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Outcasts are a sub species of human, they initially earned this titlefor helping the Katari fight off an invasion of Earth by the Legeon, because they were hardened by the extreme necessity to survive; their warriors proved strong and brave, winning battles against an opponent far more advanced than they were, they were able to create armour and equipment from Legeon bodies and wreckage that was as capable of withstanding attack, and penetrating armour as any Imperial equipment. Because earth had been rendered barely habitable humans made a mass exodus to other liveable worlds in the area; all outcasts were given a planet of their own; Opagua, a planet under Environmental protection well within Imperial borders. After many requests by Outcast leaders, Imperial Genealogists changed the Outcasts human DNA to not only give Outcasts an obvious distinction from humans, but also allow them to survive under harsh conditions many intelligent races couldn t handle. A few major changes were: new bone structure that was harder and quicker to heal, organs that could endure the ingestion of organic material on Opagua that is normally poisonous to humans, a better immune system to reduce the likelihood of disease and infection, and various other changes that made life expectancy and physical properties similar to Katari standards. Once the changes were finalized almost every Outcast, excluding the elderly, underwent a reforming process that replaced their human DNA with this new Outcast DNA. Colonization Outcasts have prospered greatly on their new home world of Opagua, adapting to the wildlife and climate of the planet. Most of the surviving tribes stayed intact, spreading to areas of Opagua where they could adapt easiest. The territories that have been formed by various groups of tribes are based on climate.In total there are 5 territories, one for each of the continents and areas on Opagua. Each territory has multiple states that are created within natural borders. For example in the territory of Aurum Silva, the temperate zone, lies the Golden Plains, this state begins on the

and expands near the ocean. Religion Outcast religion is based on a group of gods called the Ancients. the group responsible for building and repairing the tools. there is no designated amount of time that an Outcast is required to work. events. is popular for its orchestras. consisting of flutes. there is no money. and understand their contribution to society. Long ago the Ancients gazed into the future and saw that Demons would be sent from the underworld to conquer earth. the winter lands boast singers that use rattles to accompany the stories they sing. Outcast music is also primitive. clothes. the Ancients searched for these special individuals and cast them out of the . Although every Outcast has a duty to support and contribute to the welfare of their tribe. no power to strive for. and buildings Outcasts use and live in throughout their lives. Society Outcast society is very simple. physical capabilities. For example: an Outcast that has steady hands and likes to create objects may be given duties as a crafter. but are usually similar within states and territories. Outcast art is very primitive. this is determined by natural skill. and no immediate dangers to their ways of life.Alien Races Outcasts outskirts of the massive forests covering the Aurum Silva continent. After seeing this. and drums. Most art is in the form of sculptures. and only those who reunited their spirits with the natural world would be spared. and attitude towards possible duties. intelligence. this is because most Outcasts take pleasure in their work. stringed instruments. As a child each Outcast undergoes examination to determine what duties they should perform to benefit their tribe the most. places. the styles vary from place to place. but some tribes in the mountainous regions of Aurum Silva do paintings on stretched hide tied to a circular wooden frame. or just creative work. often representing creatures. where the forest begins to grow again and the state Oceana begins. Amazonia. All outcasts contribute to society through special jobs. the grasslands territory.

Although there are Trinium ore deposits on Opagua. The Shamans are the most honoured individuals in the tribe. The armour. tribe chieftains and their Shamans gather on an island that sits between all the continents.Alien Races Outcasts artificial world. and very common on Opagua. claws. and how they would forever be at peace with nature. Each tribe has a Shaman who leads the population in ceremonies and rituals thanking the Ancients for sending the Angels to bring them to the Promised Land. is as hard and dense as the Trinium ore that Katari use for their starships. Outcasts prefer to use Envirite ore. stronger teeth. This island is the home of the Angles. and powerful muscles means that even unarmed. . but deteriorates after too much abuse. beautiful home. even against the advanced technology of their enemies. Every year. Shields and weapon shafts are made from Ironwood. Outcast warriors use equipment made from materials that have proven to be strong and tough. scaled creature with two long horns on its head. Coincidentally. and spikes on its back. They told of the Angel Warriors from the Promised Land coming to protect the Outcasts. an Outcast still has a fighting chance. but some of the holidays celebrated by all Outcasts are the Festival of Giving. ceremonies are held here to celebrate the Katari soldiers who fought to bring the outcast people to the Promised Land. which is easier to shape when heated. sharper. a large. Fighting/Military As a result of their new genetic makeup. even chieftains respect the Shaman. the island also houses an imperial outpost that allows for communication with the Outcast people. all Outcasts can defend themselves if necessary. and deliver them to their new. giving each individual the skills necessary to survive without the comfort that machines and concrete cities provided. Armour is made from the hide of the Wallack beast. can resist most weaponry. Better senses leads to faster reactions and a unique awareness of surroundings. The ancients then cast a prophecy that told of the day that the Demons would fall from the sky and destroy the artificial world. along with padding from other animals. when dead. a tree that. Every territory has different holidays and occasions.

while others are more complex like candle rockets. a wooden tube filled with shrapnel covered in a neurotoxin that kills victims seconds after being hit. .Alien Races Outcasts Outcast warriors use a variety of effective weapons when fighting. hitting the enemy hard and fast with deadly results. but usually try and assault the enemy instead of exchanging fire with their advanced weapons. they serve as shock troops. like liberating planets or capturing areas where stealth is key and close combat is necessary. or on a trebuchet frame. When Outcasts are called to war. Outcasts are sometimes asked to support Imperial marines on important missions. some as simple as the spear and sword. Candle rockets can be used by a shoulder-mounted apparatus. Outcast warriors are trained to use both close combat weapons and longer ranged bows and crossbows.

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