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ENGLISH WRITING MARKING SCHEME Writings that are shorter / longer than the required words should not be scored higher than the Satisfactory band.

Short Writing Task

(10 marks)

You are going away for the weekend. Your friend has offered to take care of your pet. Write some instructions telling your friend how to take care of the pet. The student is expected to write instructions that tell the reader how to take care of a pet. Clear and specific instructions with relevant details that describe how to take care of a pet that may also include cautions or warnings; Fluent writing with accurate structures, spelling and punctuation; A good choice of words, effectively conveying the intended meaning and including appropriate action verbs An orderly presentation helps the reader access information Adequate instructions that guide reader to carry out a series of actions; Few errors in structures, spelling and punctuation enhance fluency; Appropriate use of words and adept communication; An orderly presentation Limited and repeated ideas; Almost meaningless sentences with very little structure and gross errors in spelling and punctuation; Repetitive and / or incorrect use of words; and minimal communication; Disorganised presentation and illegible handwriting.

VERY GOOD 8 10 marks

SATISFACTORY 47 marks POOR 03 marks

Longer Writing Task

Planning Do not deduct marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. VERY GOOD 5 marks SATISFACTORY 34 marks POOR 02 marks Detailed planning Relevant details Planning with some details Most of the details are relevant Planning with very few details Most of the details are irrelevant

(20 marks)
(5 marks)

English Writing Marking Scheme

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Write a report for the school newsletter about the School Sports Day.

(15 marks)

The student is expected to write a report giving details related to the events that took place during the School Sports Day. Effective communication of detailed and relevant information to the reader Fluent, cohesive and coherent writing, organised in paragraphs; effective use of sentences of varied length Confident use of appropriate style Good choice and range of interesting vocabulary and precise use of idiomatic expressions Accurate use of grammatical structures, spelling, punctuation; carefully proofread, edited and revised writing Competence in communicating with the reader Logically related ideas and / or events organised in cohesive paragraphs Awareness of appropriate style Adequate vocabulary and few errors in idiom Occasional gross errors in grammatical structures, spelling punctuation Almost no communication with the reader Confused ideas and incoherent in several instances Unawareness of appropriate style Limited vocabulary and gross errors in idiom Too many errors in grammatical structure, spelling and punctuation

VERY GOOD 12 - 15


POOR 0-6

English Writing Marking Scheme

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