99 學年下學期 第一次期中 考 高一英文科 補考試題 年 I. 選擇題:共 60 題 (60%) 一、語法測驗 1.

( ) The puppy _______ realized that it would be taken away from its mother and started to cry. (A) no matter how (B) somehow (C) on earth (D) how far 2.( ) _______ Amy enjoys all kinds of cuisine, she is an awful cook. (A) While (B) However (C) As (D) When 3.( ) The boss didn't consider Mike's suggestions and _______ just rejected them all without any discussion. (A) alone (B) however (C) soon (D) instead 4.( ) Jason found his best friend _______ on the test, and didn't tell the teacher. (A) cheated (B) cheating (C) to cheat (D) who cheats 5.( ) Farmers are anxious because it _______ since the summer began. (A) hasn't rained (B) doesn't rain (C) can't be raining (D) hadn't been raining 6.( ) I am going out for dinner because Mom called and said she _______ work overtime. (A) would have to (B) will have to (C) got to (D) is going to 7.( ) Can you help me answer this math question? _______ in class was too complicated for me. (A) What did the teacher say (B) The teacher said what (C) Did the teacher say what (D) What the teacher said 8.( ) _______ a deep breath, the kindergarten teacher managed to keep her temper with the naughty kids. (A) To take (B) Taking (C) She took (D) Taken rather an opportunity to learn something. 9.( ) Look at this _______ as a problem, (A) not / but (B) too / to (C) prefer / to (D) so / that 10.( ) Listening patiently is the key _______ effective communication. (A) to have (B) to having (C) having (D) and has 班 座號:_______ 姓名:__________ _

Listening to music is more than a form of entertainment. Music brings joy or peace to people. __11__ that many people see music as a wonderful addition to their lives. Any kind of music can affect people in some way. But do you know that Mozart's music __12__ can help people learn better? It is reported that in the United States newcomers from Asia learn English more quickly when they listen to Mozart. Not only human beings find Mozart's music useful, but cows also __13__ Mozart. In France some cows __14__ to Mozart produced more milk. __15__, the most amazing is that Mozart's music can be used as a healing aid. A baby __16__ Krissy was underweight when she was born. __17__ doctors thought she had little chance to live, her mother believed there was still hope. She kept playing Mozart for Krissy, thinking it might save her daughter's life. Surprisingly, Krissy lived, and showed an interest in music __18__ the age of four. She could even play musical pieces __19__ memory that were __20__ beyond the ability of any child her age. 11.(A) They seem (B) It seems (C) They look like (D) It looks like 12.(A) in particular (B) by the way (C) as well (D) in general 13.(A) report to (B) respond to (C) care for (D) deal with 14.(A) listen (B) listened (C) to listen (D) listening 15.(A) Therefore (B) Also (C) However (D) Truly 16.(A) was named (B) who named (C) named (D) whose name 17.(A) As (B) If (C) While (D) Until 18.(A) at (B) on (C) in (D) to 19.(A) in (B) by (C) on (D) from 20.(A) much (B) far (C) very (D) more As a teenager, do you have difficulty communicating with your parents? If you do, how do you solve the problem? Don't complain about your parents and accuse them of not listening to you. __21__, take a positive attitude toward bridging the generation gap. Having patience __22__ your parents is a positive attitude. Your parents may not support your decision because they feel the need to protect you, thinking that you are still young and immature. What you should do is explain to them, with patience, __23__ the decision. Once your parents know that you will be responsible for your decision, they will say yes to your __24__. A positive attitude also involves willingness to apologize. When you hear yourself __25__ at your parents in the middle of an argument, don't hesitate to apologize. You can't possibly have the heart to hurt your parents' feelings. So be brave to say sorry to your parents for being rude. __26__


you are probably not eating healthily. who had gone west in 1804. It is clear that games have a strong attraction and can hold the __42__ of children and adults for many hours. __31__ often-heard ways to lose weight are myths about getting fit. when in the real world they are thousands of kilometers apart. a positive attitude is always the key __30__ building a good relationship between you and your parents. but the maps and notes Lewis and Clark brought back in 1806 told people much about the American west. Sometimes. and even take diet pills.(A) To see (B) See (C) Seen (D) Seeing 27.(A) as (B) for (C) in (D) by 30. especially on young women. White Americans had already been exploring there for many years. Diet pills __40__ as health products are not as successful in making you thin as they sound. When the first novels appeared centuries ago. (A) interaction (B) have (C) working (D) attention (E) break down (F) communicate (G) playing (H) influence (I) accept (J) solving 四、閱讀測驗  "Go west.(A) what (B) that (C) how (D) so 34.(A) to yell (B) yelling (C) yelled (D) are yelling 26. your parents will too calm down and may even try to think in your position.(A) to (B) about (C) for (D) with 23. In addition to __36__ your extra fat.(A) takeout (B) blackout (C) hangout (D) workout 38. Many require good problem-__44__ abilities and put players in complex situations where they need to use their judgment. If you __34__ include them in your diet. many people eat less.(A) trying (B) to try (C) try (D) do you try 29. 2 .(A) request (B) progress (C) response (D) advice 25. However. The three groups of food─protein. There is no need to waste money on them. you will put your health at risk. The route did not exist. Also. but society did not __49__. do a lot of running. If you find __27__ hard to say sorry to them face to face.(A) yourself (B) that (C) it (D) how 28.(A) how do you make (B) why you make (C) that you make (D) what you make 24. then it is probably not healthy. Players find themselves __46__ together. But most games are not like that. people are slow to __47__ new cultural developments.(A) for (B) on (C) in (D) with 40. young man" is a famous piece of advice given by the editor of an Indiana newspaper in 1851.(A) so (B) such (C) that (D) few 32. Running __35__ doesn't help you get fit. Only when you replace fat __38__ muscle will you look better __39__ your summer clothes. some said they were a bad __48__.(A) taking off (B) burning off (C) taking up (D) passing around 37.(A) by (B) for (C) on (D) to In order to look thin. Among the first were two men called Lewis and Clark.(A) how much food do you take (B) what food do you take (C) how much food you take (D) what food to take 33. maybe it is too soon to say what kind of influence video games will __50__ on our world.(A) too (B) only (C) simply (D) alone 36. carbohydrates. you should get some __37__ to build your muscle. So. When you only focus on __32__ in. The same was said about rock and roll music in the 1950s. Some reports have suggested that it harms their ability to __41__.(A) with (B) for (C) by (D) on 39. why not __28__ writing them a letter __29__ a way of communication? As with any relationship. and fats─are __33__ your body needs to stay healthy." and finding it was the goal of many explorers in those days. 31. What's worse. Why? Explanations are offered as follows. They were looking for a waterway that went all the way to the west coast. the ones that love you the most in the world.(A) However (B) Besides (C) Instead (D) Therefore 22. in many online games there is an important element of social __45__.(A) mean to (B) fail to (C) turn to (D) lead to 35. But is playing video games always a bad thing? If a child spends hour after hour __43__ the role of a killer in a violent game instead of taking part in social activities.(A) are known (B) which know (C) being known (D) known 三、文意選填  Many parents worry about their children spending too much time playing video games. This was the so-called "northwest passage. 21.that you take the blame. many are dangerous. so it shouldn't be all the exercise you do. This was a time when America was expanding towards the west.

United States citizens as well as immigrants continued to move across the continent throughout the nineteenth century in search of a better life. (D) Parents should not tell teenagers when to sleep. One of the suggestions in the sleep classes is having a bedroom free from computers. 3 . A year later. In Scotland. (A) putting a computer in their room (B) observing their classes in school (C) attending a couple of special classes (D) giving them stimulating activities to do 60.S. what can prevent teenagers from sleeping well? (A) Always going to bed at the same time.S. Also. On January 24. A "route" is _______. 55. Which of the following is provided by Sleep Scotland? (A) Special schools for teenagers with problems. California _______. 1848. 56. Teenagers should also avoid things like caffeine and chocolate before bedtime. (B) Advice for adults who do not sleep well. The passage does not say that Sleep Scotland offers classes to _______. The classes are given as workshops for groups of twenty high school students. Lewis and Clark? (A) They helped pass along useful information about the west. Just four days earlier. and the nation stretched all the way between two oceans for the first time. (B) They drew the map for other Americans to find their way to the west. The passage is mainly about _______. the United States took control of Oregon. Large numbers of Americans started to go west _______. Which is true about the two Americans. (D) Classes for parents after school hours.S. 51. (A) when the U. (C) It is impossible to make teenagers learn better. gold had been discovered in the region. and drink warm milk instead. (A) the building of the waterway along the west coast (B) the adventure of the first two Americans to go west (C) a good piece of advice on living in the American west (D) the historical background of the movement "going west" 52. Mexico signed an agreement giving California to the US. According to the passage. (C) They changed the way people in the west thought about life in the east. so that they can learn how to help teenagers sleep better.S. (A) teenagers (B) governments (C) parents (D) teachers 58. (D) They found the northwest passage after many years of exploring the west. tens of thousands of people were going west. 54. TVs and other media. (C) attracted many immigrants from Mexico (D) had the highest living standard in the U. Its mission is to offer free classes to young people and their parents to teach them how to enjoy a good night's sleep and deal with sleep-related problems. There are after-school classes for parents and teachers as well. We can infer that in the 19th century. an organization called "Sleep Scotland" certainly seems to agree. 59. (A) was a dream place for many people (B) had the largest population in the U. took control of Oregon (B) soon after gold was found in California (C) from 1853 to the end of the 19th century (D) when California became part of the U. (C) Classes for teachers during school hours. exercise and computer games to the early evening. The hour before bedtime should be for showering and then relaxing. teenagers should avoid stimulating activities late in the evening.In 1846. What does the organization Sleep Scotland believe? (A) Teenagers behave better if they sleep well. restricting homework. 57. According to Sleep Scotland. which means listening to music or reading a book. The population of California had increased by a thousand percent by 1853. Parents will be able to help their children sleep better just by _______. (A) a village near the sea (B) a way between two places (C) a person who takes chances (D) a place where gold can be found Doctors think better sleep patterns are the key to improving the behavior and learning abilities of teenagers. (B) Sleep has no effect on teenagers' behavior. Sleep Scotland provides special sleep classes at three schools so far. just two classes would be enough for parents to advise their children on how to improve their sleeping habits. 53.

11. 20. 21. (D) Using a computer just before bedtime.________________ Many artists who are famous today were not successful during their l_______e. 我姊姊很想要看起來瘦一點,所以每天只吃一點點東西。 My sister wants to look thinner __________ (b)__________ that she only eats a small __________ of food every day. 15. he goes jogging __________ __________ daily __________. 游泳有助於燃燒掉多餘的卡路里、減輕體重以及保持健康。 Swimming helps you to __________ __________ extra calories. 對有些人來說,繪畫幫助他們找到心靈上的寧靜。 For some people.________________ The couple were d_______d to find out they were going to have a baby.________________ The subject of my speech is how to live in h_______y with nature.________________ Many s_______ts are doing research on AIDS.________________ My father's business has maintained a s_______y growth and will continue to bring in money. That's not true. 18.________________ The best way to r_______d to a rumor is to ignore it. 當我還是小男孩時,我常想像自己在彈奏鋼琴。 When I was a little boy.(B) Giving them hot milk to drink. 4. 12. 7.________________ Research continues to s_______t the idea that smoking is related to many health problems. 8.________________ My carelessness c_______ed the accident. It is true that smoking is bad for health. 2. 9. I'm really sorry for not being careful enough.________________ It isn't wise to r_______e a healthy diet with fast food. 16.________________ "Leave me a_______e!" Nina shouted when her father told her her room was messy.________________ It's a m_______h that fat people are fat just because they eat too much.________________ The exercise machine a_______ed on TV seems really good. I really enjoy s_______fing with my friends at the beach. 2. Winning the speech contest was the reason why she practiced so hard.________________ Does driving during rush hour bother you? Taking the MRT is the best way to s_______e this problem. and I believe that we will win if we work together. 14.________________ His c_______r as a businessman was more successful than when he was a cook. 非選擇題 : (40%) 一、文意字彙 (20%) 1. (C) Allowing them to read a book at night. 10. I often __________ __________ the piano." F 4 . 艾倫想要學習獨立,所以他找了一份工作,放學後當店員。 Allan wanted to learn to be __________. 3. 「你被捕了!」「等一下!你一定把我誤認為別人了。」 "You are __________ __________!" "__________ on! You must have mistaken me for someone else. 17. 雖然我祖父已經八十歲了,他仍每天去慢跑。 Although my grandpa is eighty years old.________________ It is r_______ted that children listening to Mozart learn better and more quickly. but can it actually help people lose weight? 七、翻譯(填空式) (20%) 1.________________ Alex always s_______rs when talking to girls because he feels embarrassed. but we must try to maintain a p_______e attitude.________________ During summer. II. and stay (f)__________.________________ Life is hard sometimes. 19. __________ weight.________________ This is the main s_______y that we are using for this game. 3.________________ Nora was m_______ted by the desire to win. 4. 6. so he got a job __________ a store clerk after school. They hope one day they may develop better medicine to treat the disease. 6.________________ Mom s_______ded my brother because of his bad grades in school. 5. painting helps them find __________ __________. 5. 13. 7.

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