← Ernst Bloch, Heritage of our Times, trans. N. and S.

Plaice, Oxford 1991 (first edition of Erbschaft dieser Zeit published Zurich 1935) ← ← Inventory of Revolutionary Appearance (1933) ← “When two do the same thing, they do not do the same thing. Especially when one copies what the other is doing, in order to deceive. So it is today, when the Nazi cannot yet reveal the way he really looks, and thus disguises himself. He pretends to be rebellious, as we know; the most dreadful white terror against populace and socialism which history has ever seen camouflages itself as socialist. To this end its propaganda must develop sheer revolutionary appearance, garnished with thefts from the commune… Thus hell mocked right from the beginning with a grotesque mask of salvation, again and again.” (64) ← ← “And finally they pretend to think of nothing except what will change things. This sounds almost formally Marxist, recognizes no intellect in itself, but places it instead in the service of politics. Goebbels expressly declares the film ‘Battleship Potemkin’ to be a model for the German film, so far does the formal consent go, as the crook and thieving perverter imagines it. What is important, according to the latest dramatic guidelines of these shabbily cunning plagiarists, is not how good or bad the performed play was but the mood in which the spectator leaves the theatre… he [Goebbels] wants tendency in the theatre instead of l’art pour l’art. All this seems, undoubtedly, as deceptively anti-contemplative as a forgery can only be which confuses the Marxist application of theory to practice with the patter of a con-man… It is important here to observe the paths by means of which precisely the copy of the Marxist relationship between theory and practice seemed attainable to National Socialism in a particularly easy, particularly ‘modern’ way. To tolerate not only no intellect in itself, but no intellect at all, except on the commanding heights of profit, this constitutes the chloroform practice of Hitlerism. ‘Justice is, truth is, what benefits the German people’, that is, what benefits German monopoly capitalism: this scandalous pragmatism of the Nazis is ultimately not just the ape of the Marxist relationship between theory and practice, but its total perversion. For in Marxist terms the primacy of theory is definitely found in this relationship, i.e. something is not true because it is beneficial, but because it is true it is also beneficial.” (67-8) ← ← “Thus the enemy is not content with torturing and killing workers. He not only wants to smash the red front but also strips the jewellery off the supposed corpse.” (68) ← ← Jugglers’ Fair Beneath the Gallows (1937)

.’ Naturally the philosophical discussion turns away from such allusions to the present and from its hallmark and finds the following about itself and its kind. and the Entartete Kunst Austellung: ← “Let us speak quietly. But they are thereby not yet living at the same time with the others. as reported in the Frankfurter Zeitung: ← “the philosophizing Führer has the floor: ‘A radiantly beautiful human type. is the type of the new age.’” (76) ← ← Bloch is relieved that Hitler. They do so only externally. will not tolerate the avant-gardes: at least it puts the intellectuals off. Merely chambers of horror in which it is to be exposed to the derision of the mob. Dying German culture. Early Condition.” (80) ← ← Summary Transition: Non-Contemporaneity and Obligation to it Dialectic (May 1932) ← “A. who would not have been regarded as human among the Greeks: ‘Never was humanity closer to antiquity in appearance and in its feelings than it is today. gentlemen. And the false messiah satiates the ‘nation’ with a well-paid mixture of dance on the alpine pasture over the sofa and blood and soil in the abyss. even art is sent to the torture chamber. through the fact that they can be seen today. it does not even have catacombs at its disposal inside Germany any more. in name and kind alike. unlike Mussolini. ← “A homogeneous system has entered into things.” (75) ← ← On Hitler’s speech on art. the burning of books preceded the burning of people anyway.← On the opening of the Haus der deutschen Kunst in Munich. and what do you produce? Misshapen cripples and cretins. ← Not all people exist in the same Now. men who are closer to animals than human beings – and this is what these most dreadful amateurs dare to present as the expression of that which shapes the modern age and stamps its hallmark on it. a concentration camp with visits from the public. there is someone dying in the room. you prehistoric art-stutterers.

The masses also streamed towards it. Depending on where someone stands physically. from behind.” (97) ← ← Hidden Quality ← “It is good to go into the troubled waters of others and to fish in them yourself. because at least the intolerable Now seems different with Hitler. begin between them. just as the social relationship at least in the gentes was more concrete than in later periods. but contradict the Now. lovers also know what to do with it. perhaps more reality. and hence the prelogical mode of thought and experience. and above all in terms of class. it promised precisely new life. goes to and fro. as a type from earlier time he does not fit into a very modern concern? Various years in general beat in the one which is just being counted and prevails. with it. it is easy to make or dream one’s way back into older ones here. Many Marxists perhaps turn their backs all too a limine on occult or archaic phenomena. Something has become too light here. is it not concretely presumable that. however much it merely hauls up what is old. External things are no longer usual. through the continuing effect of ancient peasant origin for instance. also knows it in concealed form or in loops. just as if with the enlightenment of 1880 the world were at an end… Above all.” (189) ← ← Transition: Berlin. But what if in addition. while it wants and knows progress. For darkness is not only useful to criminals. There is little more unexpected and nothing more dangerous than this power of being at once fiery and meagre. The glance wavers. displace themselves. than becomes apparent from the viewpoint of the climax magic-metaphysics-positivism?” (176-7) [sounds like justification of Balazs…] ← ← The Jolt ← “We are beside ourselves. Much earlier powers. Functions in Hollow Space “This place first drew in fresh air again. Older times than the modern ones continue to have an effect in older strata.← They rather carry an earlier element with them. contradictory and non-contemporaneous. filled its patched pocket. from a very different bottom. even though undeveloped and in ‘childish form’ (Marx) – that equally the relationship to nature of the primitive world. crookedly. The power of this untimely course has appeared. this interferes. That is why a glance is important which. because he paints good old things for everyone. hit upon a different reality in nature. what it held. he has his times. Nor do they flourish in obscurity as in the past. very strangely. Worked with borrowed money. Of course. a merely awkward man who for this very reason falls short of the demands of his position or little position is simply backward in himself. The workers are no longer alone with themselves and the employers. Berlin won the war in Germany. the city is right in front in late-bourgeois terms… Berlin seems in fact .

of course. a constantly new city. namely that of being merely up to date. on which not even the lime becomes or is really set. built hollow.extraordinarily ‘contemporaneous’. it is for the present only ‘contemporaneous’ in the limited.” (195) . But no matter how far in front a capitalist city is. indeed inauthentic sense.

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