NOVEMBER/EARLY DECEMBER 1 2 3 4 CONDITIONING Pre-season/Begin official practices

DECEMBER 5 6 7 PREPARATION Dual meets and early season tournaments 2X WEEK-heavy Keep building strength. Day One-Upper body Day Two-Lower body In addition to body weight exercises in the wrestling room Slightly less volume due to competitions; increase intensity 70% volume 30% intensity 90 MINUTES TO 2 HOURS Continue teaching technique; clean up technical mistakes from matches; Live situations from match positions; Continue drilling and developing “the system”.

LIFTING-preferably in the morning to allow for proper recovery


2X WEEK-heavy, Keep building strength. Day One-Upper body Day Two-Lower body In addition to body weight exercises in the wrestling room High volume/lower intensity 80% volume 20% intensity

Holiday tournaments 8 Mini-Peak Holiday Tournament (Mid season mini peak) De-emphasize this week

JANUARY 9 10 11 12 COMPETITION Conference duals Late season Tournaments Circuit Lift 2X Week 610 exercises with a partner; 30 seconds each; high reps/low weight; second rotation could be 20 seconds Increase intensity as month goes on. 60% volume 40% intensity 90 MINUTES Increase intensity Review technique Evaluate after each meet and refine technique Balance intense day with volume days; repetition drilling with match speed drilling and longer matches with situation wrestling Begin “zeroing” in on competition; focus on individual skills, tactics, strategies necessary for success M=I T=I/L W=C TH=V F=L S=C S=OFF

FEBRUARY 13 14 15 16 PEAKING Conference, Regional, Sectional and State Tournaments Begin to de-emphasize as the month goes one; circuit lift early in the week; allow for adequate recovery Decrease training volume but increase intensity as the month goes one. Conf. 50-50 Reg. 40-60 Sect. 30-70 State 20-80 Gets shorter as month goes on-90 minutes to 75, 60, and even 45 Short bursts; hand fights Sprint/Jog using 1:1 work: rest ratio Position wrestling 10-20 second “situation” wrestling i.e. down by 1, up by 1, Continuous drills **Reduce risk of injury **Increase high paced drilling & decrease live Lots of individualized training Lots of positive encouragement Refresh mind and body High intensity but taper each week M=I T=I W=Active recovery T=Moderate I F=L S=Compete S=OFF

Mini peak 50%50%


TWO HOURS Basic Skills, Implementation of technique system; lots of repetition drilling; long periods of live wrestling, (matches, shark-bait, groups)

75-90 MINUTES Situation wrestling from key positions; Match pace on drills; Sprints Taper off close to event


Build base conditioning Develop Technique Bring weight down gradually Set positive tone for the season M=V T=V W=I TH=V F=V S=I S=OFF

Learn from matches Positive encouragement Increase intensity M=V T=V W=L TH=C F=V S=C S=OFF

Execute against quality competition

SAMPLE WEEK V=volume; I=intense L=Light; C=Competition