different ap- even more enticing is the significant
plication. discount that Apple gave for some
Apple has an impressive 1,000+ of its applications, e.g. Aperture for
applications available on the store USD80! Personally, the first applica-
at launch, ranging from free utilities, tion I downloaded and installed is volves copying three files from the ap- developers will be discouraged to
such as Twitter for Mac, to USD100 Twitter for Mac! plication package off of a free applica- add their application to the store.
and above applications. A few hours after its opening, some- tion and using those files for all other Overall, it looks like a great start!
Buying an application takes on one on the internet already posted a applications. Looking forward to applications, such
two steps -- click on the application on way to get around the Apple DRM, the So just find someone who will ille- as Skype, Kindle for Mac, Transmit,
the store and authenticate using your security feature that ensures that ap- gally give you a copy of the application SpeedDownload, Chrome, Firefox,
iTunes user account. After you enter plications are linked to your account and boom! Adium and others in my /Applica-
your username and password, the ap- with the proper authorization. It in- I hope that Apple improves this or tions subdirectory.

“Free Play”

Children and adults alike cannot low young kids to buy violent games as Professor and Director of Center for in such a short span of time and
keep the fact that games are part of long as they have their parents beside the Study of Violence – gathered two tracking these children’s growth
their life in one way or another. Some them for consent prior to purchase? (3) groups, where one group played vid- may be quite a huge responsibility
games are fun and child-friendly, Does the government need to come up eo games and the other did not. The for Anderson. So what now?
while others are mature and quite with a law that regulates the purchase groups were then compared on their I think everyone should under-
violent. In the interest of this article, of “Rated Mature” games for minors, performance on some measure of “ag- stand that violent video games are
we will focus on the latter. just like what we have now for ciga- gressiveness” like finishing word stems not “promoting” anything. Instead,
Many children nowadays shoot rettes and alcoholic drinks? and administering noise blasts. they are just allowing. The gamer
monsters, zombies, people, animals In California, the Supreme Court is Anderson summarized that violent world is a free environment that
and more. As a result, what they deciding whether they will be regulat- video games indeed promote aggres- allows us to choose what we want
see are blood, death, cruelty and ing the video game industry to forbid sive behavior and violence. However, by to do. There are no signs that tell
violence. Although these are just the selling of mature games to minors. comparing the rate of crimes commit- us to punch or shoot, but the tools
graphically represented made of Here in the Philippines, I have not ted vis-à-vis the increase of aggressive- to do so are readily available -- just
long lines of codes, three questions heard of any legislator looking at this ness brought by violent video games like the real world.
would often haunt parents -- (1) do concern, mainly because we have a to minors through the years, they did What is your say on this –
these games affect the way a young lot of political issues needed to be ad- not see any significant assertion of the should violent games be forbidden
child thinks and grows? (2) Is it dressed. A study made by Dr. Craig study’s results. to minors or not? (Glenn Rich-
enough for the government to al- A. Anderson, Ph.D. – a Distinguished The tests may have been completed mond Ong)

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