Sir Osborne Smith was the first Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 1 April 1935 to 30 June 1937. Since his outlook on policy issues like the exchange rates and interest rates differed with that of the Government, he resigned before the completion of his term of office. Sir Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh better known as C. D. Deshmukh, was the first Indian to be appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in 1943 by the Britishers. Sir Benegal Rama Rau was the fourth Governor of RBI from 1 July 1949 to 14 January 1957 . He holds the record for the first Governor of RBI after it was nationalized by the Govt of India in 1949. A widening current account deficit when foreign currency reserves are exceptionally high and the rising current account deficit is telling us that the economy is bang in the middle of an investment recovery and domestic savings are insufficient to fund it.
A debt market is a part of the capital market. As the name suggests, a capital market is where trading in financial instruments is conducted to raise capital. Contrary to an equity market, debt instruments like debentures and bonds are traded in debt markets. A debt market is also known as a µfixed income market¶ as debt instruments pay fixed returns. Also, the risk factor is considerably lower, especially for government securities. The advantage of holding debt instruments is that the investor enjoys high liquidity. The Asian financial crisis in the 1990s stressed the importance of a fully active debt market; the lack of which aggravated the crisis. As in the 1980s, the bond market of the United States of America countered the drawback of banking system in relation to the real estate cycle. In most of the Asian countries, though both equity and debt market exist, the equity markets have expanded at a much faster speed than the debt market. Debt markets are now considered an alternative route for financing to banking channels. The most active part of the money market is the call money market (i.e. market for overnight and term money between banks and institutions) and the market for repo transactions. The former is in the form of loans and the latter are sale and buyback agreements - both are obviously not traded. The main traded instruments are Commercial Papers (CPs), Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and Treasury Bills (T-Bills). The Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay, prior to the Delhi Durbar, in December 1911. The foundation stone was laid on 31 March 1911, by the Governor of Bombay Sir George Sydenham Clarke, with the final design of George Wittet sanctioned in August 1914. Between 1915 and 1919 work proceeded on reclamations at Apollo Bundar (Port)for the land on which the gateway and the new sea wall would be built. The foundations were completed in 1920, and construction was finished in 1924. The Gateway was opened on 4 December 1924, by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading.[1] Gammon India claims that it did India's first pre-cast reinforced concrete job for the foundation

These changes were accompanied by violent turmoil which included the trial and execution of the king.[1] From here people can visit Elephanta Caves by ferry boats.[1] Karl Marx posited that communism would be the final stage in human society. and two different empires. There are luxury boats which takes visitors around the harbour for couple of hours. France would be governed at one point or another as arepublic. Subsequent events that can be traced to the Revolution include the Napoleonic Wars. and two additional revolutions as modern France took shape. In front of Gateway of India. the Fi st Battalion of the Somerset Li ht Infantry. and warfare involving every other major European power. two separate restorations of the monarchy. there is a statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the independent Hindu kingdom of. constitutional monarchy. Communism is asocial structure and political ideology in whichproperty is commonly controlled.of t Gat ay of India. passed through the Gateway in a ceremony on 28 February 1948. previously an absolute monarchyw ith feudal privileges for the aristocracyand Catholic clergy. during which the French governmental structure. which would be achieved through a proletarian revolution and only becoming possible only after a ¤ ¥ £ £ £ ¢¡ ¡  . In the following century. The French Revolution (1789±1799) was a period of political and social upheaval and radical change in the history of France.[2] The last B itish t oops to leave India. vast bloodshed and repression during the Reign of Terror.[1] Communism (written with a capital C) is a modern political movement that aims to overthrowcapitalis m via revolution to create aclas s les s society where all goods are publicly owned. underwent radical change to forms based onEnlightenmen t principles ofciti ens hip and inalienable rights.

is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia. and a society characteri ed by equal access toresources for all individuals with a method of compensation based on the amount of labor expended. The games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia(OCA . stateless and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are madedemocrat ical ly. also called theAs iad .socialist stage develops the productive forces. leading to a superabundance of goods and services. Socialism refers to various theories of economic organi ation advocating public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources. Qatar PurposeMulti sport event for nations on the Asian continent WebsiteOlympic Council of Asia The Asian Games. Asian Games Asian Games logo Motto Ever Onward First Event 1951 Asian Gamesin New Delhi.[2][3] "Pure communism" in the Marxian sense refers to a classless. India Occur every every four years Last Event 2006 Asian Gamesin Doha. allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life.

) under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 20)parliament:u. 20) WHistle blower if employee is telling secretly abt other employees 21) HR based question on HErzbergs 2 FActor theory of motivation ans closest was Mc Gregor 22)TPM -TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 23) T-model ans is FORD (I gt this 1 wrong . Competitors are entered by a National Olympic Committee (NOC) to represent their country of citizenship. 10)when a person concentrates only on himself and his buisness . In general only recognised nations are represented. National anthems andflags accompany the medal ceremonies. and tables showing the number of medals won by each country are widely used. 16)name the book written by prez musharraf 17)what does s stand for in sot 18)recently kharlanji is in news why 19)one party is not a national party. but a few non-sovereign countries are allowed to take part. a tradition which started in1951.(srry nt sure of d questn framin!!) is d answer SBI 14) education is in CONCURRENT list 15) theory of SELF ACTUALISATION was given by MASLOW. The first Asian games were held at New Delhi in 1951.i marked toyata 24)author of some book was asked ans options were peter dru cker .. The special case of Republic of China(Taiwan ) was handled by having it compete as Chinese Taipei. silver for second and bronze for third.k 21)bear: russia 22)one question on having a one boss at a time 23)one Q on a company concentration on the core business 24)global compact is followed by whom. Medals are awarded in each event.etc etc . which again hosted it in 1982. due to the political status of Taiwan. 1)wats the full form of tqm 2)wat does "s" stand for in SWOT 3)wat does constitutional amendment 74 deal with 4)full form of sez 5)full form of BPO 6)who wrote the book named "freedom" n "capitalism" 7)which article deals with abolishment of untouchability 8) global compact is an initiative by whom 9)when an employee tells the boss abt his colleague indulging in corrupt ways. with gold for first place.wat is it called. wat is it called? 11)which of the following trade unions is a part of CPI 12) article 74 in d constitution was to strengthen governance in RURAL india 13) who had gone for a strike on pension issue..

KAPLAN terminilogies belong to which of following KAizan..TPM . TAylor is associated with SCientific mAnagement 30)ITC rural scheme initiative name.W.E-ChouPAl .25) NORTON .ENvironment 29)F. or PCMM something of this sort forgt the options 26)who was called punjab kesari -LALA LAJPAT RAI 27)who is the deputy chairman of planning commission -MOntek singh Aluwahlia 28)ISO14000.

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