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As ~otarians we acknowledge that we are not adequate in ourselves to ac-
conlplish the great projects that we undertake to serve the needs of others.
We open our meetings 'with a prayer, recognizing a Supreme Being who is
a~~e to equip,'and enlpower us for the tasks before us.
You nlay be called upon to give the prayer. To assist you, The COUNCIL of
PRESIDENT has asked Rotary Clubs in District 7210 to subnlit prayers for
a booklet. This is our llfirst" collection. They have been edited for publica-
.tion, but they represent the Clubs that sent thenl in. We thank those who sent
- in nlaterial, and we hope that you will find the booklet helpful.

Jinl Parsons __
Prayer Book ChairperSon
Tappan Zee-Piemlont Rotary Club

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··. --.- _n .- gr a IDs 0..·..·. a•.ec ts an .. thr 0.--. ·lub ...'. ••..1..... ...... For the blessings of our daily li"esw:giveyouth(inks.. By this foodsfrengthen us to serve oth'ers in th.£0.Z. TapPCin.•..•.........iscommunity .he. -..· ... • .·m g..· .·· .•• u.uetQ. h..... Nourish us with the gifts of this food and bring forth in us the fruits of good works.. Increase in us true faith..u r R.. p . .·.. --- rO·..otary C... ·····Enahle us tQcontif\.grant in our hearts the love of Thy Name.. Anlen. who art the author of all good things . n y. dpr...•. ...•.o..dogoodiworks~.. Amen Nyack Rotary Club ....··PiermontRotary ~lup~ Lord of all power and might..t... OGod...

· -." Amen Arlington Rotary Club . May our dealings with each other and all people be ac- cording to the test to truth. strengthen our lives to be guided by IJ'TheFour-Way Test. and be beneficial to all con- cerned~ By this food and our fellowship. to live up to our ideals. Grant us wisdonl and strength. fairness to all concerned. 0 God. the build- ing of goodwill and friendship.

. and we thank you forthesprriloffriendshipand care which dwellsamongus~An~u~fi .='"cc.."-"._i<:...:._.." "••• 'd -" .~." • . ._-..._ •.~ethankYouforthe joy and satisfaction in serving andhelpirigothersthrough this Rotary club. •• ... .•. .~...•...--....~ . .. ..'"'::....' •.~ . •.. ".•--. o gracious God.•• ..~~~~~~~~~:.-". ". . .. _ -•.. ." .. :. .. ---"" .~<· . __ •.•.::. -.... .~.•.... ." . . we thank you for th~giftoflif~andfor what we are about to receive to sustail1Jife..·:·~ ... .• -..~~..:. ~... You feed our bodies with daily food..' • . :~~~. __. ..• _... ..:::'. ..•• " '.?:.~ _.J~V' ~:. now feed our spirits with your grace.. Amen Tappan Zee Piermont Rotary Club " -="·"'==.~_ ..·.••·.~~~~~::-~..... RamapoValleyR6taryCl-ub Almighty God.. ._ .~~~":'":::~. " .(~7' .:-J.•.. .. .~:... . .-. -·s~~~~~ .-:..• .-- . (J.0=·....--... that through the fellow- ship of this Rotary Club we nlay truly serve You in serv- ing others.

...-~~~~~~~~~y]~~<~=~:~~.~. So.:.~:::~. Itcannot be begged.__-=_~~.:~~:.. '" about your work.=.. but creates much..~..nlihds.~. ~. It enriches those who receive it.:~~~~~:~~=~~. Instead think of what brought us together . borrowed.leave him one of yours..Service Above Self.Don' ttl11I1l(ii« uaboufvourself..~~-~~~ . ·..r6fu.-~~~:. Amen.:~~..~~~~~~. butitis of no good to anyone . if in your busy life you run across someone too weary to smile . but the lllenlory of it sometimes lasts forever. Anonynlous Hudson Rotary Club -~-~:~~~~~--=. Cario Rotarv Club '" The Value of a Snlile It costs nothing. without impoverishing those who give .:.D6n'tthink . It happens in a flash.•••• ·· __.until it is given away.. or stolen... '" No one needs a smile as much as he who has none to give.. Don'tthink ····aboufthe weather.. Above all think about being a friend to each other and to everyone in our community.

and help us to further our work with Rotarv~ Heavenly Father. let us be all that we can be as we lead ROTARY in achieving new horizons. With your help.. or problems of 0 the nlonlent that block our progress.. God. Amen Tappan Zee Piernl0nt Rotary Club . help us through Rotary to help those less fortunate than we are. Putnanl Valley Rotary Club Ahnighty God. Dear Lord. Never let us be content with insights that limit us.. we are thankful for the talents and abilities of those who will lead Rotary in the year ahead. thank you for this gathering today . Let us not presume that we are adequate for the challenges until we have been touched by your strength and wisdom . Free us from the minor fears and iUlagined failures that limit us. and to glimpse the values and the goals and the directions that will lead us to where we should be and can be. Your gift of vision will allow us to see beyond where we now stand.

May we keep our hearts and lllinds open to find a path to happiness. Let us feel strength- ened bv. the sun. Guide us as we help to serve this cOlllmunity. Putnam Valley Rotary Club . It makes us feel happy and so fortunate to be alive.. and the clean air . Amen Hudson Rotary Club We thank Thee for this opportunity to llleet with friends in the name of Rotary.Dear God. the wind. we thank you for this beautiful day.

Amen Hudson Rotary Club o God. Help us to make every effort to live better lives. Let us not forget to love one another and seek out joy. to conlfort one another without hatred or bitterness .. We ask these things in your Holy Name. let there be peace in our hearts. Anlen Nyack Rotary Club .Dear Lord. and love in our being. in· the midst of our struggles for truth and justice.. Let us consider what is truly impor- tant and keep faith. caInl in our souls.and to work together with mu tual respect and forbearance. Bless this food to our use and us to thy service. Help us. You have bound us together in a common life.

and sleeping. and the habit of holy silence. fidelity to every trust and a childlike faith in God. 0 Lord God. which I believe the Spirit has shown n1e to be right. and serene life. In particular. cheerfulness in conversation. study. Nyack RotalY Club . Accept our gratitude for this food and for our high calling to serve. I look to Thee. impurity. Amen Arlington Rotary Club A Daily Resolve I will try this day to live a sin1ple. courage and in- sight. and ask for the gift of Thy Spirit. Prayer for New Officers J Grant to these}'our new leaders}'wisdom. Cultivating cheerfulness. anxiety. Exercising economy in expenditures. charity. physical exerciseJ eating. nor even with a hope of attempt it. In these things we pray. Amen. discouragement. so that we all may be led to new horizons of service- which is our purpose in Rotary. I will try to be faithful in those habits of prayerJ work. And as I cannot in my own strength do this. sincere. and self-seeking. my Father. generosity in giving. n1agnaminity. diligence in appointed serv- ice. repelling every thought of discontent.

We now pray that you give us the same energy. 0 Lord. Pray for an Anniversary Dinner We are grateful. We ask Thee to bless this food to our use and us to Thy service. and dedi- cation to start the Rotary Club __ years ago. for home. for Rotary. Help us to live up to those ideals and pass them on to those who follow us. for our nation with all of its opportunities. On this special occasion we give thanks to those charter nlembers who had the conlmitment. and the ideals passed on by our Founder. and for the opportunity to live lives of service. OUf prayers we ask in Thy name. for friends. Amen Windham Rotary Club / . Amen. We give thanks for this food. May it give us strength to serve you more effectively. Arlington Rotary Club Almighty and ever living God. we give Thee thanks for all Thy blessings. and for Rotary. and dedication to continue on with our Rotary Club goals of service and peace throughout our community and the world for many years to come. foresight.

and please give us good weather. Lord. and grant us peace. thank you for the blessings of this day and for the fellowship we come here to share. We ask these things in Your name. Amen 110nsev Rotarv Club J J . Heavenly Father. creator of the frui t of the vine. the service of Rotary and the service of Rotary's pro- grams around the world. Here our prayers. Amen Nyack Rotary Club ~>:.. Dedicate us to your service. King of the universe. please give us the wisdom to understand our purpose in life and in Rotary and the strength to do our tasks well. both wet and dry.

make your smile '" a welconle thing all around the town. for the gift of this fellowship called Rotary.Greenville Rotary Club Laugh a little . Skies are always blue. Give a'little . We praise Your name.take a little.playa little. for the gift of guests.. Do this every dav. and for the gift of this food of which we are about to partake. Never mind a frown. '" . we give Thee thanks for all the gifts of our lives. Laugh a little -love a little. Work a little .sing a little. Amen . '" Every cloud has a silver lining But it's up to YOU! Hudson Rotary Club (Author Unkown) . As you go your way. for the gift of friends.Gracious God.

Greenville.ypistrict 721 0 during the Rotary year 1995-96. . compiledatideditedby~e"~James Parsons (Tappan- Zee/Piermont Rotary club). and by helping our District. Windham. Cairo. This project of preparing a "Prayer Book"fotuseby Rotary clubs was conceived and published by the Council of PresidentsofBota.COP) Thanks to DGN(1997 -98) Joe Salmonese for the printing of the book. We had requested thatall clubs in our district contribute! Wethankthe following clubs for helping us in our endeavor. Monsey. Coordinated. Hudson. Yours in Rotary Service Bunnee Webb (Chairperson. TappanZee/Piermont. Arlington. Ramapo Valley. Putnam Valley. Nyack.