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Electronic Submission Getting Started Contact Information Description Handling Fees Additional information Review. Review Name Emal Address Telephone Fax Date Range Description Expedited Handling. ‘Maximum Fee Requester Category Fee Walver ‘Additional Comments Mr. David N. Bossie ‘umsulvan@ectizensunited org Citizens United 1006 PENNSYLVANIA AVE SE Washington, District of Columbia 20003, (202)547-5420 (202)547-5421 40/18/2019 to 03/01/2020 In accordance withthe Freedom of information Act | hereby request the folowing records: 4 temalls, memos and/or letters to ar from or drafted by the following current or former State Department Wuhan Consulate or U.S. Embassy China employees: B. Jamison "amie" Fouss; Russell Westergard; Christopher Green; Henley Jones; Charles Montgomery; Sarah Nelson; Michael Oubray; Damian Richard; David Nicholas; Xenia Jones; Scott Tolsmay Kathleen Hare; Nikolas Trendowskt Joel Christensen; Michael Escalona; Richard Jo: andor Brian “Rick Sut including any of the following terms: Wuhan Municipal Health Commission (WMHC); Wuhan Institute OF Virology (WIV) Market: Laboratory (Lab); Biological (Bio); Bio-Safety; Bioresearch; Switzer; Dr. Li Wenliang: World Health Organization (WHO}; Dr. Tedros Adhanor Ghebreyesur Dr, Anthony Fauci Or. George Gao; or Dr. unyou Wu, Information provided willbe used for a time-sensitive project that willbe made available to te public | am willing to pay $25 for my request ‘representative ofthe news media seeking information as part of a news gathering effort arts not for commercial use, NA NA Ifyou encounter difculy using the electronic submission form, you Thay wish to use the FOIA Request Walkthrough and the Information Access Guide as guidance for writing your request. ‘The confidentiaity of communications sent via the Internet cannot be guaranteed and the elecronk submission of your Freedem of Information Act request 's purely voluntary, You may alternatively print the contents of your request letter and submit va fax at (202) 485-1669 or via US. mail, + Although you are nat requlced to provide your email address or telephone number, doing so will help facilitate communication and providing an email address will allow us to provide you with an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. "