Executive Summary Introduction The CLEAN WHEELZ is owned by the following persons: Ms. Ma. Luisa Rosaura, Mr. Kenneth Baybay, Mr.

William Relles, Mr. Kurt Ruehle, and Mr. Guillermo Allanigue. The following persons comprises the board of directors. The company is owned by Ma. Luisa Rosaura who acts as the chairman of the company, Mr. Prince Kenneth Baybay act as the president, and for the vice-president is Mr. William Relles, for the secretary is Mr. Kurt Ruehle, and the auditor is Mr. Guillermo Allanigue. And in this chapter the board has chosen their location which is inside the Bf resort located in Las Piñas. The board of directors has decided the products that they will be producing according to the business. Examples of the products are the following car washing, interior and exterior auto detailing, and engine wash. Market analysis summary is the summary of the target market that is being targeted by the company so that it will gain profit in the future. In this chapter the board of directors also identify the their market needs, the trends in the car wash business, the growth concerning the car wash enterprise and the main competitors in the location that they have chosen. Marketing strategy and implementation summary discuss about the competitive edge, the pricing strategy, promotion strategy, marketing programs, and the sales forecast to know the strategy and the competitive edge that will be

Future development plan of the company includes the long term goals. and other things that must be settled. And the reason that they have done the summary is to find out whether the company will be gaining and if the company will succeed in the future. and when worst comes to worst the board of directors also prepared their exit strategy concerning the establishment. The operational hour of the company is from 8:00am to 5:00 to 6:00pm. future milestones. the balance sheet. and future risk. employee¶s.needed by the company and to find out whether the company will gain profit in the future. Financial plan is concerned about the financial aspect of the company. management team gaps and the personnel plan. . This is done by the help of other people so that it will be possible. The management summary is about the organizational structure that is being headed by Ma. The management team gap. and anything that is concerned about the financial aspects of the company. This includes the following: cash flow. Luisa Rosaura who is the company¶s chairman of the board. The establishment will extend to 6:00pm if there are still customers in the location.

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