Any report or analysis cannot be completed without the guidance, assistance, inspiration and co-operation from various quarters. This report also bears the inspiration of many persons. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all whom helped me in the compilation of this study. First and foremost my intellectual debt to Mr. KAMAL KARMAKAR DUPTY MARKETING MANAGER Amritsar for sharing his abundant knowledge and experience with me and being a constant source of inspiration.

Last but not the least; I also thank all the people who, directly or indirectly, contributed to the successful completion of the project work.




Any report or analysis cannot be completed without the guidance, assistance, inspiration and co-operation from various quarters. This report also bears the inspiration of many persons. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all whom helped me in the compilation of this study. First and foremost my intellectual debt to Mr. KAMAL KARMAKAR DUPTY MARKETING MANAGER Amritsar for sharing his abundant knowledge and experience with me and being a constant source of inspiration.

Last but not the least; I also thank to the all the people who, directly or indirectly, contributed to the successful completion of the project work.



I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this report. In the first phase of the research project.PREFACE As MBA degree require equal attention practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business. but also prepares them for future needs of the company. that is why research programs are there to give deep as well as thorough knowledge of the subjects. With the help of Industrial Training we can able to understand the work undertaken in a company. suggestions and conclusions have been drawn. The main objective of the research is to study THE MARKET SHARE OF KHANNA PRODUCT SPECIALLY IN COPIER Measures in Amritsar Market. Employee Training and motivation are vital tools for individual & organizational development Training not only motivates the employees. . In the last phase of the report findings. Success of an organization depends largely on successful handling of its human resources. there is an introduction of company profile KHANNA PAPER MILL is given. various problems are to be dealt with in these courses. Industrial Training is a part of professional courses.

It has a captive power generation plant producing 27. having a production capacity of 250 TPD. . and African and South American countries. Commenting on the benefits.000 tonnes per annum to 313. is putting up a waste paper-based writing and printing paper unit in Amritsar with a capacity of 250 tonnes per day. which is currently Rs 28. the company has a capacity of 500 bone dry tonnes per day. the company has expanded its capacity to 700 tonnes per day.” Khanna Paper Mills is an ISO 9001 certified company and registered export house recognised by the directorate-general of foreign trade. so by utilising waste paper for manufacturing paper they were saving trees to a great extent. the company is hopeful to achieve a turnover of about Rs 927. Chairman Brij Mohan Khanna. The company imports waste paper. I am hopeful that the new plant will start its production from January 1 2008. “With a strong environmental policy. requires less power and hence creates a strong economic and environmental sense. Also.” He added that for making 1 tonne of paper. the single-largest location plant in India using recyclable paper waste. Ecobrite. “The new project is part of our expansion plans and to meet the growing demand of paper in India.70. Khanna added. We offer our customers a varied range of products like coated wood-free recycle range of Duplex board. the company will soon diversify into producing A4 copier paper. The mill is the third largest single-location plant and the largest user of waste paper in the country.5 Mw. Talking to Business Standard.88 crore in 2008-09.20 crore. In December it was reported that the firm would come up with an IPO. Also.7 crore. in India. Exports contribute 15 per cent to the total production. It is also one of the leading manufacturers of high quality writing and printing paper and duplex board in India. we are the market leader in the manufacture of paper board out of recyclable paper. Also. 17 trees were felled. Bangladesh. With its expanded capacity. while in 2004-05 it was Rs 297.90 as EPS(earning per share) in 2008-09. which Khaitan said “is in the pipeline”. The expansion will take the company’s capacity from 231. we will invest Rs 270 crore in putting up this plant. Started in 1965 by founder chairman B M Khanna with a 200-kg-per-day sun dry board unit. The project will be funded by internal accrual and institutional loans. the company is projecting Rs 91. 400 tonnes of paper and 300 tonnes of board per day.000 tonnes per annum. said. with a total project cost of Rs 270 crore.INTRODUCTION Amritsar-based Khanna Paper Mills Private Ltd. expected to be launched in the market later this year. In the last fiscal the turnover of the company was Rs 425. “Being a recycled product it is environment-friendly. The firm’s products are exported mainly to Sri Lanka.

000/. whoisapatriarchinthetruesense. manufacturing quality paper and board not only for domestic consumption but also exporting it to the SAARC countries.S degree. In a short span of five years. Starting with a small sum of Rs. but encompasses the entire staff and workers of Khanna Paper Mills. This was named after his mother Shrimati Satyavati Khanna. the time came to increase the capacity and the product range. he put up another unit by the name of "Satya Paper Mills" with a capacity of 8 TPD of writing Paper. Our export Market continues to grow at a rapid rate.” was created by merging togetherR. However a relook at his family finances made him decide that he would put his fresh. The difference is that today. 1947. Our newest product the “Flexible White Board” challenges the domination of existing behemotth . This perhaps is the underlying reason for the success of Khanna Papers – the loving guidance and far seeing vision of Brij Mohan Khanna.B. In 1991 he set up another unit in the name of "R. and named it " Khanna Small Scale Industry". “Khanna Paper Mills Pvt. and is one of thebasictenetsinourbusinessideology. Brij Mohan Khanna.PaperMillsandSatyaPaperMills. coalesced into our strong Ecological Policy. Bright and intelligent. Ltd. Conceptualized in 2000. he sought and got admission for an M. young mind to improvingthefamilyfuture. In honour of his father. Never one to rest on his successes. In small ways are the inner workings of the mind reflected – Brij Mohan Khanna. the plant flourished and grew. C. remains a strong believer in family values.HISTORY OF KHANNA PAPER MILL The story of Khanna papers begins with our Founder-Director Mr. he grew up with ideals of service to the country and a fierce belief that India could and must excel." with a capacity of25TPD. is now an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Ltd. in 1978 he started a Duplex Board Plant with a capacity of 5 metric ton. In1981.C.culled from the family’s savings Mr. and to Africa and the Middle East. Khanna Paper Mills Private Limited. this unique project was completed in 2002. Brij Mohan set up a small paper plant in 1968 with the capacity of 200 Kg. Born on October 13.B. in the dawn of India’s newly gained independence.10. As this second plant flourished. the family comprises not just of his wife Renu Khanna and his two sons Rahul and Saurabh. This successful experiment with utilizing waste. Shri Rattan Chand Khanna he named it "Rattan Paper Mills". in 1996. With his hard work and canny business sense. Paper Mills Pvt.

MISSION To achieve our objective of becoming market leader. .VISION AND MISSION VISON Vison is to be a world eco largest organization that is a benchmark for other organisationin country setting standard for excellent and leading the trusting adapting run friendly organization.we eii aggressively seek sustainable profit growth through reventless persuit of our mission and attains our goals by persieve strong business stratagies and leveraging our core strength.

One of the largest importer of waste paper and one of biggest Paper mill of India making Paper and Board out of recycled Paper. Plant is located in Amritsar.COMPANY PROFILE One of the largest paper mills of India estb in 1965 with a turnover of more than 500 crore Rupees a year. Launched India's first eco friendly A 4 copier paper namely e copier paperBasic Information Company Name: Business Type: Product/Service (We Sell): Number of Employees: Trade & Market NorthAmerica SouthAmerica WesternEurope EasternEurope Main Markets: EasternAsia SoutheasAsia MidEast Africa Oceania Khanna paper Mills ltd Manufacturer Paper And Board Above 1000 People .

vendors. Brij Mohan Khanna leads his company with canny foresight. Never daunted.for Brij Mohan Khanna “there is no word like impossible”. employees reiterate . enthusiasm. lead to the conversion of Khanna Papers into a “green” company which manufactures paper products out of paper waste.DIRECTORS PROFILES Brij Mohan Khanna The Founder. . As suppliers.Director of the company Brij Mohan Khanna is a man of rare intelligence and intuitive ability. The company has experienced tremendous growth under his able guidance and hands-on involvement in the daily processes of production. He remains ambitious not only for the growth of the company but also for the personal advancement of all employees. energy and gentle benevolence. His vision and pioneering concern for the environment. He is a true Patriarch and encourages his Management team to adopt an “open door policy” whereby any employee can walk in with ideas or a problem. he is the force behind the company’s constant evolution and continuing growth.

Rahul Khanna character bespeaks of invincible honesty and visible outspokenness . He is the Director of Marketing and Finance at Khanna paper Mills and has given unstintingly of himself and his talents to the company.Rahul Khanna Rahul Khanna is the eldest son of Brij Mohan Khanna. And it is with this belief that Rahul Khanna has grown to acquire an independent persona which has brought a generational change in the working of the Khanna Paper Mills. Ahmedabad. Rahul completed his graduation and attended business enhancement courses at IIM. he forms part of the young Management team that carries Khanna paper Mills forward with tremendous zeal. Rahul has the capacity for extreme hard work and tremendous focus. . He believes strongly in the Company and is confident of its success. in order to be able to bring global standards to the energetically growing company that he joined under the aegis of his father. He believes that “that there is more to life than success and more to success than money”. He is believes firmly in giving back to society and is responsible for the free medical camp that is made available to employees. Together with his brother.a combination rare on the business scene of India. Sincere and committed in all his ventures.

A quick decision taker. Saurabh is the younger of Brij Mohan Khanna's two sons. Khanna Paper Mill's youngest Director. no. Procurement. In his own words “I love challenges" and he would like to see "Khanna Paper Mills grow to be one of the largest and best Paper companies" in India. Brij Mohan Khanna to let him join the company and start working at the young age of 20 years. He is forward–looking and hopes to achieve global standards in his business. Saurabh has fully adopted his father's open door policy and is quick to appreciate a workers effort. he brings in progressive ideas and is responsible for Projects. having started learning about the business from the "nuts and bolts" stage and then moving on to understand to the financial and management aspects. His excellent delegation skills that help him get the best out of his team. He has a practical. He is extremely focused with an intuitive understanding of the business he loves. He is responsible for the cutting edge technology acquired by his company and is keen to continue implementing the best technology. Contractors. Such was his zeal and enthusiasm to take the company forward that he enjoined upon his father.nonsense approach to business. started work at KPM while doing his graduation. and Administration. dealing with problems with a "lets get this done" approach.Saurabh Khanna Energetic and Effervescent. Saurabh has an excellent in-depth understanding of the business. .

and we have chosen to fulfill that need. . TO PRESERVE OUR NATURAL RESOURCES As he puts it – “If the world must have paper.THE BASIC IDEA CONCIEVED BY BRIJ MOHAN JI OF MAKING QUALITY PAPER FROM WASTE RESOURCES. then the responsibility lies with us to always be on the lookout for ecological alternatives to fulfillthatneed”.

06cubic yars of Landfill sapce (Source: American Forest & Paper Association .KHANNA IS COMPANY BASED ON FSC CERTIFIED The FSC certified companies help in saving: 17 Trees  463 Gallons of Oil  4077KW Energy  6953 Gallon of Water  587pounds of Air Pollution  3.

Registered Office : Fatehgarh Road. Punjab. Amritsar. Amritsar. India .LOCATION OF MANUFACTURING PLANT AND ITS BRANCHES Works sector : Fatehgarh Road.

ENVIRONMENT OF KHANNA MILL Paper remains one of the most critically needed products reaped from the environment. Every endeavor will be made to ensure that the Company meets its responsibilities by conforming to all applicable Environmental Legislation and regulatory requirements. or the books that entertain and intellectually sustain us. increased operational efficiency and improved quality of products and services are achieved as well as a safe environment maintained for the community as a whole and a healthy workplace for the Company's employees pursuit of this policy. and with other requirements to which the company subscribes. Inform and educate all person(s) working for or on behalf of the company. whether it is the carton of toothpaste or the box of medicines. instead of wood chips obtained from cutting down of trees. cost savings. Throughout our products. we also remain mindful of the huge losses suffered by the environment through deforestation. In this way. we endeavor to minimise any adverse impact on the environment by means of pollution prevention. At Khanna papers. While we fulfill this critical need for society. paper is an integral part of our lives. energy and water conservation. Whether it is notebooks used by children in school. we believe:Environmental Protection and Waste Minimisation is the responsibility of every employee and persons working for and on behalf of the company and should be an integral part of their working life supported by training whenever appropriate. Thus we begin our manufacturing process by making use of waste. activities and services. about environmental issues . in relation to its environmental aspects. Prime consideration will be given to the prevention of pollution and the elimination of waste and emissions at source. Customers and suppliers will be encouraged to support the same objectives by minimising environmental impact through waste and reducing energy consumption whenever possible. we utilize as raw materiel paper waste imported from other countries.

A) PULPING : B) PREPARATORY TREATMENT OF STOCK : C) PAPER MAKING : D)FINISHING OF PAPER : .MANUFACTURING PROCESS Paper is manufactured using corrugated cartoons/waste paper. The manufacturing process can be bifurcated in to four stages. Chemicals and water.

Journals. Calendars. Writing Pads. etc.PRODUCTS OF KHANNA PAPER MILL PAPER:Our paper touches customer's lives everyday. In more ways than ever know.end specialty paper. Bills. Scribble pads. Notebooks. Novels. ECO BRITE PAPER GSM Range: 54-90 Machine Deckle: 435 cms Applications: Notebooks. Invoices. High Quality coated paper for Brochures and magazines. Diaries. Playing cards. Examination material. Currency notes. Novels. Books. We service these everyday instances across the length & breath of nation with our wide product portfolio ranging from basic to high. Computer. Leaflets. Cash books BOARD:Packaging Board        ABSOLUT Folding Box Board (AFBB) SBS Craze Miracle White Back Optic Graphic White Back Optic Graphic Grey Back Spectra Light Super Deluxe Duplex Board (LWC) . Stationery. Textbooks. stationery. Mailers. Copier Paper.   OPTIMA MAPLITHO ECO BRITE PAPER OPTIMA MAPLITHO: GSM Range: 60-140 Machine Deckle: 435 Applications: Printing: Annual Reports.

Magazines besides children coloring books. Novels etc. shade and printquality Superior bulk and Opacity Good strength properties of breaking length and tear for high speed printing GSM Range: 45-60 Machine Deckle: 667 cms Applications: Principle applications are in the News print publications.NEWS PRINT Excellent appearance of the paper after printing due to its brightness. .

The various phases involved during this process could be summarized as : RAW MATERIAL & PULP MAKING SHEET FORMING PRESSING & DRYING COATING & FINISHING CONVERTING & PACKING .TECHNOLOGY OF KHANNA MILL TheCoatedBoardMakingProcess The Process of coated board making at Khanna Paper Mills involves various phases & steps of converting Raw Material into a Finished Product.

The dealers have to achieve the target that has been allotted by the company to the dealer month wise. Golden Paper Mart (Delhi). DEALERS OF MILL Now comes the most important part in the product’s life that is the distribution of the end product.REGULAR CUSTOMER OF MILL A loyal customer base is KPM biggest quality endorsement. Amber Paper (Agra). The dealers have the responsibility to make the product reach the customer on time. Khanna Paper Mill do not deals with the customers directly but it has dealers those are covering most of the part of India to make the end product available to the customers. After receiving the order from the customer. It’s like a flow chart in which the cycle of demand and supply goes on and it is:    The dealer looks out for the customer or the end user in the market. . The institutional customers comprise brand-enhancing names like J. the dealer forwards the order to the company. Shri Banke Bihari JI Traders (Lucknow).Bharat Paper (Patiala). The dealers are provided with the specific area to deal in.K & Sons (Bombay). According to the order the company plans to produce the amount of the product which has been required by the dealer. He will make a proposal in such a way so that the customer can’t deny it. The dealers deal with the customers on the behalf of the company.


The Research Methodology includes the various methods and techniques for conducting a Research. Secondary Data This type of data has already been collected by someone else and has already passed through statistical process. whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art". Data Collection Data will be collected by two ways: 1. " Marketing Research is the systematic design. The research design will be descriptive in nature. D. In questionnaire method. Research Design Research design is an arrangement of conditions for collection of and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to research purpose with economy of procedure. Primary Data Primary data is defined as the data collected for the first time. 2. It is new in nature.Stephenson in the encyclopedia of Social Sciences define Research as "the manipulation of things. analysis and reporting of data and finding relevant solution to a specific marketing situation or problem".RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. a structured and non-disguised questionnaire will be personally produced do the respondent with a request to answer the question given therein and then return it to the researcher. collection. Slesinger and M. The sources of secondary data are:     Books Websites Magazines Journals  Newspapers . concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend. correct or verify knowledge. The primary data for this study will be collected by questionnaire method.






V.they are having problem in rates about the discounts.They are satisfied about distribution system but they suggest us to there would be expensive to us to making copies. 3. 2. .SUGGESTIONS FROM DIFFERENT CUSTOMERS 1.Their response about khanna paper products is so good and they are satisfied about the qualities and the distribution system of khanna paper products.UNIVERSAL STORE:-Universal store which is located in hall bazaar Amritsar using 70% copier products of khanna paper mill and also satisfied from their rates and distribution.ORIENTAL COPY MANUFACTURER:-Located in IDH market using 60% of copier products and also satisfied about all things of khanna paper products. 4.K TRADERS:-V.RADHA COPY HOUSE:-Located in IDH market Amritsar and using 65% of copier products. 5.RATTAN STORES:-Rattan store which is located in the market of hall bazaar Amritsar using 70% copier product of khanna paper mill.k traders having located in IDH market Amritsar usung 45% copier of khanna paper products.

Paper quality is also better than other paper mills.      ACCORDING TO THE SURVEY WE CAN SAY THAT KHANNA PAPER INDUSTRY IS ONE OF THE BEST INDUSTORY AS LIKE ANOTHER INDUSTORIES . They built their very good image in the Amritsar market.FINDINGS  From the above data this is proved that the market reputation of khanna paper mill is very very good and very fine as compared to anothers. . Distribution system of khanna paper mill is too good and facing no any problem at the time of order.THEY SATISFIED THEIR CUSTOMERS NEEDS AND WANTS AS THEIR REQUIREMENTS. Some customers want is that the company should try to give discounts for purchasing the heavy quantity of commodities because of when they buy 1 pallet of paper from distributer they charged same price of 1 pallet and also when they buy 100 pallet the distributer also charged same price according to the 1 pallet they want to take fairly discounts. Total amritsar market using 65% or more than khanna paper products.

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