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PHEV and EV Industry
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Plug-In Electric Vehicle

Infrastructure USA 2011
March 31-April 1 2011, Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, CA, USA

Prepare to Take EVs Mass Market: Commercial Recharging

and Deployment Strategy to Speed-Up Consumer Adoption
 A 360 Degree Perspective of the EV Market: Examine
Expert Speakers Include
charging infrastructure roadmaps, pricing models, stakeholder
strategies etc. and revise your commercial plan accordingly
whether the intelligence for a smart EV infrastructure will reside
in-vehicle or off board. Discuss advantages and feasibility to gauge
consumer preference
 The Utility Perspective on Powering EVs: Devise enticing
pricing models and solutions to enable users to charge at off-peak
hours, maintain network stability and save on grid investment for a
sustainable infrastructure
 Breakthrough Charging Technologies: Analyze consumer
requirements for both public charging and in-home charging options to
ensure your solution is aligned with changing demands
 Keeping the Customer in the EV Equation: Address key user
concerns such as range anxiety, pricing, safety, privacy, tech familiarity
etc. to build consumer confidence
 Stake Your Claim in the EV Market: Discuss current utility-
automaker demos, tech trials and pilot results to evaluate how your
offerings compare to competing systems


For the Full Program 200+ Executives
Top-Notch Speaker Line Up 25+ Expert Speakers
Interactive Sessions I'm impressed! There is great

16+ Hours of Networking
Exclusive Discount & Business-Focussed Case Studies representation from
all players in the industry.
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Super Charge your Business to BE PROFITABLE IN THE Key Speakers Include:

FACT: Global market for EVs will hit 1.21 million units by 2015 according Aaron Singer,
Head of Sustainability,
to Frost & Sullivan
2009 and 2010 were packed with technology developments that have propelled the
industry’s capabilities by leaps and bounds. 2011 is earmarked as when concrete Chris Chen,
steps have to be taken to cement the electric vehicle hype from a ‘nice-to-have’ Marketing Development Manager,
luxury to a commonplace necessity. SDG&E

NOW is the time to ensure that you are fully prepared for 2011 and beyond. If you’re
not the first off the starting block this decade, your EV business will be left behind. George Bellimo,
Staff Project Engineer,
FACT: The lack of a sustainable charging infrastructure, interoperable solutions General Motors
and seamless connectivity needs to be overcome for success in the EV economy
Gustavo Collantes,
This is why Electric Vehicle Update has launched Plug-In Electric Vehicle
Energy Office, Innovation and
Infrastructure Conference & Expo 2011 – an event to support the industry in
Policy Priorities, Washington State
building the foundations of a profitable future in EVs - a robust charging infrastructure. Department of Commercey
With the first of the much publicised EVs being launched in a couple of months, the
charging infrastructure market is simmering up to a boil. This 2 day conference
Michael Pesin,
is perfectly timed to bring together the best of international EV automakers,
Chief Technology Advisor,
electric utilities and charging infrastructure developers to keep up the zooming
Seattle City Light
Leveraging our relationships with top electric utilities and automakers from our very
successful sister brands, Smart Grid Update and Telematics Update, we’ve brought Richard Lowenthall,
the best together to tell you how to stand out from the crowd, win more business
Coulomb Technologies
and future proof your offerings!

FACT: Adopting new business models, cross industry partnerships and robust
Sascha Simon,
strategies are critical to the future of your success in the EV industry
Head of Advanced Technology,
Mercedes Benz
Uncover business models to determine what is required by you to work profitably with
colleagues in this new and unfamiliar value chain.
Based on independent, industry wide research, the conference will help you: Leslie Baroody,
Team Leader for Electric Vehicles,
• Take best practice from established industries: To save you the time, California Energy Commission
we’ve invited experts from the auto, utilities, telecom and tech space to tell you
exactly what’s worked for them
• Map out proven routes to market: We’ve secured the pioneers in this space to
help you lay out your route to market – gather proven methods of deploying EV Our Powertrain of Experts Include:
infrastructure and prepare your business plans accordingly
• Make money! Get the stats and facts on the main trends, growth areas and PRTM Automatiks
forecasts for this market to position your solutions in line with demand
Pike Research EPRI
To find out more, simply turn the page and read on. Lay the basis for future
350Green TVA
partnerships through exposure, networking and most importantly, by learning how
to make those partnerships successful. Ecotality Portland General
Nissan Electric
Secure your seat at Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Conference in March 2011
to the best in the field and learn how you can super charge your EV business! Coda Automotive Duke Energy
I look forward to meeting with you in San Diego this March. SAE International Frost & Sullivan
Best Regards,
And many more!

We’re adding new speakers everyday!

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Ruthana Foulkes
Conference Director speaker line-up:
Telematics Update

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1. N
 EW! Revolutionary 2. Unparalleled Networking Time
Cross-Industry Discussions This isn't a large expo where you get 2 minutes to talk to
a key executive. We've engineered top quality networking
EV Update invites you to join senior level execs time including:
at our all new working group discussions • Access to the pre-show online networking center from the moment you
You have valuable ideas about what the industry needs to register, to allow you to set up one-to-one meetings with hard to meet execs
progress – so do your peers. The biggest need for an emerging • Networking drinks party, extended coffee & networking lunch breaks to
industry, as you will all agree, is interaction across the entire value give you the time to hold meetings and conduct industry led discussions
chain. Combining the expertise of the attendees is the best way
• Post show online networking access until April 29 2011 to allow you to
to ensure this happens. That’s why these intimate working group
follow up with your contacts and seal those lucrative deals!
discussion sessions form an integral part of the agenda at the
meeting in March. Simply put, they are results oriented roundtable
discussions where you'll walk away with practical and
4. The Most High Profile Attendee List
actionable strategies. The ONLY EV conference with all the top automakers,
infrastructure developers and electric utilities under one roof
3. World Class Case Studies We’ve given away complimentary passes to select automakers and electric
utilities to get them to share key expertise and lay down what they look for from
Learn from industry experts with firsthand the rest of the value chain. They will also dissect various business models to
experience in the EV space on how to: work out the most profitable route to market.
Sign up now to meet, network and do business with these senior
Remain flexible and integrate new technologies level executives.

Test & deploy cost efficient charging infrastructure See who you’ll meet and do business with:
EV OEMS and Utilities - 27%
Understand consumer concerns and charging patterns Charging
OEMS and Developers - 23%
Utilities - 27%
Carriers -Infrastructure
7% Developers - 23%
Offer enticing cross-border billing and pricing models Wireless Carriers - 7%
Regulatory/Standards Bodies - 4%
Regulatory/Standards Bodies - 4%
Battery Technologies - 13%
Build a secure supply chain and sustainable partnerships Battery Technologies - 13%
Components Manufacturers - 7%
Components Manufacturers - 7%
Application Developers
Application - 8%
Developers - 8%
Consultants - 4% - 4%
“Really liked the Working Group Discussions. Great way to Others Others
- 7% - 7%
discuss solutions with execs from different backgrounds.
Very informative and a great networking opportunity.” 5. The Best EV Event Checklist
Electrical Engineer, Mott MacDonald
EV OEMS Case Studies

Electric Utilities In-Depth Round Tables


Infrastructure Developers Regulatory Update

GROUP DISCUSSIONS NEW Wireless Carriers Global Update

Battery Technologies New Markets for Growth

Standards Organisation Commercial Fleet studies

Add yourself to the best checklist in the EV industry

Interactive Delegate List BRAND

Imagine sitting next to a EV automaker, electric utility,
6 weeks of networking with our online networking
charging infrastructure developer, regulatory body and centre for all attendees!
engaging them with your ideas and getting their face-to-face Our exclusive Online Networking Center means you can personally and directly
feedback. Each group will feature a small number of attendees contact all conference attendees prior to the event - giving you an ‘interactive
from across the value chain working with an expert moderator delegate list’. Plan meetings in advance, network during the event and follow up
on real life case studies. Our working group discussions will leads after the conference.
focus on 2 vital areas that drastically need industry wide
co-operation and inspired solutions: Watch our online space Sign up for your ticket today!
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Conference agenda day 1: Thursday march 31, 2011
Automaker Strategy - A Comprehensive Look at
Electric Vehicle 360 – A Foundations for EV and PHEV EV Related Standards and
Complete Industry Overview Growth Regulations
Global market for EVs will hit 1.21 million Automakers are on the look-out for Understand which policies, incentives and
units by 2015 according to F&S. Note the market savvy models and tech solutions standards will drive EV adoption across
key partnerships and strategies at the to take EVs mainstream and to deliver the USA.
forefront of this rapidly growing market. positive consumer experiences.
• Assess standards and technology choices
• Get to grips with consumer and • Understand differing OEM business
that are critical to delivering vehicle-to-
enterprise led vehicle purchase and models to scale up EV production and
grid two-way communications to facilitate
usage criteria and align your product work out lucrative channels for your
seamless connectivity across borders
portfolio accordingly to win new services and solutions
• Find out which standard will emerge as the
business • Will the intelligence for a smart EV
industry norm. We explore Level 3 DC fast
• Receive a ‘status update’ on charging infrastructure reside in-vehicle or
chargers, CHAdeMO protocol, SAE J1772,
infrastructure roadmaps, pricing models off-board? Discuss advantages and
the IEC 62196- 2-X amongst others
and stakeholder strategies to revise feasibility to gauge which will be
preferred by end-users • Take note of funds and incentives in place
your business plan
for commercial rollout of advanced vehicles
• Analyze recent data and results from • Discover which apps developers,
and fuels research activities to benefit from
F&S’s consumer study to understand wireless carriers and EVSC players
Govt. support
end-user service and charging are allying themselves with OEMS to
requirements deliver a complete EV experience George Bellino, Staff Project Engineer
Mark Perry, Director of Advanced Infrastructure Commercialization Group,
Veerender Kaul, Director - Automotive & Technology, Nissan USA General Motors
Transportation, Frost & Sullivan Jack Pokrzywa, Director, Ground Vehicle
Coda Automotive (Speaker name to be
announced shortly) Standards, SAE International

Powering Vehicles – The Utility Practical Case Studies

Perspective How to Achieve Funding?
Utilities are the linchpin of infrastructure Government or Otherwise… BMW Roadmap to eMobility
development in the EV space. Discuss With many projects throughout the USA
• Hear how BMW assessed and utilized
what type of smart tech progress has being funded by government grants and
data from the MINI E field trial to refine the
been made to enable fast charging. venture capitalists, we discuss how you
offering for the upcoming 1 series ActiveE
can get your piece of the pie.
• Devise enticing pricing models to get • Analyze which tech options will support the
users to charge at off-peak hours, • Learn which criterion such as market
‘MegaCities Vehicle’ coming in 2013. We
maintain network stability, save on viability and economic impact will
evaluate carbon fiber LifeCell architecture,
grid investment for sustainability and enable you to prime your business to
advanced powertrain and efficient dynamic
profitability achieve government funding during the
second allocation round
• Hear how EVs complement intermittent • Understand how remote charge scheduling,
sources of renewable energy by • Gain an in-depth understanding into
preconditioning and access to information
working as temporary storage units California Government’s strategy to
will impact customer perception of EVs
for consumers and how this will alter fast-track EV adoption and plot your
pricing models rollout strategy accordingly Aaron Singer, Head of Sustainability, BMW

• Debate plans to connect meters with • Understand how public funds will be
utilized to initiate EV infrastructure Get to Grips with the I5
appliances to satisfy energy demands
and provide customers with hassle-free development and energy usage plans Corridor Project
and convenient charging options Leslie Baroody, EV Team Leader,
• Decipher data trends to gauge whether
California Energy Commission
Michael Pesin, Chief Technology Adviser,
investment in inter-urban infrastructure will
Seattle City Light help the plug-in EV market
James Ellis, Senior Manager Transportation • Learn how to forge successful partnerships
& Infrastructure Technology Commission, to maintain business momentum and
TVA leverage financial support
Charlie Allcock, Economic Development
Gustavo Collantes, Energy Office, Innovation
Director, Portland General Electric
and Policy Priorities, Washington State
Mark Duvall, Director, EPRI Department of Commerce

For the most up-to-date agenda, visit

Conference agenda Day 2: Friday april 1, 2011
Breakthrough Charging Keynotes
Technologies Getting San Diego ‘EV Ready’ -
The EV Supply Chain Prepare your City
Exclusive 120V Presentation Mapped-Out • Determine infrastructure planning
Whilst the most effective infrastructure for The supply chain will witness a reshuffle requirements to ensure compliance with
EV charging still remains uncertain, discuss as different stakeholder groups endeavor legal frameworks in order to offer high
the effectiveness of the standard 120V to manage energy demands, costs and quality charging experiences to users
home-based charging station. consumer convenience. Hear how.
• Get the low down on partnership models
• Examine consumer requirements for both • Work out who will be in the driving seat to work out how it can be scaled up to a
public charging and at home charging of infrastructure development by devising city-wide development with the aim for a
to ensure your solution is in line with a win-win business model to deliver a nationwide infrastructure
changing consumer demands seamless infrastructure
• Understand how to create an integrated,
• Hear how utilities will manage • Discuss current utility-automaker demos, fully interoperable, system that is open to
widespread load on the grid arising tech trials and pilot results to evaluate multiple EV vendors and players
from 120V charging and see how your how your offerings compare to competing
solutions will fit in systems Ray Hobbs, Director of Product Education,
• Outline business plans and pricing • Take note of new entrants such as smart
meter aggregators that bridge the V2G Joel Pointon, Electric Transportation Program
structures for 120V charging to build Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric
solutions that will enable the EV market (vehicle-to-grid) service gap and find out
how this will impact value chain dynamics Mark Perry, Director of Advanced Technology,
to gather momentum
Nissan USA
Chris Chen, Market Development Manager, Oliver Hazimeh, Principal, PRTM
San Diego Gas & Electric Driving Consumer Adoption of
Breakthrough Charging
Technologies Electric Vehicles
The Battle Royale between
Different Charge Options Which Charger? On the Road, Under the Microscope: EV
• Explore the advantages and On the Move, or, At Home Metering and Billing Solutions
disadvantages of different charging EV range is improving, but widespread Understanding optimal Grid Pricing
options such as Level 2 and DC Fast incl. charging remains key to increasing EV techniques is crucial for payment options.
the modeling and reporting involved to adoption by consumers and fleets. Sift out Examine established models from the
assess which suits your commercial plan the most practical charging infrastructure in telecom sector to reflect consumer choice
• Discuss how different types of charge will the market right now. and convenience.
impact battery life and what can be done • Evaluate various charging infrastructures • Find out who will own the SIM card for
to minimize harm and boost battery life such as fast charging, wireless charging, data collection and payment and work
• How to overcome obstacles such as grid embedded systems etc. to see which will out how to share data to offer complete
overload whilst laying out and configuring prove successful and with which type of billing services
a network of charging units EVs • Debate strategies to ensure data integrity,
Mariana Gerzanych, CEO, 350Green • Pick out operational lessons from various security and transparency is maintained
pilots including best station locations, whilst allowing users to buy electricity
tech. for secure charging and installation from their preferred provider
provision to devise a viable adoption • Harness the information and lessons
strategy learnt from early-adopters and pilots to
• Gather alternatives to conventional plug-in select must-have solutions for phase 2 of
charging. Assess differing models such as infrastructure deployment
battery leasing, battery swapping, range
extension technologies etc. Per Lindberg, Global Business Development
Executive, Telenor
Richard Lowenthal, CEO,
Coulomb Technologies

Fantastic Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities

This is the Launching a new product Creating industry awareness Reinforcing market position
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platform if now and give your product the offerings to interact first hand with your solutions to the most influential
you are... branding it deserves the industry and get them buzzing! executives in the EV space

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Conference agenda Day 2: Friday april 1, 2011

Deliver Seamless Connectivity Telematics – a ‘Must Have’ for Innovative Battery Technologies
to Support Mass EV Connected EVs
Evaluate various types of battery tech in
Deployment Telematics services for EVs will be a high the market and assess how production will
• Understand utility plans to connect potential market by 2016. Telematics may be to scaled-up to manage demand and
meters with other fixed and moving be deemed as a ‘luxury service’ for ICE supply.
components to satisfy energy demands (internal combustion engine) cars, but it’s
indispensable for EVs. • Examine innovations that will trigger
and provide customers with hassle-free market progression - increased battery
and convenient charging options • Explore systems that provide charge lifetime, reduced charging cycle, weight,
• How to determine optimal Grid Pricing level data, routing information, nearest increased security, etc.
options based on energy availability charge source etc. to beat consumer
‘range anxiety’ and increase adoption • Discuss how battery tech improvements
and transfer rates to meet customer within the areas of energy density
requirements • How to bundle location based services and safety will impact commercial EV
• Explore multiple approaches to (LBS) such as traffic, weather etc. with deployment
bundling different technologies with EV led solutions such as ‘charge level’
to open up new revenue streams • Expert views on battery-led after-market
wireless capabilities to allow customers and associated services such as battery
to conduct easy payments • Discuss how telematics services, apps management, required maintenance, and
John Horn, National Director, T-Mobile and RVD (remote vehicle diagnostics) recyclability for mass EV adoption
will help electric utilities better manage
John Gartner, Senior Analyst, PIKE Research
Keeping the Consumer in the load, demand and distribution networks
Steve Wollenberg, Vice President - Business
EV Equation
The EV industry is dependent on the
Development, Automatiks
Tim Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Telogis
Networking Party -
support and participation of one key
stakeholder group – the end-user. Find The Future of Electric Vehicles You're Invited!
out how to win and retain EV early
adopters. The Hydrogen Competition On March 31st, take advantage
• Address key user concerns such FCVs are in early stages of development, of the best opportunity this
range anxiety, pricing, safety, privacy, and several challenges must be overcome year to enjoy a relaxed evening
familiarity with technology etc. to win before these vehicles become main
them over stream. Discover potential benefits of
and connect with your industry.
• Differentiate the core needs of FCVs. Lay the basis for long-term
commercial fleets and passenger • Discuss public and private partnerships partnerships by making those
cars users to provide relevant and in place to support infrastructural and vital new contacts as we’ve
customized services for each category deployment needs of fuel cell cars to
assess the potential for uptake gathered the cream of EV
• Evaluate advanced pricing strategies
such as time-of-use etc. to analyze • Evaluate the latest technologies, expertise under one roof!
behaviour change and attitude shifts to innovations, hydrogen generation,
increase the penetration of EVs distribution and storage solutions to
Michael Pesin, Chief Technology Adviser, plot progress on the zero emission car
Seattle City Light map
• Compare the pros and cons of
supporting Team Fuel Cell and
understand if your specialized services
will be a source of revenue for the
hydrogen economy
Sascha Simon, Head of Advance Product
Planning, Mercedes Benz

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle

Infrastructure USA 2011
March 31-April 1 2011, Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, CA, USA

Prepare to Take EVs Mass Market: Commercial Recharging

and Deployment Strategy to Speed-Up Consumer Adoption
Industry Buzz about

1 INFORMATIVE CASE STUDIES from leading electric utilities,

automakers and infrastructure developers to share best practice via “
I discovered a number of
technologies and vendors at
this event that could be
pilot study results on what works and what doesn’t
useful for my existing


for papers), focused sessions, latest technologies and next gen
and future projects
Ford Motor Company

trends showcased at this event to make it the best investment of The conference was well organized
your time
“ and all the speakers were well

prepared as leaders in their field of
work. Never a dull moment. It was very
exclusive opportunity to organise one-to-one meetings with hard
educational and well, ... fun!
to meet executives and follow up after Palladium Energy

4 Revolutionary Working Group Discussions
A well organized networking
where you work on real life case studies with potential clients,
partners and peers to find optimal solutions to common “
event with a good mix of utility
and vendor participation
infrastructural challenges Sempra Utilities

This show was a great kick start
“ and learning opportunity
Volvo Cars

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