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Crusher Loading Feeders

Uniform Material Discharge Directly to the Crusher

In this type of set up. FMC’s Crusher Loading Feeder distributes material uniformly to the cone. the Syntron Crusher Loading Feeder. eliminating the need for a rotary distributor in secondary. The Crusher Loading Feeder is an innovative. material flows equally and discharges off the end of the feeder. The purpose of the rotary distributor is to ensure uniform material feed to the cone crusher. Coarse materials tend to segregate in the crusher. tertiary and quaternary crushing applications. More uniform material distribution leads to a lower amp draw on the crusher.Crusher Loading Feeders FMC Technologies is proud to introduce its latest advance in vibratory feeder technology. leading to unequal loading of the crusher. Rotary Distribution Device for Crusher Feed The most common set up for feeding a cone crusher includes a vibratory feeder or belt conveyor plus a separate rotary distributor. and improved fracture ratios. The feeder is mounted on a trolley system for pullback during crusher maintenance. This leads to: G G G Inefficient crushing High liner wear Higher amp draw on the crusher motor Crusher Material Flow . cost-effective alternative to the ‘feeder-plus-rotary distributor’ set up commonly used to ensure uniform material feed to cone crushers. longer life for crusher components. Drawbacks to this type of installation include: G G G G G G G G Additional cost for second piece of equipment Reliability (two pieces of equipment to maintain in addition to the crusher) Additional elevation required Rotary distributor is driven by a V-belt (similar to a washing machine) Difficulty handling large or frozen lumps Safety concerns Requires level sensors More difficult and time-consuming crusher maintenance Traditional Method of Feeding a Crusher Another method for feeding a crusher involves a standard vibratory feeder feeding directly to the crusher. ® Installation of crusher loading feeder over a 7-foot shorthead crusher. The rotary distributor is mounted on a frame above the crusher and must be removed (dismantled) to service the crusher.

In addition to the savings potential of reduced capital equipment costs. enables equal distribution of fine and coarse product. the Syntron Crusher Loading Feeder provides easy installation and maintenance accessibility. The Crusher Loading Feeder retains the high reliability and robust design of the mechanical feeder. The specially configured discharge blended fines and coarse materials to provide uniform distribution of material to the cone. 4-inch rock being distributed through the peripheral discharge of the Crusher Loading Feeder Blended material feeding directly from the Crusher Loading Feeder to the crusher Uniform distribution of material to the cone . the peripheral discharge. Like all Syntron feeders. It can be sized to match application requirements. cone-friendly performance. The suspension framework is mounted on a trolley that can simply be moved out of the way for crusher maintenance. which has its origins in distribution of snack foods and cereals onto radial scales. Benefits of the Syntron Crusher Loading Feeder include: G One piece of equipment G Lower amp draw on crusher G Longer life for crusher wear components G Higher crusher productivity G Easier maintenance for the crusher G Improved fracture ratio Material Flow In side-by-side installations of a feeder-plus-rotary distributor and a Syntron Crusher Loading Feeder directly feeding the crusher. the Crusher Loading Feeder delivered superior. and it is suspended by the same method as traditional vibratory feeders. For more information. the Crusher Loading Feeder is subresonant tuned and incorporates linear feed rate control to improve bulk handling productivity. call 800-356-4899 and ask to speak with one of our application specialists. The trough is fully lined to account for wear.Syntron® Crusher Loading Feeder The new Syntron Crusher Loading Feeder is a traditional mechanical style vibratory feeder with a peripheral discharge.

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