Routine Test Creatinine Reference Range 63.60110.50umol/L Reference Range 135-148 mmol/L 3.50-5.30 mmol/L Reference Range 70-110 mg/dL Result 99.7 umol/L Interpretation and Analysis NORMAL

Electrolytes Sodium Potassium

Result 139.2 3.96

Interpretation and Analysis NORMAL NORMAL

Other Test CBG

Result 126 mg/dL

Interpretation and Analysis High; *Indicates Diabetes. Having too much sugar in the blood for long periods of time can cause serious health problems if it's not treated. Hyperglycemia can cause damage to the vessels that supply blood to vital organs, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems in people with diabetes.

Procedure RBC count

Reference Range 5.5-6.5 x102/L

Result 4.94 x102/L

Interpretation and Analysis Low; it referred to as anemia and can be a result of blood loss, active bleeding, bone marrow disease or excessive red blood cell breakdown that is seen in some immune diseases and toxin ingestion. NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL

Hemoglobin Hematocrit MCV MCH

14-16 g/dL .42-.52 L/L 82-92 fl 27-33 pg

15.40 g/dL .45 91.1 fl 31.2 pg

02-0.55 mmol/L 40. or hardening of the arteries which lead to stroke.0 mmol/L Result 5.84 mg/dL 96-153 mg/dL .69 mmol/L 40.90-6. Trigylcerides HDL LDL 0.MCHC Platelet count WBC Count 32-38% 160-380 x109/L 5-10 x109/L 34. too much LDL can cause the plaque formation and resulted to stroke.04 x109/L NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL Differential Count Segmenters Lymphocytes Monocyte Eosinophils Reference Range 0. Elevated levels may indicate an allergic reactions or parasites.11 mmol/L Interpretation and Analysis High.07 Interpretation and Analysis Low. CLINICAL CHEMISTRY RESULT January 18.17 mmol/L Result 7.06 0. Patient’s total cholesterol exceeded the normal value which may cause fatty build up if not burned.55-0.59 mg/dL NORMAL NORMAL High.25-0.07 0. 2011 Routine Test Glucose (FBS) Reference Range 3.05 Result 0.00-5.46 0.97 mmol/L Interpretation and Analysis NORMAL Lipid Profile Total cholesterol Reference Range 0. . High cholesterol is a major risk factor for developing atherosclerosis. Elevated levels may indicate an active viral infections High.00-1.35 0.15-59. May be raised in bacterial infection. High.2% 236 x109/L 8. High.40 0.03-0.93 mg/dL 223.65 0. makes an individual highly susceptible to infections.

5-7. cisterns and sulci are unremarkable Punctate T2 hyperintensities are noted in the sub-cortical white matter Incidental findings of mucosal thickening of the ethmoids and left maxillary sinuses likely inflammatory in nature.8 Negative Negative Result Yellow Hazy 1.0 Negative Negative Interpretation and Analysis NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL .029 4.      IMPRESSION: • • • Acute infarction. 2011 Routine Test Color Appearance Specific Gravity pH Protein Glucose Reference Range Straw .003-1. probably a chronic infarct No midline shift or hydrocephalus seen Ventricles.VLDL 0-30.028 6.Dark yellow Clear – Hazy 1.73 mg/dL 10. right corona radiate Left corona radiate old infarct as described Chronic ischemic changes URINALYSIS January 18. 2011 Pertinent Findings:  An area of restricted diffusion and T2 prolongation is seen in the right corona radiate. likely a recent infarct There is a T1 hypointense and a T2 hyperintense signal in the left corona radiate.00 mg/dL NORMAL DIFFUSION WEIGHT MRI OF THE BRAIN January 17.

Ketones Bilirubin Nitrite WBCs RBCs Casts Negative Negative Negative 0-4/hpf 0-3/hpf 0-4/lpf Negative Negative Negative 0-1/hpf 0-1/hpf none NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL .

parkinsonism & head injury. diarrhea. hypotension. CDPcholine belongs to the group of biomolecules in living systems Indications Cerebrovascular disorders including ischemic stroke. bradycardia Nursing Responsibilities Somazine must not be administered along with medicaments containing meclophenoxate Watch out for hypotensive effects . tachycardia. It is also known as CDP-choline or cytidine diphosphate choline (cytidine 5'diphosphochol ine). Contraindicatio ns and Cautions Parasympathetic hypertonia Side Effects Stomach pain.Drug Name Generic: CITICOLINE Brand: CHOLINERV Dosage 2 gms TIV q 12 hrs Classificatio n/ Action Other CNS Drugs & Agents for ADHD To minimize the attack of sroke Citicoline is a complex organic molecule that functions as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of cell membrane phospholipids.

bradycardia. elevated BP Nursing Responsibilities List reasons for therapy. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. radiographic/endosc opic findings Monitor CBC . systemic mastocytosis. gastric hypersecretory condition. nervousness HEPATIC: overt liver disease cholestatic CV: angina. frequency and characteristics of S&S Record abdominal assessments. URTI. Drug Name Generic: OMEPRAZOL E Brand: Omepron Dosage 20 mg/tab 1 tab OD pre breakfast Classificatio n/ Action Antacids. vertigo. multiple endocrine adenoma & peptic ulcer.known as nucleotides that play important roles in cellular metabolism. peripheral edema. palpitation. abdominal pain. Side Effects Headache. diarrhea N&V. Erosive esophagitis. tachycardia. rash CNS: anxiety disorders. Antireflux Agents & Antiulcerants Promotion of ulcer healing Relief of pain Lower gastric acid production Omeprazole suppresses gastric acid secretion by specific inhibition of the enzyme system hydrogen/pota ssium Indications Treatment of heartburn & other symptoms associated w/ GERD. insomnia. Contraindicatio ns and Cautions Chronic hepatic disease.

rhinitis & nasal polyps. transient ischemic attacks & stroke. tachycardia. Dysrythmias. if unusual. 1 tab OD Classificatio n/ Action Anticoagulants . headache. MI. location. For the secondary prevention of CV disease in DM patients esp those w/ history of MI. hypotension. and pattern of pain. coma. Aspilet/EC Prophylactic treatment of thromboembolic disorders. vascular bypass procedure. Dehydration. Contraindicatio ns and Cautions Asthma. History of active peptic ulcer disease. hypothermia. hyperkalemia. Agitation. seizures. Antiplatelets & Fibrinolytics (Thrombolytic s) There will be a relief of pain/discomfor t to the patient There will be a decrease fever and vascular mortality Indications Aspilet Suspected acute MI. subdural or intracranial hemorrhage. Drug Name Generic: ASPIRIN Brand: ASPILET Dosage 80 mg. cerebral edema. thirst. Side Effects Fever. lethargy.adenosine triphosphatas e (H+/K+ ATPase) present on the secretory surface of the gastric parietal cell. dizziness. Hypersensitivity. or if recurring Determine history of peptic ulcers or bleeding tedency . rate and determine the type. metabolic Nursing Responsibilities For pain. confusion.

hepatitis. dyspepsia. GI bleeding. Purgatives metabolism of lactulose by bacteria results in reduced colonic pH which stimulates peristalsis and decreases stool transit Indications Constipation Contraindicatio ns and Cautions Low galactose diet & intestinal obstruction Side Effects Abdominal discomfort associated w/ flatulence or cramps. dyslipidemia & family history of CV disease. resp alkalosis. It also inhibits platelet aggregation. stroke or transient ischemic attack & angina & those w/ additional risk factors: HTN. Prolonged use or large doses may result in diarrhea w/ excessive loss of water & electrolytes Nursing Responsibilities Do not administer if patient has already pass out stool especially if stool is liquid . It inhibits cyclooxygenas e. Drug Name Generic: Lactulose Brand: Lilac Dosage 30 cc OD Classificatio n/ Action Laxatives. Revascularizatio n procedures. acidosis. Pregnancyinduced HTN. which is responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandin and thromboxane. ulceration & perforation. nausea. transient hepatic enzyme elevations. antiinflammatory and antipyretic. vomiting. smoking.Aspirin is an analgesic.

Nursing Responsibilities Assessment Prior to administration: • Obtain complete health history including allergies. and triglyceride Contraindicatio ns and Cautions Hypersensitivity to atorvastatin or any component. In turn. diarrhoea. helping to soften stool mass. anorexia. apolipoprotein B. flatulence. xerostomia. nausea. decreased water reabsorption from the feces further facilitates the passage of soft wellformed stools. . Drug Name Generic: atorvastatin Brand: lipitor Dosage 40 mg/tab.time. angioedema. vomiting. And increased osmotic pressure of fecal material secondary to an increase in colonic organic acids results in accumulation of fluid from surrounding tissues. active liver disease. 1 tab OD Classificatio n/ Action Dyslipidaemic Agents Inhibits HMGCoA reductase. the enzyme that Indications Adjunct to diet for the reduction of elevated total and LDL cholesterol. unexplained persistent Side Effects Headache.

allergy. alopecia. lowers triglyceride levels. muscle disease • Obtain patient’s drug history including use of over the counter medications that might effect liver function or have interactions and assess allergies . IIB. infection. pregnancy myalgia. lipid studies. levels in patients with hypercholesterol emia (Type IIA. Potentially Fatal: Thrombocytopeni a. adjunctive therapy to diet for treatment of elevated serum triglyceride levels (Type IV).catalyzes the first step in the cholesterol synthesis pathway. Increases hepatic LDL recapture sites. rash/pruritus. serum LDLs (associated with increased risk of CAD). and increase serum HDLs (associated with decreased risk of CAD). chest pain. Rhabdomyolysis with acute renal failure. • Assess baseline liver function tests. and pregnancy test in women of child bearing age • Assess for history of liver disease. elevations of serum transaminases. resulting in a decrease in serum cholesterol. and IIC). enhances reuptake and catabolism of LDL.

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