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BILL DEMARCO a- 585.230.

7372 a- Fort Collins, CO 80521

PRODUCT / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, SALES, & MARKETING EXECUTIVE Driving revenue growth and revolutionizing technology in emerging technology ind ustries. Enterprising innovator and leader with documented history of advancing operation al excellence, inspiring teams, initiating profitable partnerships, and differen tiating products by predicting technology trends. Core competencies: EARNINGS & REVENUE GROWTH: Identify and leverage voice of customer, determine co st structures, and drive lean process improvements to realize sustainable revenu e, profit, and market share growth. * Achieved $70 million revenue growth in computer peripherals in 5 years and rea lized $6+ million in savings through manufacturing and product development proce ss improvements. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Cultivate product pipeline, forecast trends, and assess bus iness and technical risk, consistently delivering customer-preferred software, h ardware and consumables. * Ushered 40 products to commercialization and received 8 patents, facilitating between engineering, marketing, R&D, and manufacturing to drive products through product life cycle. LEADERSHIP: Clearly articulate goals, objectives, and vision to motivate teams o f up to 130 employees and cultivate key partnerships, promoting accountability t o achieve results in start-up and corporate environments. * Focused worldwide teams delivering complex hardware, software, service and con sumables IT solutions. Carnegie Mellon MBA a- Stanford University a- RIT a- Proficient in Finnish & Ger man PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE YELLOW STAR ENERGY 2009-Present BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR / FOUNDER KEY CHALLENGES & OUTCOMES Advance roll-to-roll thin film photovoltaic manufacturing and use of existing re sources by cultivating partnerships with Department of Energy (DOE) and private companies, identifying potential partners in appropriate product development sta ges to scale manufacturing. * Recommended development of trade organization to facilitate testing of technol ogies to further DOE Photovoltaic Manufacturing Initiative. * Researched, prepared, and submitted proposal to DOE outlining strategies to re use thin-film resources. * Authored and presented Energy Response and Energy Product Cluster strategies t o Kodak executives. * Brokered relationship between Evergreen Energy and Kodak, pitching location fo r clean coal operation. KODAK POLYCHROME GRAPHICS / EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY 1997-2009 GROUP MANAGER, Americas Technical Applications (2005-2009) WORLDWIDE MARKETING DIRECTOR, Consulting and Software Solutions (2002-2005) WORLDWIDE PRODUCT LINE MANAGER, Digital Halftone Proofing (1997-2002)

Recruited for reputation as one of the atop 20 under 40a in printing industry an d charged with advancing global market research operations, assessing customer n eeds and making recommendations for new product strategy and technology implemen tation. Drove multidisciplinary product development teams and administered budge ts of up to $15 million. Delivered speeches worldwide to share product value pro positions. Promoted steadily to manage product life cycle of software, consulting services, workflow and output devices. Responsibilities included marketing research, prod uct marketing strategy, new product development process, testing lab, and custom er technical support. Interfaced with customers, sales force, and R&D, conductin g surveys and analyzing data to continuously update competitive environment asse ssment, translate customer and market research into profitable new workflow and hard copy output devices, and execute marketing and product strategies. KEY CHALLENGES & OUTCOMES, KODAK POLYCHROME GRAPHICS / EASTMAN KODAK Maximize market share in dynamic emerging technology industry, commercializing p roducts to intercept market when ripe by anticipating trends and customer needs, assessing business risk and cost structures, and developing industry-leading so lutions. * Propelled revenues from $20 million to $90 million in 5 years with 50+% margin s, backing into new market and outpacing competitors by defining and delivering pipeline of patentable software, hardware and consumables features enabling cust omers to convert to digital workflow processes. * Increased sales $2.5 million, revolutionizing color management software and li censing to global partners in new vertical market segments. * Won 2 PIA/GATF Intertech awards for innovation and received 8 patents. * Protected $90 million in annual revenues by implementing RFID chip solution th at provided significant customer features. Sourced additional investment capita l by presenting business risk and mitigation plan.

Drive revenue performance across start-up and established operations, translatin g customer needs into marketing strategy and forming lucrative partnerships. * Expanded European revenue stream by $2 million through regional sales incentiv e program, developing and managing marketing strategy for systems solution. * Initiated and managed mergers and acquisitions, evaluating technical capabilit ies, completing due diligence, and integrating software to expand product line a nd improve functionality. * Transitioned customer support cost center into $1+ million revenue consulting business, communicating value to change customer mindset and transitioning them to digital processes. * Negotiated $1+ million equity position, securing exclusive worldwide rights to sell leading digital storage solutions.

Transform quality in digital imaging technology while cutting costs industry wid e, mapping complex product development processes and eliminating redundancies to speed time to market and improve cash flow. * Cut new product development time 25% for $.5 billion North American business b y leading kaizen event, reducing turnaround time to replace product shortfall af ter close of plant. * Realized $450,000 in savings annually by absorbing product demonstration lab i nto product testing lab and closely monitoring R&D expenditures. * Drove down design costs while improving quality across the industry, completin g value stream mapping, collapsing redundancies, and creating technology to auto mate use of digital technologies for conducting business.

PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE 1975-1997 SENIOR CONSULTANT, FOUNDER, DeMarco Associates Inc. 1993-1997 VICE PRESIDENT, The Hennegan Company 1989-1993 MANAGER, W.A. Krueger Company 1986-1989 SALES, SUPERINTENDENT, Case-Hoyt Corp. (subsidiary Bell Canada Enterprises) 1983 -1986 SYSTEMS MANAGER, Schawk (at Readers Digest Operations) 1982-1983 GRAPHIC ARTS ENGINEER, LAB TECHNICIAN, Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1975-1980 KEY CHALLENGES & OUTCOMES, PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE Establish interface, features and performance requirements for digital devices c onnecting to high end mission critical document workflows in publishing and prin ting industry. * Demonstrated success in defining requirements for Kodak, Xerox, and Scitex pro ducts using interviews, surveys, and focus groups. Analyze using QFD, conjoint analysis, and other methods. * Guide trade test of Kodak archival digital storage products. Create and implement low cost digital architectures to replace high cost worksta tions to reduce cost and capture market share. * Worked with Northern telecom sister company, driving down design costs while i mproving quality across the industry, completing value stream mapping, collapsin g redundancies, and creating technology to automate use of digital technologies for conducting business. This achieved goal of increased fiber transmission use . * Implemented collaborative digital workflows as an alternative to costly materi als intensive workflows. * Developed and integrated desktop systems with Leaf fiber optic LAN, and legacy computer systems. * Trade tested and implemented Adobe, and other software. Establish and manage digital workflows replacing conventional workflow systems. a Managed telecommunications receive-link for Midwest version of Business Week m agazine achieving 100% on time delivery of product. a Implemented digital imaging solutions reducing headcount by 50%. a Identified bandwidth cost requirements needed to achieving 100% conversion of business process. a Specified, compared, negotiated and purchased $1 million digital workstations. a Established Readeras Digest digital asset management system for high value doc uments. a Responsible for establishing system standard operating procedures and processe s. a Established methods to computerize collection and analysis of quality data fro m production operations. a Responsible for analog and digital scanner output for production of greeting c ards and other products. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Sage Advisor, ROCKY MOUNTAIN INNOVATION INITIATIVE, 2009-Present Apply Kaufman Foundation process to advise high-tech and manufacturing start-up operations in progressing though phases of product launch, organization developm ent, and revenue growth. * Fostered growth of Panda Bicycles by building and leading team of advisors, di recting marketing, operations, financial and legal activities of startup. * Collaborate with Stewart Energy in development of business plan, create pro fo rma financial statements.

* Coach Metlogic in value proposition/business model development for expansion o f computerized weather prediction services into wind energy markets. * Guided Production Engineering in identifying vertical market segments and busi ness models for marrying geospacial imaging and other related data. EDUCATION Masters in Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA Bachelor of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Currently enrolled: Micro and Nano Electromechanical Devices, Certificate, Stanford University, CA Other (completed): Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage Certificate, Stanford University, Stanfo rd, CA