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Business Start-Up a Retail Operations a Company Development
Multifaceted operations specialist with +20 years distinguished experience in dr
iving profitability for specialty retailers, chain and department stores. Season
ed in 100% start-up functions, marketing, advertising, POS development, store pl
anning and merchandise presentation. Proven track record of expert resource opti
mization, leadership skills and exceeding corporate goals. Tactical business ana
lyzer, utilizing a solution-based approach to upgrading sales and operational co
ntrols that creates a culture of performance. Strong leader, able to initiate cr
oss functional teams, streamline workflow, optimize resources and develop high-r
evenue generating financial systems.

Operations Re-Structuring a HR Functions a Team Leadership/Motivation a System I

mprovements a P&L Functions
Strategic Planning a Process Reengineering a Plan-O-Gram/Plan-O-Guide Developmen
t a Strategic Recruitment
Business Streamlining a Project Management a Risk Management a Best Practices Im
plementation a Budgeting
Client Relations a Logistics a Markup/Markdown Controls a Start-Up a Visual Pres
entation a Inventory Control

DOLLAR TREE STORES/DEALaS STORES, Chesapeake, Virginia a 2001-2009
Top US discount variety retail store with +3500 locations in 48 states. Annual r
evenue $4.9B.
Zone Sales Director, Dallas, Texas a 2003-2009
Promoted from Regional Director to areas of increased responsibility due to cons
istently exceeding corporate expectations in operation development, profitabilit
y build and resource maximization. Recruited to head zone consisting of +1K stor
es with a +$1B sales volume. Zone team was comprised of 6 Regional Directors ove
rseeing +80 District Managers. Leveraged a solution-based approach to building p
ersonnel skills, cutting costs and attacking weak areas. Directed sales and P&L
functions exceeding company goals 5 years consistently. Led proactive training o
f Zone Management focusing on upgrading stores appearance, driving profitable sa
les, category in-stocks and client services. Maintained regionas with the highes
t internal promotion rate. Spearheaded best business practices, implemented thro
ughout the Zone, ensuring merchandise and operational standards above expectatio
Championed expert logistical support, planning merchandise replenishments, seaso
nal allocations and distribution planning, focusing on margin deliveries and opt
imal inventory control. Initiated Plan-o-Gram and Plan-o-Guide development, timi
ng and compliance. Visited personally underperforming stores to determine and re
solve weaknesses. Created and executed new merchandise initiatives. Supervised n
ew store openings and re-locations through a team of new store coordinators. Re-
evaluated profitable sales initiatives, re-negotiating more favorable best pract
ice opportunities and recruiting new business increasing bottom line profitabili
ty and quality of service. Administered frozen and refrigerated appliance instal
lations increasing types of products offered. Served as key participant in creat
ing Merchandise and Operational Planners and initiatives implemented throughout
the entire US market.
Notable Accomplishments
a Doubled company expectations by a sales increase, raising margins +11.5%, cash
contribution +10% and profit improvement +13.5% and earnings increases exceeded
sales increases the majority of quarters.
a Ranked as the most profitable zone in 48 states due to expert cost cutting, re
source optimization and implementing a more aclient-centereda approach in manage
ment training.
a Improved inventory turns .6% < 1 year by a team-centered approach to cutting w
aste and upgrading controls.
a Utilized marketing and merchandise presentation background to launch large-sca
le grand openings, community events and merchandise visual presentations, genera
ting buzz and company awareness.

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Dollar Tree Stores/Dealas Stores Conta

Corporate Enhancements
a Averaged 120 new openings/relocations of stores per year.
a Brought in highly profitable products such as installing Frozen/Refrigerated u
nits to +550 stores.
a Leveraged expertise in HR functions, developing Zone Managers to achieve 14 pr
omotions to District Managers and 2 to Regional Director.
a Upgraded marketing, sales strategies, directional processes and visual present
ations of stores. Strategies now used corporate-wide.
Regional Director a 2001-2003
Directed growth of company footprint, operational alignment, P&L controls and HR
functions for 212 stores throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Le
d team of 22 District Managers who had direct oversight for all administrative,
operations and sales functions. Saved HR costs via increasing a focus on managem
ent retention through adjusting District Managers recruiting, hiring and trainin
g initiatives. Supervised development of sales and service systems, leading ahan
ds-ona approach to all operational issues. Reviewed corporate communications, ma
king sure all staff understood and followed instructions. Collaborated with comp
any-assigned real estate agent to identify optimal locations and facilities for
new store expansion and relocation.
Notable Accomplishments
a Re-structured HR and sales operations, exceeding company standards and achievi
ng 7 quarters of earning increases exceeding sales increases.
a Excelled in cost cutting initiatives, achieving 24 months of payroll controls
under budget.
a Supervised 116 new stores opening within my region in about 2 years of tenure.
a Recognized by executive level management for P&L controls, profitable SKU inte
nsive ordering, margin initiatives and visual presentation of merchandise result
ing in increased sales and profits.
Corporate Enhancements
a Brought an underperforming region to compliance to standards through re-struct
uring and re-training upper level management attaining margin improvement 8%, pr
ofit improvement 10% and cash contribution 10.6%
a Worked with Regional Training Manager to ensure Store Manager training was eff
ective, creating continuous improvement initiatives.
a Improved P&L ratio through better marketing, merchandise margin capture and co
ntrolling costs within utilities, payroll, markdowns and shrinkage expectations.
a Implemented increased attention to client relations, quality control and inven
tory integrity.
SPORTS & RECREATION, INC., Tampa, Florida a 1996-2001
Superstore retailer of sports, active apparel and hard goods with 85 US stores.
Annual revenue +$785M.
Vice President of Marketing/Advertising, POS, Store Planning, Merchandise Presen
tation a 1998-2001
Promoted from Senior Vice President of the Northern Territory to champion optima
l business practices for in-house start-up processes and procedures. Oversaw P&L
functions for marketing and advertising including print, broadcast, merchandise
and visual presentations designed to target high opportunity demographics and g
ain loyal, long-term clients. Managed financial functions for upselling at Point
of Sale. Administered store planning and prototype new store development. Optim
ized resources including cost saving procurement of equipment purchases and offi
ce needs. Utilized both in-house and external experts from various fields to sta
ff new stores and work together in creating a aresults centereda HR program and
operational best practice initiatives. Worked with department leaders in detaili
ng goals, objectives and a timeline for completion.
Notable Accomplishments
a Saved $6.9M annually due to implementing agency reductions, productivity and p
rocess improvements.
a Became 100% operational 4 months ahead of schedule despite a major re-structur
ing of vendor relationships.
a Earned the Team Spirit Award for outstanding performance, surpassing profitabi
lity and operational goals.
** ** **

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Career Note: Additional excellent experience as Senior Vice President of the Nor
thern Territory, Sports and Recreation, INC. a 1996-1998. Director of Corporate
Recruiting and Training and Development, Service Merchandise a 1994-1996. Region
al Director of the Midwest Territory, Dollar General Corporation a 1991-1994. Di
rector of Store Planning and Merchandise Presentation, Director of Operations, R
egional VP Management and Divisional Start up Experience, McCrory Stores a 1985-
1991 Details furnished upon request.
Courses taken at the Creative Leadership Center include:
Leadership At The Peak
Creative Clarifications
Enhanced Listening Skills
Driving Performance Development
Motivating People