The Final Antichrist


And The Mark A d Th M k Of Th B The Beast t

By G B Gary C Coggins i

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The A ti h i t Th Antichrist 1 The Coming Mark Of The Beast 10 g End Time Signs 12 g Charts (Seventy Weeks Of Daniel) 16, 17 Ch (S W k D i l) 16 1 Tribulation J d T ib l ti Judgements 18 t Newspaper Headlines 19 p p Total Surveillance 22 Biometrics 23 Bi ti Rfid T h l Technology 24 New Advances In Rfid A d Biometric technology 25 And Bi ti t h l Co c us o Conclusion 39

The Antichrist Th A ti h i t
Adolf Hitl Ad lf Hitler used the power of propaganda. He railed against d th f d H il d i t things that he knew the people feared and perceived as threats. return, threats In return, those who followed him began to treat g Hitler ith l Hitl with almost religious adoration. After Martial law was t li i d ti Aft M ti l l declared in Berlin, the people all over Germany turned to Berlin p p y "Fuhrer worship” Next came t e e ect o s o March 5, 1933, u e worship”. e t ca e the elections of a c 5 1933 os p 933, then th N i b th the Nazis began a systematic takeover of the state t ti t k f th t t g governments throughout Germany, ending a centuries old g Germany y, g tradition f l t diti of local political independence. Armed SA and SS l liti l i d d A d d thugs barged into local government offices using the state of emergency decree as a pretext to throw out legitimate office g y p g holders and replace them with Nazi Reich commissioners. h ld d l th ith N i R i h i i On March 23, the Nazi controlled Reichstag passed the 23 g "Enabling Act " This act finally established Adolph Hitler as g Act." y p the t t l Di t t th total Dictator of Germany fG Germany. 1

After thi th "Gl i h h lt Aft this, the "Gleichschaltung" (S Gleichschaltung" (Synchronizing) began – th h i i )b the total coordination and absorption of the entire nation under f the Nazi boot Just like Hitler used the power of propaganda boot. p p p g to i hi t gain his position so will the coming antichrist and even iti ill th i ti h i t d though Hitler failed to fulfill his dream of world domination this leader certainly will not. Bible prophecy tells us that the y not p p y time is coming when th world will b united under an ti i i h the ld ill be it d d incredibly intelligent charismatic powerful evil man The y intelligent, charismatic, p g powerful, man. apostle Pa l wrote "Let no one decei e you b any means: Paul rote Let deceive o by an means for h d f that day will not come except there come a falling away ill come, h f lli comes first, and that man of sin is revealed, the son of first, revealed, perdition; Wh opposeth and exalteth hi diti Who th d lt th himself above all that lf b ll th t is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God sitteth God, worshiped, in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God And p God, g God. now you k know what withholdeth th t he may be revealed in h t ithh ld th that h b l di his time For the mystery of iniquity doeth already work; only time. y y q y y y he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way let, way. And then h ll th t i k d b revealed. A d th shall that wicked be revealed ” 2 Th 2:3-8 P l l d Th. 2 3 8 Paul 2:3 declared that the Antichrist’s coming will be “according to Antichrist s g according g the th working of S t ki f Satan, with all power and signs and l i ith ll d i d lying wonders. wonders ” 2 Th 2:9 There are some that believe the Th. Antichrist will receive his position by performing a miracle p yp g by b coming back to life from apparent death. We read, “I saw i b k t lif f t d th W d I one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded and his y wounded, dead y ou d as healed. deadly wound was healed And a t e world marveled and ea ed d all the o d a e ed a d followed the beast Rev 13:3 This scripture seems to indicate f ll d th beast” R 13 3 Thi b t” i t t i di t that there may be an attempt on his life and by recovering y p y g from thi mortal wound th world will be i awe of hi f this t l d the ld ill b in f him. 2

Another type or forerunner of the coming Antichrist is Antiochus Epiphanes (E i h A i h E i h (Epiphanes - G d Manifest) After the God Manifest). Af M if ) h end of Alexander the Great's reign, the Greek Empire was Great s reign, g p divided di id d among four rulers: C f l Cassander; ruling over Greece d li G and its region Lysimachus; ruling over Asia Minor region, Minor, Seleucus; ruling over Syria and Israel's land, Ptolemy; ruling ; g y Israel s land, y; g over Egypt. Antiochus IV E i h E t A ti h Epiphanes ruled from 175—163 BC l df 175 163 over the Syrian section of Alexander s empire He is the little y Alexander’s empire. p horn o Daniel 8 9 a d appea s in t e co te t o t e t d o of a e 8:9 and appears the context of the third kingdom (Greece) To consolidate his empire and strengthen ki d (Greece). T (G ) lid t hi i d t th his hold over the region, Antiochus decided to Hellenize the region, g Jews b outlawing J d i J by tl i Judaism and b ordering th worship of d by d i the hi f Zeus as the supreme god This was anathema to the Jews god. and when they refused, Antiochus sent an army to enforce y refused, y his d hi decree. Because of the resistance, the city was B f th i t th it destroyed, destroyed many were slaughtered and a military Greek y y slaughtered, g y citadel called the Acra was established Antiochus as established. foretold in the book of Daniel “waxed exceeding great f t ld i th b k f D i l “waxed d di great, t toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the south, east, pleasant land (Israel). And it waxed great, even to the host of l t l d (I l) A d d t t th h t f heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them. Yea, he magnified g ground, p p them Yea, g himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily hi lf t th i f th h t d b hi th d il sacrifice was taken away and the place of the sanctuary was away, cast down And an host was g down. given him against the daily g y sacrifice by reason of transgression and it cast down the ifi b ft transgression, d i td th truth to the ground; and it practised, and p g p practised prospered”. Daniel prospered p 8:9 8:9-12 Because th 8 9 12 B these prophecies point to Antiochus h i i t t A ti h Epiphanes as well as the future Antichrist they are referred to f f as double reference prophecies. prophecies p p 3

Similarities b Si il i i between Antiochus E i h A i h Epiphanes and the coming d h i Antichrist: They both ( ) Expand their dominion toward the y (1) p south, t th toward th east, and toward the land of Israel (2) d the t dt d th l d f I l Conquer other rulers and persecute the people of Israel (3) Blasphemy God and command idolatrous worship towards p y p foreign Gods (4) Put a stop to temple sacrifices (5) And f i G d P t t t t l ifi A d desecrate the temple of God. p God

The Revived Roman Kingdom
Contained ithi the b k f D i l d R C t i d within th books of Daniel and Revelation i a l ti is description of the coming kingdom of the antichrist The antichrist. beast of Revelation (Chapter 13) has ten horns and seven ( p ) heads. Th h d The seven heads represent a total of 7 great empires. h d t t t l f t i The seven heads are also seven kings or kingdoms. The five kingdoms fallen ones are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Greece. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, gyp y y Greece The i th i th R Th sixth is the Roman Empire of the past. The seventh is E i f th past Th t th i g going to be a revived Roman kingdom. The antichrist is the g kingdom g seventh h d of the beast, and both the seventh and eight th head f th b t d b th th th d i ht king. king Rev 17:11 The ten horns represent ten nations that will make up the Antichrist’s empire The lion, bear, and leopard p Antichrist s empire. p lion, bear, p in R i Revelation 13, as i D i l 7 represent th B b l i l ti 13 in Daniel 7, t the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Medo-Persian and Greek empires This suggests that the empires. final empire will combine the strongest elements of all these p g ancient ki d i t kingdoms “A d I stood upon th sand of th sea kingdoms. “And t d And the d f the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads p sea g and ten horns and upon his horns ten cro ns ” “And the horns, pon crowns...” And crowns... beast which I saw was like unto a leopard (Greece), and his b hi h lik l d (Greece) (G ) d hi feet were as the feet of a bear (Medo Persia) and his mouth (Medo-Persia), ( ), as the mouth of a lion (Babylon)” Rev 13:1-2 th th f li (B b l )” R 13 1 2 (Babylon) 13:1 4

The p p prophet Daniel spoke of four g p gentile kingdoms which g were to rule the earth: Babylon, M d P t l th th B b l Medo Persia, G Medo-Persia, Greece, and i d Rome. Rome The last of these Rome was to rule again right before the (Times of the Gentiles) were to be fulfilled Here’s what ( ) fulfilled. Here s Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream that represented these N b h d i hi d th t t d th four kingdoms: “The image s head was of fine gold The image’s ( (Babylon), (Babylon) his breast, and his arms of silver (Medo Persia) y ), breast, ( (Medo-Persia), ), his b ll hi belly and his thighs of brass (Greece), his legs of iron d hi thi h f b (Greece) hi l (G ) f iron, i his feet part of iron and part of clay (Rome) ” Daniel 2:32 33 p p y( (Rome). ) 2:32,33


Concerning the Revived Roman Empire; “Wh C i h R i dR E i “Whereas thou Whereas h sawest the feet and toes part of potters’ clay and part of iron, p p potters y p iron, the ki d th kingdom shall b divided; but there shall be in it the h ll be di id d b t th h ll b i th strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron iron mixed with miry clay.” y clay ” y

The Roman Empire Th R E pi
“Thus he said the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom Thus said, upon the earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, p earth, kingdoms, g and shall d d h ll devour th whole earth and shall tread it down, the h l earth, d h ll t th d d down and break it in p pieces ” Daniel 7:23 “And the ten horns out of pieces. And this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise and another shall arise: rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first and he i f h d h h ll b di f h fi first, d h shall subdue three kings ” Daniel 7:24 Many bible scholars kings. g y believe that the European Union is where the antichrist is b li th t th E U i i h th ti h i t i given his kingdom. kingdom 6

Others believe that he may get his kingdom from 10 yg g economic bl i blocs or regions. Th antichrist will reign f 3 ½ i The ti h i t ill i for y years during the last half of the 70th week of Daniel Daniel g Daniel. 7:25 Rev 13:5 And it is in t e middle o this final 7 yea 5 Rev. 3 5 e d t s the dd e of t s a year tribulation t ib l ti period that the great tribulation starts after the i d th t th t t ib l ti t t ft th antichrist and the false prophet set up an idol in the temple p p p p and the antichrist demands to be worshipped as God. Daniel d th ti h i t d d t b hi d G d D i l 9:27 “And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was And trouble since there was a nation even to that same time ” Daniel time...” 12:1 It’s l 12 1 It’s also at this time that the false prophet requires that It t thi ti th t th f l h t i th t everyone take the mark of the beast “And I beheld another y beast. And beast coming up out of the earth” “and he doeth g g p great wonders, wonders so that he maketh fi come down from heaven in d th t h k th fire d f h i the sight of men and he deceiveth them that dwell on the g earth by the means of those miracles” “And he causeth th th b th f th miracles” “A d h i l And th them to make an image to the beast which had the wound by a beast, sword, sword, and did live ” “and he had p live. and power to g give life unto the image of the beast...and cause that as many as would not i f th b t d th t ld t worship worship” or receive the mark of the beast ”should be killed ” should killed. Rev 13:11 17 Just how will the antichrist come to his end? By 13:11-17 y advancing his armies to the middle east “he shall enter also d i hi i t th iddl t “h h ll t he l into the glorious land, and many countries shall be g land y overthrown…” “and the land f Egypt shall not escape. B t overthrown…” “and th l d of E th d t h ll t But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver f silver, and over all the p precious things of Egypt ” “But tidings out g Egypt… But gyp g of th east and out of the north (the armies of China and f the t d t f th th (th i f Chi d Russia) shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with g great fury to destroy, and utterly make away many. And he y destroy y, y y many y shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between h ll l t th t b l f hi l b t 7

the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to h i h l i h l i h h ll his end, and none shall help him.” Daniel 11:41-45 The end, p him 11:41 45 world s world’s armies are now gathered north of Jerusalem for the ld’ i th d th f J l f th battle of Armageddon “And this shall be the plague Armageddon. And wherewith the Lord will smite all the p p that have fought people g against Jerusalem; their flesh shall consume away while they i tJ l th i fl h h ll hil th stand upon their feet and their eyes shall consume away p feet, y y in their holes and their tongue shall consume away in their holes, mouth. Z h i h 14 12 mouth ” Zechariah 14:12 th

Here’s li t f th Antichrist's h Here’s a list of the A ti h i t's characteristics H Antichrist t i ti and traits:
I. I He will be extremely intelligent and he might be involved in the Occult “…understanding dark sentences…” Daniel 8:23 understanding g sentences II. H II He will be very boastful. “a mouth that spake very great ill b b tf l “a th th t k t things things” Daniel 7:20 III. III “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to g p y prosper in his hand” “…and by peace shall he destroy many” i hi hand h d” and b d h ll h d t many” Daniel 8:25 IV. IV He is called the “king of fierce co ntenance” Daniel 8 23 king countenance” countenance 8:23 V. V His “look will be more stout than his f “look fellows” Daniel 7:20 fellows 20 VI. He VI “He will confirm a covenant with the many for one week y week” The A ti h i t Th Antichrist negotiates a peace treaty between Israel and ti t t t b t I l d her enemies setting the stage for a final seven-year tribulation p period ( (See charts) Daniel 9:27 charts). ) VII. H VII He will have many successful military exploits and also ill h f l ilit l it d l attempt to destroy the Jews after he comes to power "He p y p power. He shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper and practice wonderfully, prosper, practice, and shall d d h ll destroy the mighty and the holy people" Daniel h i h d h h l people" D i l l 8:24 8

VIII. He ill be the head f kingdom given t hi b 10 VIII H will b th h d of a ki d i to him by kings. And kings “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings g kings, g which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast ” Rev 17:12 ki h ith th beast. R b t Rev. 17 12 IX "And he shall speak great words against the most High, And p g g High, g and shall wear out th saints of th most Hi h and thi k t d h ll t the i t f the t High, d think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand…” hand ” His reign will begin at the start of the final 3 ½ years g g y of th tribulation period. Daniel 7: 25 f the t ib l ti i d D i l7 X. X There may be an attempt to kill him “And his deadly y him. And y wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the healed, Beast R Beast" Rev 13:3 B t" Rev. 13 3 XI. XI He will p proclaim himself God 2 Thess 2:4 God. Thess. XII. H XII He will demand t b worshipped. “A d causeth th earth ill d d to be hi d “And And th the th and all that dwell therein to worship the beast ” Rev 13:12 beast… Rev. XIII. XIII He will require that everybody on Earth receive a mark or q y y identification id tifi ti on th i f their forehead or h d and nobody will h d hand d b d ill legally be able to buy or sell without it “And that no man it. And might buy or sell, save he that hath the mark…” Rev. 13:16, g y sell, mark ” Rev 13:16, 17 XIV. XIV He will lead his army to fight against the world s military y g g world’s y forces in the battle of Armageddon where Christ will defeat f i th b ttl f A dd h Ch i t ill d f t them. And them “And I saw the Beast and the kings of the earth and Beast, f earth, their armies gathered together to make war ” Rev 19 19, 20 g g war… Rev. 19, The f ll i Th following scriptures d i t describe h ib how arrogant and proud t d d the antichrist will be “And the king shall do according to his be. And will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above ; himself, g y every god and shall speak marvelous thi god, d h ll d k l things against th G d i t the God 9

of gods, and shall prosper till th i di f d d h ll the indignation be ti b accomplished. accomplished ” Daniel 11: 36 p “Neither h ll h “N ith shall he regard the God of his fathers, …nor regard Neither d th G d f hi fathers f th nor d any god: for he shall magnify himself above all ” Daniel 11:37 yg g y all.

The "Mark of the Beast" Mark Beast

Because of this antichrist and his false prophet: all, both p p all, small and great rich and poor, free and slave, will receive a ll d great, i h d poor f t d slave ill l i mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one g foreheads, may buy or sell except one who has the mark, or the name of b ll t h h th k th f the beast or the number of his name Rev 13:16-17 This beast, name. mark, mark, which is usually called the "mark of the beast," will be y mark beast, used by the antichrist to place everyone under his direct d b th ti h i t t l d hi di t control. control To receive this mark will ensure the wrath of God and result in a p person being cast into the lake of fire g fire. Revelation 14 9 11 R l ti 14:9-11 14:9 10

And A d to the one who doesn’t take the mark this person will b h h d doesn’t k h k hi ill be end up being beheaded by the antichrist. Revelation 20:4 p g y antichrist Everyone will b f E ill be faced with th d i i of h i t decide d ith the decision f having to d id whether or not to take the mark No one will be exempt This mark. exempt. may be in the form of a biometric devise or a rfid tattoo or y chip. By receiving the mark of the beast a person will be able hi B i i th k f th b t ill b bl to obtain all of the necessities of life: such as food water food, water, clothing, clothing and shelter. People who refuse will be forced to go shelter underground to escape being caught. A cashless society is d dt b i caught ht hl i t i what the bible is referring to when it speaks about the g p coming mark of th beast. A common international system i k f the b t i t ti l t will have to be put in place so they will be able to track all buying and selling. There are already systems in use today y g selling g y y y to track products; such as the universal product code. When t t k d t h th i l d t d Wh this happens money will be replaced by computerized y y sca scanning devices making e ect o c t a sact o s ou only g de ces a g electronic transactions our o y form of currency. Fingerprint scanners, voice print scanners, f f currency Fi i t scanners i i t scanners eye scanners, smart cards, and implanted computer chips y scanners, cards, p p p are already being used today. It’s remarkable that 2,000 years l d b i dt d It s It’ k bl th t 2 000 ago the bible predicted that this technology would be developed and used by the antichrist when he reigns during p y g g the l t h lf f th fi l th last half of the final 7 year tribulation period - D i l’s t ib l ti i d Daniel’s Daniel seventieth week (See Charts) For anyone to take “the mark week. the of the beast” the bible issues this warning: “If any man g y worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his hi th b t d hi image i d i hi k i hi forehead, forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of hand, the th wrath of G d which i poured out without mixture i t th f God, hi h is d t ith t i t into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with f fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in p y angels, g the th presence of the Lamb.” Revelation 14:9-10 f th L b ” R Lamb. l ti 14 9 10 14:9 11

End Time Signs Sg
When Jesus disciples asked what would signal his second Jesus' p g coming, h gave them several signs to watch for. He also i he th l i t t hf H l taught that the time immediately before his coming would be known as the "beginning of sorrows" (Matt 24:8) Christ beginning sorrows ( g g (Matt. 24:8). ) stated that these birth pains would increase and become t t d th t th bi th i ld i db much more intense until the end of this age. age g 1. 1 False Christs/prophets (Matthew 24:4; 24:11): "For many For will come in my name claiming I am the Christ and will ill i name, claiming, l i i h Ch i Christ, d ill deceive many ” "...and many false prophets will appear and many, y, and y p p pp deceive many people.” d i people.” l 2. 2 Wars and Rumors of Wars (Matthew 24:6): "Your will hear Your of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not wars, y alarmed. S h thi l d Such things must h t happen, b t the end is still to but th d i till t come. come Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against g nation, g g kingdom." kingdom " gdo 3. Famines (Matthew 24:7): "There will be famines in various 3 F i (M tth 24 7) "Th There ill b f i i i p places. places " 4. Earthquakes (M tth 4 E th k (Matthew 24 7) "Th 24:7): "There will b There ill be...earthquakes th k in various places." places 5. 5 Religious persecution (Matthew 24:9): "Then you will be g p ( ) Then y handed h d d over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will t b t d d t t d th d ill be hated by all nations because of me ” y me. 6. 6 Increase in Wickedness (Matthew 24:12:13): "Because of ( ) the i th increase of wickedness the love of most will grow cold f wickedness, th l i k d f t ill cold, ld but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” saved 12

7. 7 The worldwide dissemination of the Gospel (Matthew 24:14): "And hi 24 14) "A d this gospel of the ki d And l f h kingdom will b preached i ill be h d in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the y nations, end will come.” d ill come.” 8. 8 The Sign of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39): "As it was in the As days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man y Noah, g Man. For i th d F in the days before the flood, people were eating and b f th fl d l ti d drinking, drinking marrying and g g y g giving in marriage up to the day g marriage, p g y Noah e te ed t e a ; a d t ey knew nothing about what oa entered the ark; and they e ot g at would h ld happen until th fl d came and t k th til the flood d took them all away ” ll away. 9. g 9 Signs and wonders in the heavens (Luke 21:11): "There ( ) There will be...great signs f ill b t i from heaven...” h heaven...” 10. 10 Pestilence (Luke 21:11): "There will be pestilences in There be...pestilences various places...” places ” p 11. Fearful E 11 F f l Events (L k 21:11): "Th t (Luke 21 11) "There will be...fearful There ill b f f l events... events ” 12. g 12 Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars (Luke 21:25): "There Sun, Moon, ( ) will be signs in the sun moon and stars.” ill b i i th sun, d stars t 13. 13 Fear and Apprehension for the Future (Luke 21:26): "Men pp ( ) Men will f i t f ill faint from terror, apprehensive of what i coming on th t h i f h t is i the world, world for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” shaken

In addition, here are several Tribulation I addition, h dditi l T ib l ti Indicators:
1. 1 The progress of the Middle East peace process towards a final settlement or covenant ( (Daniel 9:27): "He will confirm a ) He covenant with many for one week. In the middle of the seven t ith f k I th iddl f th ( (week) he will put an end to sacrifice and offering . And on a ) p g wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes 13

desolation, desolation until the end that is decreed i poured out on d l i il h d h i d d is d him. him ” 2. Th 2 The establishment of a new Jewish Temple (Daniel 9:27; t bli h t f J i hT l (D i l 9 27 Matthew 24:15): "So when you see standing in the holy place So the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of through desolation, p g the th prophet Daniel, then let those who are in Judea flee to h t D i l th l t th h i J d fl t the mountains ” mountains. 3. 3 The growth of world community (Revelation 11:9): "For For three and a half days men from every people tribe language th d h lf d f people, t ib l l tribe, and nation will g gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial. burial The i h bit t f th Th inhabitants of the earth will gloat over th th ill l t them and will d ill celebrate by sending each other gifts because these two gifts, p p prophets had tormented those who live on the earth ” earth.” 4. Mark f th B 4 M k of the Beast - advances in biometrics and smart card t d i bi ti d t d technology that would facilitate the mark of the beast gy ( e e at o 13:16-18), t e u be o man, 666 (Revelation 13:16 18) the number of man, 666: "He the 3 6 8), a et e second beast also forced everyone, small and great rich and db t l f d everyone ll d great, i h d t p poor, poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or slave, g on hi forehead, so th t no one could buy or sell unless h his f h d that ld b ll l he had the mark which is the name of the beast or the number mark, of his name.” name ” 5. The 5 Th creation of an international alliance of 10 states ti f i t ti l lli f t t (Revelation 17:12-14) to empower the beast: "The ten horns The y you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, g y kingdom, g but h f b t who for one hour will receive authority as kings along h ill i th it ki l with the beast. They have one p p beast y purpose and will g give their power and authority t the b d th it to th beast.” beast.” t 6. 6 The disposition of military forces in and around Jerusalem f f ( (Ezekiel 38:8; Zechariah 12; Luke 21:20; Revelation 19:19): ; ; ; ) "In f t "I future years, you G In Gog will invade a land that has ill i d l d th t h 14

recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many war p p g y nations to the mountains of Israel which had long been Israel, desolate. Th h d b desolate They had been brought out from many nations and d l t b ht tf nations, d ti now all of them live in safety You and all y safety. y your troops and the p nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm; you will ti ith ill d i lik t ill be like a cloud covering the land ” “I am going to make land. I Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples p gp p reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that li J d h ill b b i d ll J l O th t day, day when all the nations of the earth are gathered against y g g her, her, I will make Jerusalem a immovable rock for all the e a e Je usa e an o ab e oc o a t e nations. nations All who try to move it will injure themselves...On that ti h t t ill i j themselves On th t th l O day, day the Lord will shield those who live in Jerusalem...On that y, Jerusalem On day, I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack d ill t t t d t ll th ti th t tt k Jerusalem. When Jerusalem ” “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, y armies, you will know that its desolation is near ” “Then I near.” saw th beast and the kings of the earth and their armies the b t d th ki f th th d th i i g gathered together to make war against Christ and his army g g army. y Then the beast was captured and with him the false prophet p p p who h d performed the miraculous signs on hi behalf.” h had f d th i l i his b h lf behalf





Here are some recent newspaper headlines showing the current use of biometric and rfid technology. technology technolog
Biometrics To Be Used On IDs. - Mi Bi t i T B U d O ID Minnesota to Use Facial t t U F i l Recognition Technology on IDs -- S State will add biometrics component to prevent fake driver s licenses. p p driver's licenses

Police d i P li advisory body installs 3D facial recognition system – b d i t ll f i l iti t London UK Australian state police eye fingerprint biometrics - Police in f the Australian state of New South Wales are set to introduce portable, handheld fingerprint scanners t bl h dh ld fi i t Eye Scan Technology Comes to Schools - A New Jersey y gy y School Di t i t I Pil ti S h l District Is Piloting the System th S t Speed thro gh the checkout with just a wave of your arm - It through checko t ith j st a e o r may sound like a sci-fi f d lik i fi fantasy but shoppers may one day be b h d b able to p y their g pay grocery bills using a microchip implanted in y g p p their b d th i body. 19

RFID Chips To Travel in U.S. Passports - U S passports p US p U.S. p p issued after October 2006 will contain embedded radio i d ft O t b ill t i b dd d di frequency identification chips that carry the holder's holder s p personal data and digital p g photo photo. Germany To Issue Passports with Biometric Data - First y p passport in Europe to use RFID technology. technology EU readies bio-passports - EU governments will issue new bio passports p p g biometric V iChi T T t H bi t i VeriChip To Test Human I Implantable RFID On l t bl O Military passports containing facial images. images National G N ti l Guard orders portable kits - Th U.S. National Guard d d t bl kit The U S N ti lG d has purchased $4 6 million worth of mobile radio-frequency p $4.6 q y identification ( de t cat o (RFID) syste s ) systems systems. UK number two in RFID market Research says - US leads in y number of sites using t h l b f it i technology Wal-Mart Wal Mart Backs RFID Technology - Will require suppliers to gy q pp use 'smart' tags 'smart t t' Epassports with RFID chips now a reality - The US p p p y Department of St t on M d started to i D t t f State Monday t t d t issue electronic l t i p passports (e-passports) equipped with RFID chips p (e passports) q pp ( p p ) RFID-chips. p Alabama Grips Crime With NEC Palm and Fingerprint Identification System - Huntsville Police Department y p Becomes S B Second NEC AFIS Implementation in State With d I l t ti i St t Automated Connectivity to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation g


I ve I've got a biometric ID card - Biometric testing of face, eye face and fingerprints could soon be used on every resident of the d fi i ld b d id f h UK to create compulsory identity cards. BBC News Online's p y y cards Online s Tom G T Geoghegan volunteered for a pilot scheme and looked, h l t df il t h dl k d unblinking, unblinking into the future future. Lithuania b Lithuania-based N Lith i based Neurotechnology h unveiled V iL k d t h l has il d VeriLook Surveillance SDK a new biometric technology for real-time SDK, gy face identification using video surveillance cameras. Once a ace de t cat o us g deo su e a ce ca e as O ce cameras face is detected it is tracked in all successive frames of f i detected, i t d t t d k d i ll i f f video until it disappears from camera view Face appearance, pp view. appearance, pp tracking and disappearance events are reported to the t ki d di t t d t th system. system This technology can be used in locations where p p people may not be looking directly into the camera. y g y camera Biometric technology improves identification security gy security. y Combined with other security measures, biometrics has fast y measures, become the preferred solution to controlled access," said b th f d l ti t t ll d access id Marine Lt Col Frank Lugo, the deputy chief of force Lt. Col. Lugo, g p y protection and mission assurance division at U S Northern t ti d i i di i i t U.S. N th Command. Command The Air Force is planning to invest in a multimillion dollar biometric enabled enterprise system called the biometric-enabled p y Defense Bi D f Biometric Identification System, or DBIDS, which t i Id tifi ti S t DBIDS hi h would allow electronic verification of ID cards at base gates gates. Mecklenburg Co N C Sheriff s Office Picks Iris Biometric M kl b C N.C. Sh iff' Offi Pi k I i Bi Co., Sheriff's ti Technology. Technology The department is working with BI2 gy p g Technologies f Plymouth , MA Th new system will utilize T h l i of Pl th MA. The t ill tili iris recognition biometric technology to identify convicted f sex offenders offenders. 21

Total Su e a ce ota Surveillance
Electronic surveillance: it's everywhere and it’s growing. Has it s y growing g g the d th demand for and use of electronic surveillance increased? df d f l t i ill i d? Yes, Yes because of the 9/11 tragedy there has been a renewed g y interest in secu ty us g b o et cs with ID ca ds a d in te est security using biometrics t cards and airports, e.g. id airports e g video surveillance enhanced by faciali t ill h d b facial f i l recognition technology to combat terrorism. Allowing for this g gy terrorism g has b h been the rapid advances in telecommunications th id d i t l i ti technology having been accompanied by a growth in the p potential effectiveness of electronic surveillance and a steady increase in government surveillance activity. With t d i i t ill ti it biometric ID systems, as with national ID systems, we should systems y systems y be concerned about a system that provides greater social y p g surveillance of the population in general And because ill f th l ti i general. A d b l And, they re they're continually making new discoveries to increase the y y g effectiveness of biometrics, rfid chips, etc., th government ff ti f bi ti fid hi t the t may soon be tracking us all all. 22

Biometrics Bi ti
Biometrics refers to the automatic identification or identity y verification of li i persons using th i unique physical or ifi ti f living i their i h i l behavioral characteristics Many body parts, personal characteristics. parts characteristics and imaging methods have been suggested g g gg and used for biometric systems, such as: fingers, hands, d d f bi ti t h fi h d feet, faces, feet faces and eyes, etc The biometric method of eyes etc. y identification offers several advantages over traditional g methods involving ID cards or pin numbers f various th d i l i d i b for i reasons: ( ) the person to be identified is required to be (1) p q physically present; (2) identification based on biometric h i ll t id tifi ti b d bi ti techniques obviates the need to use a password personal password, identification number (p ), key or ID card By using real (pin) key, (pin), y, card. y g realtime recognition, biometric techniques can prevent ti iti bi ti t h i t unauthorized access to secure systems. This is why systems biometrics are already being integrated into present security y g g p y systems and are being used to reduce financial fraud t d b i dt d fi i lf fraud. d 23

Rfid T h l gy Technology
Total T t l RFID Surveillance. Imagine a future in which your every Surveillance I S ill i f t i hi h belonging is marked with a unique number identifiable with g g q the th swipe of a scanner; where your refrigerator keeps track i f h fi t k t k of its contents; where the location of your car is always p p pinpoint-able; pinpoint able; and where signal emitting p p ; signal-emitting pinpoint signal g g g microchips storing personal information are implanted i hi t i li f ti i l t d beneath your skin This may be the future of radio frequency skin. identification ( (RFID), a technology whose application has so (RFID) ), gy pp far b f been limited largely to supply-chain management An li it d l l t supply chain management. A l h i t RFID tag or chip is an object that can be attached to or g p j incorporated into any product, animal, or person for the i t di t d t i l f th purpose of identification using radio waves. RFID s are set to f f waves RFID's be applied to a whole range of consumer g pp g goods They’re goods. They re y already being used to keep track of products purchased, l d b i dt k t k f d t h d monitor shipments replace stock; and also prevent shipments, shoplifting of products like clothing, electronic devices, etc. p g p clothing g, devices, etc 24

On the following pages are some advances in biometrics and rfid technology being considered for use today or in the design and id df t d i th d i d development stage for f t d l p t t g f future use use.

Pay by touch
Used b U d by several retailers, Pay By Touch may be the most l t il P B T h b th t p prominent biometric device in the U S Shoppers enrolled in U.S. pp the program can speed through checkout lines, paying for lines items with a linked bank account or credit card simply by it ith li k d b k t dit d i l b applying a fingerprint to a sensor. Pay By Touch says more pp y g g p sensor y y y than th 2 million people h illi l have signed up. N i d Now th company the plans to expand into online retail, using sensors available on retail some laptops laptops. p p 25

Face Scan
If computers could recognize faces as easily as people they would make an ideal aid for spotting and tracking known ld k id l id f i d ki k terrorists and criminals But face recognition systems aren't criminals. face-recognition y g aren t that li bl th t reliable yet. A company called Id ti (IDNX) is making t ll d Identix i ki steady progress Identix says that by combining the usual progress. that, face scan with an inspection of p p pores and wrinkles in small blocks f ki h i bl k of skin, has improved reliability. d li bilit

Iris S I i Scan


Eye S Ey Scanner
Iris scanning technology was first thought of in 1936 by g gy g y op t a o og st a Burch. e ot ced t at each person’s ophthalmologist Frank Burch He noticed that eac pe so s uc iris the i i – th part of the eye that gives color – i unique It wasn’t t f th th t i l is unique. wasn’t i t till 1994 when the algorithm for detecting these differences g g was patented by John D t t d b J h Daugman of I idi T h l i f Iridian Technologies. Iris Ii scans analyze the features in the colored tissue surrounding the pupil There are many unique p p p pupil. y q points for comparison p including i i l di rings, furrows and filaments. The scans use a f d fil t Th regular video camera to capture the iris pattern The user g pattern. looks into the device so that he can see the reflection of his own eye. Th device captures the iris pattern and compares eye The d i t th i i tt d it to one in a database. Distance varies, but some models can database varies, make positive identification at up to 2 feet. Verification times k iti id tifi ti t t f t V ifi ti ti vary - generally less than 5 seconds - but only require a q quick glance to activate the identification process To g p process. prevent a fake eye from being used to fool the system, some t f k f b i d t f l th t models vary the light levels shone into the eye and watch for p p pupil dilation – a fixed pupil means a fake eye. Iris scanners p p eye y are now i use in various military and criminal justice in i i ilit d i i l j ti facilities but have never gained the wide favor that g 27

fingerprint scanners now enjoy even though the technology g p j y g gy is considered more secure Devices tend to be bulky in secure. comparison t fingerprint scanners. Retinal scanners are i to fi i t scanners R ti l similar in operation but require the user to be very close to a p q y special camera. This camera takes an image of the patterns i l Thi t k i f th tt created by tiny blood vessels illuminated by a low intensity laser in the back of the eye – the retina. Retinal scans are y retina considered impossible to fake and these scanners can be id di ibl t f k d th b found in areas needing very high security High cost and the g y g security. g y need to actually put your eye very c ose to t e ca e a eed actua y you e y close the camera prevent th t them from being used more widely f b i d widely. id l

RFID tags/chips are miniscule microchips They listen for a / hi i i l microchips. Th li i hi f radio q query and respond by transmitting their unique ID y p y g q code. d 28

This bl k d t i Thi black dot is a RFID chip hi
Most M t RFID tags have no batteries: They use the power from t h b tt i Th th f the initial radio signal to transmit their response. You should g response p become familiar with RFID technology because you ll be you'll hearing much more about it soon Retailers adore the h i h b t soon. R t il d th concept. Wal Mart concept Wal-Mart and the U K based grocery chain Tesco p U.K.-based g y are starting to install "smart shelves" with networked RFID t ti t i t ll "smart shelves" ith t t h l k d readers. readers In what will become the largest test of the technology, technology consumer goods giant Gillette recently said it gy, g g y would purchase 500 million RFID t ld h illi tags f from Ali T h l Alien Technology of Morgan Hill, Calif. It becomes unnervingly easy to imagine g Hill Calif gy y g a scenario where e e yt sce a o e e everything you buy that's more expensive g t at s o e e pe s e than S i k th a Snickers will sport RFID tags, which typically include ill t t tags hi h t i ll i l d a 64 bit unique identifier y 64-bit q yielding about 18 thousand trillion g possible values. KSW Mi ibl l KSW-Microtec, a German company, has Microtec, G t h invented washable RFID tags designed to be sewn into clothing. clothing And according to EE Times, the European central g g Times, p bank is b k i considering embedding RFID t id i b ddi tags i t b k t into banknotes. 29

Privaris Privaris' Pl ID75 P i i ' PlusID75
Now this is an interesting key-fob-sized device designed to eliminate the need for employees to use multiple access p y p cards and passwords The plusID authenticates a user's d d passwords. Th l ID th ti t d user's identity with their fingerprint and enables secure access to y g p buildings b ildings and other physical facilities, local and remote ph sical facilities computers and networks and online or onsite financial d networks, d li k i fi i l transactions. transactions The plusID works with existing installed p existing, g, security infrastructure, making deployment quick and it i f t t ki d l t i k d affordable with just one secure wireless device. The plusID75 device is the first product in Privaris' new plusID line of self p Privaris p selfcontained biometric security products. In the coming t i d bi ti it d t I th i months, months Privaris will announce new plusID variations to p address long range vehicle gate access, government long-range access security initiatives (such as Personal Identity Verification or it i iti ti ( h P l Id tit V ifi ti PIV), PIV) and authentication for financial and retail applications. ), applications pp The d i Th device, which is Bluetooth, proximity RF, and USB hi h i Bl t th i it RF d enabled, enabled includes a fingerprint sensor, buttons for sensor application selection, LED status indicators, an LCD for one pp selection, indicators, onetime password display, a USB connector, on-board ti d di l t on b board d fingerprint processing, cryptographic services, a g processing y g g services rechargeable batte y, a d credential transmission capability ec a geab e battery and c ede t a t a s ss o capab ty battery, at multiple RF frequencies. t lti l frequencies f i 30

Fujitsu palm vein F jit palm-vein scanner l i

Yarg Bi Y Biometric S t i Scanner
A Scottish school has turned to biometrics as p part of a nationwide push to encourage children to eat healthier ti id ht hild t t h lthi meals. meals


The f t i t Todholm Primary School in Paisley, Th cafeteria at T dh l P i S h li P i l Scotland, Scotland has gone cashless, and students are buying g cashless y g lunches by holding their hands over a palm vein recognition palm-vein unit produced b Gl it d d by Glasgow b Glasgow-based Y based Yarg Bi d Biometrics. It’s th Biometrics It s the ti It’ first school to use the system. Inside is the same palm-vein system y palm vein p scanner from Japan’s Fujitsu that can now be found on f J Japan’s F jit th t b f d thousands of bank cash machines across Japan. Japan The system relies on an infrared image of the palm of a y g p user ’s h d user’s hand. It reveals the pattern of veins present under the l th tt f i t d th skin, skin and from this an algorithm can confirm identity of the g y user. user It takes into account identifying features such as the y g number of veins th i position and th points at which th b f veins, their i iti d the i t t hi h they cross, cross, and offers a higher level of security than competing g y p g technologies including i t h l i i l di voice print, facial recognition, i t f i l iti fingerprint recognition and iris scan according to Fujitsu scan, Fujitsu. Yarg worked with Fujitsu to develop the p g j p palm vein readers palm-vein that th t are used in the school. Y d i th h l Yarg di discovered Fujitsu’s palm d Fujitsu’s palmF jit l vein system and interfaced it with a keypad and other electronics to form the unit that kids see on the countertop countertop. p This i li k d ith b k ffi Thi is linked with a back office server that can verify the th t if th identity of each child and tie in with the food p y y payment system. At the school in Paisley, there are four units linked to t th h li P i l th f it li k d t a back office server Two of the units can be used by children ff server. f to check their balance, and the other two are installed at the balance, cafeteria checkout. When a student places his or her hand in f t i h k t Wh t d t l hi h h di front of the sensor, the system returns the child s credit sensor child’s balance within about three seconds seconds. 32

Full Body Scanner F ll B dy S
Security checkpoint full body scanners. The full body y p y scanners y scanner is not new, but it is needless to say that the concept i t b t i dl t th t th t of a full body x-ray doesn't sit too well with many people. The y y doesn t y people scanners are currently being tested at 10 different US y g airports, b t th t i l l i airports but the trial only involves offering the scanner as an i t l ff i th alternative to a pat down in a secondary security search The p y y search. obvious question is whether the scanner can see b i ti i h th th "everything", and the answer is yes - the full body scanner everything will see all y your "parts", the TSA tries to alleviate passenger p parts p g concerns by moving the screener away from the machine, b i th f th hi hidden away in a dark room Your face is also blurred on the room. display, display so there is no risk of TSA agents pointing at you p y, g p g y while giggling lik littl school girls. Sadly, the truth is that hil i li like little h l girls Sadly th t th i th t i l S dl the full body scanner is probably here to stay and will y p y stay, y eventually e ent all become the way all passengers are scanned at the a 33

airport. airport There is no denying that the ability to see right through you and your clothes is the most effective way to h h d l h i h ff i scan for weapons or other unwanted items at the airport. p airport p Whether thi t h l Wh th this technology will also involve you walking ill l i l lki through with your bags is just a matter of time time.

The Super Smart Card
E-Smart T h l i is a leading provider of high ES Smart Technologies i t l di id f hi h technology security systems that can be used to combat fraud and terrorism E Smart products enable government terrorism. E-Smart p g agencies and commercial enterprises to continuously and i d i l t i t ti l d securely verify certify and manage identification and access y verify, y y g o citizens, pe so e custo e s a d any other persons of citizens personnel, customers and a y ot e pe so s c t e s, personnel, seeking physical or logical access. E S ki h i l l i l access E-Smart is the exclusive Smart i th t l i p provider of the Biometric Verification Security System(TM) y y ( ) (BVS2)(TM), featuring th Super Smart Card(TM) for Asia and (BVS2)(TM) f t i the S S t C d(TM) f A i d the US which experts believe to be the world s only US, world's commercially available smartcard with a full on-card y on card matching system for biometric ID verification. t hi t f bi ti ifi ti 34

ActivCard, A ti C d a specialist in ID tit M i li t i IDentity Management software for t ft f remote access announced an expanded cooperation with its access, p partner Precise Biometrics AB, to deliver smart card based AB, card-based identification id tifi ti (ID) badge solutions with biometric b d l ti ith bi ti authentication. authentication ActivCard has incorporated Precise p Biometrics Biometrics' technology for fingerprint matching on smart cards, "P cards "Precise Match-on-Card", to i "ActivCard G ld 2 2" d Precise Match-on-Card i M h C d" its "A i C d Gold 2.2 ActivCard software, software, the most successful and widely deployed smart ID y p y card available on the market today. By verifying the d il bl th k tt d B if i th fingerprint that's on the card this method guarantees that that s card, the (the user s identity) never leaves the card, so it is not ( user's y) card, subject to theft. bj t t th ft


Optical Memory Cards
To facilitate l T f ilit t local trade and provide convenience for lt d d id i f inhabitants of border communities, the U.S. Department of communities, US p State i St t issues a B1/B2 Visa to Mexican citizens who wish to Vi t M i iti h i ht cross frequently into the U S A This visa is issued in card U.S.A. form and is known as the Border Crossing Card (BCC) The g ( (BCC). ) BCC i l d many of the same security features introduced includes f th it f t i t d d for the Permanent Resident Card such as micro images in Card, the optical memory and the Embedded Hologram Since the p y Hologram. g BCC introduction, there has been no instance of a working BCC’s introduction th BCC’s i t d ti h b i t f ki counterfeit. counterfeit

Electronic Toll Collection
RFID t tags are used for electronic toll collection at toll booths df l t i t ll ll ti t t ll b th with Georgia s Cruise Card California's FasTrak Illinois IGeorgia's Card, California s FasTrak, Illinois' Pass, Oklahoma's Pikepass, Pass, Oklahoma s Pikepass, the expanding eastern states Ep p g states' E ZPass system (including Massachusetts's Fast Lane, New ZP t (i l di Massachusetts's F t L M h tt N 36

Jersey Turnpike and the Maine Turnpike) Florida's SunPass Turnpike, Turnpike), Florida s SunPass, North Texas NTTA and H N hT d Houston HCTRA EZ T Tag Th "C Tag, The "CrossCrossIsrael Highway" ( g Highway (Highway 6) Philippines South Luzon g y y 6), ), pp Expressway E-Pass, B i b E EP Pass, Brisbane's Queensland Motorway E T ll Brisbane's Q l dM t E-Toll Toll System in Australia Autopista del Sol (Sun s Highway), Australia, (Sun's Highway) Autopista Central (Central Highway) Autopista Los p ( Highway), g y), p Libertadores, C t Lib t d Costanera N t V Norte, Vespucio N t E i Norte Express and d Vespucio Sururban Highways All highways in Portugal (Via p Highways. g y g y g ( Verde, t e st syste Verde the first system in t e world to span the entire e de, the o d spa t e e t e network of tolls) and France (Liber-T system). The tags t k f t ll ) d F (Lib T system) Th t (Liber t ) tags, which are usually the active type, are read remotely as y type, yp y vehicles pass through the booths, and tag information is hi l th h th b th dt i f ti i used to debit the toll from a prepaid account The system account. helps to speed traffic through toll plazas as it records the p p g p date, time, and billi d t f th RFID vehicle tag. d t ti d billing data for the hi l t

The Verichip Th V i hip
Verichip ili V i hi utilizes the implantable passive RFID microchip h implantable, i l bl i i hi in their solutions for the p p purpose of automatic identification. About the size of a grain of rice, th id tifi ti Ab t th i f i f i the microchip inserts just 37

under the skin In the future this chip may contain Global skin. p y Positioning System (GPS) tracking capabilities Once inserted just d the skin i j t under th skin, via a quick outpatient procedure th ki quick, t ti t procedure, the i k d VeriChip™ can be scanned when necessary with a VeriChip p y p reader. A small amount of radio frequency energy passes d ll t f di f from the reader energizing the dormant microchip which then emits a radio frequency signal transmitting the q y g g individuals i i di id l unique verification number. ifi ti b

Rfid T tt ’s Tattoo Tattoo’s
Somark Innovations a company located in Saint Louis, has Innovations, Louis successfully tested an RFID tattoo, on cows, mice and rats: y tattoo, cows, enabling an id tif i bli identifying number embedded under th skin. b b dd d d the ki The system developed by Somark uses an array of needles to inject a pattern of dots into each animal, with the p j p animal, pattern changing for each injection h i f h injection. i j ti 38

This tt Thi pattern can then be read using a reader operating at th b d i d ti t high frequency. The ink can be either invisible or colored but g frequency q y Somark is keeping mum as to its exact contents They only contents. say that it doesn't contain any metals and is 100% th t d doesn't t t i t l di biocompatible and chemically inert The tattoo can be p y inert. applied in 5 to 10 seconds with no shaving involved and can li d i t d ith h i i l d d be read from up to 4 feet away -- the bigger the tattoo the tattoo, more information stored stored.

Conclusion Concl sion
“And “A d I saw th souls of them that were beheaded for the And the l f th th t b h d d f th witness of Jesus and f the word of G f Jesus, for f God and which had God, not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had pp beast, image, g received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; i d hi k th i f h d i th i h d and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years ” years. After this vision John then “saw a g great white throne, and throne, him th t t hi that sat on it from whose face the earth and the heaven it, f h f th th d th h fled away; and there was found no p y place for them And I saw them. the dead small and great stand before God; and the books dead, great, were opened which is the book of life: and the dead were opened, hi h i h b k f lif d d h d d j g judged out of those things which were written in the books, g books, according to their works.” Rev 20:4,11 13 di t th i works.” R 20:4,11-13 k 20 4 11


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