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Angela W.

Wu MASc, Mechanical and Materials Engineer, University of Waterloo MSc, Applied Physicist, Lakehead University Apt 5, 427 Barrie place, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3Z6 Cell: 519 590 7289 (any time) Technical qualifications Software Skills * Programming: C++/C, Labview * * * * Engineering Modelling: Matlab, AutoCAD Data/Image Processing: Matlab, Photoshop, Origin, SPM 32 Documentation: MS Word, Excel, Access, Endnote, Latex Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, MS-DOS

Hardware Skills * Electrical/Computer: oscilloscopes, soldering, amplifier, function generators, computer peripherals, network equipment * Materials/Metallurgical: brazing, soldering of similar/dissimilar materials, DSC, TGA, GC-MS, callipers, torque wrench, spot welding instruments, surface mount technology, various resolution microscopes (optical, SEM-EDS, STM and TEM), various measuring instruments (XRD, XPS), Instron hardness measurement, ceramic, polymer, metallic material preparation (grinding, polishing and etching), mechanical modification (sandblasting, precision cutter, pull and shear tools), chemical and electrical deposition, instrumentation, equipment troubleshooting Relevant Courses and projects * Digital electronics technology: digital circuit design, application resulting in high grade of * Simulative electronic technology: analog circuit design, application and resulting in high grade of * Non-destructive detection methods: in-depth knowledge of various non-destructive detection methods * Labview process: project leader of programming to realize auto control of bulb lighting - Team work * Fourth year project: circuit design of a well working semiconductor radio - Creative Summary of Skills * Well organized, responsible, hard-working and eager to embrace challenges * Self starter, quick learner, works well independently and within a team * Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills * Able to carry out complex multi-tasks under pressure * Unambiguous communication skills within teams Work Experience

Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario Sept/2007-Aug/2009 * Ti based alloy/Ceramic processing, corrosion testing, materials interface characterization - Creativity * Nano metallic/ceramic joint fabrication and microscopy analysis Take ownership * Materials heat treatment process characterization - Hands on lab experience * Prepare and maintain technical documentation, briefings, presentation - Communication Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario Apr/2008-Aug/2008 * Demonstrate 115 undergraduate students how to use Instron tensile test equipment using PowerPoint * Mark assignments and evaluate the students to monitor the application of their knowledge Research Assistant, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario Sept/2005-Aug/2007 * Maintain and repair the ultra high vacuum chamber, troubleshooting - Problem solving * Project design, execution, data analysis, instrument set up, troubleshooting, calibration * Nanostructure fabrication inside vacuum chamber Teaching Assistant, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario Sept/2005-Apr/2007 * Demonstrate 40 students how to use lab equipments * Tutorial of course