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Accountable Body Service Team Output Codes and Descriptions 2011/12

Activities/Workshops AB08 No. of activities/Workshops delivered

AB09 No. of people attending activities/Workshops

Business/Action AB68 No. of Business Plans/Action Plans/surveys

Plans/Surveys/Reports developed
AB113 No. of ‘Volunteering Codes of Conduct’ developed

Children/Childcare/ AB22 No. of Childcare places

AB139 Parents/carers engaged

AB145 No. of crèche places provided

Cohesion AB48 Initiatives implemented to improve community

cohesion and enhance community pride
Contracts AB33 No. of new contracts awarded/secured

Crime/Safety etc AB47 Initiatives implemented to lower crime and enhance

public safety
AB71 No. of Grants awarded

AB75 No. of properties target hardened

AB76 No. or target hardening initiatives carried out

AB74 Prolific & priority offenders supported

AB82 Offenders receiving advice/intervention/support

AB84 Numbers of DYO young offenders accessing

AB120 Exiting

AB89 Increase in crime detection rates

AB90 No of ABC/ASBO/Closures Issued

AB94 No. of initiatives implemented to reduce crime

AB96 Reduction in ASB/Perceptions ASB

AB103 No of Initiatives delivered to increase Fire Safety

AB104 No. of referrals generated from
AB128 Reduction in offending/reoffending

Accountable Body Service Team Output Codes and Descriptions 2011/12

AB129 Increased intelligence received from

AB131 No of drug offenders tested

AB133 People attending A&E due to alcohol related

AB134 No of Brief interventions

AB137 No of Hotspot areas targeted

AB117 Domestic Abuse Helpline calls

Education/Training AB16 No. of training programmes/days/sessions delivered

AB17 No. of people attending training sessions/receiving

AB41 No of Initiatives implemented to increase local jobs

AB42 No of Initiatives implemented to increase

participation in education and training
AB98 No. of planning/training/activity sessions with young
AB138 No. of training materials/packs distributed

AB146 No. of hard to reach learners engaged and

AB13 No. of learners gaining qualifications – Entry Level

AB14 No. of learners gaining qualifications – Level 1

AB15 No. of learners gaining qualifications – Level 2

Environmental AB44 No of initiatives implemented to make the

Improvements/Resources environment cleaner, greener and brighter
AB45 No of initiatives implemented to ensure green
spaces and the natural environment are maintained

AB46 No of initiatives implemented to develop

neighbourhood facilities and resources
AB60 No of Trees planted/floral displays

AB144 No. of additional Neighbourhood Warden patrols

AB43 Initiatives implemented to ensure streets are clean

and well maintained (BOYR)
AB66 No of Schools involved in Eco pride

Events/Roadshows AB10 No of Events/Roadshows /festivals organised

Accountable Body Service Team Output Codes and Descriptions 2011/12

AB11 No of people attending Events/Roadshows

Groups/Organisations/forum AB51 No. of Forums supported


AB53 No. of groups/focus groups organised/held

AB59 No of people consulted

AB65 No of self sufficient groups established

AB72 No. of isolated and disadvantaged clients engaged

AB73 No. of groups assisted with fund raising

AB115 No. of groups/organisations assisted/supported

Health AB106 No. of beneficiaries to reduce health inequalities

AB108 No. of initiatives implemented to reduce health

AB109 No. of initiatives to reduce child obesity

AB125 No of mental health support sessions run

AB23 No of people attending Stop Smoking sessions

AB24 No. of people stopped smoking

Jobs/Work AB19 No of people on benefits into work

AB34 No. of jobs created (VCS)

AB35 No. of jobs created (SCC)

AB36 No. of jobs created (Private sector)

AB37 No. of jobs created (other statutory)

AB38 No. of jobs secured/safeguarded

AB55 No. of work placements provided

AB114 No of work/voluntary experience provided for

adultswith learning difficulties
AB123 No. of service users engaged in paid work
AB126 No. of people assisted to find employment

Accountable Body Service Team Output Codes and Descriptions 2011/12

AB148 Hours worked

Miscellaneous AB39 No. of Sustainable Community Enterprise set up

AB71 No of grants awarded

Partnerships AB124 No. of new partnerships created

AB56 No of consortia supported

Publications/Information AB20 No of Newsletter/Publication’s promotional materials

AB21 No. of E bulletins distributed providing news
AB70 No. of people receiving information via text

Advice/Support/Home Visits AB27 No. of advice support/activity sessions held

AB29 No. of 1:1 advice/support sessions held

AB30 No. of 1:1 home visits/appointments

AB31 Advice and support sessions

AB50 No of initiatives implemented to support older


Voluntary Sector AB40 No. of Voluntary/Community Sector organisations

whose capacity has been increased as a result of
funding support
AB58 No of Capacity building initiatives carried out

Volunteers AB01 No. of new volunteers engaged/ supported

AB02 No. of volunteers trained

AB04 No. of youth volunteers (under 19)

Young People AB05 No. of activities delivered for young people

AB06 No. of young people attending/engaged in activities

AB49 No od initiatives implemented to encourage

engagement of young people
AB63 No of initiatives engaging young people at risk of
becoming NEET
No of NEET young people engaged in activities or