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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry

1. Which of the following does not describe a physical property? A. silvery color C. ice melting B. formation of rust * D. erosion 2. Early chemists wanted to A. turn lead into gold B. figure out why iron is rusted C. fashion tools and bowls from metal D. all of the these * 3. A statement or diea that attempts to explain observed information is called a A. scheme C. hypothesis * B. fact D. mission statement 4. Early chemists who wanted to turn lead to gold were called A. politicians C. crazy B. carpet baggers D. alchemists * 5. To perform this activity, you must have a control, a sample to be tested, and make careful observations and measurement A. scuba diving C. yoga B. experiment * D. evaporation 6. Antoine Lavoisier is called the A. father of modern chemistry * B. discoverer of beryllium C. father of quak theory D. brother of Larry Lavoisier 7. This idea predicts the results of testing based on past experimental data A. imagination C. theory * B. hunch D. rumor 8. The atomic theory was first described by A. Albert Einstein C. John Dalton * B. Albert Schweitzer D. Leonardo da Vinci 9. What is the difference betweena scientific theory and a law? A. The president has to sign a bill into law B. a theory can be tested, while a la is a hair-brained idea C. you are not usually arrested for performing a theory D. a scientific law is tested many times and believed to be without exception, while a theory is an idea * 10. The total partial pressure measurement of several combined gases is achieved by A. using a logarithmic calculator B. adding together the individual pressure of each gas * C. adding together the first two gases and dividing by the third D. multiplying the individual pressure of each gas The difference between chemists work and that of todays chemists is the types of machinery used science today is based on many repeated experiments by chemists all over the world that alcemy was often performed to get rich slim to non

11. A. B. * C. D.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
12. A decimal system of recording data was first described by A. Benjamin Franklin C. Gabriel Mouton * B. Antoine Lavoisier D. Plato The International Bureau of Weights and Standards uses what metal in as a standard? gold C. titanium silver D. platinum * Chemistry is an experimental science divided into pure chemistry and applied chemistry * acids and bases protons and electrons quarks and mesons A method to write numbers in powers of 10 is called rounding exponential notation * includes writing all zeroes in the number out mathematical notation 1/10,000 is written as what in exponential notation? 10^{-2} C. 10^{-5} 10^{-4} * D. 10^{-6} A single measurement closest to its true value is the most reliable C. accurate * tested D. precise Rounding is commonly used cook pizza number paint-by-number kits win at horseshoes number whole objects, like chickens * Dimensional analysis compares squares to triangles studies the number of molecules in the ocean is a method o studying carbons to oxygen in the atmosphere changes one unit to another by using conversion factors * To measure absolute zero, you use the Kelvin scale * C. Celsius scale Farenheit scale * D. bathroom scale Antoine Lavoisier shouldnt have gotten involved with French taxation insisted on precise measurements described the properties of matter all of these * Subatomic particles are found in the core of an atoms nucleus * only found on nuclear submaries made up of about 10^3 millimeters in length found on big sandwhiches

13. A. C. 14. A. B. C. D. 15. A. B. C. D. 16. A. B. 17. A. B. 18. A. B. C. D. 19. A. B. C. D. 20. A. B. 21. A. B. C. D. 22. A. B. C. D.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
23. A. B. 24. A. B. 25. A. B. 26. A. B. 27. A. B. 28. A. B. C. D. 29. A. B. 30. A. B. C. D. 31. A. B. C. D. 32. A. B. 33. A. B. C. D. 34. A. B. Which of the following commonly exists as a solid, liquid, and gas? carbon dioxide C. water * nitrous oxide D. hydrogen Which form f matter is bendable, takes the shape of its container, and is pourable? gas C. crystal solid D. liquid * An element has how many classes of properties to describe it? 1 C. 3 2 * D. 4 When copper turns green, it is an example of its chemical property * C. value physical property D. thickness Lavoisier identified how many elements that he thought were pure and indivisible? 18 C. 33 * 27 D. 42 A chemical experiment is never done in a laboratory a carefully controlled and measured testing of a samples properties * something to try once and then move on to other things always performed at room temperature Which of the following samples is not a single, pure element in nature? oxygen C. nickel mercury D. iron * Which of the followingis not a physical property of gold? it is highly reactive * it melts at 30 degrees Celsius it is naturally found as a solid it has a luster The biggest problem the scientists had before the Periodic table was invented was dental hygiene cultural and language differences * funding finding time for a social life Batter acid is the common name for formic acid C. nitric acid hydrochloric acid D. sulfuric acid * Who liked music and came up with an octave rule? Antoine Beguyer de Chancourtois Charles Darwin John Newlands * Amadeus Mozart What was the element discovered between titanium and calcium? silicon C. lead scandium * D. potassium

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
35. A. B. 36. A. B. 37. A. B. 38. A. B. C. D. 39. A. B. 40. A. B. 41. A. B. 42. A. B. 43. A. B. 44. A. B. 45. A. B. 46. A. B. 47. A. B. The chemical shorthand name for molybdenum is? Mo * C. Md Mb D. Mn Plomb is the French name for which element? lead * C. platinum iron D. potassium How many carbon atoms are in dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane? 10 C. 14 * 12 D. 16 Meyer saw that element groups repeated, but was re first to notice that the groups were not at all of the same length * the groups were all eight elements long the overlap was not seen in the alkaline earth metals the groups were all eighteen elements long Tera is the prefix used to show 10^2 C. 10^9 10^6 D. 10^12 * Lothar Meyer recognized hemoglobin combined with what element in the blood? helium C. nitrogen mercury D. oxygen * Who blasted particles through gold foil and found that atoms had positive centers? Thomas Edison C. Steven Hawking Ernest Rutherford * D. Lothar Meyer Nuclei are generally hog big I diameter? 120^{-8} m C. 10^{-12} m * 10^{-10} m D. 10^{-18} m The molecular formula of saltpeter is CNO_3 C. HNO_3 NaClO D. KNO_3 * Which of the following are not nucleons? protons C. electgrons dacrons D. hadrons Gold with 79 protons has an atomic number of 52 C. 67 57 D. 79 * Hydrogen, flurine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine are all what kind of molecules? diatomic * C. triatomic monoatomic D. gases Elemental phophorus (P) is composed of how many atoms? 2 C. 4 * 3 D. 6

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
48. A. B. 49. A. B. 50. A. B. 51. A. B. 52. A. B. 53. A. B. 54. A. B. C. D. 55. A. B. 56. The position of elements in a molecule has the biggest impact on color C. length reactivity * D. melting point J. J. Thomson developed a model of the nucleus most commonly called the tapioca model C. flan model oatmeal raisin model D. plum pudding model * Chemical formulas of molecules are always the same C. sometimes the same * never the same D. not often used If the temperature of a sample if 14C, what is the temperature in Kelvin? 224 Kelvin C. 287 Kelvin * 259 Kelvin D. 295 Kelvin A commonly used heat source in laboratory experiments is called a space heater C. light bulb Bunsen burner * D. toaster J. J. Thomson performed experiments in a cathode ray tube * C. a beaker a venting hood D. a microwave overn In Thomsons plum pudding model, the pudding is made of positive chared raisings milk, butter flour, and sugar a blob of positively charged particles * quarks What particles has a charge of 1.6 x 10^{19} coulombs? xenon C. proton neuron D. electron *

Orbitals of the p-type come in A. sets of 2 C. sets of 5 B. sets of 3 * D. sets of 7 The further out from the nucleus an electron orbital is located, the less reactive the electrons more orbital diagrams you have to write more reactive the electrons * more problems they have finding their way home The boiling point of lithium is 488 C C. 1517 C * 1347 C D. 2212 C Wolfram is the German name for which element? tin C. tungsten * gold D. mercury 1s^2 2s^2p^6 3s^2p^6 4s^2 is the electron configuration for which element? calcium * C. nitrogen potassium D. zirconium

57. A. B. C. D. 58. A. B. 59. A. B. 60. A. B.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
61. Elements can be placed in rows and columns of the Periodic table when you know something about their A. age C. value B. date of discovery D. properties * Electrons that affect the reactivity of atoms with other alements are called friendly electrons C. strange electrons valence electrons * D. charmed electrons If the shell capacity of an orbital 2n^2 = 18, what is n? n = 1 C. n = 3 * n = 2 D. n = 4 Eectrons in orbital diagrams are written as horizontally squiggly lines thick black dots superscripts to the elements up and down arrows * When two or more liquids form a solution, they are always acids C. immiscible miscible * D. liquids Spin magnetism is when electons are attracted and repelled by opposite and like charges * news reporters report the news from a certain angle disc jockeys play records well elements charnge colors around magnets

62. A. B. 63. A. B. 64. A. B. C. D. 65. A. B. 66. A. B. C. D. 67.

A solution made up of larger particles of one solution mixed and spread all through another solution is called a A. mess C. hydrophilic solution B. science fair project D. colloidal solution * The number of bonds an atom can form with other atoms depends on its color the number of electrons it can share with its neighbor * the chemist its melting point

68. A. B. C. D. 69.

In chemistry, water is A. always a bad choice for washing hands B. commonly called the universal solvent * C. written as HO D. written as OH * In general, when making solutions, the solvent is not typically used smaller than the solute larger than the solute * always equal to the solute Hydrogen sulfide smells like a locker room C. fermented fruit vanilla D. rotten eggs *

70. A. B. C. D. 71. A. B.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
72. A. B. 73. The you scratch my back, Ill scratch your type of interaction describes gorilla social skills C. alchemy redox chemistry * D. radioactivity

When an element causes an oxidation of another substance A. it is itself reduced in the process * B. it is itself oxidized in the process C. there is never enough oxygen left to complete the reaction D. there is an over abundance of oxygen left to complete the reaction The equation CuO + H_2 => Cu + H_2O is an example of solidification C. oxidation vaporization D. reduction * Reduction describes electron (+) gain * a helpful diet plan The density of cesium is 1.5 g/cm^3 C. 1.9 g/cm^3 * D.

74. A. B. 75. A. B. 76. A. B. 77. A. B. C. D. 78.

C. D.

electron (-) loss a reduced spending plan

2.3 g/cm^3 2.9 g/cm^3

Oxygen is a common actinide ingredient found in anaerobic reactions oxidizing agent * reducing agent

Stickoff is the German name for which element? A. gold C. aluminum B. nitrogen * D. arsenic Hydrogen react with which elment ot form ammoni? A. oxygen C. nitrogen * B. carbon D. sulfur Hydrogen combines with carbon and forms all but one of the following? hydrocarbons C. starches proteins D. table salt * Atomic numver (Z) provides the nmber of protons ion thenucleus of an atom * the weight of anelement a shortcut to make the studyh of chemistry easier only the number of mesons in actinium Covalent compounds are generally brittle solids lustrous hard olids soft solids with high melting points soft solids with low melting points * The lowest common multiplies easiest to use when you have a graphic calculator the charge from one ion is used as the multiplier for the other ion *


80. A. B. 81. A. B. C. D. 82. A. B. C. D. 83. A. B.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
C. D. 84. your instructor helps you with the math you have had a good breakfast first

In a binary covalent compound, boron is named before whoch of the following elements? A. carbon C. oxygen B. sulfur D. all of these * In chemistry, the prefix mono is used to mean one generally not used for the first non-metal in the formula * is a common illness fond anmong college students used for multiplying sets of three Sulfur hexafluoride iw written as SF_3 C. SF_6 * SH_2F D. SFO_2 Calcium, barium, and cadmium ions all have a +1 charge C. +3 charge +2 charge * D. +4 charge When a compound has word thio as a prefix, it means it contains tin C. sulfur * thallium D. selenium Only electrons can bond with metals change to become ions *

85. A. B. C. D. 86. A. B. 87. A. B. 88. A. B. 89. A. B. 90. A. B. 91. A. B. 92.

C. D.

carry a positive charges bond with noble gases

Copper forms how many kinds of ions with unique charges? 1 C. 3 2 * D. 4 The largest group of carbon-containing compounds is called the halogen group C. transition metal group organic group * D. inorganic group

Which of the following gives carbon at its simplest bonding form? A. methane * C. propane B. ethane D. butane When electron pairs are equally shared between atoms of different elements, it is called A. being greedy C. van der Waals forces B. sectional bonding D. polarization energy * A compound is called a binary compound when only two elements are bonded together * more than three elements are bonded together sixty carbons are bonded together a dozen elements are bonded together What does the prefix bi mean in bicarbonate two atoms carbons are present two atoms of calcium ar epresetn


94. A. B. C. D. 95. A. B.

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
C. D. 96. A. B. C. D. 97. A. B. C. D. 98. A. B. 99. A. B. hydrogen is present * oxygen is present Carbons six electrons fill the 1s, 2s, and 2p orbitals 1s^2, 2s^2, and 2p^4 orbitals 1s^2, 2s^2, and 2p^2 orbitals * 1s, 2s^2, and 2p^2 orbitals Monatomic icons can have only fixed charges fixed and variable charges * zero charge only two charges per ion Which of the following does not contain a double bond? ethane C. polypropylene propane * D. butane Sodium, potassium, and silver all have a +1 charge * C. +3 charge +3 charge D. +4 charge

100. Dinitrogen trioxide is written as A. NO C. N_2HO_3 B. N_2O_3 * D. N_2O_4 101. A double bond is normally shown with how many lines in a A. 1 C. 3 B. 2 * D. 4 102. Petroleum crude oil comes primarily from the remains of A. unprocessed mercury B. iron fillings C. ice crystals D. prehistoric plant an danimals * 103. To make ethanol from ethane, you must ad which functional group? A. CH_3 C. NH_2 B. H_2 D. OH * 104. When a group of elements have man of the same characteristics and react the same, it is known as A. hydrogen bonding C. oxidation B. a homolgous series * D. reduction 105. The chemical formula for butane is A. C_2H_2 C. C_3H_10 B. C_6H_6 D. C_4H_10 * 106. Who came up with the word isotopes for different forms of an element? A. Hans Geiger C. Frederick Soddy * B. Lothar Meyer D. Marie Curie 107. Alpha () particles are A. a neutral ion form structural formula?

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
B. C. D. positively charged particles * negatively charged particles a negative ion form

108. Magic numbers are the numbers of A. the numbers to complete a perfect game of cards B. elements currently in the Periodic Table C. nuclear particles in a completed shell of protons or neutrons * D. protons found in every element 109. Radioactive uranium (238 U) decays eventually to A. lead (83 Pb) * C. lithium (32 Li) B. sodium (10 Na) D. nitrogen (14 N) 110. Scintillation counters are used to A. count coins in change machines B. detect nuclear radiation from light flashes made by radiation hitting a sample * C. find wood floating in the water after a storm D. count people going in to see a movie 111. Elements with atomic numbers greater than uranium (92 U) are called A. noble gases C. halogens * B. transuranium elements D. alakaline bases 112. Radioactive elements are used in A. toothpaste C. bicycles B. ice cream D. submarines * 113. Heavy water has a mass of A. 12 C. 20 * B. 15 D. 36 114. Non-metals are found where in the Periodic Table? A. middle section B. not in the Periodic Table C. top left-hand corner D. far right of the Periodic Table * 115. When making a 10-carat, 14-carat, and 18-carat gold A. 15 % nickel is added to pure gold B. various percentages of gold, copper, and silver are used * C. 10% lead is added to make 18-carat gold heavier D. silver is never used 116. When two or more metals or a metal and non-metal are combined it is called an A. alloy * C. accident B. actinide D. aluminum isotope 117. Which solid metal can melt in your hand like candy? A. molybdenum C. cesium * B. cobalt D. zirconium 118. What kind of fever affected thousands of Americans in the 1800s? A. rhodium fever C. niobium fever B. arsenic fever D. gold fever

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
119. Which ore is lead frequently found in? A. bauxite C. rhodite B. galena * D. quartz 120. The years between 4,000 and 1,100 BC have been called the A. Pre-Cambrian Period C. Bronze Age * B. Gold Rush D. Pre-MTV Age 121. Which of the following is not a general rule in the laboratory? A. Do not run your fingers through the burner flame B. Do not eat or drink anything in the lab C. Wash with a strong base before every experiment * D. Always wear goggles when using chemicals 122. Acetum is the Greek word for A. hot dog C. gladiator B. smelly feet D. vinegar * 123. When ions are held together by electrical attraction, it is sometimes called A. sticky element binding C. unilateral attraction B. electrostatic attraction * D. phosphorescence 124. In sodium chloride (NaCl) an ionic bond formed when A. the sun is directly overhead B. the transfer of sodium electrons to the chlorine occurs * B. crystalline structure is planar in form D. the transfer of chlorine protons to sodium occurs 125. What is the easiest way to identify a sloppy chemistry student in the lab A. look for someone who always wears red B. look for someone cdarrying around models of the human eye C. look for someone with a really studious expression D. look for someone with holes in his clothes * 126. The electronegativity value of indium is A. 0.7 C. 1.7 * B. 1.2 D. 2.5 127. Chlorobromoiodomethane is an example of a A. chiral molecule * C. soap B. chlorofluorcarbon D. transition metal 128. Isomers that are mirror images of each other and superimposable are called A. chiral C. electron pairs B. enentiomers * D. elastomers 129. How many valence electrons does carbon have? A. 2 C. 6 B. 4 * D. 8 130. The unequal sharing of electrons between two atoms is called A. a dipole * C. may pol B. unfair D. achiral

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
131. Chemical bonds are made through the interaction of A. neutrons C. electrons * B. orlons D. mylons 132. Metallic bonds form between A. non-metal atoms B. noble gases C. a non=-metal and a halogen D. metal atoms * 133. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of A. nitrogen C. sodium B. carbon * D. oxygen 134. The density of water is A. 1.00 g/mL at C * B. 1.00 g/mL at C

C. 1.00 g/mL at 40C D. 1.00 g/mL at 45C

135. The word chiral comes from the Greek word for A. chair C. water B. hand * D. calcium 136. Isomers have the same molecular formulas, but differend A. one-dimensional structure B. two-dimensional structure C. three-dimensional structure * D. four-dimensional structure 137. Lava, a cold mountain stream, and mercury are all A. very thick C. liquids * B. red D. metals 138. Relative density is also known as A. specific gravity * C. microgravity B. non-specific gravity D. relative resolution 139. The size, strength and shape of molecules, along with intermolecular forces A. are really nothing t worry about in chemistry B. are important only in calculating the atomic number C. have no effect at all on bonding properties D. have a big effect on the viscosity of liquids * 140. There are two basic tyhpes o fisomers, structural and A. audio isomers C. magnetic isomers B. stereoisomers * D. ambivalent isomers 141. The stronger the molecular forces of a liquid, the A. greater surface tension * B. weaker surface tension C lack of any surface tension D. greater the chace of radioacitivity 142. Up to 1700s, spontaneous combustion of grain was though to be caused A. by crazed pyrotechnicians B. by mold

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
C. D. by mice * by bad barley

143. Gases are the A. least compacted form of matter * B. easiest form of matter to measure when poruing C. mostcompacted form of matter D. are usually brittle 144. The constant number of atoms, ions, or molecules in a sample is known as A. Doyles Number C. Gaspers Number B. Avogadros Number * D. Mozarts Number 145. Carbon dioxide levels today are around A. 100 ppm C. 300 ppm B. 200 ppm D. 400 ppm * 146. A very important lesson we get from Gay-Lusacs Law is A. to always use a graphing calculator B. wear open shoes when working in the lab C. to never heat a spray can * D. that pressure does not relate to temperature 147. The hemoglobin molecules that react very large sizes are called A. lead C. tin B. iron * D. silver 148. Protein molecules that reach very large sizes are called A. nanomolecules C. blimp molecules B. linebackers D. macromolecules * 149. The standard formula to calculate kinetic energy is A. KE = mv^2 C. KE = mv^2 * B. KE = v^2 D. KE = mv 150. The electronegativity value of fluorine is A. 1.4 C. 3.2 B. 1.9 D. 4.0 * 151. Atmospheric pressure is caused by A. the weight of the air per unit of area * B. your peers C. cosmic particles from outer space D. the humidity, not the heat 152. Amino acids contain an amino group (-NH_2) and a A. iodo gropu C. butyl group B. carboxyle group * D. cupric group 153. Gas molecules are A. seldom moving at al B. always on the move * C. packed densely together in the air D. something to be avoided at a jparty

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CNS-GEAS5 Chemistry
154. Who discovered the antibacterial agent, salvarsan? A. Elisabeth Fleming C. Paul Erhlich * B. Linux Pauling D. Robert McKenna 155. Plant cell walls are made up of A. hemoglobin molecules B. noble gases C. alkaline metals D. complex carbohydrates with complicated, folded structures * 156. Covalent onds beteen atoms of the same elements are known as A. convenient bonds C. non-polar covalent bonds * B. polar bonds D. citrus bonds 157. Nitrogen oxides and what other group of gases were found to react with atmospheric ozone and reduce it? A. amino acid C. chlorofluorocarbon * B. zinc oxide D. green arcgon 158. Carbohydrates have the general formula of A. C_x(H_2O)_y * C. C(H_3O)_y C. C(H_2O) D. C_x(O_2)_y 159. Which of the following is known as the Ideal Gas Law? A. E = mc^2 C. P_{total} = P_1 + P_2 + P_3 B. PV = nRT * D. P_1 = ET 160. Radioactive decay occurs as a release of energy in the form of A. alpha, beta, and wonka particles B. alpha, beta, and gamma particles * C. beta and zuma particles D. grandma particles

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